White dew will go to the summer and gradually fill up the cover

White dew will go to the summer and gradually fill up the cover

“Hey, the white dew is frost.

“After two days, it will usher in the fifteenth solar terms in the twenty-four solar terms – Bailu.

When the sun reaches 165 degrees of the Yellow River around September 8 each year, it is the beginning of “White Dew”.

As the saying goes: Bai Luqiu night, one night cold night.

Bailu is a typical autumn festival. From this day on, the dew is named after the day.

As the weather is cold, the night in the air often condenses into white dew on the trees and flowers, and the birds begin to prepare for the winter.

  The ancient book records: “Blind winds come, Hongyan comes, mysterious birds return, the birds are shy.

“It is said that this solar term is the swan geese flying south to avoid the cold, and the birds began to store dried fruit food for the winter.”

It can be seen that Bailu is actually a symbol of the cold weather.

Experts reminded the public that Bailu should be extended to keep warm. In the morning and evening, the coolness of the autumn is thick. It is necessary to shift the weather to cool and gradually add clothes; but the addition of clothes should not be too much too fast, because the autumn is moderately slightly cold, which is beneficial to improve the skin and nasal mucosa.The cold resistance is good for winter in Andu, and the autumn is the season of frequent diarrhea. Pay special attention to the warmth of the abdomen.

  Towers significantly cool autumn guard against hay fever, “White Dew is a sign of entering the fall.

“Pang explained, after the beginning of autumn to the dew, intervals of one month.

From a literal point of view, it seems that the autumn season is over, it should be a cool autumn, but it is not.

From the beginning of the autumn to the summer and then to the white dew, the heat is still too late to leave, and it is still very hot and difficult.

The folk custom has the saying that “the June is close to the autumn, and the autumn is in the autumn and autumn.” In the autumn of the lunar calendar, the weather will cool down in the lunar calendar. In the autumn of the lunar calendar in July, the heat will slowly retreat.People are full of oil.

Only Bailu is the symbol of true autumn.

  It is understood that in the 24 solar terms, Lichun, Lixia, Liqiu, Lidong, etc., reflect the seasonal changes; Xiaohan, Dahan, Xiaoshu, Shushu, etc., reflecting the degree of cold and warm; while Bailu, with rain, snow, cold dew, frostThe same, reflecting the weather phenomenon, especially related to expectations.

The farmer’s “white dew is sunny, the valley is white as silver”, “cotton is afraid of white dew and even rain”, which is the effect of fine weather before and after Bailu on late rice and cotton harvest.

For the sweet potato, it is “white mud sees wet mud, one day long and one skin”, indicating that the dew is urging the sweet potato to grow up.

  Starting from Bailu, the weather is getting colder and colder. Some people have symptoms such as cold hands and feet, fatigue and other symptoms. It is indicated by Chinese medicine that this is a manifestation of insufficient kidney.

Experts suggest that you should replenish your kidneys from Bailu.

“You can stick to your feet at night, soak your feet with warm water, and your feet should not have an ankle. The time is 15 to 30 minutes. It is best to soak your body to the body. When you soak your feet, your ears and waist are hot, and the kidneys are open to the ears.The ear has a dense reflex zone that connects every organ in the body, so it is a good way to keep your ears.

In addition, during the white dew, the rate of acute bronchitis is very high, so preventive work should be done.

At this time, the autumn is very cool, it is a good time for people to travel.

However, there are often a large number of tourists who have symptoms like “cold” during the tour. In fact, they are not necessarily “cold”, and may be “hay fever”.

The focus of this solar health is to strengthen physical exercise, pay attention to not to get cold in the morning and evening, and actively prevent allergic diseases.

  Do not blindly enter the exercise, no matter how to exercise, barefoot, hit the red section. “Autumn cool and hot alternate, gradually gradually decline, do not often show off the red fork, in case cold gas invades the body.

“People’s expert Mr. Peng explained that the saying goes, “The 18th pot of heat, the white dew is not exposed.” This sentence means that the weather is still hot, and you still need to bathe with a basin of water every day. After 18 days, it is time.White dew, don’t stop red tuberculosis, so as not to catch cold.

He reminded that during the season of Bai Lu, even the surface water vapor was cold and condensed into small water droplets. It can be seen that the coldness of the ground is still relatively heavy, not to mention the heart of the human foot is also more vulnerable to cold invasion.

Therefore, you can’t barefoot or play barefoot when you are exercising outside. You must wear clothes and socks to prevent cold in this season.

  ”After the autumn, the climate is cool sooner or later, and it is necessary to avoid nasal diseases, hypertension and bronchial diseases in the white dew.

“Experts say that Bailu” season, many people think that the hot summer has passed, the autumn and winter season has arrived, so just in the fall, began to “stick the autumn” a lot of tonic, but ignored the easy incidence, such as autumnAllergic rhinitis, bronchitis and high blood pressure, etc., so it must vary from person to person.

Especially for those diseases caused by physical allergies, it is more cautious in diet adjustment.

  Nutritionists said that the suitable intake of Bailu season is lotus lily porridge, ginkgo diced chicken and crispy yam. These diets have the effects of clearing the lungs and moistening, relieving cough and relieving asthma, nourishing qi and blood, and strengthening the spleen and kidney.

People with high blood pressure, bronchitis, pharyngitis and allergic rhinitis and other respiratory diseases should try to eat less fish, crabs, shrimps, leeks and peppers.

Chinese medicine believes that seafood is mostly a cold product, easy to hurt the spleen and stomach, such as eating with chopped ginger, there is the role of warming, dispelling cold and detoxification.

People with poor gastrointestinal function should eat less or not eat seafood, and eat more ginger with seafood, because the cold of seafood can cause spleen and stomach injury, causing nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea and other gastrointestinal diseases.

How to become a super-male male

How to become a super-male male

“My tall man, but his shoulders are too thin and lacking sexiness.

“This is some confusion for the extra male in life.”

So how do you make yourself a man?

Here are some effective tips for effective male body sculpting.

“Sexy” has also become one of the standards for modern men to seek beauty.

In fact, as long as you pay attention to some of the details of life, while you are living in a regular life, choose some sports that suit you, you can also be “sexy”.

  Pay attention to diet, eat bodybuilding and want to say “bye” with your former weak image, but remember that you can’t eat and pay attention as you have in the past, life is irregular, you can’t even do it, you should follow the following requirements.However, the results of medical experts have been researched for many years.

  To drink water regularly 60-65% of the body is water, liver, brain, skin contains 70% water, skeletal muscle 45%, blood metabolism 80%.

If men want to keep fit, they must have enough water.

  To eat a certain amount of chromium and chromium can promote the metabolism of human cholesterol and enhance the endurance of the body. In addition, under certain physical conditions, it can promote muscle production and avoid excess fat.

Middle-aged men need at least 50 micrograms of chromium a day.

  To eat magnesium containing magnesium food can help regulate human heart activity, lower blood pressure, prevent high blood pressure, and improve men’s growth ability.

Men are advised to eat 2 bowls of oatmeal with milk and 1 banana for breakfast.

Foods containing magnesium carbides include soy, walnuts, oatmeal and seafood.

  To eat more foods containing vitamin B6, vitamin B6 can help improve people’s immunity.

Vitamin B6 can prevent skin cancer, bladder cancer, kidney stones and so on.

Men need 2 mg of vitamin B6 a day.

Foods containing vitamin B6 are chicken, liver, potato, sunflower, banana, etc.

  To eat more foods containing vitamin C Vitamin C’s main role is to improve human immunity, prevent cancer, heart disease, stroke, cataract, protect teeth and gums, wound healing, anti-asthmatic, treatment of male infertility.
In addition, insisting on taking vitamin C on time can delay the process of aging.

  To eat more foods containing vitamin E Vitamin E’s main role is to lower cholesterol, remove internal garbage and prevent cataracts.

Peanuts contain vitamin E, but it is difficult for people to get enough vitamin E from these foods.

Men are advised to take 10 micrograms of vitamin E daily.

  To eat zinc food zinc can ensure men’s sexual ability, treatment of impotence, in addition, it also helps to improve the body’s disease resistance.

Men are advised to add 15 micrograms of zinc per day, but the daily consumption should not exceed 15 micrograms, because excessive zinc can affect the body’s absorption of other minerals.

Lean meat, soybeans contain a higher amount of zinc.

  The thin blade trains sexy and sighs with a sigh of sorrow for your own skinny. It is better to put it into exercise as soon as possible.

Experts point out that the most important muscles that affect the shape of the shoulder are the deltoid muscle and the trapezius.

The deltoid muscle consists of three parts: the anterior bundle, the middle bundle and the posterior bundle.

The toe is easier and weaker, making people feel that they can’t shoulder the burden.

Therefore, in the improvement of the shoulder image, it is necessary to give priority to the weak parts and to ensure the overall development.

  Molding method: 1.

Dumbbell press: hold a dumbbell in each hand, bend the fists backwards, bend into a posture, and then push up, while the forearm rotates (the thumb turns from the outside to the inside) until the arms are straight, then slowly return, thenrepeat.

The main development of the deltoid toe and the middle beam, while increasing the strength of the above-mentioned excessive aunt.


Inward push-ups of the tiger’s mouth: the palms of the two palms are inward, the palms are opposite, and the push-ups are wider than the shoulders.

When the upper arm is flexed, the body should not be tilted too fast, and try to stick the side to the ground.

Mainly develop the deltoid toe and chest muscles.  Of course, the development of body shape should be consistent, symmetrical and holistic.

If the neck is short and the shoulder is narrow, the deltoid and pectoral muscles should be developed mainly. The trapezius should be less developed; the person with a better proportion of the shoulder and the shoulder should develop in an all-round way to make the shoulder more fit; the shoulders should be wide and the muscles should be weak.Strengthen the muscles of the shoulders, buttocks and chest muscles.

Shrimp skin contains high calcium and is poor in calcium

Shrimp skin contains high calcium and is poor in calcium

Many people think that shrimp skin is the best calcium supplement food.

From the nutrient composition table, the calcium content of the shrimp skin is several times that of the same weight milk.

Since there is a shrimp skin, it is easy to meet the needs of calcium. Why do you need to drink milk?

  However, this idea is a typical “quality theory”, and there are still many problems hidden behind the nutrient content data per 100 grams of food.

  First of all, I did not consider how much food can actually be eaten.

Anyone who has cooked a meal knows that the shrimp skin is very light, very dry, and a pack of shrimp skin can be eaten continuously.

When cooking, you can only put one or two at a time, and convert it into weight, which is 5?

If you make soup, add 1?
2 grams is enough.

Adding shrimped vegetables is also unlikely to be eaten every day.

Therefore, although 100 grams of shrimp skin contains more calcium, but the amount of food is not much, the amount of calcium obtained is not too much.

  About milk is very convenient to drink. It is no problem to drink every day. Everyone drinks 250 grams a day. The calcium impurities are nearly 300 mg, plus 400 mg of calcium in daily supplements. It is close to 800 mg.The recommended amount is gone.

  In fact, so much calcium in shrimp skin can really digest it?

In fact, there is a lot of calcium in the shrimp skin, but the absorption rate is not ideal.

To absorb calcium, first dissolve it.

However, the shrimp shell is a human tooth that cannot be completely chewed. After being affected by stomach acid in the stomach, it is also a small part that can be dissolved.

Most of the calcium will be converted into undigested residues and excreted together.

Unless it is finely pulverized, the effect will be better.

  Calcium in milk is soluble and forms a subtle complex with protein, citric acid and phosphoric acid, and does not require human chewing at all.

  Third, there is only calcium in the shrimp skin, which does not help the calcium absorption.

It does not contain vitamin D, so the utilization of calcium is not fully guaranteed.

Milk naturally contains vitamin D, which can promote the absorption of calcium.

Lactose in milk, lactic acid in yogurt, and casein phosphopeptide produced by milk protein digestion can also promote calcium absorption.

Therefore, calcium in milk is the most utilized of all kinds of natural foods.

Beware of the Ugly medicine in the family medicine cabinet.

Beware of the “Ugly” medicine in the family medicine cabinet.

There are many factors that generally affect the bodybuilding, such as age, diet, sleep, exercise, and diseases.
However, in recent years, it has been found that certain drugs can also damage the bodybuilding of the human body. The brief introduction is as follows: 1. The drug damages your body: If long-term use of drugs containing adrenal cortex hormones, such as cortisone and hydrocortisone and prednisone,泼尼松 、强的松龙 氢化泼尼松 等,能促使大量脂肪堆积于面、颈、背部,形成“满月脸”、“水牛背”,而四肢肌肉却出现萎缩,皮肤及皮下组织变薄It also causes edema, osteoporosis, etc., which makes the body uneven and uncoordinated.
  二、药物损害你的乳房:男性病人若长期使用雌激素、绒毛膜促性腺激素及异烟肼、利血平、氯丙嗪、冬眠灵 、苯妥英钠、卡马西平 酰胺咪嗪 、异搏定 维拉帕米 、胺磺酮、安体舒通 螺内酯 、酮康唑等药物治疗,可致乳腺过度发达、乳房变大,影响形体美。Conversely, if a female patient is treated with androgen drugs for a long time, such as methyltestosterone, testosterone phenylacetate, rehabilitative dragon, hydroxymethenone, etc., it also has a diuretic drug, which can make the breast underdeveloped and the breasts slack.Loss of the aesthetics of the chest, but after stopping the drug, most of them can gradually return to normal.
  Third, the drug damages your hair: blood pressure lowering drugs such as long-term pressure of minoxidil, menthol and heptazine diazoxide can cause hairy.
Diuretics such as acetazolamide, acetazolamide, acetazolamide, etc. can cause black hair on the lower limbs and back.
Antipsychotic drugs such as methotrexate, thioridazine, etc., will gradually grow black hair on the face, chest and abdomen.
Anti-epileptic drugs such as phenytoin, etc. usually use hirsutism in the extremities after two or three months, and the same happens in the face and trunk.
Chinese medicine such as psoralen can also cause hirsutism.
Most notably, girls and menopausal women are treated with androgen drugs such as methyltestosterone, testosterone propionate, testosterone phenylacetate, and hirsutism.
If you use the anti-inflammatory pine ointment, the hair on the face, neck and limbs will be longer, darker and thicker.

Pressing the three acupuncture points on the hand, the eye problems are gone!

Pressing the three acupuncture points on the hand, the eye problems are gone!

When it comes to massage, I am sure that everyone is familiar with it.

Acupressure is a health massage based on the theory of Chinese medicine. It can relax muscles, relieve fatigue and regulate body functions.

Some small problems in daily life, sometimes headaches, toothache, stuffy nose, shoulder and back pain, as long as the acupuncture points can be quickly relieved.

The eyes are dry and the two acupuncture points can be relieved.

First, Hegu point Hegu point: It is the original point on the hand-yangming large intestine, which can relieve stomach pain, bloating, constipation, nausea and motion sickness.

Acupoints: In the first and second metacarpals, the two bones are in the depression before they meet.

Simply take acupoints and use the first joint of the thumb to align with the other hand’s mouth and the depression of the fingertip.

Efficacy: relieve eye dryness massage method: use the fingertips to press vertically, and the local feels bloated to get gas.

Second, the old points of old-age acupoints: Shujing Tongluo rehabilitation treatment of hand numbness, leg and foot joint pain walking inconvenience, back pain, neck and shoulder pain.

Acupoints: flexing the forearm, palm up, inserting the ring finger of the back of the hand and the palm of the little finger down to the depression of the bone placed in the wrist.

The old-age points are deep and not easy to find, and must be fixed.

Efficacy: Eliminate eye blurring massage method: use the fingertips to align vertically, and feel the bulge in the local area.

Third, Houxi Point Houxi Point: A point on the small intestine. This point is the intersection of the eight classics of the Qijing. It passes through the Du Meridian, diarrhea, aphrodisiac, cervical vertebrae, eyesight, and the spine.

Acupoints: The fist is gripped by the hand, and the end of the horizontal line after the metacarpophalangeal joint is the point.

Efficacy: prevention of eye fatigue massage method: use the thumb and index finger to force the Houxi point at the same time, because the acupuncture points on the hand are more sensitive, the intensity of the massage should be appropriate, do not overweight and hurt the skin on the hand.

Xiamen Eye Center affiliated to Xiamen University: blurred eyes, dryness, fatigue, mostly due to excessive use of the eye, need to control the use of eye time, rest, more blink of an eye.

Using the same kind of toothpaste will lose the role of tooth protection

Using the same kind of toothpaste will lose the role of tooth protection

In daily life, many people always use the same toothpaste for many years, and they are unwilling or unwilling to change a toothpaste.

This is not good for oral health.

  Nowadays, toothpastes on the market can be divided into two categories: common type and curative type (ie, drug toothpaste).

Ordinary toothpaste is mainly composed of friction agent, detergent, foaming agent, synthetic agent, moisturizer, flavoring agent, preservative, flavor, etc., while effective toothpaste has mechanical friction, decontamination and removal of common toothpaste.The effect of bad breath can also inhibit the growth of various pathogenic and non-pathogenic bacteria in the oral cavity, including Streptococcus mutans, which has the strongest cariogenic effect, Staphylococcus aureus, and some anaerobic bacteria and facultatives that cause bleeding of the gums.Anaerobic bacteria.

  However, the curative effect toothpaste inhibits some pathogenic bacteria while inhibiting pathogenic bacteria, disrupting the ecological balance of bacteria in the oral cavity, leading to dysbacteriosis.

Long-term use of the same type of toothpaste brushing will cause complications and drug resistance of certain harmful oral bacteria, so that the toothpaste loses the role of sterilization and tooth protection.

  Therefore, in order to ensure oral health, the type of toothpaste should be changed frequently. The replacement time should be one month. The common type and the therapeutic type toothpaste should be used interchangeably.

Diet and health – supplement nutrition

Diet and health – supplement nutrition

“The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” said: “Essence into the stomach, scattered in the liver, suffocating in the tendon; gas into the stomach, turbidity to the heart, suffocating in the veins.

“There is a clear indication of the role of diet in the body, nourish the organs, blood, meridians, limbs, muscles and even bones, fur, Jiuyi, etc.

When the diet enters the stomach, it is absorbed through the digestion of the stomach, the spleen is transported, and then the whole body is transported.

It can spread the essence in the liver, and then immerse it in the muscles; the essence of the essence of the essence is in the heart, and the essence is soaked in the veins to fill the heart and blood.

The nutrients needed by the human body must be continuously supplemented by sustainable diets.

A person’s life absorbs more than 1000 of his own weight?
1500 times, the nutrients in these foods (known as “water valley” in Chinese medicine) are almost all transformed into the tissues and energy of the adult body, leading to the needs of life movement.

  Because the taste of the food varies, the effect on the organs is different.

For example, “The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” said: “Five flavors into the stomach, each return to the joy, so the acid first into the liver, bitter first into the heart, Gan first into the spleen, Xin first into the lungs, salty into the kidneys, long and increased gas, the materialization is also often.

This shows that the five flavors of food are important condiments for human diet, can promote diet, help digestion, and are inedible nutrients.

  The nutritional effects of food on the human body are still manifested in the selectivity of various foods to the human body, the meridians, and the parts, which are commonly referred to as “returning to the classics”. Different diets have different origins.

Such as: onion to the lungs, can be used for cough without lungs; bitter gourd to the heart, can be used for the heart of the fire on the tongue sores; tea can clear the liver and liver and so on.

This means that the right diet should be selected in a targeted manner to maximize the nutritional effects of the food on the human body.

Love is actually ordinary.

Love is actually ordinary.

He is a very plain and ordinary look, with a kind smile on his chubby face. If you are in the crowd, you will definitely not notice him first.

“Actually, I didn’t do anything,” he said with a thick smile. “I am a man, a head of the family. These are all things that should be.”

“We are a family. I am a Cantonese. I was born in Yuebei in the 1960s.”

When I was very young, my father died. Later, my mother and I and my grandmother remarried to the stepfather’s house.

The stepfather was divorced and had a daughter.

It is difficult to get along with such a complicated relationship.

But we are now a big family, nine people, seven different surnames, my son and surname, my wife a surname, a mother surname, a father and sister a surname, a nephew with his father (sister’s ex-husband) surname, now brother-in-lawA surname, in addition to my grandmother who was married with my mother, a surname.

Many of my friends come to my house and can’t figure out the relationship.

  My mother is a particularly virtuous woman. She doesn’t read much, but she is gentle.

After marrying my father, the husband and wife are very loving.

Unfortunately, it didn’t last long. When I was one year old, my father got a serious illness. My mother tried her best to treat her father, but my father left us.

When my father died, my family was poor. My mother didn’t have a fixed job. She worked as a temporary worker to support me and my grandmother.

At that time, Grandpa had passed away, and his father’s sister and sister were married. They all said that they could not support their grandmother.

Grandma was crying and said that she could no longer put a burden on her mother. She had to go back to the country as a lonely old man.

But my mother said: “As long as I have a bite with my child, it will not make you hungry.

“So mother always took her grandmother with her, and later married her grandfather’s house with her grandmother until now.

  My mother’s virtuousness is famous, and many people introduce her to her after her father’s death.

But because of taking me and my grandmother, my mother missed many opportunities.

When my father died, I was only three years old. Many men said that I could follow the door, but my grandmother could not. My mother listened and turned and left.

Later, my mother said to me: “A man who is not filial to the elderly, I don’t believe that he is good at transforming me.

“I admire my mother’s simple wisdom. Later facts show that her eyes are really accurate.”

  Until I went to elementary school, my mother met my stepfather.

The stepfather divorced, and one person took his daughter to live. When the mother just married, the family also had the stepfather’s parents.

The three old people will definitely have friction together. The stepfather is very good to me and my grandmother. What is delicious to give to my grandmother, then my parents.

The stepfather will think about Grandma no matter what he buys for his parents.

My heart is more than my heart, my mother is very caring for her sister.

Mother will tailor, and every time the New Year’s holiday or the new semester begins, I must make new clothes for my sister.

In the New Year, I also made trouble with new clothes. My mother said, “You are a boy, you must be plain, your sister is a girl, you must be beautiful.”

In this way, our family, who met and lived together intimately.

  Your pain is my pain. Over the years, my old and old family, my mother and stepfather’s hair are flying white.

When my sister graduated from junior high school, the family could not afford to have two children to study. My mother was saddened by tears.

The stepfather said to his sister: “Dad also hopes that you have a good future, but there is really no way. Your brother’s homework is better than you. You will give the opportunity to your brother.

“My sister was not willing to leave school, and she cried with her mother for a night, but the next day, she went to work without a move.”

When my sister took the salary for the first time, I bought a new school bag and said to me: “The hope of your family depends on you.

“I said to my sister with tears: “I will not forget you.”

“The whole family saved money and used it for me to graduate from college. Then I went into a big business smoothly and had a good job.

On the day of my college graduation, I decided to provoke the burden of the family and let my parents breathe a sigh of relief.

My sister has been working outside because she has not studied much.Later, she got married and gave birth to a nephew, but her brother-in-law was not good to her, she often beat her, and she did not give it to her family.

At that time, I said to her: “Do not worry, I am responsible for the cost of reading all the books.

Later, my sister divorced, and I took her and her nephew home.

Although the family is not affluent, it is better for a family to be together than a person.

At the beginning, my son didn’t want to sleep with the outsiders. I told him that when I was a child, my sister gave up the opportunity to study for me. I told him that my sister had taken care of me since childhood. Now my son and nephew are getting along like each other.brothers.

  Later, my sister finally found a new feeling. With a good home, our family is happy for her.

I can’t think of a misfortune, my sister remarried less than five years, and my brother-in-law was unfortunately in a car accident and became a half-baked.

At that time, some people advised her sister to divorce, but my sister said to me: “Your brother-in-law has been taking care of me and my son since I married.

I will not abandon him because of his disability, I will take good care of him.

After listening to this, I remembered that my grandmother often told me that when my father was seriously ill, my mother said the same thing.

I let my sister rest assured that I will help him with his nephew and brother-in-law.

So I sold my house in the city center, bought a bigger house next to it, and let my sister and brother-in-law retired the house they rented and moved to live with them.

I bought a wheelchair for my brother-in-law. In order to make it convenient for him, I specially picked the first floor when I bought the house.

  Therefore, we have this family, a family of nine, and seven surnames. We help each other and face the hardships of life together.

Mom and Dad are old, they have worked hard for a lifetime, and they want to let them enjoy more, but they have also been helping to do housework, buying food and cooking.

The son and nephew are also very sensible. Although the homework is very busy, they usually go to school after school or summer vacation, and they are rushing to go back to the doctor or to do physical therapy.

My wife and my sister try to do more part-time work outside of normal work and earn money to improve their lives.

Now that my brother-in-law’s body is getting better, we are preparing to raise a little money to see if we can give him a small shop near home.

  The basis of love is character and should talk about my wife.

I got married late, when I fell in love, when the girl came to my house, I basically refused to meet again.

I look at it in general, the economic foundation is not too good, plus there is no sweet talk, and there is a family to support, especially the girl who is not willing.

  The family is in a hurry, and many relatives and friends also help introduce.

When I met my wife, I was first conquered by her gentle smile.

The wife is a kind of girl who is particularly filial and especially filial to the elderly. She is the boss at home and takes great care of her younger siblings.

Looking at her gently smile, I remembered my mother, my mother is such a person, no matter what difficult, always with a gentle smile to the family, never temper, never arrogant.

They may not be too beautiful, but their beauty is diverging from the inside out.

  When I met for the first time, I gave all the things in my family to her.

In fact, I just wanted to talk to her more, and I didn’t know what to say. I had to say something about my family.

The wife listened with a good temper and smiled.

Later, she said to me: “I think you are really weird. When people meet for the first time, they always try to say their good side, but you are desperately saying how much burden the family has. It seems that I am afraid that I don’t know how to carry it with you.The same burden.

“My wife was a little worried in her heart, afraid that she could not cope.”

But when I went home with my parents, my father-in-law said, “He can honor the old man so well. He is so good to his sister’s sister. He will definitely be worse for his wife in the future.

“In a word, the confidence of the wife was strengthened.

  Because the age is not small, so we only talked for more than half a year, then talk about marriage.

It wasn’t long before we got married. The ex-sister’s brother injured her sister, and her sister went home with her young nephew.

At that time, my sister often had to work night shifts. In order to let her parents rest, the newlywed wife took responsibility for sleeping outside.

It’s really not easy to get a diaper for feeding once a night. It’s really not easy for someone who has never had a baby.

I am very guilty, my mother always said that she came to bring her children, let her wife rest, she still has to go to work during the day, but his wife always smiles like this: “It doesn’t matter, I will be an intern.”

“The wife has been sleeping with her nephew for two years until she is pregnant, and her sister has changed her job without a night shift, and she is sleeping outside.

As a result, the nephew cried for three nights.When the nephew cried, his wife also felt tears.

  The wife is difficult to produce at the time of production and her body is very poor.

During that time, my stepfather’s mother was seriously ill and needed us to take care of her. In order to ease the burden on me and my family, my parents took their wife and baby back to their parents’ home. The two old people helped us a lot, but never hadA complaint.

The wife just passed, and the child will soon return home, saying that taking care of the maternity leave to help the elderly care for the elderly.

Our family members have many things. Every time we encounter something difficult, our younger siblings always have the money to contribute and help us.

My mother and stepfather always said to me: “It is a good fortune to be able to marry such a wife. You must cherish it.

“My wife has won the reputation of our family with her kindness, sometimes I have any arguments or quarrels with her, and my grandmother and grandmother, even my nephew, will help her accuse me.

  I think that the Chinese ancients have some words that are particularly well-placed, and it is really good to say goodbye to their wives and women.

The cornerstone of love is morality. When you come back with a fairy, you will be tired of watching it for a year or two.

But the beauty of this kind of character from the bottom of my heart is the most important tie to accompany you through a long life.

  Educating children to continue to live with morality, people continue to middle age, there are old, small and small, sometimes I feel that the burden on the shoulder is very heavy.

My sister and I are both sons. The boys grow up day by day, and the naughty and inferior is always indispensable.

When we educate our children, we always focus on “German”.

First of all, children should learn to honor the elderly, respect the peers, and love their younger siblings.

When the son and nephew just entered elementary school, we asked them to help their grandparents to do the housework as much as they could.

Later, when I grew up, I also let them do some of the work they could do.

The nephew was admitted to college last year. When he left, he said to me and his mother: “Mom, hey, you are too hard. When I graduate from college, let me raise this family.”

“At the time, my sister and I were very happy. We didn’t mean that he could be rich and expensive. As long as he had this filial piety, it was enough.

When my son was in the second grade of elementary school, he returned to his hometown in the New Year. His economic conditions were better than ours. He bought a lot of high-grade snacks in the New Year and gave him food. He ate one piece and let him eat another piece. He said”I can’t pack it home for grandma and grandma to eat, they haven’t eaten such delicious snacks yet.”

At that time, I was moved to tears, and I took my big box of snacks and let my wife back.

I listened to my son’s words and was sweeter than I ate.

This family will rely on these children to pass on from generation to generation in the future. Even if they travel all over the world in the future, even if they don’t necessarily be together in a big family like us, as long as there is affection in the heart, this life is possible.

  I want to thank my parents, who let me deeply appreciate the value of family.

I will also pass on this precious feeling from generation to generation, let the children learn and grow in the environment of love.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to let me talk about our family. Although we are all ordinary people, we believe that in the class of family and love, we are not lacking.Even richer than some wealthy people.

  Looking at his hurried back in the sun, thinking about his smile and plain words, his heart is full of warmth.

I think in this story, I realize that “love” and “family” should not be me alone.

  Home is the only place in the world to hide shortcomings and failures, and it also hides sweet love.

– Shaw

Jiuwei Chinese medicine that helps to hangover

Jiuwei Chinese medicine that helps to “hangover”

Alcoholism and drunkenness cause physical discomfort, and traditional Chinese medicine has been called “poisoning”.
Through the exploration of the doctors of the past, some Chinese medicines were found to be effective in relieving excessive drinking, but the mechanism remains to be studied.
It is hereby incorporated by reference.
  First, 枳 (wooden) can cure drunkenness, annoyance, thirst, vomiting, and two disadvantages.
“Minnan Materia Medica” clearly puts forward that it “goes all the left and right sputum, rheumatism and numbness, can detoxify the poison.” “The World Health Efficacy” is intended to cure the “drinking multiple accumulations”.
In addition, the coffin can also hangover.
  Second, Pueraria flower Good hangover, poisoning, spleen and stomach, quenching thirst, attending excessive drinking, headache, dizziness, polydipsia, vomiting, chest fullness and other symptoms.
“Spleen and Stomach” has Gehua Jieyu (酲: After the drunk is unclear) soup, “Minnan Materia Medica” has Gehua Qingre Pills, etc., all suffering from drunkenness.
In addition, Pueraria and Ge Gu (the seeds of Ge) also have a sobering effect.
  三、草果  具燥湿散寒、除痰截疟之功,因气芳香,有辟浊之性,《本草》引李杲云:“温脾胃,止呕吐,治脾寒湿、寒痰…. eliminate food, hangover, fruit, and rumors.
4. Gao Liang Jiang has the effect of dispelling cold and relieving pain.
“Materia Medica is new” contains this product “warm stomach and cold, digestion and hangover, cure stomach cramps and cold pain.
5. Chrysanthemum can evacuate wind and heat, calm the liver and improve eyesight, clearing away heat and detoxification.
“Medicine” contains its “. drunken coma, easy to wake up, a total of dry Ge (Yi Gehua – author’s note) decoction.
Sixth, Zhuru has the function of clearing away heat and removing phlegm, removing irritability and vomiting, and has good vomiting effect caused by stomach heat or heat.
  ”With the Materia Medica” Yunqi “gets a chicken, cures drinking and headaches.
“Drug Chemicals” also contains its treatment of “wine and vomiting.”
  Seven, white lentils can strengthen the spleen, dampness, and cool off.
“The Sketch Book” contains its “the main woman takes it down.
It also kills alcohol and poisons.
”  八、苦参  具清热燥湿、杀虫利尿之功,《名医别录》载其“除伏热肠擗,止渴,醒酒……”《本草经疏》亦载苦参“消酒,除Thirsty, eyesight, stop pure blood, sputum is extremely effective.
Nine, nutmeg, there is warm and qi, solid intestines to stop diarrhea, digestion.
“Japanese Huazi Materia Medica” contains its “tune, qi, stop diarrhea, appetizer, digestion.
External skin, gas, hangover, cure cholera.
“With the Materia Medica” also believes that it is “overfood, hangover.”