Zuiwo moon bridge

Getting to spring, flowers are blooming a busy season, gradually leaving the next section, beautiful tail, still warm wind swagger.Summer, may not be so gentle, the sun warm embrace of the earth, seems to tell every soul, here I come, you may welcome? The wine is delicious world, for people who do not love it but bitter medicine, under the drink, there must be pride.Or sadly alone, or if Britain insolent, wanton aspect of life, Yin wind flower snow months, is a free and easy life.Also hot summer countryside, mountain ravine in from scratch, bring touch of cool.Three cups of wine, sufficient to comfort his life, walking wandering.But the ancient stone bridge, there is no modern craftsmanship, the vicissitudes of life, revealed uninhibited, after hundreds of years of floods rinse, still stays.Vine covered bridge, such as a green shade, without modification stretch.Flat stone laid off has caused, did not see any adhesive inlay thing, a few hundred years ago, no modern craftsmanship, why can create so rugged stone bridge?Wisdom of the ancients did not try to figure out. Leisurely Zuiwo top of the bridge, looking up at the sky and stars, deep and exude space, where is the end?If there is no end, that is what is at?If at the end, the end is what the world outside?Between thoughts, chuckle himself foolishly, why think such a strange question.Clouds drift leisurely in the shadow of the moon next over, the full moon tonight, the clear-hui as strands of silver, according to a hazy in the mountains at night birds occasionally fly the night sky, while issuing empty crisp tweet.Tuan Tuan flow under the bridge, like The Sound of encouraging people to fall into dreamland, sunlit expanses of fish leaping from time to time, brought up a cluster of shining white light and sound of water.Both sides of the river bank covered with numerous small lights flying, like the stars of heaven fall on the river bank, from afar like a beautiful Milky Way.At this point only the early summer, perhaps lost and lonely firefly, hastily to display their charisma? May move with the cloud, the bright moon, it seems you can see a view of the landscape.Moon Palace fairy, does again in watering, fall-hui shed at the world, the world really is the moon fairies, careless woven out of beauty?

  ☆, three hundred and thirtieth thirty chapters tune Swallow

  Mo small street see it swallow Yiyanbuge hands, is silent, but this will actually swallow from Wei-day junior sister apprentice, the future looked not bow to see, we still have to get along as well, and more importantly, her martial arts not swallow opponent, so he decided Mo small street, and shouted: “Swallow, you do Xixingdafa?”
  ”What.what?”Swallow was interrupted by the sudden, suddenly he stopped, looked at his face to stay Meng small street,” What is Xixingdafa?”
  ”So you will not Xixingdafa ah?Then how do you let me also martial arts?”It really is impulsive Swallow simple thought little sister paper, took her to fool a fool later.
  Swallow such as hi Nuxingyuse little sister paper, feel small street off guard Mo is not necessary to cut off her two-day meet, she does not feel to swallow for her to have any threat, this sister paper very simple thought, who robbed her beloved person or thing that is too easy with people desperately impulsive like nothing, as long as a good guide, this little girl is still there to save the.
  Look how she tuned her.
  ”You do not beat up on also shot dead a?”Swallow simple and crude solution to the problem Road.
  ”Shoot me dead, your brothers and your master will let you do?”Do not ask a small street.
  ”will not!”Swallow very honest shook his head,” I can not so much because you’re too annoying.”
  ”You hate me because I stole your brother, right?”Mo laughed small street.
  ”Is it not enough for you?”Swallow outspoken.
  In fact, not only robbed her of her favorite brother, but also because this little taller than her street.
  Humph!She is not she look good, can swallow does not want to admit this looks lost Mo small street, not judge a book by her brother who, not to mention her martial arts than the high杭州龙凤网 street of this little, why not vote for her brothers?
  ”Enough is enough.”Mo small street very identity,” But you killed a little girl at every turn this, killing that really okay?And you are so impulsive, and so fierce, and how you will like brothers How about you?Do not say you brothers, even if the other boys will not like you know?”
  ”Long so delicate a girl, but had to rude and overbearing, is not cute.”
  ”you?what did you say?You say I’m delicate?”Swallow wanted to be angry, but said she heard a small street delicate, just promoted to head into a moment of anger doubt, a small street actually praised her?
  ”Yes ah, you not only long and delicate, and very beautiful.”Mo small street very serious nod acknowledged that” if you do not so fierce, more and more like a mild.”
  ”is it?”Do the brothers did not like her because she almost everywhere, and no woman gentle and reserved it?
  ”Do not believe you can ask your brothers go ah.”Do not think this is a small street nice coax ah sister paper.
  ”can.He may not want to talk to my brothers.”
  ”Then I’ll take you.”
  To fight the two had a little girl, actually go hand in hand to confirm Ling days is not because Swallow mild aggravation caused by insufficient Ling days do not like her?

I was biting family

REVIEW: now biting the years has been more than a dozen years, the mean wall calendar is a good lift to thousands of pages.From all the nail biting peers I know it, I called a maverick, I am afraid only the culmination of Yang person.  Notepad should start biting began even earlier than me, because I do not remember how to develop such a habit.Just listen to my mom when I was little nails to others a cry, their own hands and stupid, not cut, nails can not be too long, so he created such a skill.Just bite when family members feel quite good fun, but then the technology than it is now badly out, bite nails with rotten straw hat like edge.Even so, at least not as nails cry, so so with the.    Slowly, I go to school.    When preschool good point, because the class to be behind her.Then the teacher in his own eyes is very sacred, full of worship, so at least on the course will not bite.Class would be finished, with other children crazy busy Yeah, hands are full of clay, put his hands in his mouth was empty, and left a lot of mud lips mouth, but did not always feel too dirty.After preschool would not hand back, and this gave me the opportunity to have unwittingly hand in his mouth.Able Fortunately, I have always been a teacher will not suffer the penalty.Second grade of primary school teachers most troublesome is playing tricks under the table, the gossip.I can not do these two, because the hand put in his mouth, and can not do under the action started mouth eating it, say the gossip.Since then, I am the most obedient cleverest students in the teacher’s eyes.Still later the heavy homework, write three fingers tingling, but fortunately, bit his finger Shujinhuoxue, to continue the work.I really admire yourself, then you know how to do any work of small.    The family began to have an opinion on this I used to, because the old hands hanging bloodshot.To think also, other children hands fat and tender, and the skin of his hand than children eating rotten bark also has wrinkled.So before and told about a student to see me again bite fingers stepped on my foot.Hey!I was a kid can be really cruel, want such a note.It now appears that part of my small feet but also the reasons attributed to the year that break Note.    Over time, every time you use scissors for cutting the nails have become memories of things.Even for you, once common, but the nails also become difficult to erase the memory.Primary school love test, “the most memorable thing,” this essay, in fact, the first thought is to use scissors.Of course, it is certainly not, because that will not be touched by the teacher, had zero scores.    Today, more than ten years of biting several years, meaning the wall calendar is a good lift to thousands of pages.From all the nail biting peers I know it, I called a maverick, I am afraid only the culmination of Yang person.Home sometimes will ignite the smoke, my mother always said to me, you poor day bite a broken hand, or else you are not a long one, or you or is so thin, or is longer or you chills, anyway my body is to these congenital defects all go to a nail biting me.My master is extraordinary, to say what else you well on the exam day light knock nails, shovel rice Ga slag you go.    For some pride to the anti-nail biting me, I said, I grew up the only thing to do is nail biting stick.What high school adhere to the wall close to the perseverance ah ah what, this is even more added to my sense of pride.In fact, sometimes do not think about value, nail-biting last ten years of effort, even if used to make miso, I am afraid craft under the sea and the sky is not too early.But no finger delicious miso, miso eat up to one week is enough, but it finger, is ongoing eat a dozen years have not had enough.[Editor: Tree man]

  Just give her to bring food from Wei-day wait for the next to be true.

  Wei days away?
  Mo street want, even from Wei-day soft muscle bulk, active cream there, I do not know if he has a drug detoxification?
  Yes, she thought of how no days off guard it?
  He travels, who will always be some life-saving drugs?She forgot how this thing?
  ”What do you smile so much fun?”While seeing Baisu Qin Yang Jiarong fell ill, my heart is very happy, but not so blatant a good laugh?
  Ah not avoid big taboo?
  In case father saw it not strange that they are not sensible?
  ”Sister, Liner Laugh, she was just a child.”Qiner afraid Baisu Qin strange Liner, she would verbally Xiangbang.
  Not to mention Liner want to laugh, she saw Yang Jiarong this, and I want to laugh, Who Yang Jiarong always want to bully her.
  ”Mother, grandfather Erniang to say we are bad, we do not control her, I smiled and how the?”Mo small street and see your mother Qiner misunderstood her, thought she was seeing Yang Jiarong look of the thing, and rejoiced in it.
  But it’s also really worth gloat.
  ”You do not say early.”Baisu Qin Yang Jiarong wanted to draw water to wash her face, listening to the big Ah say, will put a tub of Qin Er said:” Qin Er, do you not hungry?We eat breakfast.”
  ”OK.”Qiner will sweep chopsticks thrown aside.
  Father did not let them control, and that they also do what.
  Mo small street to see her mother and Qiner so frank, are happy bad, that both men and too cute?
  She did not know her mother actually had such a lovely face, always thought your mother very dignified and cautious, so at first glance look leather, MO small street feel really funny.
  ”You know, like war, like bully others, is kind of bad, the results of it?Not by others when the dog wants to take your life will take your life, I have to think of ways to save you, I’苏州桑拿m tired Yeah I?”Mo Yang Jiarong small street just to see the next move, deliberately blaming himself up.
  Positive and negative fields the heart to kill her, Yang Jiarong now definitely want to take revenge for his.
  The days of hope from the Guardian solvable arsenic poisoning of drugs, it is not, what drugs to use other security Yang Jiarong able to stand up on the line, beating her field being killed, she finished before his death wish big Ah, with her Mother and sisters had a stable life.
  Yang Jiarong dense tears, she hated, she hated ah, she was bought Tian, dedicated to Italy’s serve Dear husband, dutiful mother, as Tian Jiasheng a son, if she is hurt the Palace can not be recycled, father always buy xianggong concubine, she will not have bright future for themselves and their children day, father hooked up to this vicious old wreck.
  Zhenhen ah, Sha Qiandao Tian Bo season, went so far as to kill her at.
  If they could save her big Ah, she vowed, she must kill this season Tian Bo Yin Zhi old every man for himself revenge.
  ”This is a poor background, have to make things difficult for a woman a woman, I really do not know how you think?”Mo Yang Jiarong small street to see the body trembling, knew how much she hated, just shook his head and sighed and went out to go.
  The road is her own choice, I went to Yang Jiarong today is her own fault, she did not go that well-intentioned sympathy for her.

The wind came and blew off with ten volts haze

The wind came and blew off the haze with ten volts; scattered clouds, the sun shed million points.Moment this season, the vast North China Plain, 67 cities in the same scene staged melodrama, a dark brown curtain diagonally across from the northeast to the middle of most parts of China, where the dark brown densest point in the Beijing-Tianjin Hebei and other regions.Including the capital Beijing, including these cities for several days of severe pollution of the air quality in the “most advanced” six pollution.The term “burst table” has become a hot word, air monitoring, the highest air quality index value is set to 500, AQI than is the “burst table” 500.These days burst table join the ranks of the growing city, fought a great potential.    These days the Internet is the best pin masks, download the most is all kinds of anti-haze Raiders.”Holding your hand, but can not see you” is not beautiful China, “Houde mist contained, self-reliance does not suck” is not well-off, “mask concealed, only his eyes exposed” is not quality fashion.Economic development can no longer walk the old path of pollution first, environmental management can no longer be a “bad air is the little things” mentality to deal with emergency situations, residents can no longer only their own convenience, regardless of the environmental burden.Only the spatial pattern of conserving resources and protecting the environment of formation of industrial structure, mode of production, lifestyles, to reverse the trend of environmental deterioration from the source, we may have sky blue, green, clean water, Delicate and beautiful home.

  She gritted his teeth to the sound of a lightning bolt in his ear shouted.

  People distant field of fitness rather abruptly taken aback, have them over here towards.
  Suddenly become the focus of everyone’s attention, rather autumn look slightly stiff, Zhang Hongcheng wore a monkey ass face down hurriedly walked.
  Zhou Huai laugh bending beneath his ears in the back.
  To see her run away, and a short trot go to catch up rather pull up the hand of autumn.
  ”Do not go so how fast, just said love me, turned around and took me away from my friends?”
  Ning autumn has been unable to speak a word, she sighed deeply.
  Obviously not the case before, when she was just angry, the first to recognize the counseling must be pregnant with boat.
  Since when, this move he no longer held?
  The end of March the weather is广州桑拿 getting warmer.
  Snow and ice melt, the spring and the park are in full bloom pink peach.
  Stone planted pear Begonia Road on both sides, the breeze blowing, pale white petals as the rain falls over the floor, and flying catkins intertwined.
  Huai Ning autumn boat pulled the hand, slowly circling a walk in the park.
  He was always away from the bustle of the fitness field, with a rather deep autumn the most secluded corner of the park.
  Take a break on the tired, lying on green lawn.
  Half a month, to walk in the park has become their habit.
  Huai boat like the quiet, secluded place more convenient for him to “bully” Ning autumn.
  There is not a ride a ride to chat with, the evening was getting dark.
  ”In another two weeks on the sports examinations, and I ran out of a little bit difficult.”
  ”And after tomorrow, I’m going to have to practice a school group of eight hundred meters to go back every day at the playground.”
  ”Then I run with you.”
  Huai boat turned to see lying on the grass side by side with their autumn Ning.
  By the wind pear Begonia falling on her hair and clothes, there are a few small catkins ball.
  He held out his hand, being careful to help her take off all the petals and catkins, gentle action.

Night of the Wujiang River

REVIEW water gave birth to the ancient history, the history of passing people today, in an age-old love, a love and at the same time in the young generations, unbroken, one after another to climb soon come tomorrow, always be in Wujiang lover.  Hongxia westward, breezy.    At the edge of the Wujiang River, a quiet day cricket, so the song played summer, has become a night of singing, a wonderful blend of melody, gradually leads to the future leisure to busy people.    Wisp of smoke long cross-over Wu River, away, true that the “long cigarette isolated human sunset”.For a while, I saw smoke come back to that long, toward the upper reaches of the Wujiang River, to explore the origin of the Tujia people as to the true meaning of human history do dig.Here, the breeds Tujia people courageously and hard-working, honest and forthright, and accompanied by tragic life of joy, yellow dye to make this piece of land, boatman cry scaled to chant trackers.    Wujiang River rhyme, nonsense feelings, long plume of smoke, soul-stirring, reluctantly, like a long lost lover as a discrete person, leaving Acacia.Once, that the joy of reunion, is the last handshake, meaning farewell night at the foot of the mind, it seems to be tomorrow’s return date?    Night; the water coming from upstream, the way fisherman fishing on the beach, stretching his arms, turned away, banish all twilight.Crescent playing in the water, spray Ode to the Moon, the last net, Fang is a day of harvest, followed by a basket full of crying – I’m going home.    Whether the east coast people, or the West Bank, the total of the season irrepressible restlessness, hurried dinner, shake the name of the fan, go shout: “Go; we go to the river to enjoy the cool air.”Looking to the people on both sides feel each other, slowly slipped into the river, the fish swim by take along the other side, accumulate on the cool sand, fancy vowel rhyme.    The sound of the river, the night Rongrong, alone kiss faint county along the river, love slowly rising, turned into a small piece of white clouds, by the way crescent hanging in the side, keep that promise yesterday, we have been waiting for the arrival of Valentine’s Night Moon.    Cross the street in front of people behind the jokes and stories are still being pedestrians rub each other fell to the ground, drifting with the step.Some people work overtime to catch a late dinner, someone to clean up the department store facade stalls, it was garbage day in the life of someone to think of the Red Army crossing the worth of that year the command of General He Long “Red Army” transition scenario, someone.Long years, daydream bleak, although the Wujiang write endless stories of yesterday, but the water never yesterday’s water, sun and moon renewal days, the people of the moves, in the face of water east passed away, how many people’s hearts are echoed in yesterday’s rapids “I asked the vast land.”I’m from the main, ambitious, tried to change the genetic code of the Wujiang River.    Hazy night, quiet and deep.    Wujiang River pedestrian crossing, each look a gift horse, all have hope, like a river from flowing water, some stranded on the shore, rather poor Lock Road, innocent and over; some heart calm air, slightly close to the shore, quietly flow away, when only a supporting role; some ups and downs, involvement rapids, issued a roar sound, tomorrow I want out of the Yangtze River, the troops on the sea; some out of the times, but not far behind, complaining, still straining crowded, think magnificent again.In short, all sorts of boiling heart, are chasing the passing of the surging water.Only to be eliminated in the sand, eventually drying eternal regret, as if a grain of sand is a magical legend.    Lighted spill from the window to the river, forming a crooked lamppost, threw, shimmering living in harmony, Yang Yang opera, soul calling, enjoy the burn heritage of the city.    Adults talking, slapstick kids, all words and laughter, are leaking sincere goodwill and innocent childhood, as falling clouds filled the Wujiang River, find the feeling of the curtain call, like a hard day’s tour in Tujia river water, diluted with water despite fatigue, ease of mind, screaming ashore – Oh, Ai Yoyo!Too cool.Shore snack bar, drinking from time to time came a row to make the sound of a wave after wave, the summer climax.    The wheels continue to grind the years, the sound of the residual night, trying to embrace this beautiful city and the affinity that rotating lights, also recorded flow out of the rut, including the footprints of pedestrians, many piles, interleaving countless dreams.    The river gave birth to the ancient history, the history of passing people today, in an age-old love, a love and at the same time in the young generations, unbroken, one after another to climb soon come tomorrow, always be the Wujiang lover.    Tujia people love Wujiang River, Wujiang River fondly Tujia!    Faint moonlight, the breeze blowing, heavy middle of the night, is to take over from the many flowers, and fruit ripening true pedicle, stunning.Woman accompanied by a man, in the breeze leisurely row, skirts sway slightly, ambiguous, always the man’s pace.    Dream of foot, gradually, away from prying eyes and moonlight “Rilke’s ‘lonely’, ‘patience’ and ‘love’ was admitted to a lookout tower to escape the hustle and bustle of many eyes and enjoy the great silence and hearty gifts of love.”- the dream close to the lips!    1999 June 16 to mid-river

  ”Of course I thought I was favorite people.”

  Meng Xinran mouth an Alice, can not help but reveal a trace of a smile succeed.
  But Yuyao Yao in front of her, the next second I made a shining Peng Xin Aiqie action.
  Then, like Read poems, like, read out the script lines even nauseating than any words.
  ”The first hour was not at home, he wanted to; second hour was not at home, he thought he wanted; not at home the third hour, he thought he would like to think he.”
  We opt stare.
  I do not want him at home?
  That is not thinking actor Chen Qiao ah?
  Yuyao Yao was actually great perseverance to read eight thought he.
  Then hand南宁夜网 wiped his eyes.
  ”He Really Want.I do not know what I was doing little baby at home, a lone man alone, I do not know the baby’s father, today I did not want?”
  The word went out, she felt him suddenly dissipated a lot of cold air.
  Taohua Yan and Chen Yi Zheng Qiao, mouth very quickly on a strained lower.
  ”Ok?You are very handsome network transmission force, and I have sex scandal actor Chen Qiao?”
  Yuyao Yao finished wiping tears, as if he had just noticed, his face filled with surprise.
  This is indeed she wore for the first time to see him.
  Qiao Chen surprised a moment, but quickly nodded politely, “Mrs. Shen, long time no see.”
  Yuyao Yao sniffed, was amazed, “Sure enough, just like you meat appearance, and I was worthy of such a beautiful fairy rumors.Now, I can forgive a little rumor that some of the guys.”
  She said杭州桑拿, his face really a ‘world did not sully me’ the lucky.
  ”But you’re better than my husband to be quite the thing, I guess the rumors of our guys, mostly men, do not understand a woman’s heart.”
  Like putting down a big bowl of paste, so Chen Qiao ability to think all sticky together.
  This is also said to have died five years ago together with him, so he waited for her divorced woman?
  His smile faded peach in the eyes of some impressively.
  And he was about to answer, but a burst of panic studio.

Past the wind Liu Wei pickles

[REVIEW] to pickles hot and sour bitter sweet, I also experience the, nothing exciting life there is beauty, tranquil, vigorous life Yumi Magnifyingness; sweet wishful life is happiness beauty, melancholy pain complain of life is beautiful and sour of.  - My feeling pickles wrapped carrying bursts of cool autumn wind blowing cold Prelude, lush season of color slowly changed in the past.Autumn has been sitting in the branches, like hidden in the foliage of the tall overlooking the cicadas, every few times, calls out, it sings the last song of summer.  Pickles season went to.  Warm autumn sun shining, the huge space cell, filled with various plastic sheeting spread, split mottled spot, different color, almost the same content: white radish, mustard, Brassica juncea cucumber and green; red pepper, yellow carrots, purple garlic; whole grain cabbage, a lot of chives; strings of peppers, piles of green onions.The past few days, came home from work, will see aunt upstairs downstairs sitting on the stool, fulfill their duties of guarding the vegetables own sun, his face serene joy sounded.Like a poem, those words flash: bright sunshine in the heart mother told withered fingers jump pinned pickle chili oil mix into the mother’s red heart I travel luggage bear heavy on the eyes pickle spring fresh vegetables hidden in the vegetable market pickles marinated in the tank over the winter I preserved his life in the mother’s heart.Pickles for me, there is a complex of.Even the passage of time, is also a soft spot.  They say there are five flavors taste for pickles, so far considered Liu Wei.  The past, such as a set of black and white photographs, in the depths of memory rolled open.Salty pickles cylinder under the eaves warmth was good squatting posture, autumn came.  Pickled pickles, it sounds simple, but it has many complex processes, pickles, pickled well or not, is a measure of a housewife cooking level mark.  People from the ground to set aside turnip, mustard, carrots, washed and dried in the air, into the jars, add a layer of vegetable layer of salt, then add some pepper, pepper and other condiments, over a ten and a half will be able to eat.  This time of year, the mother will be trouble, and we are doing since childhood has continued repetitive things, to buy food, vegetables, loaded altar, ingredients, sprinkle salt, salted Road cumbersome process to make her way, in the United States among them.  Memory, most is pickled radish, red radish Daini that has Green, one of clean, dry, then sectioned child, then cut into strips children, children cut into small pieces, then drying; also rub into the Sier; salted on a few hours, and then ground to get sun tan radish.  Drying dishes scenes are quite spectacular.Autumn crops have ended all, an empty everywhere, the village field, the fields can be seen everywhere drying radish, mustard greens, purple garlic children, some on the gallery, some sprinkled on thin sheets, some simply sprinkle on the ground.No one rare these things, do not worry about losing.As long as there is no rain, the sun often been preserved, in the middle will not go to recover.  The factory yard, as long as see the sun smile, people’s heart is delighted.Large and small tool drying dishes are taken out, colorful, self-contained.  Although the sun is dried radish, but various housewife on the knife is still a difference.Luo Buqie easily curled a fine, cooked into a dish shape ugly; cut too thick, will lose a good chance that season; therefore grasp the knife on the women’s sense of propriety is a clever way to compare.Mother cut vegetables the most well-balanced, well-proportioned thickness, the right length, shape concocted good looking, it has frequently been praised as skilled.  The most interesting is, when poor material, as if everyone has the same sheets, the same color of the cloth, the same dishes drying on it, someone has someone’s taste, it never seems to confuse.  Good drying radish mother pack a bag is put back by cool boiled water, washed over and over again, and then put them in a good long brush cylinder, a layer of salt sprinkled layer in proportion to the soy sauce, sugar, vinegar, wine, MSG, sesame oil and pour a certain number of cylinders which, more than ten days, clean and refreshing, salty and fragrant dried radish put on our table the day a With pickles that taste is not the same immediately, we sat on a tall wooden stool, watching his mother pour the pickle tray, regardless of her hand pinching rebuke to eat, kind of fragrance and delicious, whether porridge or on rice, salty warmth, never forget, do not eat greasy.    Sour filial piety “open tank acid miles and tasted stay forever taste”, that is the sauerkraut.  Later, when the school pickles, pickles I discovered is pay attention to “luck” and “luck” poor man pickles, eat a few days to a fist in the end (Yu rotten in the end), “luck” good, pickled vegetables eat next summer are brittle Ga jump.It may be the genetic mother’s good “luck” for the first time pickles, big success.  Buy large pieces of cabbage must be dry, dry short, pickled vegetables and more water, and easy to rot; long dry, vegetables and easy to “skin”, marinate the food is not crisp jump.Vegetables should be washed, not wash, do not say unsanitary, but also sand teeth.  The most important thing is marinated process, a large bowl in his hands the dish over and over again rub, squeeze hard, then green, white and tender cabbage is like a baby, you should not be hurried too slow, then it is almost “gentle” Lane site, turn ask until it the juice out of it tears of gratitude.Such as cabbage listless, and a layer of cabbage, a layer of onions, ginger, sour, green and red pepper, pepper, aniseed, laminated tight, the pressure on the stone pickles, pickled cabbage pickled even better.  But the cool salt water poured into the boil is the most important, because put more “human throat” (meaning salty), and put a little too sour, just right is indeed difficult to grasp.  Pickled sauerkraut every year, they play some tricks.For example, in the altar at the end put a few radish, ginger and red pepper and so wrapped in cabbage heart, a pickled cabbage served, white stems, yellow ginger, red pepper, like a poetic essay, let life envy, even more appetizing fluid, salivating, whether it is soup or fried, or steamed fish, steamed meat used, which dice fragrant and crisp taste, people feel the world is really extreme delicacy.  So, to me, every year a small jar marinated, uninterrupted.Especially when the New Year, Dun Dun dinner, greasy hard to swallow.Family and friends always come home to eat sauerkraut, pulled out from jars of pickled cabbage, white and yellow on the disk Long Long, bouncing in his mouth to eat crisp, sweet and sour, a sense of accomplishment doubled.  So happy, very comfortable.  It is said that pickled cabbage, also has her beautiful legend: In ancient times, there is a maid girl, in order to reserve her mother’s long illness vegetables, so she had food to eat throughout the year.With this kind of method, time and again experiment with, but have failed.  Once, she was aware of the vegetables, there are salt, you can put two or three days without bad.So, pull the basket full of vegetables, wash dry clean net in the river, the sun a long time in the sun, then wipe the salt, put it in jars.After a forty-nine days, taken out from the jar, ho, and a smell children immediately into the nostrils.Then tear off some of chew in his mouth a strange delicious, sweet and sour.She jumped up happily let taste her mother, her mother also like to have eyes narrowed seam.The following spring, the maid kept in jars of sauerkraut out: Fry the end to eat her mother, her mother happily even said: “filial piety, filial piety.Really a filial ah!”Pickled cabbage, became the wife caring for her in-laws of dishes, offer themselves for generations, passed down, passing filial piety, but also convey human love.    Love the taste of sweet pickles may not salty sour, sweet garlic, ginger sugar sweet, sweet person is eating the top grade.  Pickled garlic are in sunny autumn day, the sun is shining.Those street side wall variegated, squatting under blue sky, the sun is like a row of the elderly, easy and comfortable.  Purple garlic, after strips have bought a number, and then soak into the water after many days until the disappearance of the odor, the color changed to white.Large and small white porcelain bowl, big small shapes of garlic have been sprinkled with snow white wins big grain of salt, it is pleasing.  When picking can be looked thin appearance of each of garlic, garlic can sniff one kind of breaking open when.Watching the steady strong garlic, imagine them in future periods, the companionship you live, you do not have a move.  At this time, Dingding important thing is food jars must be washed, but also to wash hands, not contaminated with oil, with the water must be boiling water and let cool.Salts of great help, after stirring, boil cooked sauce, fuel oil, especially sugar.As like to have people of color will add brown sugar, I do not like colored people will add sugar.Even pickled garlic sweet success.  Friends said she was longing for marriage just as simple as garlic.And eating the same with him, in the autumn sun, the thin picking garlic, wash over and over again, over and over again cooked, pickled over and over again, over and over again enjoy the sweet life; those Sentimental and simple, those misunderstandings and disputes, will be in the wonderful taste of life, the true meaning of life perception disappeared.  Crushing ordinary life, make people feel at ease and satisfied; those happy, comfortable picture, like garlic, whether it is a busy life or static table, can not be missing this road is full of happy memories and taste of spices.    Idiom bitter Mind and connected with two pickles.  First: North Korea Ji twilight salt.For Tang?Han Yu “send poor text”: “Imperial College four years, towards the twilight Ji salt, but I guarantee Ru, Ru everyone suspected.”One of Ji word, meaning that pickles.Breakfast with pickles rice, dipped in salt eating dinner, eating simple to describe, hard lives.  Second: Ji-off draw porridge.Pickles and mashed them apart coagulation porridge, eat rationed.To describe the life of the poor.This idiom out of Fan, said that he grew up poor family, living in the Changbai Mountain temple.Every day, all cooked a pot of porridge, porridge and other condensed, a knife into four, two from each of the morning and evening, on the chopped pickles to eat, it is the inspirational story of a typical poor children.  My husband rarely eat pickles, especially pickled leeks and yellow rice.  He often said that children who grow up in rural areas, each cell is activated by a pickle, and his stomach, has been that bitter pickles, soak for a long time.  The past two years, almost cut off time, he Yikusitian once, after her mother’s death, even worse.In tears, he recalled those pickles rice, rice mixed pickles, meal these days with his companions at school.Each week back to school, must have two bottles filled with canned pickles, and that is a week next meal.  When installed mother pickles, washed first Mingjing Akira bright cans bottles take over, and then fried pickles, a canning jar put into layers, put a layer, with a spoon foundation compaction force, then put a layer.Food organized, she took a clean plastic sheeting, kept in the mouth canning jar with a rubber band in the bottle neck tightening, a few on the white line is thin and then finally put the bottle with a rag wipe clean.  After dinner, to go to school to catch up.While the mother loaded pickle bottles into the bag while confessed: “to have a little bite to grasp, not to a herd eating, after two days without food in the downtown.”To the school, cans bottles to be placed in a wooden box fitted clothes, locked.Morning, noon, night, from the cafeteria playing yellow rice, into quarters, the wooden box opened, the solution can neck plastic sheet bundle of the white line, to pull the rubber band, a corner kick plastic paper clip to some pickles rice bowl.Then the rice bowl on the bed, strapped white lines, rubber band on the cuff, lock locked wooden box, and then began to eat savory.  The years of eating conditions, pickles is the finest rice seasoning.Three years of junior high school, three years of high school, even college, a few years in the end how much to eat pickles, but even busy day and night for his mother can not tell.  To rely on these pickles to eat, when, how many children of a poor family, hoping to fly to the outside world to nest.  The most difficult, or their mentality: those difficult, those unfair; those who can not be reconciled, those so-called; those days adrift in a foreign land, and all those who rely on their courage; those self-made course, those who rely on nothing process ; let this middle-aged man’s memory of pickles, full of bitter taste.  Therefore, he said, he was more appreciative of the day do not eat pickles.    Spicy fashion this rich material well-off age, when to drink milk every day, eat meat fish, pickles, and does not get people’s tastes; it is not just “to eat” foods, is loved by the people convenience foods, the flavor of food and food habits; as a share swap taste, health and fitness supplements, relatives and friends gifts, worth Hidaka.  The process of pickles, has changed, not only pay attention to “color, flavor and shape”, but also pay attention to “nutrition”: A friend told me, adding some vitamin C in the course of pickles will be more nutritious; you can also add white vinegar, color look good; you can also use South Korea’s kimchi law, pay more spicy sauce.Every time the supermarket, will go to see variety, miscellaneous taste, nutritional whole, tricks and more pickles: white potato chips, green onion leaf segments, yellow carrots, sweet potatoes, red Ding connected, fan-shaped red chili.In the colorful dishes, pickles still unique, fashion to conform to the trajectory of the development of people’s lives, but also time and again struck a chord with people.Memorable traditional Time flies, like a song.In traditional culture, traditional complex of infection, Liu Wei in pickles, in my, this marinated process, affection, love, friendship, nostalgia continuation, but also life experience and experience.  In hot and sour pickles bitter sweet, I also experience, and there is nothing exciting life of quiet beauty, vigorous life are the United States of publicity; sweet cake and happy life is beauty, melancholy beauty of life is suffering complain of hot and sour.  In the hot and sour pickles bitter sweet, I also know, and only tasted a lot of taste, only experienced the worth of hardships, joy will be realized the true meaning of life.  To taste pickles, I know the life of the hot and sour bitter sweet; know life, it is because of these weird smells, will be more complete, more meaningful, more reminisce.  Autumn, the autumn sun, wash your hands, wash away the mind, I went to the pickles![Editor: Yi children]

  Simply listening to a story, two cubs were open naive innocent Tongmou, each uttered a “trained”, “Yo”, such as in applause!

  Soon, he again turned his eyes toward Pei boat, as if silently urging, let him sing a song, tell a story or something.
  Pei boat is clarity that two pairs of eyes stare, his face a fever, he does not naturally coughed, had to agree: “Well, I’ll give you a song!”
  ”Trained!”” Yo!”Little Mermaid Pata family and the baby’s cheers sounded just.
  Kaka Bo Dean to go from the outside in, he clapped his hands, broke and said: “Well, boys, your teacher to make up classes, do not play, and ready for class!”
  Cheers little mermaid and Pata family suddenly misfiring, they looked at each other, his face revealing a depressed look.
  Dailuo Luo some frustration: “Then we will first go out, wait for you after class, and we come back?”
  Kaka Bo Dean: “this is it.”
  Pei boat stood up, ready to go out.
  ”Trained!”” Yo!”
  Suddenly, the legs sank, Bala seems to be something living, a bowed Pei boat, you see their legs more than two legs hanging.
  Baby seals left leg was hugged, hugged right leg was mermaid baby, he looked down to see 苏州夜网two cubs uniform looked up, looked at him with tears blister one pair of fond memories.
  Critical Hit!
  Pei boat was hit instantly, he felt a little helpless look, but also hesitant to call the tune, two little guys afraid of accidentally injured leg.
  Face painting scene, Dailuo Luo Yi Zheng, Kaka Bo Dean also face the frustration of color.
  ”Well, you after class, I’ll come back coming!”Pei Zhou squat lower body, hand touched on their heads, patiently coax.
  However, Pata family of the baby and the little mermaid uniform to write too far to go, a “do not hear their, bastard chanting” look, is still a stubborn look, firmly Pakistan live legs, apparently to and Pei Zhou Sike in the end the.