SINBON PHARMACEUTICAL (002390): The performance of the company under medical insurance control pressure under pressure CBD detection is the future: SINBON PHARMA

SINBON PHARMACEUTICAL (002390): The performance of the company under medical insurance control pressure under pressure CBD detection is the future: SINBON PHARMA

Event: The company released three quarterly reports. The report showed that the company’s operating income for the first three quarters was 50.

18 ‰, a decrease of 0 per year.

14%; Net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies.

00 ppm, a decrease of 24 per year.


  Factors such as medical insurance control costs continue to put pressure on the company’s performance, and the operating results for 2019 are expected to turn into losses for the first three quarters of the company’s operating income.

18 ‰, a decrease of 0 per year.

14%; Net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies.

00 ppm, a decrease of 24 per year.


The company’s third quarter operating income17.

41 trillion, a year down 0.

62%, net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies is 0.

79 ppm, an increase of 15 in ten years.


Policy factors such as medical insurance control fees and the current situation of bed replacement in the medical service sector have put pressure on the company’s performance.

The company promoted to reverse the decline in performance through measures such as improvement of hospital beds, follow-up of medical services, and promotion of in vitro diagnostic reagent products.

The company expects that the net profit of 2019 will be turned into a profit by combining with the same period of last year, reaching 2.


700 million.

  The cannabinoid detection industry has developed and overseas markets have taken the lead. Cannabinoids such as industrial cannabis extract CBD are considered to have positive effects on promoting human health and improving the flavor and function of consumer products.

On December 20, 2018, industrial cannabis was legalized at the federal level in the United States.

Rising market demand and policy requirements are driving the rapid development of the cannabinoid product testing industry.

According to ZIONMarket Research data, the global cannabinoid detection market value is about 9 in 2017.

$ 100 million.

We believe that under the background of the rapid development of the cannabinoid industry, the related testing business is also expected to maintain a high growth rate. In the future, the global cannabinoid detection scale is expected to exceed $ 10 billion.

  The company’s cannabinoid detection technology is leading, and a new generation of CBD detection products enters overseas markets. The company’s subsidiaries entered the field of in vitro diagnostic reagents in 2005 and obtained certification from the US FDA and other agencies.

  In 2018, the company’s sales of THC-containing diagnostic reagent products exceeded 80 million, and the products were mainly sold to the United States, Canada, Europe and other overseas markets.

Against the background of the rapid development of industrial marijuana in overseas markets, Kangyong Bio-Tech introduced a new detection equipment, CBD cannabinoid extract detection equipment, which was developed by the company’s team located in the Silicon Valley R & D Center in the United States.

The new generation products have the advantages of high accuracy and fast detection time.

We believe that the development of the North American market and the requirements of policies are opportunities for rapid development of cannabinoid testing 四川耍耍网 companies. The technical advantages and benefits of Kangyong Bio’s cannabinoid testing in the United States and other overseas market channels will help the company to quickly open overseas markets.The CBD inspection business will become a new aspect of the company and further contribute to the company’s performance.

  Earnings forecast and investment recommendations We expect the company’s operating income for 2019-2021 to be 64.

7.6 billion, 72.

9.4 billion, 85.

1.9 billion yuan.

Because the company’s business types are diverse, we use the segment estimation method to estimate the company. It is estimated that the corresponding market value of the three parts of medical services, pharmaceutical distribution and the pharmaceutical industry will be 27 in 2020.

27, 13.

08, 136.71 ‰, the company’s reasonable total market size is 177 ‰, the corresponding target price is 11 yuan.

  Risk reminder: Industrial cannabis should be strictly differentiated from intermediate cannabis, recreational cannabis / drugs, and resolutely oppose the legalization of recreational cannabis. Industrial cannabis-related businesses may contain risks of policy changes, legal compliance risks, business management risks, transaction risks, tax risks, Natural risks, R & D operational risks, and uncertainties in cooperation; industrial marijuana that has not yet been approved for use in medical and food additions; there is uncertainty about the specific implementation progress and effects; liquidity pressures such as reduced net cash flow from the company’s operating activities.Impairment and inventory pressure

Yunda shares (002120): 2019 business volume exceeded 10 billion votes optimistic about the leading position of Yunda

Yunda shares (002120): 2019 business volume exceeded 10 billion votes optimistic about the leading position of Yunda
The company’s recent situationThe company announced that as of December 29, 2019, the cumulative courier package revenue has exceeded 10 billion pieces, so we calculate it to be 69 compared to 2018.8.5 billion pieces have achieved a growth rate of at least 43%. It is expected to exceed the industry growth rate (estimated to be 25%) with 19 mergers and 2 expansions to 15.8%.It is implied that the company’s business volume growth rate reached at least 45% in December, which was significantly accelerated in the earlier 10 months (30%) and 11 months (38%). Commentary business volume rebounded, dispel market doubts.In October, the company’s business volume growth rate changed from August (45%) and September (41%) to 30%, which caused the market to replace the company’s fundamentals and competitive strategies. We highlighted the company’s unit price in the monthly report review at the timeThe performance is better than its peers, so we believe that the growth target may be the company’s proactive strategic choice: to limit some large goods, heavy goods, and optimize the structure of the goods before the peak season (small pieces are easier to sort automatically and improve the loading rate).Service quality is guaranteed during peak season in November.We think the company’s rebound in business volume growth in November and December basically validates our view. The effect of lifting the ban on restricted shares is under control and has been expected by the market.74% of the company’s total share capital.12% of the restricted shares were listed and traded on December 24, 2019. The main shareholders are the actual controllers, concert parties and external financial 都市夜网 investors.According to the rules of the Exchange, if the actual controller and its concerted parties reduce their holdings through block transactions, the total number of shares to be reduced shall not exceed 2% of the total number of shares of the company within any consecutive 90 natural days.The three shareholders (mainly employees ‘flat platforms) who constitute concerted actions have reduced their holdings by 2% through block transactions on December 24, so we expect these shareholders’ pressure to reduce their holdings to improve in the next three months.As for financial investors, Ningbo Zhaoyin Bank, Taifu Xiangchuan and other five financial investors hold a total of 9 companies.We believe that these shareholders may have plans to reduce their holdings based on their capital needs, but it is also expected to reduce the pressure on the secondary market through arrangements such as block transactions. The industry is expected to move towards benign and healthy development, and Yunda, as a leader, has solid fundamentals.Recently, the Beijing Municipal Market Supervision and Administration Bureau has also issued the “Beijing Express Delivery Industry Price Behavior Rules”, which includes definitions that must not “collusion with each other and manipulate market prices”, “abuse of dominant substitution, exclusion, and restrict price competition”, and must also avoidIn order to “dump the conflict or monopolize the market and dump at a price lower than the cost”, we believe that it guides the industry to a healthy and benign development trajectory.We reiterate the view of “Fine Management to Create a Leader in the Express Delivery Industry” and are optimistic about the growth of the express delivery industry and the advantages of Yunda as a leader. It is recommended to deduct non-post P / E until 22/2020, and we maintain our outperforming industry rating and target price of 40.4 yuan, corresponding to 28 times 2020 P / E and 24% growth space. The volume of risk business grew faster than expected, the unit price increased significantly, and the lifting of the ban on restricted stocks suppressed market sentiment.

Shanxi Coking (600740): Coking business profit significantly improved China Coal Huajin contributed to increasing profits

Shanxi Coking (600740): Coking business profit significantly improved China Coal Huajin contributed to increasing profits

The company disclosed the 2018 annual report: realized operating income.

2.9 billion (+20.

58%), net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies15.

3.3 billion (+1567.

38%), after the company excludes non-recurring profits and losses, the net profit attributable to the mother is 12.

9.4 billion (+1152.

37%) with a budget benefit of 1.

21 yuan / share (+909.

25%), with an expected average ROE of 21.

59% (+17.


The coke business performance has increased year by year, mainly due to the increase in both volume and price.

Reporting information, the company’s coke business achieved revenue 53.

09 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 25%; the cost of coke business was 46.

24 ppm, an increase of 24% per year; gross profit is 7.

0.2 million yuan, an increase of 1 every year.

5.3 billion.

First of 天津夜网 all, the increase in performance is the rise in volume and price.

Among them, coke production (301 inches) and sales (300 tons) increased by 7% and 6%, respectively; ton coke content (1777 yuan / ton) gradually increased by 18%, and per ton coke cost (1543 yuan / ton, + 17)%) Increase, making the tonne gross profit (234.

29 yuan / ton) previously rose 17%.

The performance of the chemical business turned losses into profits, mainly due to the substantial increase in the prices of various products.

Reporting information, the company’s chemical business achieved revenue 18.

69 ppm, an annual increase of 11%; chemical business costs are 17.

63 ppm, an increase of 4% per year; realized gross profit1.

0 million yuan, in the same period last year to make up for 5 million to achieve a turnaround.

The significant improvement in performance is due to the significant increase in the prices of various chemical products.

Among them, the unit of methanol is 2217.

48 yuan / ton, up 15% previously; the unit purity of carbon black was 5,399.

8 yuan / ton, an increase of 13 per year.

8%; industrial formaldehyde unit is 3988.

3 yuan / ton, up 31 per year.

2%; bitumen basis weight is 3208.

2 yuan / ton, up 5 before.

twenty two%.

China Coal Huajin’s contribution to profits has increased steadily and is expected to rise further in the future.

Reporting on the baseline, China Coal Huajin achieved operating income of 98.

24 ppm, an increase of 12 per year.

8%; net profit attributable to mother is 29.11 ppm, an increase of 11 per year.


Calculated based on the company’s 49% stake is 14.

2.6 billion, due to China Coal Huajin’s failure to consolidate from January to February 2018 (realizing net profit attributable to mother 5)

700 million, 2 after conversion.

7.9 billion), so the company’s long-term investment income is 11.

1.5 billion.

From 2019, China Coal Huajin will realize the expected profit consolidation, which is expected to increase and thicken the company’s performance.

Profit forecast and estimation: We expect the company to achieve net profit attributable to shareholders of the parent company in 2019/20/201 of 14, respectively.



7 trillion, equivalent to 0 respectively.



04 yuan / share, currently 10.

52 yuan, corresponding to 10 PE.



1x, maintain the company’s “Buy” rating.

Risk reminders: macroeconomic downturn; uncertainty of administrative capacity reduction; uncertainty of environmental protection and production limit policies.

Industrial strategy: the combination of Big Innovation 50 targets

Industrial strategy: the combination of “Big Innovation 50” targets

Source: XYSTRATEGY Investment Highlights ★ “Big Innovation 50” Portfolio: Directions for the allocation of large innovation sectors worthy of long-term attention-The Prosperity Strategy team has been forward-looking since 2017, and has pointed out the opportunities related to the major innovation sectors.

The 2018 strategy “Great Innovation Times”, the second quarter of 2018 strategy “Big Dance of Social Innovation and Core Assets”, the second half of 2018 investment strategy “Spring of Great Innovations”, the 2019 strategy “Restructuring Innovations Great Times” and periodsThe special report and conference call conducted high-frequency and continuous review of investment opportunities in the sector.

  -Combining the opinions of industry experts, we have selected and merged the “Big Innovation 50” portfolio.

  ★ At present, the big innovation sector has this catalyst-laying the foundation for the intelligent interconnection of all things, and paying attention to the big innovation industry chain.

Innovative development promotes the “To C” for everyone to replace the new “To B” for the intelligent interconnection of everything.

The rapid development of the industry is inseparable from the large-scale expansion of supporting infrastructure.

At the same time, the infrastructure required for the large-scale development of innovation in the future is continuously improved.

  -Innovation and growth industries make up for shortcomings, and policy scale is expected to continue to support.

Fair pledge relief relief is ongoing, and the corporate liquidity environment has greatly improved.

R & D decomposes, the potential incremental decrease and further improvement of corporate fundamentals.

Refinancing policies have been relaxed, market restrictions have been relaxed, and the securities market has been activated.

  ★ The big innovation industry chain focuses on the industry-the network foundation of the big innovation industry chain: The advent of the 5G era is driving the development of the communications and terminal industries.

In the field of communication, we focus on the 4G / 5G wireless side, the main communication equipment on the optical transmission side, optical devices, especially optical modules, upstream devices, and downstream optical communication equipment.

The electronics field focuses on industries such as PCBs, antennas, RF front-end devices, and panels.

  -Key applications of the large innovation industry chain: The domestic market has a broad prospect for development, and cloud computing, localization, and financial technology are expected to usher in demand for scale.

  -The core hardware of the big innovation industry chain: the development of high-end manufacturing drives the supporting investment first, focusing on semiconductor equipment, lithium battery equipment, automation and industrial robots.

  -Technical guidance for the large innovation industry chain: military industry that is expected to usher in a three-year performance turning point, an innovative drug with a tortuous road but a bright future.

  The “Big Innovation 50” portfolio of the report-issuing strategy team that deserves long-term attention has been forward-looking since 2017, and promptly pointed out the opportunities related to the big innovation sector.

In the 2018 Annual Strategy of “Great Innovation” released in November 2017, we proposed that the interior is at the beginning of a new round of innovation cycles, and these conditions have been basically fulfilled.

This round of innovation is mainly characterized by the technological innovation of large companies, and is catalyzed by six factors: big country strategy, infrastructure, innovative talents, leading trends, first-level pilots, and policy guidance.

  At several important times since 2017, the Xingzheng Strategy Team has continuously recommended the direction of “big innovation” and has repeatedly sorted out related investment opportunities.

In the second quarter of the 2018 strategy “Big Dancing of Big Innovation and Core Assets”, we mentioned that under the policy warming, capital market support for big innovation is rapidly increasing, and the main direction of big innovation is more clear.

In the investment strategy “Spring of Great Innovation” in the second half of 2018, we believe that the cycle of innovative growth stocks can be seen in 2-3 years. In the broad perspective, 2018 is just the “spring” of great innovation. Spring needs to be actively planted in order to enjoyIt will be midsummer and autumn harvests in the future, but it will be warm and cold in spring and it is not yet in full bloom. You need to have a high understanding of fundamentals and grasp the changes in trends.

In the 2019 strategy “Rebuilding the Great Era of Innovation”, we once again predict that the current era is both the era of return and the era of innovation.

2019 is a year of succession, with market fluctuations less than 2018 and more opportunities than in 2018. Grasp China’s transformation and global restructuring to enhance opportunities brought by risk substitution.

From a global perspective in the medium and long term, the current equity market in China will be a rare opportunity for strategic deployment.

Between these important moments, we have repeatedly combed through specific investment directions through special research, conference calls and other forms.

  Does the big innovation sector have some kind of target worthy of long-term attention?

With the gradual implementation of the policy, the market risk appetite has also been picking up, and some targets have already had a certain allocation value.

Therefore, we have sorted out and selected the major innovation targets suggested by various industries, and built the “Great Innovation 50”, a selection combination worthy of long-term attention.

  What are the current catalysts for the big innovation sector?

  Build the foundation for the intelligent interconnection of all things, pay attention to the innovation and development of the large innovation industry chain, and promote the “to C” for everyone’s interconnection to the new “to B” replacement for the intelligent interconnection of everything.

Interconnection can be divided into three categories: people-to-people connections, people-to-things connections, and things-to-things or machine-to-machine connections.

In the past, whether it was social or e-commerce, advertising or video development, in fact, all benefited from the development of the “to C” end of people.

In the context of the Internet traffic dividend gradually peaking and the development of the “to C” end approaching transformation, intelligent interconnection of everything represented by machine intelligence, industrial Internet, and intelligent manufacturing is the general direction of future innovation and development.

For devices, intelligent interconnection will become the new “To B”.

  The rapid development of the industry is inseparable from the large-scale expansion of supporting infrastructure.

In 2008 and 2012, the response to the international financial crisis intensified the investment in infrastructure construction, which is the foundation for the future development of the express logistics industry.The performance improvement and popularity of smartphones since 2010, and the scale construction of 3G / 4G networks have created conditions for the rapid development of mobile Internet, mobile video, and online video markets.

  Analogous to the past, the infrastructure required for the future development of innovation in the field is constantly improved.

5G in the field of communications, cloud and big data in the field of computers, equipment manufacturing in the fields of semiconductors and new energy, etc., the infrastructure required for interconnection is constantly expanding, and the opportunities for the development of the new “to B” industry chain are constantly increasing.Emerged.

  Innovation and growth industries make up for shortcomings, and policy priorities are expected to continue to support innovation and growth in the field. Favorable policies continue, and it is expected to continue to land in the future to solve worries for enterprises.

The most important issue to be resolved in the near future is fair pledge relief.

A shares are almost “no shares and no bets”. From the perspective of the nature of the enterprise, the proportion of private equity pledged by private enterprises exceeds that of state-owned enterprises. From the perspective of sector distribution, more privately-owned small and medium-sized enterprises are distributed.Medicine and so on are the direction where pledge accounts are relatively high.

After the equity transfer certificate occurred, the decision-making level and the supervisory level have stated their positions. Local governments, insurance companies, and securities firms have quickly followed up and invested to formulate assistance plans.

The local government contributed gigabytes, insurance assets under management amounted to 78 billion yuan, and brokerage asset management plans were in the order of 100 billion yuan.

These policy support coupled with the recent market rebound, especially the rebound in the growth of equity pledged redemptions, have been more and more favorable, and the equity pledged detention bureau has gradually replaced.

The spread of liquidity risks was effectively prevented, and corporate equity pledges began to enter a substantive solution phase.

  Refinancing policies have continued to relax.

On October 12, the China Securities Regulatory Commission issued the “Related Questions and Answers on Listed Companies Issuing Shares and Purchasing Assets While Raising Supporting Funds and Relevant Funds (Revised in 2018)”, which came into effect on the date of issue.

The more noticeable purpose of this revision is to relax the use of refinancing funds, and provide for the use of matching funds to supplement the company’s working capital and repay debt obligations, the proportion of which exceeds 25% of the transaction price;%.

In 2016, relevant documents supplemented liquidity and paid off debts.

On November 9, the CSRC revised the corporate financing supervision requirements again, further relaxing the proportion of companies used to supplement the company’s working capital, repayment of debt, and refinancing intervals. Securities can directly support the improvement of corporate cash flow and focus on supporting innovative companies.

At the current moment, relaxing the use of refinancing can always supplement new sources of liquidity in the context of tight liquidity of the enterprise. It can reduce financing costs and leverage through the enterprise to prevent large-scale liquidity risks.

  The deduction of R & D expenses will reduce the potential incremental increase in the future and further release the corporate innovation vitality.

On September 21, 2018, the Ministry of Finance, the State Administration of Taxation, and the Ministry of Science and Technology issued the “Notice on Increasing the Proportion of Research and Development Expenses before Taxes,” stipulating that the period will be from January 1, 2018 to December 31, 2020.75% of the actual incurred amount is added and replaced before tax; if an intangible asset is formed, it is amortized before tax at 175% of the cost of the intangible asset during the above period.

The pre-tax deduction ratio has been increased from 50% to 75%.

Based on the net profit of listed companies in 2017, under rough calculations, the addition of research and development expenditures will replace the increase in profits of all listed companies with research and development expenditures1.

6%, of which military, communications, computers, machinery, electronics and other advanced manufacturing industries in 2017 increased profits thicker proportion.

  In terms of minimum deductions, we assume that the specific measures for the phase-out of the third and second steps will be to reduce the standard tax rate from 16% to 13%, and the preferential tax rate from 10% to 6%. The original 6% preferential tax rate remains unchanged.

Overall, the performance of A-share listed companies will increase by 250 billion yuan, and profits will increase by 5 percent.

5 averages.

From the perspective of different company attributes, state-owned enterprises (including local and central government) will benefit significantly from the replacement of “three and two”. It is expected that the scale of performance increase will reach 150 billion yuan, which will account for the increase in performance of listed companies due to excessive tax reduction.We suspect that most of the central SOEs are manufacturing industries; the scale of private companies’ performance increase is about 560 billion, accounting for 25% of the total performance increase of super-listed companies, second only to state-owned enterprises.

But in terms of efficiency, the percentage of collective enterprises’ performance increase is the highest, close to 20%, and the remaining state-owned enterprises and private enterprises are about 8%.

  A-share manufacturing companies are picking up growth in construction and fixed assets.

In 2018Q3, the growth rate of many projects under construction that replaced the petroleum and petrochemical manufacturing industry[1]was 10.

82%, has risen for the fifth consecutive quarter, and the previous growth rate of fixed assets has also rebounded to 6.


Considering that the construction in progress is about one year to one and a half years ahead of fixed assets, the growth rate of construction in progress at that time was experiencing a bottoming out.

Therefore, these data show that the growth rate of fixed assets in the future may also enter a continuous recovery channel.

Relevant policies support efforts to maintain the growth rate of manufacturing companies.

  [1]The “manufacturing industry” here includes coal, petroleum and petrochemicals, non-ferrous metals, steel, basic chemicals, building materials, defense industry, machinery, power and public utilities, power equipment, automobiles, home appliances, light industry manufacturing, and electronic components, Communications, food and beverage, medicine, textiles and clothing a total of 18 CITIC Tier 1 industries, than the non-financial petroleum and petrochemical industry integration.

  The major innovation industry chain focuses on the network foundation of the industry industry chain: the advent of the 5G era to promote the development of the communications and terminal industry. The 5G network foundation: operators start to build 5G.

In the first quarter of 2017, China Unicom launched an unlimited data package with only 15% of 4G network utilization.

China Telecom followed up in September 2017.

2018Q1 In the context of the State Council’s request to continue to “speed up and reduce fees”, China Mobile joined the unlimited data package in April 2018.

In the third quarter of 2018, the DOU of all mobile users of China Unicom was about 6.

45GB, which is 2 in the same period in 2017.5 times.

The DOU for all mobile users of China Mobile in the third quarter of 2018 was about 4.

6GB, which is 3 in the same period in 2017.

6 times.

After the telecommunications network reaches a maximum of 70%, it must be expanded in order to avoid network congestion.

The unit traffic cost of 5G is only 1/10 of 4G. With the upper limit of the capacity limit of 4G network, 5G has become the natural choice.

4G / 5G wireless side, optical transmission side communication master equipment, optical devices, especially optical modules, upstream devices, downstream optical communication equipment and other related companies promote continued benefits.

  5G network core component end: The rise of the Internet of Things is expected to directly drive the growth of the MEMS industry.

The characteristics of 5G networks with large capacity, low latency, and wide coverage are that people-to-people, people-to-things, and things-to-things interconnection are possible.

The connection between people is “billion”, and the connection between things is “billions”. The number of connected devices required by people and things, things and things far exceeds the situation of people-to-people interconnection.

The IoT terminal not only needs MEMS filters with “wireless connection” as its core function, but also requires a large number of MEMS sensors that sense the surrounding environment, which is also the basis of device intelligence.

The demand for manufacturing highly biological MEMS filters and MEMS sensors under the Internet of Things is expected to grow rapidly.

Yole predicts that the global MEMS market size will reach 17 in 2017-2023.

The 5% growth rate will increase from US $ 11.8 billion in 2017 to US $ 31 billion, and the amount of reorganization will be 26.

7% concentration.

  5G network terminal equipment: In the long term, the pull of 5G and automotive electronics to the terminal equipment industry will gradually emerge.

The domestic 5G construction is expected to proceed smoothly. Spectrum will be issued at the end of 2018, and a license will be issued in 2019.

OPPO, VIVO, and Xiaomi are all expected to release 5G mobile phones in 2019. The three major operators are actively trial-commercially, and they are expected to start a new wave of smartphone replacements.

Smart phone RF front-end will achieve both volume and price.

High-frequency transmission has higher requirements for the number and technology of RF devices. It is expected that the cost of 5G RF will exceed three times that of 4G mobile phones. The main value increments include BAW filters, inductive gallium elements, antennas, LCP materials and other fields.

PCB is expected to become a sub-industry driven by protected 5G to drive elastic resonance, followed by antennas, RF front-end devices, panels and other industries.

  Key applications of the industry chain: cloud computing, localization, etc. are expected to usher in scale demand. Cloud computing: Accelerating penetration brings Iaas / SaaS opportunities across the industry chain.

The cloud computing market has surged in recent years. Both the market size and the maturity of the technology have shown a rapid increase. According to Gartner’s prediction, the global cloud computing market will reach a scale of 411.4 billion US dollars in 2020.

The advantage of cloud computing technology is that it can effectively guarantee voluntary and efficient utilization by establishing a flexible resource sharing pool.

However, at present, domestic cloud computing is mainly based on “To C” terminals such as games, video, e-commerce and social networking.

With the gradual expansion of the financial and medical, industrial and other physical industries, cloud computing is expected to usher in faster growth in the new “ToB” field.

  Medical informatization: policy promotion + gradual expansion, which is expected to continue a high prosperity.

Medical information technology takes electronic medical records as the core, and through the 武汉夜网论坛 information technology, realizes the informationization of multiple business lines in the hospital, and finally achieves the purpose of prompting and assisting clinical diagnosis and treatment based on big data.

On August 28, 2018, the “Notice on Further Promoting the Informatization Construction of Medical Institutions with Electronic Medical Records as the Core” issued by the Japanese National Medical Administration and Hospital Administration requires that all tertiary hospitals in the country reach Level 4 of electronic medical records in 2020Above level.
As of 2018, the average application level is limited to 2.

At level 11, there is still much room for improvement.

The policy time is expected to bring tens of billions of levels of demand for medical informatization.

  Localization substitution: The performance is gradually approaching.

Chinese market companies attach great importance to the construction of independent brands, and the consciousness of being localized is gradually increasing. The government is gradually increasing its efforts to maintain domestic companies’ competition and competition in the market, thereby promoting the formation of a complete industrial chain and the realization of the standardThe right to speak.

Some sub-sectors and fields have already surpassed their competitiveness and even gained a higher market share in the international market.

In the field of high-end hardware, there are certain technical differences between domestic and foreign manufacturers.

However, areas such as military, national defense, aerospace, and electricity that have higher requirements for information security have taken the lead in implementing domestic substitution.

In the memory and X86 server industries, domestic brands have participated in the competition and began to show their strengths in overseas markets.

The technology of domestic brands of basic software is becoming more and more mature, and domestic middleware, databases, operating systems, etc. have competed for a certain market space.

There are a lot of application software, management software represented by ERP, security protection software represented by firewall / VPN, and office software, etc., which have shifted market competitiveness.  Artificial intelligence: an important engine for a new round of IT revolution.

1) In recent years, the country has paid close attention to the development of the artificial intelligence chip industry and has successively issued a series of industrial support policies.

The “White Paper on Artificial Intelligence Standardization (2018 Edition)” newly released in 2018 announced the establishment of the National Artificial Intelligence Standardization General Group and the Expert Advisory Group, which is responsible for overall planning and coordination of artificial intelligence standardization work.

In the context of both the artificial intelligence and the chip industry as national-level strategies, the AI chip industry is trying to lead China’s “core” forward.

2) Capital promotion is another important factor for the rapid development of AI chips.

Initially, major domestic AI chip production research participants have obtained large amounts of financing on many occasions.

A large amount of capital investment has accelerated the research and development process of AI chips, and further promoted the expansion of the AI chip market.

After 2015, a number of AI chip startups have emerged, and some unicorn companies have also been born.

  Driven by policy and capital, the domestic AI chip market is expected to reach US $ 5.2 billion in 2021, with an annual compound development rate of 53%.

BAT has successively deployed the field of unmanned driving, which has driven traditional car companies to enter the market and accelerate the commercialization of AI landing applications.

  Fintech: Technology empowers finance and demand is expected to pick up.

The requirements of the “New Asset Management Regulations” to establish independent subsidiaries are expected to drive supporting IT construction.

The accelerated implementation of supply chain finance and blockchain technology will gradually bring about commercial value.

An important one of the new rules on asset management is to require commercial banks with securities investment fund custody business qualifications to set up subsidiaries with independent legal person status to carry out asset management business.

At present, there are 27 domestic commercial banks with qualifications for custody. According to requirements, independent subsidiaries need to be established to carry out asset management business before the end of 2020, and the corresponding IT construction is likely to be completed before this deadline.

Asset management subsidiaries need to go online with core templates such as consignment systems, settlement systems, investment trading systems, and estimated accounting systems. The total investment is expected to be around 40 million (software, hardware, operation and maintenance, etc.).

The 27 custodian banks expect the total plan to exceed 10 billion.

To meet the new regulatory requirements, other banks, funds, trust companies, insurance and other financial institutions will also add procurement modules or upgrade inherent wealth management and variable modules, and the corresponding demand will increase in the next three years.

We conservatively estimate that the new capital management regulations will bring more than 2 billion new expenditures to the financial IT industry.

Hang Seng Electronics currently has 158 banking customers, and its overall wealth management accounted for 70%. The related business will be greatly affected by the new regulations.

  The formal introduction of the new rules on capital management will significantly promote the launch of new systems and the upgrading of built-in systems in the financial IT industry in the next three years.

Many financial institutions will put forward new IT construction requirements in order to meet the requirements of the new asset management regulations, which will help increase the business volume of financial IT suppliers such as Hang Seng Electronics.

  The core hardware of the industrial chain: the development of high-end manufacturing drives supporting investment to advance semiconductor equipment: the transfer of production capacity to the mainland releases a lot of demand.

According to the latest report issued by the International Semiconductor Equipment and Materials Industry Association SEMI, the world is currently in the planning or construction stage and is expected to be in 2017?
Approximately 78 semiconductor wafer fabs will be constructed in 2020, of which 30 are in China.

Finally, the total investment scale of the 12-inch wafer fab that was under planning and construction in China last year1.

07 trillion, corresponding to about 700 billion in investment needs for future equipment.

In 2018, the size of the semiconductor equipment market in mainland China is expected to exceed that of China’s Taiwan market, reaching US $ 11.8 billion, an increase of 43 over the same period.


In addition, domestic equipment manufacturers have matured a number of core process production equipment for 28nm process processors, and they have the conditions for volume. Some manufacturers’ 14nm equipment has entered customer production lines for verification. In 19 years, domestic semiconductor equipment companies are expected to continue volume.

  Lithium battery equipment: Global giants are accelerating the construction of China’s lithium battery capacity, which is expected to bring secondary growth.

Under the dual stimulation of policies and the market, the demand for new energy vehicles has steadily increased, and the penetration rate will continue to increase in the future.

As the world’s largest new energy vehicle market, China’s industry development trend continues to increase. It is expected that China’s new energy vehicle output will grow at an average compound growth rate of over 42% from 2017 to 2020. In 2020, the output will exceed 2.2 million units, and gradually increase the amount of charged bicycles.Increase, corresponding to the lithium battery demand to reach 116Gwh in 2020, with an average annual compound growth rate exceeding 51%.

Under the background of increased concentration, the right-side battery cell companies, high-nickel battery production equipment companies and automotive electronics related companies will benefit.

  Laser processing, robotics: Industrial automation upgrades continue to increase penetration.

1) In the context of industrial automation upgrades, industrial production has higher requirements for accuracy, efficiency, reliability and other aspects, and the cost-effectiveness advantage of laser processing has become increasingly apparent.

Lasers are continuously expanding the application fields from both breadth and depth, and gradually penetrate into multiple areas of the national economy.

Gradually becoming the world’s largest consumer market for lasers, laser equipment and key component companies are expected to usher in development opportunities.

2) In 2017, the density of industrial robots in mainland China rose to 97 units per 10,000 people, a significant gap from industrial changes.

The per capita holdings of South Korea, Singapore, etc. reached 710 units per 10,000 people and 658 units per 10,000 people in 2017. Japan and Germany also exceeded 300 units per 10,000 people. The remaining robot densities in the United States, Denmark, Taiwan, and other regions averaged 200Taiwan / 10,000 people.
There is still huge room for growth in the mainland market.
With the increase of labor costs and the decline of robot prices (the investment recovery period has reached less than 2 years, ideally up to 1 year), the demand for these robots is expected to maintain rapid growth.

Focus on leaders in subdivided fields with high-tech barriers and larger automation system integration companies.

  Technical guidance of the industrial chain: military industry, innovative medicine, military industry is about to usher in a big turning point in 3 years performance.

Military reform personnel, after the impact of structural adjustment is eliminated, compensatory procurement efforts are expected to exceed expectations, and non-main battle equipment manufacturing units will usher in a turning point to release performance flexibility.

In the context of intensive stereotypes of main battle equipment represented by the “20th generation” of aviation equipment in the past two years, the acceleration of batch production of equipment will accelerate the release of performance of main battle equipment manufacturing enterprises.

  Civilization of military technology is also one of the important sources of economic innovation.

Technical innovations such as the Internet and satellite positioning were initially involved in the military field.

The civilianization of military technology can promote the landing of technology and provide a market for the transformation of technology into actual results. It can also promote the further development of technological innovation and form a virtuous circle.

  Pay attention to the demand for stable main battle equipment and elastic non-main battle equipment enterprises.

In the next 3 years, the main battle equipment camps represented by AVIC Shenfei and Inner Mongolia No. 1 OEM and core supporting enterprises such as AVIC Mechanical and Electrical will maintain steady growth; represented by electronic information, communication and navigation, and support equipmentNon-main battle equipment with multiple main businesses, fragmentation, popular participation in the army, and low securitization rate is expected to gain performance flexibility under the pull of compensatory procurement.

  The future of domestic innovative medicines is bright and the road is tortuous.

Domestic medicines are dominated by generic drugs, and the market for innovative drugs is still small.

According to IMS statistics, the global innovative drug market size was nearly US $ 600 billion in 2015, but the market that can be replaced is less than US $ 10 billion.

At the same time, the domestic market is dominated by generic drugs, and most of the innovative drugs on the market are Me-too drugs, lacking first-in-class drugs (first-class).

By comparing the world’s best-selling drugs in 2016 with China’s best-selling drugs, it can also be found that there are obvious differences: the main parts of bio-patent drugs in the global list, the bio-medicines in the domestic list are few, but there are many auxiliary drugs and expired patents.Variety.

  Comprehensive policy support encourages research and development of innovative drugs and gradually integrates with international standards.

Since 2015, in improving the quality of drug research and development, policies such as self-examination of clinical data, reform of chemical drug registration classification, and consistency evaluation of generic drugs have been introduced. In terms of encouraging and accelerating the development of new drugs, the system of gradually holding drug marketing licenses has been gradually expanded.To give priority to review and speed up the progress of new drug market, cancel the GLP certification system of clinical trial bases, adopt a filing system to ease the replacement of clinical trial production capacity at the current stage; stipulate a 60-day time limit for clinical application trials of new drugs, speed up the market review of innovative drugs, and on-site inspectionProgress, removing the speed limit step and accelerating the development of new drugs. Gradually, the Drug Administration has become a member of the International Human Drug Registration Technical Coordination Committee (ICH) and a member of the ICH Management Committee. It has further integrated internationally from drug review supervision and drug quality.
  Innovative medicines still have long-term opportunities.

From a specific direction, innovative drug leaders or companies that are in the process of transitioning to innovative drugs and expanding breakthroughs, and “emerging leaders” in some segments are still expected to stand out in the long-term competition.

What are the sweet potatoes and what to avoid

What are the sweet potatoes and what to avoid

Sweet potato, also known as sweet potato, sweet potato, sweet potato, potato, red yam, etc., the official name of botany is sweet potato.

In the 16th century, the theory was passed down, and the cultivation history is less than 500 years.

Sweet potatoes are sweet, nutritious, easy to digest, and provide a lot of heat.

  Nutrition and effects Sweet potatoes are rich in vitamin c, vitamin A, vitamin B1, carotene, potassium and other nutrients.

  Sweet potatoes can protect the mucous membranes of human organs, prevent the atrophy of connective tissues in the liver and kidneys, and the occurrence of collagen diseases; prevent the deposition of cholesterol on the blood vessel walls, maintain the elasticity of the blood vessels, help prevent and relieve cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases;Effectively inhibit the occurrence of diabetes and rectal cancer, colon cancer, and treat hemorrhoids and anal fissures.

  It can also improve the function of the digestive organs, nourish the liver and kidneys, have a recovery effect on the body’s weakness, and can effectively treat hepatitis and yellow ulcers.

Regular consumption of sweet potatoes can improve the human body’s utilization of nutrients in staple foods.

  There are various ways to eat and avoid eating, which can be cooked directly or dried.

The most well-known way of eating is sweet potato syrup, baked sweet potatoes and sweet potato porridge.

Dissolving sweet potato powder in milk or soy milk and taking it is suitable for the elderly and children.

  Sweet potatoes produce acid in the stomach, so patients with gastric ulcers and hyperacidity should not eat it.

Rotten sweet potatoes (spotted sweet potatoes) and germinated sweet potatoes become poisonous and inedible.

  During the processing of sweet potatoes into noodles, Ming staff is often added.

Excessive consumption will cause aluminum to accumulate in the body, which is not healthy.

  Do not eat too much sweet potatoes at one time, and eat them with rice noodles, and with salted vegetables or drink a la carte soup can avoid heartburn, spit sour water, abdominal distension and other phenomena. At the same time, eating cold sweet potatoes can easily cause stomach discomfort.

The seven big ones that you can enjoy at bedtime are delicious.

The seven big ones that you can enjoy at bedtime are delicious.

Every night I want to eat and stay up late, but the food I eat before going to bed can be carefully selected, otherwise everyone will know the terrible consequences.

However, just choosing the right day and night food will not affect your body, but it will also improve your relaxation before sleep and improve your sleep quality.

For everyone to collect the professional dietitian’s 9 big bedtime food recommendations, let you eat well late at night, not afraid of gaining weight!

  1, potato potato arithmetic is the most nutritious natural slimming food, contains no traces and glucose, the conversion is also very low (only 21% of the weight of rice), and is rich in very rich soft molecular weight, can bring veryHigh satiety (satisfaction is 3 times that of an equal volume of white bread, 6 times that of equal weight rice).

  Eating some potatoes before going to bed will not cause you to gain weight, and it will make you sleep more sweet, because the potato is rich in alkaline compounds, which can remove the acidic compounds in your body that prevent tryptophan from hypnosis.

Of course, it is best not to fry.

  2, organic tomatoes If you can’t control your mouth, and can eat too much, then tomatoes are simply the savior of your night.

  Tomatoes are rich in sedimentary fibers (which help probiotics in the body) and pectin, which can cause your stomach to stimulate the brain’s satiety center, while also taking away the built-in acidic metabolic waste to help you sleep.The first stage of detoxification is completed in the process.

  Moreover, the unique lycopene in tomatoes has a powerful antioxidant function that can fight off excess oxygen free radicals and help the skin resist aging.

When lycopene and citric acid work together, it can help you lose weight, because citric acid can promote slight burning, and lycopene can inhibit micro-cells.

  Especially when staying up late, you may want to eat more tomatoes, because the plant pine nutrients contained in tomatoes are similar to human pineal voxels, which can effectively relieve fatigue.

  3, probiotic yogurt should not think that eating dairy products before going to bed will gain weight!

Yogurt is rich in probiotics, which can inhibit trace accumulation, promote micro-decomposition, and unexpected slimming effect, especially to help clear the lower body aunt.

Moreover, probiotics can also regulate the balance of intestinal flora, eliminate spoilage bacteria, promote the discharge of toxins, enhance immunity in the body, and exert the effect of detoxification and beauty.

Nutrition experts recommend that you buy yogurt with high quality and high quality probiotics. Some of the only Mengniu Guanyi milks with a large amount of BB-12 bifidobacteria in China are good choices.

  4, oatmeal oatmeal and potato, can help you remove the acidic substances that affect sleep, more relax nerves, have a soft sleep.

First, oatmeal can improve the release of an insulin in your body that helps tryptophan reach the brain and transform it into a complex amine, telling the brain that it is time to sleep.

In fact, oatmeal will release glucose evenly during your sleep, maintain blood sugar balance, and prevent you from having a nightmare while sleeping, because the study found that nearly 40% of nightmares are caused by hypoglycemia.

  5, black bread white bread is not healthy enough, whole wheat bread tastes bad, then try black bread.

Black bread is degraded with wheat gluten. Even if you are picky about food, you will not like its taste and taste. It is also rich in anti-inflammatory factors and substitute fibers, which can also remove the acid substances that affect sleep.Conducive to the growth of probiotics in the intermediates.

Make a simple slice sandwich of black bread and cucumber slices, healthy and delicious.

  6, soy bean mud soy bean mud is actually the remaining bean dregs after the soy milk, this is a good food that can not be wasted, there are multiple functions of sleeping, slimming, detoxification.

  It is rich in phytoestrogens like soy milk, which makes you feel relaxed. It is also rich in oligosaccharides, which can promote the growth of internal probiotics, reduce trace and metabolic metabolism, reduce the deposition of acidic waste in the body, and help metabolic detoxification.There are also rich mineral calcium, soy protein and soybean fiber, which are also catalysts for body fat burning.

You can eat the bean dregs, or you can add the almonds, raisins and other dried fruits and mix them directly. You can also add some cucumbers and mix them together.

  7, energy fruit and vegetable juice Sometimes you feel hungry is not really hungry, but the performance of water shortage in the body.

At this time, drink a cup of energy fruit and vegetable juice can not only add water, relieve fatigue, but also slowly release fructose, relax nerves and promote sleep.

  Apples, carrots, spinach, celery, and corn kernels are all good materials for making energy juices. Cut them into small pieces, add some milk, honey, a small amount of ice, and then use a juice machine to break them.

You can’t buy happiness, but you may inherit

You can’t buy happiness, but you may inherit

You can’t buy happiness, but it looks like you can at least inherit it, British and Australian researchers said on Thursday.

  A study of nearly 1,000 pairs of identical and non-identical twins found that genes control half of the personality traits that make these people happy, such as relationships, health and professional development, and other happiness factors.

  ”We found that about half of the differences in happiness were inherited,” said Bates, who is in the name of the University of Edinburgh’s leadership in this research.

“This is really strange.”

  Researchers asked volunteers-ranging in age from 25 to 75-a series of questions about their personality, what they were worried about, and how satisfied they were with their lives.

  Because identical twin fetuses share the same genes as fraternal twin fetuses, researchers can identify common genes that lead to certain personality traits and bias people toward happiness.

  Sociable, active, stable, hard-working and serious people are often happier, researchers report in the journal Psychological Science.

  ”This study shows that identical twins in a family have very similar personalities. In stark contrast, only half of the siblings have similar personalities,” Bates said. “It must be genetically related.”

  Bates said the findings are an important challenge for allegedly trying to better understand depression and what makes different people happy or unhappy.

  People who have inherited a positive personality actually have a spare “happiness” that they can use when they are in trouble.

  ”An important hint is that lively, outgoing, calm and reliable provides what we call an” emotional reserve “resource that can bring future happiness,” Bates said.

Yan Dong teaches you how to make soup

Yan Dong teaches you how to make soup

In addition to choosing healthy ingredients, Yan Dong Xin Shi Bu also focuses on delicious food.

It is recommended to buy a variety of vegetables and have a hot pot soup for dinner.

  Five-color vegetables and fruits are recommended as follows: green (general green leafy vegetables), red (tomatoes, carrots, red peppers), yellow (yellow peppers, pumpkins, corn, pineapples), white (white vegetables, white radishes, yam, mushrooms,Bamboo shoots), black (kelp, laver, fungus).

The more color the vegetables have, the richer the nutrients.

  The soup head can also be very different. The traditional wonton soup chicken, seafood, etc. are changed to soy milk pot, milk pot, kimchi pot, tomato pot, curry pot, miso pot, etc.

If you have gout or kidney disease at home, drink half a bowl of soup.

Such a pot of “Vegetable and Fruit Shiquan Tonic Soup”, accompanied by a soy product seasoning and a bowl of rice, not only has low conversion, high nutritional value, but also adds a lot of warmth.

It’s better to act now, find a time, and make up for your family!

Supplement beauty mulberry wine wrinkles

Supplement beauty mulberry wine wrinkles

Mulberry is a kind of aggregate fruit on the deciduous tree of the mulberry family, also called mulberry.

When it is tender, it is green and tastes sour; when it is mature, it is purple-red, oily and moist, sweet and juicy, sweet and sour, and large, thick, thick, purple, and sugary.

The fruit matures from April to June each year, and can be eaten directly, or dried or slightly steamed to eat.

  It is rich in nutrients and contains various nutrients necessary for the human body.

In fresh fruit, generally about 80% of the muscle points, crude protein is 0.

3%, sugar 9%, organic acid about 1.

5% also contains a variety of vitamins and more than 10 kinds of amino acids, as well as minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, copper, zinc, and contains pectin, inorganic salts and purple-red pigments.

  Mulberry can be used for both food and medicine. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that mulberry has a sweet and sour taste and is slightly cold. It has the effects of nourishing the liver and kidney, nourishing blood, promoting intestinal laxation, and can promote survival and peristalsis and promote digestion.

Mulberry can also be used to cast fruit juice and wine, which not only has good taste and rich nutrition, but also has obvious health effects, which meets the modern people’s requirements for healthy drinks and healthy wine.

  In fact, mulberries can also be used to remove wrinkles. Let me introduce a method to you. Try them: Ingredients: mulberries, 30 grams of sugar, 10 grams of raisins, 20 grams of barley, and 50 grams of rice.

  Method: Wash mulberries and barley kernels and soak in cold water for several hours.

Wash the previous rice, place in the pot, add mulberry, coix seed and soaking water, add raisins, first boil with high heat, then use low-fire braised porridge, add sugar when the porridge is ready.

Two rules for parents to build a healthy baby

Two rules for parents to build a healthy baby

[Introduction]”I was looking forward to the birth of the child when he was not born. Now that the baby is two months old, I have started to worry about how to educate this ‘trick or treat’ and how to make him grow up healthier.

“Miss Li has the same confusion as most mothers.

Let’s take a look at the new parenting views of experts.

Rule 1: Breathe rhythmically. “Breathe is the first medium for a child to connect with the world.”

“Experts say that from the perspective of human growth and medicine, the baby’s breathing is distorted and irregular.

Many parents have this experience, waking up at midnight to see the baby, sometimes it seems like they have stopped breathing, and sometimes they become very rushed.

Inexperienced young parents are worried: “What happened to my baby?

“According to a 30,000 sample survey conducted by the National Children’s Sleep Medicine Research Collaboration Group in 8 cities, the total incidence of sleep disorders in children is about 27%, indicating that one in four children have varying degrees of sleep problems.

Experts point out that expected sleep not only helps children’s physical growth, but also benefits intellectual development.

Therefore, the first thing parents need to do is to create a rhythmic environment for their children.

Parents usually do things in a regular manner. A well-ordered home can make the baby feel the rhythm of the surroundings, and then slowly learn to adjust their breathing, which can affect emotions.

Rule two: Let your children do more sports. Xiao Qingqing is 4 years old this year. She goes to kindergarten in the afternoon and goes to the hobby class after dinner.

Learn piano on Monday and Wednesday, and draw on weekends.

This is the status quo of the lives of many families and children in Chinese cities. Parents at all costs want to let their children learn a lot.

Experts said: “Most children no longer have the right to dream.

“However, many parents at the scene expressed concern:” Nothing will happen, what will the child do in the future? ”

“In doing so, experts say that the child is not a” container “, not how much you want him to learn, he can really learn right away; nor is it a” puppet “, which allows him to do what he doesn’t do, think what he wants.

Children are like seeds, with their own growth rules and independent thinking.

As they grow, they will continue to learn to adapt in the course of training.

What parents can do is get their children to exercise more.

The little witch pointed out that every action that children make during exercise is enough to stimulate the cerebral cortex, and in repeated exercises, memorizing the feeling of muscles and sense of direction will help to cultivate the precision, sensitivity and coordination of their continuous movement.
It is important for their future learning and growth.