Yan Dong teaches you how to make soup

Yan Dong teaches you how to make soup

In addition to choosing healthy ingredients, Yan Dong Xin Shi Bu also focuses on delicious food.

It is recommended to buy a variety of vegetables and have a hot pot soup for dinner.

  Five-color vegetables and fruits are recommended as follows: green (general green leafy vegetables), red (tomatoes, carrots, red peppers), yellow (yellow peppers, pumpkins, corn, pineapples), white (white vegetables, white radishes, yam, mushrooms,Bamboo shoots), black (kelp, laver, fungus).

The more color the vegetables have, the richer the nutrients.

  The soup head can also be very different. The traditional wonton soup chicken, seafood, etc. are changed to soy milk pot, milk pot, kimchi pot, tomato pot, curry pot, miso pot, etc.

If you have gout or kidney disease at home, drink half a bowl of soup.

Such a pot of “Vegetable and Fruit Shiquan Tonic Soup”, accompanied by a soy product seasoning and a bowl of rice, not only has low conversion, high nutritional value, but also adds a lot of warmth.

It’s better to act now, find a time, and make up for your family!

Supplement beauty mulberry wine wrinkles

Supplement beauty mulberry wine wrinkles

Mulberry is a kind of aggregate fruit on the deciduous tree of the mulberry family, also called mulberry.

When it is tender, it is green and tastes sour; when it is mature, it is purple-red, oily and moist, sweet and juicy, sweet and sour, and large, thick, thick, purple, and sugary.

The fruit matures from April to June each year, and can be eaten directly, or dried or slightly steamed to eat.

  It is rich in nutrients and contains various nutrients necessary for the human body.

In fresh fruit, generally about 80% of the muscle points, crude protein is 0.

3%, sugar 9%, organic acid about 1.

5% also contains a variety of vitamins and more than 10 kinds of amino acids, as well as minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, copper, zinc, and contains pectin, inorganic salts and purple-red pigments.

  Mulberry can be used for both food and medicine. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that mulberry has a sweet and sour taste and is slightly cold. It has the effects of nourishing the liver and kidney, nourishing blood, promoting intestinal laxation, and can promote survival and peristalsis and promote digestion.

Mulberry can also be used to cast fruit juice and wine, which not only has good taste and rich nutrition, but also has obvious health effects, which meets the modern people’s requirements for healthy drinks and healthy wine.

  In fact, mulberries can also be used to remove wrinkles. Let me introduce a method to you. Try them: Ingredients: mulberries, 30 grams of sugar, 10 grams of raisins, 20 grams of barley, and 50 grams of rice.

  Method: Wash mulberries and barley kernels and soak in cold water for several hours.

Wash the previous rice, place in the pot, add mulberry, coix seed and soaking water, add raisins, first boil with high heat, then use low-fire braised porridge, add sugar when the porridge is ready.

Two rules for parents to build a healthy baby

Two rules for parents to build a healthy baby

[Introduction]”I was looking forward to the birth of the child when he was not born. Now that the baby is two months old, I have started to worry about how to educate this ‘trick or treat’ and how to make him grow up healthier.

“Miss Li has the same confusion as most mothers.

Let’s take a look at the new parenting views of experts.

Rule 1: Breathe rhythmically. “Breathe is the first medium for a child to connect with the world.”

“Experts say that from the perspective of human growth and medicine, the baby’s breathing is distorted and irregular.

Many parents have this experience, waking up at midnight to see the baby, sometimes it seems like they have stopped breathing, and sometimes they become very rushed.

Inexperienced young parents are worried: “What happened to my baby?

“According to a 30,000 sample survey conducted by the National Children’s Sleep Medicine Research Collaboration Group in 8 cities, the total incidence of sleep disorders in children is about 27%, indicating that one in four children have varying degrees of sleep problems.

Experts point out that expected sleep not only helps children’s physical growth, but also benefits intellectual development.

Therefore, the first thing parents need to do is to create a rhythmic environment for their children.

Parents usually do things in a regular manner. A well-ordered home can make the baby feel the rhythm of the surroundings, and then slowly learn to adjust their breathing, which can affect emotions.

Rule two: Let your children do more sports. Xiao Qingqing is 4 years old this year. She goes to kindergarten in the afternoon and goes to the hobby class after dinner.

Learn piano on Monday and Wednesday, and draw on weekends.

This is the status quo of the lives of many families and children in Chinese cities. Parents at all costs want to let their children learn a lot.

Experts said: “Most children no longer have the right to dream.

“However, many parents at the scene expressed concern:” Nothing will happen, what will the child do in the future? ”

“In doing so, experts say that the child is not a” container “, not how much you want him to learn, he can really learn right away; nor is it a” puppet “, which allows him to do what he doesn’t do, think what he wants.

Children are like seeds, with their own growth rules and independent thinking.

As they grow, they will continue to learn to adapt in the course of training.

What parents can do is get their children to exercise more.

The little witch pointed out that every action that children make during exercise is enough to stimulate the cerebral cortex, and in repeated exercises, memorizing the feeling of muscles and sense of direction will help to cultivate the precision, sensitivity and coordination of their continuous movement.
It is important for their future learning and growth.