Hengrui Medicine (600276): Interim report is beautiful, Erica is expected to become a phenomenal product

Hengrui Medicine (600276): Interim report is beautiful, Erica is expected to become a phenomenal product

Key Investment Events: The company released its semi-annual report for 2019, reporting that the two companies achieved operating income of 100.

26 ppm, an increase of 29 in ten years.

2%, net profit attributable to mother 24.

10,000 yuan, an increase of 26 in ten years.

3%, deducting non-net profit 22.

89 ‰, an increase of 25 in ten years.

2%; realized operating cash flow14.

52 ppm, an increase of 9 in ten years.


Opinion: The company’s overall performance is in line with market expectations.

The company’s revenue in the first half of the year exceeded the 10 billion mark for the first time, of which Q2 achieved revenue of 50 in a single quarter.

59 ppm, an increase of 29 in ten years.

6%, a slight increase in the earlier Q1. We believe that it is mainly driven by the continuous increase in the volume of newly approved products; the profit growth rate is 27.

0%, profit growth rate is lower than revenue growth rate mainly due to Q2’s sales expense ratio increased; Q2 company’s sales expense ratio and management expense ratio were 37.

1% and 8.

4%, overall remained stable compared with the same period last year.

Key areas and product performance: With reference to IQVIA data and terminal research, we expect the company to achieve revenue growth rates of 30%, 40% and 20% in the fields of tumor, angiography and anesthesia, respectively.

Among them, docetaxel, irinotecan, tigio, and apatinib have achieved revenue growth of -5%, + 15%, 10%, and 5%, respectively.It added 500 million and more than 200 million supplementary contributions; iodixanol, sevoflurane, butorphanol, key products in the field of contrast agents and anesthesia, achieved revenue 无锡桑拿网 growth of 45%, 15%, and 100%, respectively.

With the approval of multiple ANDAs overseas, especially in the United States after 2018, we expect the company to achieve more than 20% revenue growth overseas in the first half of the year.

R & D continues to remain high investment, and the pipeline of innovative drugs is constantly enriching: reports and company R & D expenses14.

84 ppm, a 49-year increase of 49.


At present, the company has more than 30 new active substances in the clinical stage, of which 12 new active substances are in the phase III clinical stage. SHR6390 (CDK4 / 6 inhibitor), SHR3680 (AR inhibitor), SHR3162 (PARP) Inhibitors), both entered Phase III clinical trials in the first half of the year, with the first two targets domestically progressing.

Continuous breakthroughs in the development of indications for PD-1 products: Karelizumab (brand name Erica) was officially launched at the end of July 2019. In addition to the approved classic Hodgkin lymphoma, KarelizumabKang has obtained positive data from three clinical trials of solid tumor registration, namely second-line liver cancer, second-line esophageal cancer, and first-line non-squamous non-small cell lung cancer; second-line liver cancer has been officially reported, and second-line esophageal cancer is also in the NDA preparation processThe just-announced 2019 WCLC summary Karelizumab for first-line treatment of NSCLC has excellent clinical data (PFS: 11).

3mo vs 8.

3mo), is the world’s second trial of PD-1 combined with chemotherapy for first-line treatment of non-scale NSCLC with positive results.

The clinical development of large tumors is among the best in the country. With the breakthrough of the first domestically produced first-line vein, with flexible pricing and the support of a strong promotion team, Carelizumab is expected to become a phenomenal product.

Lung cancer, liver cancer, stomach cancer, and esophageal cancer are expected to be the largest target market for PD-1 / L1 antibody drugs in China. With reference to our related research, the domestic market of the four major tumor types is expected to exceed 32 billion; KarelizumabThe first-line clinical trials for the four major tumor types have been completed, and most have progress advantages, and have obtained 3 positive data; especially the non-squamous NSCLC first-line, in addition to the approved K drug, the company’s progress is significantly ahead of otherIn the same industry, K medicine used to be able to cure the first-line development success, so that the sales came later.

Erica’s pricing strategy is flexible, and annualized treatment costs after drug donation11.

90,000 yuan (under indication), is one of the most cost-effective PD-1 antibody drugs in China.

Sales scale. The company has the largest oncology drug promotion team in China, with significant advantages in product access and penetration.

In summary, taking advantage of indications, pricing, and promotion teams, we expect that Carelizumab is expected to gain more than 20% of the market in the domestic PD-1 market, which is expected to exceed 40 billion.

Earnings forecast and investment advice: We estimate that the company’s net profit attributable to the parent in 2019-2021 will be 53.

400 million, 67.

800 million, 87.

200 million, an increase of 31 each year.

2%, 27.

2% and 28.5%.

We give the company generic drugs and already apatinib, pirlotinib profit 30-35 times, corresponding to the market value of 1800-2100 ppm in 2020; DCF estimation of the company’s innovative drug echelon, a discount factor of 8%, has considered different stagesThe market probability of innovative drugs corresponds to a value of 2009 trillion in 2019, and the company’s total market value in 2020 is 3809-4109 trillion, corresponding to a target interval of 86.


9 yuan, maintain “Buy” rating.

Risk warning events: the risk of new drug development not meeting expectations; the risk of drug price reduction; the risks related to drug quality and safety.

HKUST Xunfei (002230): The core business card has obvious advantages in cost control and has achieved significant results

HKUST Xunfei (002230): The core business card has obvious advantages in cost control and has achieved significant results
Guide to this report: The company participates in exchange day activities.The company’s core business has obvious advantages, weakened by financial impact, has significant cost control benefits, and maintains an increase in holdings.  Event: On August 23, the company participated in the exchange day activities.  Comment: Maintain overweight.The core business has obvious advantages, is weakened by financial impact, and has significant cost control benefits. It maintains the forecast of EPS0 for 2019-2021.41/0.62/1.02 yuan, maintaining a target price of 40.58 yuan. The company has certain obvious advantages in the three major scenarios and is expected to become the main growth point.1) Office scene: The company has formed a full-stack product system around the office scene, covering hearing website services for light users (unit price below 1,000 yuan), M1 / recording for medium users (unit price of several thousand yuan)Pens / offices, transcribing machines for B-end users (customer unit price over ten thousand yuan).2) Educational scenario: B-side business penetration rate has further improved space, and merged B-side data accumulation to extend to C-side, gradually realizing business connotation (education information to AI), business model (project model to product system, operation system)Two advanced.3) Political and legal scenes: Political and legal services have covered 31 provinces, and the coverage rate has exceeded 90% in high-level institutions such as high courts and provincial inspections. The requirements for confidentiality of political and legal industry data are high, and the degree of standardization is high.4) We believe that the company has realized the G-end card position advantage + B-end segmented industry data advantage in all three core scenarios, and integrated the moat of the protection industry, and gradually realized overweight C-end business to realize data monetization. Track focus / C-end business development, weakened by financial conditions.1) The company’s consolidated revenue growth has improved. In addition to the company’s active focus on the core track and strategic contraction of products with little room for future development, it is also related to increased government financial pressure.2) We believe that the impact of the expansion of government financial pressure on the company will gradually be broken down: ① At the end of the business exploration phase, the company’s business will be more focused on core tracks such as education and medical care, which have counter-cyclical attributes; 佛山桑拿网 ② C-end business proportionHope to further improve, the 2019 H1 company’s C-end business (including intelligent hardware, open platforms, telecommunications value-added product operations, mobile Internet products and services, personalized learning, etc.) revenue growth rate of 45%, higher than the company’s overall growth rate of 13.7 points, revenue and gross profit accounted for 37.3%, 39.8%, an increase of 3.5pct, 2.5 points. The cost control benefits are significant, and the profit margin outlook is gradually picking up.1) 2019H1 company’s sales expense growth rate is 20.4%, management expenses increased by 30%.7%, all far below 2018H1 (77.1%, 65.6%), indicating that the company has achieved significant achievements in cost control.2) During the business exploration period, the company experienced the rapid expansion 四川耍耍网 of technical personnel (2016, 2017) and the rapid expansion of marketing personnel (2018), changing the focus of the company’s business direction, improving channel construction, and promoting the concentration of resourcesAt the core circuit, the demand for additional personnel will be effectively controlled, and profit margins are expected to gradually rise. Risk Warning: Financial pressure threatens the company’s B-side business expansion, etc.

Hailan House (600398): Steady operation of main brand and improved operating cash flow

Hailan House (600398): Steady operation of main 佛山桑拿网 brand and improved operating cash flow

Key points of the report describe the first quarter of Hailan House’s revenue of 60.

8.9 billion, an increase of 5.

23%, net profit attributable to mother 12.

10 billion, an increase of 6.

96%, net of non-attributed net profit11.

5.4 billion, an increase of 3.


  Comment on the incident The growth of the Hailan House series is steady, and the increase in the growth rate of direct-operated stores has led to improvement in the income side.

In this issue, the Haiyi brand was merged into the Hailan House series of brands. The 19-year opening number and 18Q1 data were adjusted simultaneously.

In terms of different brands, the revenue of Q1 Hailan House series increased by 2.

16% to 49.

9.3 billion, iju rabbit revenue increased by 1.

06% to 3.

At 43 billion, San Keno’s revenue increased by 11.

45% to 4.

With a growth rate of 9.3 billion, Hailan House’s series has enjoyed steady growth, and San Keno’s revenue has performed well.

In terms of different channels, the revenue of directly-operated stores also increased by 114.

88%, franchise stores and other revenue increased by 1.

65%, benefiting from the increase in direct sales growth, offline channel revenue increased by a total of 5.

69% to 57.

1.1 billion; online channel revenue fell by 5.

90% to 2.

6.1 billion.

  The improvement of the gross margin of the Hailan House series and San Keno led to an increase in the overall gross margin.

The gross profit margin of Q1’s apparel business increased by 3.

53pct to 44.


In terms of different brands, the gross profit margin of Q1 Hailan House series increased by 4.

74pct to 45.

At 70%, the gross margin of Aiju Rabbit decreased by 8.

19 points to 17.

41%, San Keno’s gross profit margin increased by 3.

28pct to 52.

98%; by channel, the gross profit margin of offline channels increased by 3.

96 points to 43.

98%, the gross profit margin of online channels fell by 4.

20pct to 50.

25%.The improvement of the gross margin of Hailan House series and San Keno is the main driving force for the improvement of the overall gross margin.

  The increase in direct store expenses and advertising expenses led to an increase in the sales expense ratio.

In 19Q1, there were 31 directly-operated stores to 322, an increase of 267 in the earlier 18Q1 directly-operated stores.

The increase in direct store expenses and advertising expenses led to an increase in the sales expense ratio2.

81 points to 9.

32%, during which the expense ratio increased by 2.

98 points to 14.

20%, part of the compensation increased gross margin.

  The inventory turnover rate decreased, the accounts payable turnover rate increased, and the net operating cash flow improved.

In 19Q1, the inventory turnover rate also decreased by 0.

04 times to 0.

Thirty-six times, the payable turnover rate increased by zero.

13 times to 0.

60 times; net operating cash flow increases by 1.

2.8 billion to 12.

22 billion.

  The long-term gradual reduction of the major brand’s operating stability and the clear improvement of the medium-term growth direction have long been a factor in reducing the system, and local mass brand leaders 杭州桑拿网 are expected to enter the era of “deterministic premium”.

The 18 annual report company disclosed a cash dividend of 3 for every 10 shares.

80 yuan (including tax) dividend plan, the dividend rate advantage is significant, at the same time disclosed the share repurchase plan (the first phase) plan to repurchase 6.


9.8 billion shares.

It is expected that in 19 and 20 years, the net profit attributable to mothers will be 36.

3.8 billion, 39.

3.1 billion, corresponding to 0 EPS.

81 yuan, 0.

87 yuan, the corresponding PE is 10.

94 times, 10.

13 times.

The company’s steady growth & high dividend yield have obvious advantages, and maintain the “Buy” rating.

Risk reminders: 1. Channel encryption diverts the risk of old store sales; 2. Risks that the new brand promotion progress is less than expected.

Invisible magic of smooth skin pores


Invisible magic of smooth skin pores

Close your eyes and play these snapshots in your mind: bare skin without protection in the sun, dirty hands directly wipe off the sweat from the face, and squeeze a lot of pearl pox in the mirror . With these materials,Of course, pores can direct a “oily, blackheaded, slightly dirty” “triad” movie, until the entire face is completely invisible like orange peel, and the pores become coarse.

  Small, small, small!

The magic of invisible pores is in the bright and magical world. Of course, the pores may suddenly “bang” and disappear, and after enjoying some beauty.

There are some reasons for the pores and pores.

  For the double pore elixir: natural passing, gentle cleansing. Little method: ○ Wash your face three times a day. It may be the best way to keep your skin clean in summer. You can give your face a free breathing space at any time.

  ○ Locking the warm water strategy Cold water can indeed shrink pores, but it is best to use warm water for the pores in a pair. The most suitable water temperature is slightly higher than the temperature of the hands, and it will be washed clean without water loss.

  ○ Galling Makeup Remover is to remove makeup at a slower speed than before. Good makeup remover oil / milk can help you search for residual makeup dirt deep in the pores, and massage gently to make them loose in the elastic space of the skin,It slipped out on its own.

  ○ Let the soft sand grains tolerate the “sand storm”. The skin with large pores should be treated more gently. The round sand scrub contains emollients, and the thick keratin in the “dancing” will disappear.

  ○ Purely use the “membrane” method to deeply clean the facial skin with a mask, which can make the face smooth and soft.

Deep cleansing once a week can make the skin’s metabolic function more normal and control sebum secretion. As long as 5-10 minutes, the pores will shrink.

Blood only knows to eat red dates?

10 kinds of food, blood effect does not lose red dates!

Blood only knows to eat red dates?
10 kinds of food, blood effect does not lose red dates!

▼ me: Recently may be lack of blood gas old dizzy my mother: Come, eat a few red dates to supplement me: I can’t sleep well in the evening, my mom: Come, eat a few red dates to supplement me: recently the skin seems to have worsened my mom: I tell you that you can eat a few red dates and blood.

I understand the truth, but can I only eat red dates?

11 kinds of foods have a good blood effect.

Red beans usually, black, red food, can help blood, red beans are also everyone’s blood food.

Women in the physiological period, eat a little red beans, can absorb iron, have a very good effect on menstrual blood.

  Li Shizhen praised the red bean as the “Valley of the Heart”, especially highlighting its role in raising the heart. The heart runs smoothly, and it has very good help for blood production. It can effectively carry out the exercise and health care.


Peanuts eat peanuts also have a good effect on blood. The iron in peanuts can promote blood.

In the layer of red skin of peanuts, there are glycerides and sterol esters, which are very helpful for promoting bone marrow hematopoiesis, effectively improving the quality of platelets, and also have a certain effect on improving capillary permeability.

  It can effectively and effectively prevent hemostatic effects on various hemorrhagic diseases and help the body to hematopoiesis.


Angelica sinensis is a common Chinese medicine, and women in the physiological period can eat Angelica for blood, saying that it is the first drug to supplement blood is not an exaggerated expression.

When taking Angelica, it can pass through the vitality, blood, and blood circulation, which has a good relief effect on blood deficiency and amenorrhea.


It is both a food and a medicinal material. It is very good for the health care body. It can effectively tonify the kidney and has a good nourishing effect on the liver. This can indirectly achieve the effect of blood supplementation.

If conditions permit, you can eat it with red dates, which is more effective for blood.


Ejiao since ancient times, Ejiao is a blood-supplement, taking Ejiao is very helpful for blood and beauty.

Can achieve the role of blood, menstruation.

  People with anemia often show a pale complexion. After taking gelatin, they can make the face appear bleeding, and the skin will become very delicate and shiny.


Cherry cherries can help the blood. The iron content of the cherries is extremely high. It is the first place in common fruits and can actively and effectively help the body to carry out blood.

  For the synthesis of body hemoglobin, myoglobin has a certain help, can effectively prevent the occurrence of iron anemia, and can also enhance the body’s role.


Hawthorn Hawthorn is a common kind of fruit. Eating hawthorn has many benefits for body health. In terms of iron, it is the basis of blood production and can promote blood flow.

  The acidic taste can effectively eliminate digestion, and it has a certain effect on detoxification. It can also achieve the effect of promoting blood circulation, reducing blood fat and reducing blood fat.

When there are symptoms of anemia, eating hawthorn can speed up the operation of the body and improve the metabolic rate of the body, thus effectively preventing the occurrence of anemia.


Spinach spinach is a common blood-filling vegetable. Spinach can eat blood. In winter, eating spinach can promote blood flow.

  At the same time, vitamin C and carotene in spinach can regulate the cells of the body well, and have certain preventive effects on various types of hemorrhagic disease. For anemia patients, it does not hinder proper consumption.


Mulberry eating mulberry is very helpful for blood supplementation. When eating mulberry, it can absorb iron.

Among them, fatty acids can continuously break down fat, which has a certain effect on lowering blood lipids and hardening of blood vessels.

  Eating mulberry can enter the liver and kidney, for the nourishing yin and nourishing blood, Shengjin Runzao has certain help, suitable for people with liver and kidney yin deficiency, has a very good effect on supplementing the body fluid.


As a common algae food, kelp can lower blood pressure, and its iron has a certain effect on blood. Blood pressure and anemia are not in conflict, because some people with anemia often have high blood pressure.
  In addition, the consumption of kelp can absorb potassium, which helps to reduce the blood pressure of the body, thereby promoting the flow of blood.
Recommend 6 blood supplement diet 1 .

Tremella jujube soup Tremella is also known as “the bird’s nest of the poor”, although the bird’s nest is supplemented, but it is expensive.

Tremella, regardless of color, taste, and efficacy, is similar to bird’s nest, and the price is cheap, so it is called the bird’s nest of the poor.

Bird’s nest is too easy to get angry, and the white fungus is cold and has a moisturizing effect.

Dryness and anger are bad for the human body. It is most effective to get rid of the fire and to eat the white fungus.

With white fungus, dried longan, glutinous rice, red jujube soup, this soup is both delicious, but also breast enhancement, so that your face is white and red, and the body is light and slim.


Black glutinous rice blood porridge black glutinous rice, longan and red dates are well known to everyone, and the yam with high nutritional value, the effect of replenishing qi and nourishing blood is more significant.

Use black glutinous rice, red dates, longan, yam, brown sugar soup, remember to drink every month.

A small reminder, although longan can make up blood, promote blood circulation, but it is not easy to digest, every time you put seven blood sugar can be (the cold stomach friends can take 2 red ginseng).


Old Chinese Medicine[枸杞红枣茶](click on the picture to enter the Amoy Mall) 4.

Angelica red jujube ribs with ribs bones, sputum amount, red dates 12, angelica 4 tablets, ribs washed blood into the casserole, add clams, red dates, angelica, can also put some onions, ginger, boil, and simmerTo the ribs, the salt, chicken, seasoning can be.

The above several ingredients are stewed together, which has the auxiliary function of blood supplement and skin care.


Raise the oatmeal and make up the walnuts, red dates, dried longan, clean the oatmeal, pour it into the rice cooker, add some water, and cook!

Remember to look at the time. When the porridge is rolled out, change to the porridge file and put some brown sugar before the pan.


Double red blood soup, sweet potato 500 grams, red jujube 10 grams, brown sugar right amount, water 2000 ml, ready to cook together under the pot, sweet potato and brown sugar when cooked, like to eat pumpkin can also be replaced with pumpkin.

Want to get rabies vaccine without being bitten by a dog?

Want to get rabies vaccine without being bitten by a dog?

Pet owners, children need to be “immunized before exposure” Too many citizens call the Guangzhou Centers for Disease Control to ask: Can I get rabies vaccine without being bitten by a dog?

In this case, the staff of the center replied that even if they were not bitten by dogs, some key people in close contact with pets needed to be vaccinated against rabies. The act of transplanting rabies vaccine before it was injured by animals was called”Pre-exposure immunity.”

  According to the report (reporter Tu Duanyu), rabies exposure refers to being scratched, bitten, licked or damaged skin or mucous membrane by rabies, suspected rabies or rabies host animal.

The implantation procedure of “pre-exposure immunization” is: according to the recommendation of the World Health Organization: one injection every 0, 7, and 28 days; one injection after one year, and one injection every three years thereafter.

However, if exposed, it must be strengthened in a timely manner.

  According to reports, the advantages of “pre-exposure immunization” are: it can more effectively protect occupational groups at high risk of exposure, those who may not be aware of the exposure or those who do not have the conditions to perform post-exposure treatment in a timely manner; once exposed, only need to strengthen the injection2 shots, do not need to inject passive immune preparations at the same time (immunization after exposure, antibody production in the body takes about 2 weeks, if passive immunization preparations are not applied at the same time, for individuals with short incubation period, there is a risk of disease); strengthen antibody levels after exposureSafer protection is provided for severe bites who have not been immunized promptly after exposure or patients with short incubation periods.

  Doctor reminds: pet owners, young children place “pre-exposure immunization” key population What is the “pre-exposure immunization” key object?

According to experts, there are three main categories: 1.

Subjects with continued exposure must be implanted, such as rabies diagnostics, research and producers, and laboratory staff; 2.

Implantation of subjects with constant exposure, such as nurses, medical workers, pet owners, animal managers, travellers; 3.

Children who have access to animals.

15-year-old children are at higher risk of being bitten by ordinary people. They are small enough to scare off animals, are unconscious of danger and difficult to escape from attacks. Their height makes the head and face particularly vulnerable, resulting in a high incidence.

And rabies in children develops faster than adults.

Especially in areas with high incidence of rabies, if there is an adequate supply of vaccines, “pre-exposure immunization” of children should be strongly advocated.

Twenty-one things to do in college

Twenty-one things to do in college

Remember the girl from the developing world on campus?

Remember the fat chef in the cafeteria?

Remember when you left school?

We can forget a lot, but a lot we can’t forget.

.   At the fourth level, you may have scored 59 points for the first time, but you only got 50 points for the second time. By the third time, you have no confidence!

In fact, even if you pass successfully, it can’t represent anything.

Maybe you still dare not speak to foreigners, or you do n’t understand an English news report at all!

  Scholarships are certainly glorious, but getting them is not necessarily a good thing.

One of my brothers received a third-class scholarship and was forced to treat him.

After a meal, it cost 410 yuan, and the third-class scholarship was only 400 yuan!

Oh, dumb to eat Coptis chinensis, there is no way to tell.

Damn scholarship, don’t bother!

  The first time I kissed my girlfriend and hid in the cinema for the first time, I almost vomited because I was not used to the taste of her saliva.

  I said to her, “Let’s not kiss again in the future, shall we?

“She said,” Okay!

“Because she vomited before I wanted to vomit!

This is my first kiss, a romantic accident.

  Every boy ‘s memory of Valentine ‘s Day on Valentine ‘s Day is a real rose!

I really do n’t know, would those roses be better than the fish-flavored shredded pork in Sichuan Restaurant?

I remember on Valentine’s Day, I bought a bouquet of roses for my girlfriend for 50 yuan each, and her shoulder smile was so exaggerated.

In front of my classmates, they gave me a hug that made me feel a pain!

Valentine’s Day, a holiday devised by foreign devils to hurt people!

  When breaking up with love, she said, “I’m numb with you!

I replied, “Hope you find happiness!

“It didn’t take long for her to have a new boyfriend, a self-study candidate and a high-ranking child.

Later, I heard that she was dumped after being played with.

The last time I saw her was not long ago, she said, in fact, should not break up with me.

I smiled.

In retrospect, when she knew her, she lent me a copy of “Troubles of Young Witt”.

Looking at her back, I cried silently . Tencent QQ has no phone number and doesn’t worry, but it can’t without QQ number.

The coughing and snoring voices lingered around the beam for three days. Netizens spread all over the country, even as far as the other side of the earth, and communication changed from the real society to the virtual world.

Sadly, we never take the initiative to say to everyone around us: “Hello, can we talk?

“StarCraft If you don’t know StarCraft or if you’re a girl, otherwise it’s stupid.

The war of Terrans, Zerg and Protoss continued for four years at the university.

Everyone sleeps and forgets to eat online. Whenever power is cut off every night, someone always comforts and says, “Sleep, we will fight tomorrow!
“Tomorrow, will there be StarCraft?
  Computer When buying a computer, everyone has their own grand plans, learning programming, software and hardware, not playing games, making good use of the Internet!

In fact, the more people who swear poison, the more crazy they will be.

Look, which machine is not playing games, chatting on the Internet, or watching video discs?

Computer, the most time-consuming friend besides a girlfriend!

  Long holiday May 1 and National Day, two rare long holidays.

Walk, walk, walk, go where you want to go!

Xinjiang to the west, Shanghai to the east, Harbin to the north, Guangzhou to the south!

A brother came to Hangzhou and called by the West Lake. We said, “You are so happy!

He answered on the other side of the phone: “Behind happiness are countless silver corpses in the wild!

“Wait for the ball game, wait, finally wait for the Chinese team to qualify.

Milu, magical coach!

On the day of watching the game, everyone was sitting together, and their mood changed.

The day of watching the ball has passed, and what is left in my mind is a rare memory!

  When the canteen first arrived at school, I saw a large canteen, thinking that he would always find his love.

Later, I discovered that I can still swallow food with two steps around the rice bowl!

Barely got something to coax the belly, and after eating, two green worms and three stones were left on the dining table!

This is our life!

  Four years of cycling university, I bought five bikes, the longest was a year, the least was only half a day!

The thief who steals a car always has a clever way to make your sturdy car lock vulnerable!

An economist ‘s teacher imitated the supply-demand balance and said, “The reason why everyone can easily buy dirty cars is because thieves can easily get them.

The current bicycle market is basically in a state of supply and demand balance!

“It’s like you can’t buy a bike without it.

  Poverty had money when he was a freshman. There were some exceptions when he was a sophomore. He was too poor to be a junior.

In fact, the money has never been reduced, it has just been increased!

The girlfriend spends a sum, and the friend’s party is a sum.

You have to spend money on everything, so you have to be poor!

  The tutor remembered that when he went to tutoring for the first time, his heart sounded like a drum.

After working for the first time, my confidence increased. It turned out to be very easy.

I usually play as usual, and when I need a tutor, I wear a new one and look like a teacher.

In fact, in front of the students, they are like teachers, and when they return to school, the teacher sees him, so afraid!

  I went to work to copy a bill for a company, and I was busy all afternoon until my back was sore and my limbs were weak.

Then the supervisor told me, “Take it, this is your salary!

“When I took it cheerfully, I almost fainted, only a poor penny!

In the diary of that day, I wrote a sentence like this: Is it really for the poor penny fifty cents that I give?

No, what I want is the process of getting it, and the throbbing in the center of this process!

  During my junior summer vacation, I went to Shanghai for an internship, visited every day, and doubled every night!

Another student from the Agricultural University went to rural Hebei for an internship. They killed a sheep and entertained them for half a month, and it was over!

Back at school, the internship unit wrote and said, “These students are far from our requirements!

“We were suddenly awakened. For three years, we didn’t learn anything. People who wanted to go abroad were busy entrusting them. They went to New Oriental to take classes.
In their bags, there are always tapes and word books.
Is going abroad fashionable or a must?

  When I graduated from the postgraduate entrance examination, the busiest is the postgraduate graduate, who goes to school all night long and goes to the postgraduate entrance examination class every day.

Those who do not want to take the postgraduate entrance examination are busy with their work, and once they find it, they start to sleep every day.

In fact, there are some people who are more boring, that is, the people who are responsible for research.

No need to find a job, no test, so boring that I started playing a mouse catching game in the dormitory!

  There are a lot of job application copying job information, take off jeans and T-shirts, put on a suit awkwardly, and rush around at the job fair, hate the certificate in their hands is not enough, complain that father and mother are not people with a face and face.

Hey, life is about to begin.

From eye-level to low-level to sign as long as there is a unit to be signed, the morality of the mind has hit countless blows, and finally married myself!

There is only one feeling, so tired!

  It’s time to have a party. It’s a common thing to get drunk. It’s time to end your relationship. What’s the point of procrastination?

The purpose of getting together is only for the coming differences.

Are we separated? Will we meet?

  The school leaving the school posted a notice at the entrance of the building: graduates must leave the school on time before 6 o’clock on a certain day!

Scarlet big characters tore everyone’s hearts!

This is clearly my dear alma mater is walking us!

I remember the slogans that welcomed the freshmen when I entered the school, and now we are leaving the school!

Postgraduate entrance examination, post-graduate work, work abroad, study abroad.

Eat rice to prevent chronic diseases

Eat rice to prevent chronic diseases

Rice is the staple food that most Chinese people eat every day. If you master the health principles of eating rice, you can accumulate it over time, and you can take the role of preventing disease and weakening unknowingly, which is extremely beneficial to chronic patients.

  Try to make the rice “light” and do not add fat to the rice, so as not to add extra energy, and to avoid more blood lipids after the meal.

Therefore, it is best to eat less fried rice, add sausage to cook rice, or use rich vegetables to mix rice, which must also be avoided.

In addition, try not to add salt, soy sauce and monosodium glutamate to the rice, to avoid adding extra salt, otherwise it is not conducive to controlling blood pressure and preventing cardiovascular accidents.

  What needs to be explained is that adding vinegar, wrapping with laver, and adding vegetables and raw fish in the middle is in line with the principle of lightness.

Vinegar itself can reduce blood sugar response and help control blood lipids; laver and raw fish are also cardiovascular beneficial ingredients.

As long as not eating salty plasma at the same time, laver rice rolls are a staple food suitable for chronic patients.

  Try to make the rice “crude” so-called thick, that is, to reduce refined white rice as much as possible, their blood sugar response is too high, which is very detrimental to the control of blood sugar and blood lipids.

Only eating enough fiber can effectively reduce the digestion speed of rice, and at the same time, it can adsorb plasma and feces in tandem, thereby reducing the effect of postprandial blood glucose and blood lipids.

Some rice with high nutritional and health value, such as alkaline rice, black rice, germ rice, etc., although it is good for health, but eat 100% parasitic rice every day, it feels insurmountable and difficult to persist for a long time.

Therefore, when cooking rice, it may be better to use some “coarse” grains to cooperate with rice, and the taste will be more acceptable.

It is best to soak the “crude” ingredients in the water overnight, and cook at the same time as the rice.

  Try to make the rice “disorderly” When cooking rice porridge, it is best not to use a single rice, but to cook rice, coarse grains, beans, nuts, etc. together.

For example, red bean rice, peanut oatmeal rice porridge, etc., are rice foods that are very suitable for chronic patients.

Adding these food materials increases the B vitamins and minerals, which can supplement the protein through nutrition, which can reduce animal foods and ensure adequate nutrition supply.

  Try to keep the rice “colored” and fine white rice with low vitamin content. If you choose colored rice and use other foods to match the rice, the rice can be used to improve its nutritional value.

For example, adding green peas, orange-red carrots, and yellow corn kernels to the rice during cooking is not only beautiful, but also provides vitamins and carotenoid antioxidant ingredients, which is particularly beneficial to prevent eye aging.

It can also be said that choosing purple rice, black rice, red rice and white rice together can also provide a large number of anthocyanin antioxidants to help prevent cardiovascular disease.

It does n’t hurt to do yoga for 1 minute every day

It does n’t hurt to do yoga for 1 minute every day

It is nothing new for students and office workers to stay at the table all day long.

Over time, the spine deformed, compressing the lower hip muscles, and back pain came naturally.

A senior yoga instructor told reporters: “I often listen to people’s attention and want to use painkillers to relieve pain, but since back pain is rooted in misbehavior, the best treatment of course should also start with posture.

From my years of sports experience, yoga is the most effective way to relieve muscle tension.

“Everyone recommends 4 strokes, 1 minute a day. Persistence can alleviate back pain.

  This iceberg movement can fracture the entire spine and relax the hip muscles.

  1. Keep your upper body straight and sit cross-legged.

  2. Inhale for 3 seconds, straighten straight to the left and right sides at the same time, palm up, lift from the side, and reach the top of the head.

  3. Exhale for 3 seconds, rotate your upper body 90 degrees to the right and hold your breath for 6 seconds.

Then inhale for 3 seconds and turn your upper body back to its original position.

  4. Exhale for 2 seconds, palm down, arms from the top of the head to the sides of the body.

  Note: People with severe heart problems cannot do this.

  Hand-lifting This action can eliminate the stiffness of the shoulders and upper and lower ends.

  1. Merge your feet with your tips, or split your feet half wide. Cross your hands in front of your body and relax your body.

  2. Inhale for 3 seconds, raise your arms upwards, and keep your hands crossed.

Tilt your head back slightly, look up and stop for 6 seconds.

(It is not required to hold your breath).

  3. Expand the radius to the same height as the shoulder, and stop for 6 seconds.

  4. Inhale for 3 seconds to resume the position of crossed hands and stop for 3 seconds.

  5. Exhale for 3 seconds and lower your arm to return to the starting position.

Repeat 5 times.

  Hare This action can stretch the hip muscles and open the spine joints, such as space, instead of the pressure of the spine.

  1. Knees and thighs sit at 90 degrees, with the upper body straight. While inhaling, raise the bar upwards, then bend forward, raise hips, keep arms, head and torso in a straight line until the hands can rest flat.On the ground, his forehead touches the ground.

  2. Raise the forehead slightly after a few seconds and keep it for a few minutes.

  3. Then inhale slowly, straighten your upper body, and return to the starting position.

  The cat fractured posture helps to improve prevention and spinal flexibility.

  1. After kneeling at 90 degrees with the lower legs and thighs, the front bow of the upper body is parallel to the ground, and the hands are vertical enough to be on the ground.

  2. Inhale, raise your head as much as possible, and straighten your spine.

  3. Properly and fully expand the abdomen, absorb sufficient air into the lungs, and hold your breath for 6 seconds.

  4. Exhale, lower your head (not too low), arch your body upwards, fracture the spine, and hold for 6 seconds.

Why do men have extramarital affairs-

Why do men have extramarital affairs?

Men know that extramarital affair is not right, it can destroy the relationship between husband and wife.

But why would a man “successively follow” and ignore the tragic case of extramarital affairs in life on TV looking for a junior and lover?

Let ‘s go with Xiaobian to understand why.

  Finding feelings Some men turn their lover into a better marriage partner, but some people have a relatively high proportion.

Behind the life-and-death love of extramarital affairs, there are many complicated emotional backgrounds. Such an affair leads to a high proportion of divorces.

  Sexual satisfaction This is the biggest “harvest” of men in extramarital affairs. Most extramarital affairs have the nature of sexual transactions.

Men with a normal sexual life take extramarital affairs as a surprise; men who are dissatisfied with their sexual life transfer and vent their sexuality through extramarital affairs.

  Many men are playing in the mood. The reason why they fall in love with her lover is because she is gentler, more beautiful and caring than her hair wife. They want to find better women.

What I look for in my lover is different from my wife’s temperament, style, style, and like my partner to have a sense of mystery and seductiveness, and because the wife has lived together for a long time, they are quite familiar with each other, there is no distance beauty, the lover is just satisfiedTheir psychological needs.

  People looking for youth usually think that only women care about their age, and they are keen to cover up the traces of time through makeup, clothing, beauty, and body.

In fact, men also care about whether they are still young, energetic and attractive, which is also a competitive capital for men.

  Finding an identity Usually only those men who have money can afford a lover. In the eyes of some people, the lover becomes a status, a symbol of the symbol, just like a villa, a famous car, a brand-name clothing. A beautiful lover seems to have a living advertisement for the identity man.

  To sum up, men will have extramarital affairs for these reasons, and wives should pay attention to protecting their marriage.