Promising tricks for making your baby fall in love with feeding bottles

Promising tricks for making your baby fall in love with feeding bottles

How to make your baby fall in love with the bottle and then proceed through the bottle?

For the transition from breastfeeding to bottle replacement, let’s give both parties a little more time to adapt!

  Many breastfeeding mothers will try to get their baby used to bottle replacement when they are facing the end of maternity leave, but the mothers did not expect that it will be so difficult for them to get used to the bottle.

  First, the mother must judge whether the baby does not like the authenticity of the bottle.

Squeeze breast milk in a bottle and feed it to your baby during pregnancy. If the baby accepts it, the baby may not like the taste of milk powder. You can change to a milk powder that is close to the taste of breast milk.

If the baby does not accept the new, it may not like the bottle.

  First of all, getting your baby to accept a bottle is a gradual process that requires gradual training.

Moms must not be in a hurry. They must be patient and persistent.

Studies have found that 24 hours is the longest time limit that a baby can stick to. If you pass this stage, some babies can quickly give up insisting on breast milk replacement.

At the same time, it is necessary to change the concept, not to let the baby like the bottle, or to make the baby need the bottle.

  Bottle drinking tips: 1. When training your baby to eat a bottle, be sure to choose when your baby is hungry.

  2. The best way to eat a baby bottle is when the baby is in a happy mood. Do not cry or get sick. It will cause all your efforts to change in vain. If you don’t, it will make your baby hate the baby bottle.

  3. Choose a day when someone is there to help, so that you will not be too hard and your baby will be better taken care of.

  4. The baby and mother have established a good understanding and trust in the long-term replacement of breast milk.

Baby bottles are suitable for the beginning of habituation. It is best for mothers or familiar people to feed them. Baby is easy to accept.

However, pay attention to changes in posture to remind your baby to change the way they eat.

  5. For babies who are sensitive to the difference between breast milk and pacifier, you can start feeding the baby with milk before going to bed. When the baby has a dim sleepiness, use a bottle instead.

After many attempts, the baby will eat the bottle.

Okara has cured my constipation!

Okara has cured my constipation!

I am an elderly patient with habitual constipation, and often take bowel orally and external medicine to defecate.

  But the effect is not great.

Moreover, the inside of the positive electrode is often formed into a plurality of dung stones, which is difficult to discharge. If you hold your breath for a bit, you will see black eyes.

Taking the golden flower directly made me very unbearable and concerned.

  In the past six months, the reason that I was able to defecate smoothly was the accidental addition of a soymilk machine at home.

At first, after drinking homemade soy milk for breakfast every day.

Discard the filtered bean dregs as garbage.

I heard my neighbor say that eating dregs can cure constipation.


I have a try-and-see attitude, and I want to try it for myself, after each breakfast, eat the bean dregs and soy milk together.

This trick really worked, and the next morning, it was easy to discharge soft stools.

Sometimes three times in two days.

This unexpected harvest not only made me say goodbye to constipation, but more importantly, I can avoid various diseases caused by difficulty in defecation in old age.

  It is recommended that constipation patients do not hinder a try and neither waste it.

Resolved constipation, why not kill two birds with one stone.

It does n’t hurt to do yoga for 1 minute every day

It does n’t hurt to do yoga for 1 minute every day

It is nothing new for students and office workers to stay at the table all day long.

Over time, the spine deformed, compressing the lower hip muscles, and back pain came naturally.

A senior yoga instructor told reporters: “I often listen to people’s attention and want to use painkillers to relieve pain, but since back pain is rooted in misbehavior, the best treatment of course should also start with posture.

From my years of sports experience, yoga is the most effective way to relieve muscle tension.

“Everyone recommends 4 strokes, 1 minute a day. Persistence can alleviate back pain.

  This iceberg movement can fracture the entire spine and relax the hip muscles.

  1. Keep your upper body straight and sit cross-legged.

  2. Inhale for 3 seconds, straighten straight to the left and right sides at the same time, palm up, lift from the side, and reach the top of the head.

  3. Exhale for 3 seconds, rotate your upper body 90 degrees to the right and hold your breath for 6 seconds.

Then inhale for 3 seconds and turn your upper body back to its original position.

  4. Exhale for 2 seconds, palm down, arms from the top of the head to the sides of the body.

  Note: People with severe heart problems cannot do this.

  Hand-lifting This action can eliminate the stiffness of the shoulders and upper and lower ends.

  1. Merge your feet with your tips, or split your feet half wide. Cross your hands in front of your body and relax your body.

  2. Inhale for 3 seconds, raise your arms upwards, and keep your hands crossed.

Tilt your head back slightly, look up and stop for 6 seconds.

(It is not required to hold your breath).

  3. Expand the radius to the same height as the shoulder, and stop for 6 seconds.

  4. Inhale for 3 seconds to resume the position of crossed hands and stop for 3 seconds.

  5. Exhale for 3 seconds and lower your arm to return to the starting position.

Repeat 5 times.

  Hare This action can stretch the hip muscles and open the spine joints, such as space, instead of the pressure of the spine.

  1. Knees and thighs sit at 90 degrees, with the upper body straight. While inhaling, raise the bar upwards, then bend forward, raise hips, keep arms, head and torso in a straight line until the hands can rest flat.On the ground, his forehead touches the ground.

  2. Raise the forehead slightly after a few seconds and keep it for a few minutes.

  3. Then inhale slowly, straighten your upper body, and return to the starting position.

  The cat fractured posture helps to improve prevention and spinal flexibility.

  1. After kneeling at 90 degrees with the lower legs and thighs, the front bow of the upper body is parallel to the ground, and the hands are vertical enough to be on the ground.

  2. Inhale, raise your head as much as possible, and straighten your spine.

  3. Properly and fully expand the abdomen, absorb sufficient air into the lungs, and hold your breath for 6 seconds.

  4. Exhale, lower your head (not too low), arch your body upwards, fracture the spine, and hold for 6 seconds.

Lemon Beauty Weight Loss Recipes

Lemon Beauty Weight Loss Recipes

Clean White Lemon Afternoon Tea loses 7-2 pounds a week!

This is by no means a catch phrase for weight-loss people. It is indeed an alternative and more effective new way to lose weight.

Lemon recipe can not only make extra adults and weight, but also make the whole body strong and healthy.

  The main purpose of the lemon recipe is to start the body’s self-purification process, dissolve excess traces, remove waste and toxins from various organisms (liver, kidney, lung, lymphatic system, and skin), purify the blood, improve blood quality, and promote metabolism,Cleans and repairs the entire digestive and absorption system, enhances digestive ability, and adjusts the absorption balance.

  It takes only 5-7 days to successfully complete the entire self-purification process. This is a healthy journey to obtain self-recovery, a journey to experience self-ability, and an easy journey to promote mental will.

  Lemon is delicious and has a weight loss preset. Lemon is a nutritious fruit supplemented with vitamin C. Most people use it as a beauty food.

In fact, the substances contained in lemons are still very effective weight loss substances after reasonable formulation.

Can make you enjoy the delicious taste of lemon while making you an outstanding woman with good appearance and figure.

  Lemon vinegar is an edible vinegar that has the effect of weight loss and beauty.

Lemon is durable and easy to preserve. It is rich in vitamin C, which can prevent gum swelling and bleeding, and even reduce the occurrence of dark spots and freckles.

Lemon peel is also rich in calcium, so in order to achieve the desired effect, it is best to squeeze the juice from the skin to be the most nutritious.

Lemon and vinegar also have the effect of weight loss, so it seems that lemon vinegar is really good for beauty and can be said to be a healthy food.

If you drink a small cup after a meal, you can boost your vitality, refresh your spirit, and be more beautiful.

However, the acidity of lemon and vinegar is very high. Drinking too much on an empty stomach can hurt your stomach. Try to be careful.

  Natural lemonade weight loss method Lemonade can quench thirst and dilute the desire to eat, so it can effectively suppress improper diet, plus 15 minutes of exercise a day, the effect will be very significant.

This method of weight loss is the most popular in Japan now, and you can achieve weight loss by operating it at home. Therefore, it is called “housewife” drinking water diet method, which is very effective.

  The method to lose weight is as follows: 1.

Add one half of lemon juice to one liter of water and insert it into the refrigerator. The temperature is easy to feel cool and refreshing.


Drink at least three liters of lemonade daily. No special diet or snacking is required, but lemonade must be replenished from time to time.


It must be accompanied by 15 minutes of daily exercise, and it does not need to be continued. It can also sweat perspiration for the purpose of excluding harmful substances in the body.

  Lemon recipes are not designed to cure specific diseases, but they strengthen the body’s resistance while purifying the body.

Basically, all diseases have a common origin: the accumulation of waste and toxins in different parts of the body.

The lemon recipe removes these wastes and toxins, and therefore the root cause of the disease.

After a recipe, to maintain good health, the most important thing is to adopt a wholesome, nutritious diet.

  During the lemon recipe, the body gets all the necessary energy, minerals and indispensable vitamins.

Many people, even adults who weigh 2 pounds twice a day, don’t feel any harm to the body, which is why so many overweight people try the lemon recipe. Indeed, for significant weight loss this isNo doubt about it.

Try the lemon recipe, you can almost lose weight, you will even notice: your skin has returned to shine, and your hair is brighter; when you realize that your body is light and airy, you have different vitality in your bodycame back.

Woman breaking through the 30-year-old mark without skin wrinkles


Woman breaking through the 30-year-old mark without skin wrinkles

30 points of beauty muscle, just fight three points.

1 moist and soft; 2 net muscle color is uniform; 3 elasticity measured by fingertips.

But how do you get these three points to the end?

Follow our method and gradually eliminate the three major troubles. The 30-year-old skin is still radiant and will not reveal the secret of age at all!

  Entering the stage of light ripening, the antioxidant power and the melanin metabolism ability are all worse. In addition to the enlarged spots and adult acne from life pressure, stubborn scars are also buried, and the whitening essence must be rubbed more carefully!

The self-made blemishes are applied for a long time, and the use of the product should be mild.

  Step1 The cotton pad cut with breathable adhesive pad is smaller than the breathable tape, and the cotton piece is completely wet with whitening essence.

  Step2 Stick the scar to the acne scar that stays on all night before going to bed. After sleeping, tear it up and absorb it.

  The waste water and waste hidden under the skin are washed away by the lymph fluid, especially the clavicle lymph nodes are also called “skin garbage trucks”. Fortunately, the lymphatic vessels are very shallow, and you can move them with a light push.Remember to use massage cream as the medium to avoid pulling fine lines and supplement nutrients by the way.

  Step1 Slightly push about one cherry on the whole face in order to push the cream enough. If there are fine lines, you can strengthen the push a few more times. Point: It is recommended to rub the cream with your fingertips before massage to soften it.Wake up “”.

  Step2 Use your fist to relax the cheekbones. Hold your fists against the cheekbones and support them with your fists. It may be a little painful and can relax the stiff muscles.

  Step3 Press the clavicle to promote detoxification ears and move back to the clavicle. Press the clavicle depression slightly for five seconds, with deep suction.

  If you only invest in a can of anti-aging products, then choose a cream!

At 11 pm, the cell repair period is entered. Night cream must have anti-aging function to help cell renewal.

Although the serum has a higher active ratio, the cream is timely for lightly cooked muscles that begin to lose fat.

  Step1 The palm is covered with cream. If you are afraid of too much oil at both ends, soften the cream in the palm of your hand first, and use the blockage to implant in the body. The absorption effect is equally good.

  Step2 After the remaining cream is on the neck and face, the remaining cream on the palm is pressed on the neck, try not to push to avoid pulling the neck lines.

Keeps your skin fat after 25


Keeps your skin fat after 25

Before the age of 25, you were still the envy of everyone: praise your perfect skin with better words such as “skin-like fat” and “peeling eggs”.

  After 25 years of age, you hear less and less praise. When you get up early in the morning and look in the mirror, you are horrified to find that the thick pores have quietly occupied your original delicate cheeks, and the original delicate skin, somehowFrom time to time rough grains of small crickets.

  You are still the same as you were. You go to the shopping mall on time as usual, and go to the SPA regularly and reverently. So, what is it that irritates this annoying pore and makes the skin so rough?


  Fake: People say that the pore problem is formed at this time. At this time, you start to look through the fashion and beauty magazines more frequently than before, paying special attention to the columns related to the pore problem; the gap between work, you will secretly browse the web page explaining the pore problem; youThe personality of Amoy with intimate sisters has also inserted more “pores”, a topic that you never cared about before; but, usually, you will see or hear the following explanations: Are the pores enlarged and the skin rough?

It is likely that the cleaning is not done properly and the pores are blocked.

Just use more clean skincare products!

  Have you become oily?

People with oily skin tend to have enlarged pores. Use oil control products!

  The skin is dehydrated, drink more water and make a moisturizing mask!

  You must have n’t exfoliated for a long time. Hurry and go to the beauty salon to exfoliate!

  When everyone says that, you are confused.

I read a lot and listened a lot, but do you really have the answer you want?

  The culprit: Your younger cells have betrayed you. According to your own actual situation, you can completely eliminate these suspicious factors one by one.

But you still haven’t found the real cause of the pore problem, and if you find the real cause, how can you prescribe the right medicine?

  Actually, a lot of women ignore it.

In the natural aging process of human beings, it is normal that pores become gradually enlarged.

  The latest research results from authoritative skin care centers show that the root of young and rough skin lies in the generation of new cells, and over time, the skin gradually deteriorates, and the new cell production of the skin will naturally slow down, resulting in irregular arrangement of the cells on the surface of the skin,The visible performance will be more obvious pores, uneven skin texture, and fine lines.
It turns out that cell aging is the real culprit.

  Truth: Cracking the aging of cells leads to enlarged pores and rough skin. It may look like a hammer, and gently tap the small drum hidden in a corner deep inside you.

The cruel thing of time has finally begun to expose imprints on your body.

But found the culprit, but what is the truth?

I believe that you who are curious will not lose this secret time.

  ”Skin cell aging” is like planting four seeds that directly cause pore problems in the shell: skin aging is relaxed: because with age, the new cell strength weakens, and the production of necessary substances such as collagen and elastin fibers is reduced, The skin slowly lacks firmness, so that the pores will no longer be firm, and linear “raindrop-shaped” pores will appear.

  Dehydration and dryness: Cells age and the rate of natural water loss is restored.

The dryness and dehydration make the epidermal skin lack of moisture, no longer full, and the pores are naturally more obvious.

No wonder the effect of the moisturizing sprayer is becoming less and less significant.

  There are many manifestations of aging of skin cells: slow keratin metabolism: cells gradually cause keratin metabolism to slow down, and old keratin will cause your pores, pores will be gradually enlarged, causing uneven skin and uneven skin texture.

At the same time, the skin becomes dull and dry because it cannot absorb moisture and skin care products smoothly, which accelerates the stimulation of oil secretion and pores become enlarged again.

  Oily abnormalities: This seems far from you, because you are not oily skin.

But experts say that stress and environmental factors can stimulate abnormal oil production, so many women between the ages of 25 and 30 do not have oily skin, but instead become “greasy.”

In order to release more oil, the pores will become larger and larger.

  Myths are finally cracked, but you are still thoughtful.

The above sighed secretly that youth was passing away, and hoped to find an effective anti-oxidation and aging product, which could smooth the first fine lines on the forehead and the increasingly clear pores on the delicate cheeks.

Let youth stay longer .

Pleasant health begins with yoga

Pleasant health begins with yoga

1. A wonderful day, a day without work and annoyance from the beginning of morning yoga. Open your eyes and see the gentle rays of sunlight. Stretch out. What do you do?

Health experts recommend: A wonderful day starts with early morning yoga.

Greeting the early morning and warm sunshine with gentle and graceful yoga moves.

Simple Qiyang style, supine style, bent leg style and so on are all very choices.

  2, nutritious breakfast A healthy diet is one of the guarantees of a healthy mood.

In the diet, breakfast is especially important.

Summer weekend breakfast does not prevent you from trying the following nutritional combinations: a large glass of freshly squeezed orange juice + a bowl of fruit salad to help you eliminate toxins from your body.

Breakfast should be light and nutritious.

  3. The family hot spring is over, and the most important thing is time. When is it time to stay extravagant?

The 1-2 hour home spa guarantees you to forget all the stress of work and enjoy the comfort and beauty of life!

Luxury home spa is really uncomfortable!

  4. Feel free to enjoy the morning in a comfortable and comfortable moment. What you want to do for the rest of the time-read a book, listen to music, write a beautiful life, repair flowers, cut grass.Occasionally, you can do some artistic creation . It is far more comfortable and free to do what you want to do!

  5, yoga in the early morning lunch, luxurious hot spring enjoyment, study and leisure, unconsciously lunch time is up.

What’s for a summer lunch?

Fresh vegetable salad is a great choice for a summer lunch.

Traditional Chinese medicine for summer heat can be properly added to the vegetable meal.

  Eat lunch slowly, and there are no files to file on the weekend for you.

Hold a delicious lunch, taste the dishes on the plate, and occasionally glance at the elegant window screen, beautiful!

  6, golden beauty sleep after receiving lunch, light music, read books, play the piano (= _ =), and then sleep a beauty sleep is right.

The beauty sensation does not need to be too long, it is suitable for half an hour to an hour.

Even if you can’t sleep, lying in bed quietly, leaving a blank space for your brain is also a very good way to keep fit.

  7, thinking digestion Chinese medicine has always emphasized the integration of mind and spirit.

Thinking can also move your digestive organs.

Place your hands on the abdomen and feel the slight movements, sensations, or sounds of the stomach.

In the same way, feel the digestive movements of the intestines.

With some essential oils, gently massage the stomach clockwise.

This method can improve the digestive function of the digestive organs and effectively prevent symptoms such as indigestion and anorexia in summer.

  Also remember that “seven full meals” is the healthiest!

  8. Dinner must have green vegetables for dinner. Like lunch, vegetables must be fresh and full of nutrition.

Chinese recipes can be added to the recipe to enhance the flavor, such as rose petals, basil, celery, pine nuts, pine nuts, etc. are all good ingredients.

For dinner, chew slowly and accept slowly.

  For an hour every night, you can have a cup of health tea.

  9, after bathing is a medicated bath-rose petals, chrysanthemums, basil, honeysuckle, etc. are all good bath herbs.

Pure natural, beauty, health!

The traditional Chinese medicine formula can be added to a small bag and soaked in bath water.

It can also be added directly to the bath water with plant essential oils.

  Put a piece of music, soak the whole body’s skin in the fragrant bathtub, gently close your eyes, take a deep breath, and stretch your limbs and nerves . how to express a “cool” word!

  10. Take a few deep breaths at rest. Breathe in a ratio of 1-4-2: if you inhale for 1s, stay for 4s and exhale for 2s.This breathing method is a breathing method that follows the circulation of the human body.

Breathe efficiently and help sleep!

Let your body fall asleep before 11 o’clock!

Supplement beauty mulberry wine wrinkles

Supplement beauty mulberry wine wrinkles

Mulberry is a kind of aggregate fruit on the deciduous tree of the mulberry family, also called mulberry.

When it is tender, it is green and tastes sour; when it is mature, it is purple-red, oily and moist, sweet and juicy, sweet and sour, and large, thick, thick, purple, and sugary.

The fruit matures from April to June each year, and can be eaten directly, or dried or slightly steamed to eat.

  It is rich in nutrients and contains various nutrients necessary for the human body.

In fresh fruit, generally about 80% of the muscle points, crude protein is 0.

3%, sugar 9%, organic acid about 1.

5% also contains a variety of vitamins and more than 10 kinds of amino acids, as well as minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, copper, zinc, and contains pectin, inorganic salts and purple-red pigments.

  Mulberry can be used for both food and medicine. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that mulberry has a sweet and sour taste and is slightly cold. It has the effects of nourishing the liver and kidney, nourishing blood, promoting intestinal laxation, and can promote survival and peristalsis and promote digestion.

Mulberry can also be used to cast fruit juice and wine, which not only has good taste and rich nutrition, but also has obvious health effects, which meets the modern people’s requirements for healthy drinks and healthy wine.

  In fact, mulberries can also be used to remove wrinkles. Let me introduce a method to you. Try them: Ingredients: mulberries, 30 grams of sugar, 10 grams of raisins, 20 grams of barley, and 50 grams of rice.

  Method: Wash mulberries and barley kernels and soak in cold water for several hours.

Wash the previous rice, place in the pot, add mulberry, coix seed and soaking water, add raisins, first boil with high heat, then use low-fire braised porridge, add sugar when the porridge is ready.

Nutritional value and characteristics of whole grains

Nutritional value and characteristics of whole grains

The grains we usually say are actually a “big family”: millet, corn, coarse rice, buckwheat, barley, oats, sweet potatoes, black beans, broad beans, red beans, mung beans, kidney beans, peas, etc.

  According to experts, the nutritional value of miscellaneous grains is higher than refined flour and rice.

Contains many nutritional ingredients for health, Yishou and anti-cancer substances, The color is milky white or pale yellow.

Divided into previous millet, waxy millet and mixed millet.

Its nutritional content is based on dry matter: about 10% of protein, 20?
39%, crude fiber 0.

18% and calcium, phosphorus, iron and other trace elements and vitamin B group millet are easily absorbed by the human body. Regular meals of millet can develop kidney qi, remove stomach heat, facilitate urination, especially suitable for maternal, young children and patients.

  Second, mung bean is a short-day, high-temperature crop that can be grown in most areas. Bright mung beans and green mung beans are classified according to their performance and use. Bright green mung has a green, shiny, sandy, and difficult to rot, but has a high bud rate, Most suitable for raw bean sprouts.

The surface of the green mung bean is matte, sandy, and easy to rot. It is suitable for various foods.

Main nutritional ingredients: 25% protein in dry matter?
32%, rough aunt 0.


3%, contains various amino acids, vitamins and iron, calcium, phosphorus and other minerals required by the human body. Iron content occupies the first place in grains, mung beans have high protein and low feces.

Chinese medicine believes that the taste is sweet and cold, and it has the functions of cooling and detoxifying, stopping diarrhea and diuresis, swelling and lowering qi, removing heat and nourishing and strengthening.

  Third, corn is one of the main edible miscellaneous grains. It is divided into four categories according to grain color and grain quality: yellow corn, white corn, waxy corn, and mixed corn.

Main nutritional ingredients: protein by substance


9% crude aunt, 2.


6%, crude fiber 1.


9%, contains calcium, phosphorus, iron, carotene and vitamins.

Its sexual Ganping, has hemostatic and antihypertensive and diuretic and choleretic effects.

  Cereals mainly contain vitamin E, which can damage brain cell metabolism and delay aging.

With the research of anti-cancer diet therapy, experts have found that grains generally contain anti-cancer substances, so eating more grains can strengthen your body and make you healthy.

The practice of Jianpi Xiaoji taro porridge

The practice of Jianpi Xiaoji taro porridge

Taro is both food and medicine.

Chinese medicine believes that taro is sweet, sweet, flat, has small poisons, enters the large intestine, stomach meridian, has detoxification, loosening, eliminates the power, and eats less can help digestion and treat indigestion.

After the year, the spleen and spleen are urgently needed. Taro helps: 50 grams of taro porridge, 100 grams of rice, and moderate sugar.

Select the taro and cut into small pieces. Wash the rice in the same pot, add water to cook the porridge, and season with sugar after cooking. Take 1 dose daily for 3?
5 days.

Can strengthen the spleen and stomach, digestion product, suitable for spleen and stomach deficiency, indigestion, infantile accumulation.

  Taro kelp porridge 50 grams taro, kelp, rice 100 grams each, seasonings.

Wash the kelp and cut it into pieces; choose the taro and cut it into small pieces; wash the rice, place the three together in the pot, add water to cook the porridge, and add salt when cooked, once a day for 7 days.1 course, 3 consecutive times?
5 courses.

It can strengthen spleen and eliminate product, and is suitable for adolescent goiter.