Summer infant food

Summer infant food

As summer approaches, the weather gets hotter and the temperature rises, the child will have a series of physiological reactions, such as lack of energy and loss of appetite.

At this time, if reasonable arrangements can be made in anticipation and proper cold drinks are given to children, it will not only relieve heat and quench thirst, but also help digestion and be good for health.

However, parents should pay attention to the following issues.

  Summer baby’s diet 4 major attention to watermelon summer heat should not eat hot summer, watermelon is a summer heat commonly used by children, but eating watermelon should also be careful to cause “worry”.

Because every year, children eat watermelon that is rich in hormones and highly toxic pesticides, causing food poisoning and symptoms of vomiting and diarrhea.

  Drinking a good drink should not drink too much. Drinking too much will dilute gastric juice, affect digestion, and stimulate the body, make the peristalsis hyperactive, change the time that food stays in the small intestine, and affect the child’s absorption of nutrients in food.

The gastrointestinal function of young children has not yet developed, and the mucosal blood vessels and related organs are not yet suitable for the stimulation of cold drinks. Therefore, do not drink more drinks, otherwise it will cause diarrhea, abdominal pain, sore throat and cough, and even induce tonsillitis.

If certain beverages contain a certain amount of caffeine, caffeine has an exciting effect on the central nervous system and is potentially harmful to the human body.

Because children’s tissues and organs are not yet fully developed, their resistance and detoxification functions are weak, which may cause harm, so children should not drink more drinks.

  Some vegetables should not eat more vegetables, which is good for children’s health, but some vegetables should not eat more, such as: spinach.

Spinach contains a large amount of oxalic acid. When oxalic acid meets calcium and zinc in the human body, it generates calcium oxalate and zinc oxalate, which are not easily absorbed and are excreted from the body.

Children need a lot of calcium and zinc for their growth and development. If they lack calcium and zinc in their bodies, they can cause bone and tooth dysplasia and affect their intellectual development.

  Drinking more water isn’t better. People can’t do without water, but drinking too much can be poisoned.

It is known that water accounts for about 65% to 70% of body weight and is relatively stable in the body.

The cell membrane of human cells is semi-permeable, and water can penetrate freely.

If you drink a lot of water, the blood and interstitial fluid will supplement the balanced release, the osmotic pressure will decrease, and the water will penetrate into the cells, causing the cells to swell and cause water poisoning.

Among them, the response of brain cells is accelerated. Once the brain cells are edema, the intracranial pressure will increase, resulting in dizziness, bloating, fingers, vomiting, fatigue, blurred vision, drowsiness, slowed breathing, slowed heart rate, and severe cases.Coma, convulsions and even life-threatening.

Therefore, in the hot summer, when children drink water, it is best to put some salt or add salty soda.

  Some foods suitable for babies to eat in summer because mung beans contain protein, calcium, iron, phosphorus, vitamins and so on.

In summer, you sweat a lot and the electrolyte balance in your baby is damaged. You can drink mung bean soup instead.

Mung beans also have a detoxifying effect.

However, babies with weak spleen and stomach cannot eat more.

Babies who are taking Chinese medicine are also advised not to eat.

  Adzuki bean has the functions of “regulation fluid, urinates, relieves swelling, eliminates diarrhea, and prevents vomiting.”

  Winter melon Winter melon is rich in nutrition.

It contains protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron and a variety of vitamins and essential trace elements.

It has good heat-relief and heat-relief effects, and can regulate the body’s metabolic balance.

Winter melon is cold, can nourish the stomach and promote fluid, and clear the stomach.

Eat more winter melon in summer, you can quench your thirst and relieve heat, diuretic, and even soup with skin, the effect will be better.

  Winter melon does not contain feces, and it is still a good weight loss food. Fat babies can eat more because winter melon can inhibit the conversion of sugars into feces, thereby preventing the accumulation of feces in the body.

  Shrimp skin Shrimp skin is not a shrimp skin, it is a dried small shrimp.

The calcium content is much higher than that of common animal and plant foods, and is a good source of calcium.

Shrimp skin can also be used as a baby’s usual snack, so that the baby can get calcium from it, but the salty shrimp skin cannot be directly fed to the baby, because the salt is too much, so the mother must choose the kind of salty shrimp skin, or use waterDilute the salty taste before giving it to your baby.

However, shrimp skin is high in cholesterol and should not be eaten more.

  Oatmeal Oatmeal is a rare and healthy food that has been regarded as a “functional food” in the United States. Linoleic acid, which is called in oats, is the most important essential fatty acid in the human body. It can replace the fiber and can promote gastrointestinal motility and help your babyPoop.

High-quality oatmeal contains protein, 8 essential amino acids, trace amounts, iron, zinc, etc. that your baby needs for growth and development.

The content of B vitamins in oats ranks first in various cereals.

However, although oats are rich in nutrition, you should not eat too much at one time, not more than 40 grams.Babies who are allergic to it should be careful to take it, and it should be added slowly from a small amount.

Oats can also be added to rice porridge for your baby.

Promising tricks for making your baby fall in love with feeding bottles

Promising tricks for making your baby fall in love with feeding bottles

How to make your baby fall in love with the bottle and then proceed through the bottle?

For the transition from breastfeeding to bottle replacement, let’s give both parties a little more time to adapt!

  Many breastfeeding mothers will try to get their baby used to bottle replacement when they are facing the end of maternity leave, but the mothers did not expect that it will be so difficult for them to get used to the bottle.

  First, the mother must judge whether the baby does not like the authenticity of the bottle.

Squeeze breast milk in a bottle and feed it to your baby during pregnancy. If the baby accepts it, the baby may not like the taste of milk powder. You can change to a milk powder that is close to the taste of breast milk.

If the baby does not accept the new, it may not like the bottle.

  First of all, getting your baby to accept a bottle is a gradual process that requires gradual training.

Moms must not be in a hurry. They must be patient and persistent.

Studies have found that 24 hours is the longest time limit that a baby can stick to. If you pass this stage, some babies can quickly give up insisting on breast milk replacement.

At the same time, it is necessary to change the concept, not to let the baby like the bottle, or to make the baby need the bottle.

  Bottle drinking tips: 1. When training your baby to eat a bottle, be sure to choose when your baby is hungry.

  2. The best way to eat a baby bottle is when the baby is in a happy mood. Do not cry or get sick. It will cause all your efforts to change in vain. If you don’t, it will make your baby hate the baby bottle.

  3. Choose a day when someone is there to help, so that you will not be too hard and your baby will be better taken care of.

  4. The baby and mother have established a good understanding and trust in the long-term replacement of breast milk.

Baby bottles are suitable for the beginning of habituation. It is best for mothers or familiar people to feed them. Baby is easy to accept.

However, pay attention to changes in posture to remind your baby to change the way they eat.

  5. For babies who are sensitive to the difference between breast milk and pacifier, you can start feeding the baby with milk before going to bed. When the baby has a dim sleepiness, use a bottle instead.

After many attempts, the baby will eat the bottle.

Spring is moving!

Sexy abdominal muscles

Spring is moving!
Sexy abdominal muscles

In the season of “not losing weight and being sad”, in order to be able to “cool” to meet the summer, hurry up and prepare now!

Xiaobian thinks that in the past, always squatting to lose weight and lose weight, but there is no action!

More no focus!

This year, I will first attack from the key points!

Maybe like the abdomen.

Recently, in fact, if a woman has a little bit of abdominal muscles, it is also beautiful if it is looming.

So how do you get out of the sexy abdominal muscles at the waist?

  Unlike the male’s strong blocky abdominal muscles, the sexy female abdominal muscles should be the Sichuan word abdominal muscles, a little looming feeling, so in the exercise method, “increasing” muscles and “minus” are slightly indispensable.

Women maintain about 20% of body fat, coupled with two looming “vest lines”, but super sexy.

  How do women practice abdominal muscles?

  If the abdominal muscles that are harmful to the diet are covered by misfortune, would it be some kind of?

Without reasonable nutrition, muscles do not grow, but too much food and unreasonable diet structure can form excess meat.

If you work hard and continue to practice your abdominal muscles for more than a year and still can’t see them, you should adjust your diet.

  Frequency abdominal muscle exercise should be persistent, can not be suddenly stopped, if you can practice once a day or every other day, it will achieve results.

  It is good to do sit-ups every time. If you don’t have time, you can also choose 2 – 4 exercises that are most effective for you. Only three groups, 30-50 times each, each group should reach full force.Exhaustion, training time is 15 to 20 minutes.

  The weight ratio used in weight abdominal training, the length of the movement is only a little, and will make the waist thicker. Therefore, it is recommended that you use tension and control instead of weight, and use your mind instead of the external weight to stretch.Tightening and stimulating the abdominal muscles.

  When you continue to train your abdominal muscles, you should keep your abdominal muscles tense throughout the whole body. Do not let them be at the beginning or the end of the movement. Each group should be completely exhausted. Do not count the number of times.Keep doing it until you can no longer contract the abdominal muscles.

  Sit-ups lay flat on the ground, the calves rest on the vertical, then shrink the hips, creating an arc on the upper abdomen, as if to roll forward.

Do not stretch your head too far forward when doing the action, because it means that the back will leave the ground, so that the tail will begin to share the work that should have been carried out by the abdomen.

When descending, let it slowly return to the ground and never relax the abdominal muscles.

Many people like to hold their hands behind their heads when doing this exercise. The result is just pulling the head forward, not the whole body.

  When hanging and doing this movement, you should first avoid the swing, and tighten the body to control the speed of movement.

In order to stimulate the intercostal muscles, the knees are rotated left and right, which also exercises the abdominal oblique muscles.

The point of correct leg lifting is that the buttocks are slightly extended forward. It is of course comfortable if you simply lift your legs, but it only stimulates the top rather than the abdominal muscles.

The speed of movement varies from person to person, but it should be ensured that the legging process is slow to prevent rocking.

Remember, your goal is to practice your abs, not to lift your legs in any way you can.

If you find it difficult to fully straighten your legs to do this, bend your knees.

When the abdominal muscles become strong, gradually straighten your legs.

  Sitting posture and lifting the leg can better stimulate the lower part of the abdominal muscles.

Sitting on the edge of the side, the legs are going forward and down, and the body is tilted back 10 degrees, grabbing the edge of the stool to keep the body balanced.

Try not to bend, lift your legs up until the toes are parallel to your eyes, which will make your abdominal muscles more and more tired, and you can bend and bend until you are completely exhausted.

After the fall, these four types of food children should eat regularly, spleen and stomach, body sticks do not like to get sick

After the fall, these four types of food children should eat regularly, spleen and stomach, body sticks do not like to get sick

How to heat the children’s health?

Chinese medicine believes that the spleen and stomach is the foundation of the day after tomorrow, the source of qi and blood.

The spleen and stomach are not good for all diseases.

Whether the child is healthy, spleen and stomach is the key.

Parents should prepare some sweet, nutritious and digestible foods for their children, especially those that are cold and odorous.

The following foods that nourish the spleen and nourish the stomach, do not hinder the regular move to the table, do it for the children to eat!

First, staple food, beans: recommended food: previous rice, glutinous rice, corn, coix seed, red beans, sweet potatoes and so on.

Red beans are good for your health. They have the functions of nourishing blood and nourishing blood, strengthening the spleen and stomach, diuresis and swelling, regulating blood sugar, clearing away heat and detoxifying, promoting milk secretion and protecting the heart.

Recommended recipe – red bean paste material preparation: 500 grams of red beans, 80 grams of brown sugar, 100 grams of sugar, 1 tsp of edible alkali: 1, red beans cleaned, soaked in water for 12 hours, the best water has not passed the red beans, duringChange the water 1-2 times 2, soaked red beans into the pot, add water to the fire, boil and simmer until the red beans are basically cooked; 3, add 1 teaspoon (about 2 grams) of edible alkali, follow your ownAdd brown sugar, sugar and mix well, continue to stew until cooked, need to keep stirring, so as not to paste the pot; 4, put into the cooking machine to beat into a delicate red bean paste.

If the red bean paste is relatively thin, pour a proper amount of salad oil into the pan, pour the red bean paste and cook until the appropriate viscosity. The red bean paste is ready.

Second, the recommended food for eggs and poultry: beef, chicken, rabbit, dog, beef belly, pork belly, mandarin fish, black chicken and so on.

Chicken and beef, compared with pork, are high-protein and low-fat foods, and are amino acids in chicken protein. They are very similar to the amino acid pattern in eggs and milk, and are easily absorbed by the body.

Chicken also contains trace elements such as phosphorus, iron, copper, zinc, vitamin B12, vitamin B6, vitamin A, vitamin D, and vitamin K.

Recommended Recipe – Mushroom Chicken Pork Material Preparation: Rice, Chicken Breast, Mushroom, Lettuce, Salt, Ginger Steps: 1. Wash the rice clean, wash the slices with mushrooms, wash the lettuce and peel it into small pieces, ginger slices 2, chicken breastWash the meat, knead into minced meat, mix with a small amount of salt, starch and some oil, then marinate it. 3. Add rice to the water and cook. Add 1 teaspoon of oil. Cook over low heat and continue to cook until the rice is cooked.The porridge is soft and rotten. 4, add chicken and stir quickly. Add the mushrooms and cook for 2 minutes, then turn off the heat. Finally, add the lettuce and season with salt. The vegetables are recommended.: 藕, chestnut, yam, lentils, kidney beans, carrots,Potatoes, onions, oyster mushrooms, etc.

Yam has the effect of nourishing and strengthening, helping digestion, astringent sweat, and diarrhea.

It contains amylase, polyphenol oxidase and other substances, which is beneficial to the digestion and absorption of the spleen and stomach. It is a dual-use product for the spleen and stomach.

Recommended recipes – Preparation of fried yam fungus materials: black fungus, yam, bell pepper, starch, onion, garlic, pepper, etc. Steps: 1, yam washed and peeled into a hob block, stained with a layer of dry starch, friedInto the golden yellow for use; 2, pour the oil in the pot, put the pepper to the scent and remove it, add the garlic slices, stir-fry the chopped green onion, pour the appropriate amount of water, put in the agaric fire for a while, add salt, chicken, oyster sauce, pepper sauceFinally, add the fried yam and green pepper, and naturally drain the pan.

Fourth, fruit grapes, red dates, peaches, pomegranates, etc.

Chinese medicine believes that grapes can “enrich blood and strengthen the bones of Chile, stomach and health, in addition to polydipsia, benefit from gas and water, urinating, nourishing kidney and liver.”

Mature grapes contain up to 10% sugar?
30%, mainly glucose, can be directly absorbed by the human body, and also contains mineral calcium, potassium, phosphorus, iron and multivitamins, as well as a variety of essential amino acids.

Jujube is sweet and warm, and it belongs to the spleen and stomach. It has Buzhongyiqi, nourishing blood and calming the nerves, and alleviating the function of medicine. Modern pharmacology found that jujube contains protein, sugar, organic acid, vitamin A, vitamin C, various trace calcium and amino acids.Rich in nutrients.

Pomegranate is sweet, sour, warm, with insecticidal, astringent, sputum, diarrhea and other effects, its vitamin C content is one or two times higher than apples and pears.

Recommended recipes – yogurt fruit salad material preparation: yogurt, grapes, apples, peaches, kiwis, etc. Steps: Wash the children’s favorite fruits, peel them, cut them into cubes, pour in the yogurt and mix evenly.The child is burdened.

Eat healthy!

Conditioning the spleen and stomach, the baby does not love to get sick!

Parents come on!

Test: Does the elderly suffer from depression?

Test: Does the elderly suffer from depression?

According to statistics, the proportion of elderly people over the age of 55 who suffer from depression can be as high as 10%-15%. Some of the patients have severe symptoms or even mild illness, so the mortality rate of elderly patients with depression can be as high as 30%.

  Like young depression patients, elderly patients with depression have an unexplained and persistent depression for more than two weeks, and their feelings have plummeted until they fall to the bottom.

One of the most typical performances is that you can live, work, and your previous hobbies.

Gradually, elderly patients with depression may have more and more serious physical symptoms than younger patients, including: severe insomnia, old people who have a good sleep suddenly become difficult to sleep, although they fall asleep but wake up too early, or fall asleepAlso, I feel that I have not fallen asleep. At this time, taking anti-neurasthenia drugs often has no effect.

  Constipation Old people with normal bowel movements will become difficult to defecate, severely closed for a week, accompanied by various digestive disorders, such as loss of appetite or even completely no diet, and some have abdominal distension, bad breath and other symptoms.

  Cardiovascular abnormalities in elderly patients with depression often have elevated blood pressure, rapid heart rate or some symptoms of coronary heart disease.

  Anonymous pain Some elderly patients with depression will have some headaches, heartache, low back pain, joint pain and other pain-based symptoms.

The patient’s painkillers did not help, but the pain of taking antidepressants would ease and disappear.

  It is worth mentioning that the above mental and physical symptoms can be corrected, and the weight is light and heavy. Even in the same day, the weight can be different. Generally speaking, the morning is heavier and the night is lighter.

As the disease progresses, the mental disorder will become more and more obvious. The specific manifestations are: strong sense of loneliness and depression, memory, judgment, determination and learning ability are greatly reduced, crying, not wanting to see people, maybeThere are more and more intense suicide attempts and even the implementation of a suicide plan, which is likely to lead to disastrous consequences.

  Most elderly patients with depression have an introverted personality. They do not love communication before the onset of illness. After the onset, they cannot get the understanding or misunderstanding of their family, colleagues or friends. They may not be able to overcome the shadow of depression and adversely recover.

Conversely, harmony, a warm family and a “communication circle” are themselves a good medicine to help patients survive the gray period of depression.

  Considering that older women have depression as high as 25%, which is much higher than that of older men, experts reappear, and depression in older women is more important.

The reason why women are prone to depression is that the “extraordinary period” that affects hormone secretion in their lifetime is more than that of men.

Menopausal women, once suffering from menopausal syndrome, must have varying degrees of depressive symptoms.

If the science at that time, thorough treatment, often dragged into chronic depression and repeated attacks in old age, greatly affecting the quality of life in later life.

  Countries have made a consensus on the study of the etiology of depression: the root cause of depression is the imbalance of brain secretion in patients; although depression is a “difficult condition”, it is by no means a non-incurable disease.

Depression, including internal depression, can also be effectively prevented.

  At present, more than 10 kinds of new drugs with obvious curative effects are introduced to the market every year, and the symptoms of post-depression can be alleviated or eliminated.

In addition, drug treatment, such as supplementation with psychotherapy, tends to be better.

  Experts say that geriatric depression is very easy to relapse, so the disappearance of symptoms does not mean the end of treatment.

Experts recommend that patients continue to take the drug for one year after the clinical symptoms have completely disappeared, and insist on regular follow-up.

In addition, participate in fitness, recreational activities, make more friends, try to make life in the old age rich and varied, and learn to solve troubles, but also play a positive role in preventing recurrence of symptoms.

Old people with chronic diseases should prevent influenza

Old people with chronic diseases should prevent influenza

Entering November, the weather is getting colder.

Many elderly friends with chronic diseases will worry about the cold season flu.

  For the elderly with chronic diseases, winter is the period of high and exacerbation of the disease.

At this time, the body needs to add more food and energy to improve cold and disease resistance.

  For the elderly, especially in the elderly with cardiovascular diseases, upper respiratory diseases and diabetes, flu is one of the main threats to their healthy winter life.

The harm of the flu to the elderly is quite large and usually causes multiple complications.

Because the virus enters the respiratory tract, it will first destroy the body’s defense ability, which can cause secondary infection, causing pneumonia, myocarditis, endocarditis, diseases, etc., and then aggravate chronic diseases such as lung disease, hypertension, renal insufficiency, diabetes, etc.Condition.

  These complications can easily lead to death in the elderly.

Data show that after the flu, the mortality rate is 6% for 0-59 years old, 12% for 60-69 years old, 28% for 70-79 years old, and 54% for 80 years old and older.Among them, 94% of deaths caused by influenza occur in the elderly over 60 years old.

  So, how can the elderly prevent chronic diseases and flu attacks after entering the autumn?

For some elderly people with chronic diseases, because of their decreased immunity and reduced antiviral ability, they can get a flu shot according to individual conditions and add a protective door to the body.

  The World Health Organization has established monitoring points in more than 110 countries and regions including China. Each year, the monitoring sites have changed the existing surviving strains to the World Health Organization for comprehensive analysis. According to the analysis results, the World Health OrganizationPropose a more predictable strain and predict the strains that may be prevalent in the next year.

Using it to make a vaccine will have a good preventive effect.

  Influenza vaccination is one of the most effective measures to prevent influenza in the world. Especially children, the elderly and some patients with chronic diseases are susceptible to influenza.

If you transplant a needle one or two weeks before the annual influenza epidemic, you can safely spend the flu pandemic.

At present, there are lytic vaccines suitable for the elderly, such as GlaxoSmithKline’s “Fulu Lishi”, which is characterized by high immunogenicity, low substitution and good safety.

And the vaccination can protect one year, especially suitable for the elderly.

Therefore, it is recommended that older people with chronic diseases can be implanted with the flu vaccine to prevent the flu.

These two kinds of food are inertia mops, the most bowel bowel!

These two kinds of food are inertia mops, the most bowel bowel!

Too many people have encountered or are experiencing the troubles of constipation.

What should I do with constipation?

The stomach is uncomfortable to die. But how many people have thought about it, if you can be as serious as you are, it will not harm your own constipation?
5 good habits, having a healthy body also needs good emotions to have healthy intermediates. First of all, eating should be regarded as an important matter.

Maintain a pleasant transition while eating, relax and enjoy the color and aroma of the food, stimulate the digestive system work, and be straightforward.

Chewing more than two times and then eating and saying that when eating, slowly chewing, how many people really do?

I probably swallowed it when I came across a delicious meal.

In addition to grinding food, full chewing can also give the gastrointestinal tract a “I want to eat” signal to make it ready.

So, next time you eat, think you have to chew a few more and then swallow it.

Some people move more and some people will ask what is the relationship with this inside?

Everyone probably doesn’t know that some people are too thin and the whole person seems to have no strength and sickness. The muscles have no strength, and even the stool has no strength.

The right amount of exercise can greatly improve physical fitness, promote blood circulation, and thus improve the ability of the intestinal motility.

Let them rest and eat and eat seven minutes full, do not let the stomach overload work, in addition to weight, do not eat too much before going to bed, so as not to increase the burden on the body, disturbing the stomach rest.

Finally, you can choose a rest day every 10 days or so. On this day, you can choose a replacement instead of the usual one, you can directly get a rest, and it is also good to remove the internal food residue.

Drink plenty of water, asynchronously moisturizes the first cup of water, and supplements the water after a night’s sleep. The more important significance is that it can stimulate the injection to produce the intention.

And in addition to the morning, usually too many people forget to drink water, especially now the weather is cold, more and more dry, but also pay attention to remind yourself to drink regularly.

Indirect cleaning – the interaction between the small guards and the probiotics in the two foods is a huge pool of bacteria, inhabited by hundreds of millions of bacteria, bacteria that are beneficial to humans and harmful bacteria, butOnly the flora of the intermediate is in equilibrium and will be healthy in itself.

“Probiotics” is a kind of beneficial bacteria, active microorganisms that can improve the balance of the flora in the body, maintain the health of the body and enhance natural immunity.

However, the number of viable bacteria in probiotics must reach a certain amount to have a role.

China’s “Sanitary Standard for Lactic Acid Bacteria Drinks” (GB 16321) stipulates that the number of viable bacteria in the active lactic acid bacteria beverage must be ≥ 1 million / ml.

The international active lactic acid bacteria drink standard is not less than 10 million / ml, and the product standards of some international brand enterprises have reached 100 million / ml.

The initial mop—–plant cellulose plant cellulose is found in coarse grains, fruits and celery, amaranth, cabbage, radish, bamboo shoots and other vegetables.

Although it has no “nutrition” and cannot be absorbed by the body, it is a concomitant and great benefit.

In the series, it can enhance the stimulation of the intestinal wall, accelerate the initial peristalsis, change the residence time of harmful substances inside, make the stool smooth, and promptly sweep the “garbage” out of the door.

Regular consumption of plant cellulose can reduce the occurrence of various malignant tumors of the digestive system.

3 small movements, stimulating gastrointestinal vitality, holding the legs on the back of the car, lifting one leg and knees, holding with both hands, the other side of the leg straight, the upper body slowly raised until the head and stepping off the ground, the eyes look straightThe toes of the legs.

Keep this action inhaling, then breathe and exchange the other side.

Note: Always keep your abdomen in the process.

If you feel tired, you can choose the head and the duvet do not leave the ground to reduce the difficulty of the action.

The squat venting is naturally slender, the feet open and shoulder width, the body bends forward, keeps the hips straight, and both hands grasp the front side of the calf.

Then slowly bend your knees and knees until the hips are at the lowest position, the legs are open, the elbows are placed on the thighs, the fingers are folded, and the eyes are looking forward.

Note: This action is held for more than 15 seconds and repeated 10 times.

Keep the back straight during the entire movement.

The legs are bent on the back, the knees are raised and the calves are raised, the front side of the calf is green, and the forehead is forced close to the top.

Then inhale, straighten your legs, extend obliquely upwards, and extend your hands to the top of your head; exhale, draw a semicircle with your hands on the side of the body, restore the posture of the leg, repeat 5?
10 times.

Note: When lying on the back, the waist is separated from the ground by a palm.

If the waist is arched up, you can raise your legs a little and reduce the difficulty.

Four three for the daily health of the elderly

“Four three” for the daily health of the elderly

With the increase of age and the attenuation of the body, the elderly, the ability to adjust to life is getting worse.
Therefore, in daily life and health, we must do the following “four three”. First, “three less” 1.
Less salt After years of universal education, we can basically recognize the harm caused by excessive intake of salt. A series of aging diseases are almost related to salt.
Therefore, it is not only staying in the understanding, but also implementing it into life, especially paying attention to the calculation and ingestion of “hidden salt”. Often, the salt exceeds the standard, and the calculation of hidden salt is not noticed.Foods with high salt content are ignored.

Reduce fat and reduce the intake of oil, which has long been the consensus of health care and weight loss in the whole society.
Medical research has shown that for every kilogram of fat added to the body, 200 micrometers of microvessels are added.
At least this increases the distance of blood supply to the heart, increases the burden on the heart, is not conducive to the smooth and healthy blood pressure, and reduces the mobility of people.

A small amount of food, seven to eight minutes full, is the common sense of health.
Research by the National Center for Circulatory Disease Research in Japan shows that it is more important to control the amount of food than to reduce oil and reduce salt. Especially for the elderly with high blood pressure and high blood fat, it is necessary to control the amount of food and reduce accumulation.
If you can’t control your mouth, even exercise, medicine, detoxification, etc. will not help.
  Second, “three loose” 1.
The collar of the person has a baroreceptor that affects blood pressure changes. If the collar is too small and the tie is too tight, it may be pressed to the “receptor” of the neck, causing the body to incorrectly adjust the high blood pressure, causing discomfort or illness.
Therefore, for friends with unstable blood pressure, it is not recommended to wear small collar clothes. It is not recommended to wear a tie to keep the neck loose.
  2.The loose belt of the belt will affect the blood circulation of the lower limbs of the human body, which will cause a lot of discomfort.
Especially for people with high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, and narrowing of the vascular lumen, tightening the belt is undoubtedly aggravating.
Therefore, the belt of the pants can not be tightened, so as not to lose.
If you use “strap pants” is also a good choice.
  3.Footwear loose feet are the end of the body, the most easy to “blood flow.”
If the shoes and socks are too tightly worn, it will not only affect the delivery of nutrients, but also increase the risk of blood pressure. Therefore, it is recommended that the middle-aged and elderly people choose the shoes and shoes to be bigger, and the socks are the most comfortable.
Especially for friends who have long cold hands and feet, they should pay more attention to maintenance.
  Third, “three bogeys” 1.
Avoid excessive exercise Reasonable exercise, proper exercise is one of the best ways to improve the quality of life, but for middle-aged and elderly people, mastering the intensity of exercise and the amount of exercise is more important than whether it is exercise, that is, the so-called too much.
Such as rotating, jumping, violent, suffocating items, should not be chosen or engaged.
Not only does it help to maintain health, it also increases cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.
The soothing and continuous activities such as Tai Chi, medical gymnastics, walking, and Qigong are the “movements” advocated in health care.
  2.Avoiding competitions Whenever a game is mentioned, it will affect the emotions and cause fluctuations in emotions such as tension and excitement.
This is not advocated by the way of health.
During the game, no matter how stable your mentality is, there are competitive activities, which is a normal situation in which blood pressure rises and the heart beats faster. If this leads to an accident, it will not be worth the loss.
  3.Avoiding shackles In the context of health care, it is an improper paranoia to accumulate certain behaviors for a long time.
For the movement of middle-aged and elderly people, once they become sputum, it is easy to lose control of exercise intensity and time, and also have the risk of causing illness.
The so-called “measures, diversity, and versatility” are all advocated in health care, and it is never recommended to become a good one.
  Fourth, “three cautions”In general, middle-aged and elderly people have a wealth of life experience, it is easy to follow the experience, and the problem of taking medicine is no exception.

Look at the instructions, or listen to the advice of the “pharmacy doctor”, and start treating yourself.

In fact, this is the last thing that should be sloppy.

There is a world of difference between the perspectives and visions of experts and non-experts.

Although there are often some of the same marks and results, we strongly recommend finding an expert, following the doctor’s advice, and being responsible.

  2.Cautious supplements are not medicines.

Nowadays, many people can’t afford the flickering of the tonic advertisements. They exaggerate their words and the propaganda of their gods, don’t take medicine, don’t take medicine, and blindly go to the various tonics, so that the relatives around them are helpless.

From the perspective of health, tonics are concentrated in some parts of the food to achieve nourishment.

If it is flooded, it will often be counterproductive, and the role of drugs is not listed, so be careful with supplements.

  3.Careful withdrawal of medications and taking doses must be observed in accordance with the doctor’s advice, and must not stop or reduce drugs by their own feelings.

For blood lipid lowering, blood pressure lowering drugs, which need to be taken for a long time, or even for life, let the feeling often cause big problems.

If you really want to stop taking medicine or reduce your medicine, remember to consult a doctor first.

The Five Principles of Edible Animal Food

The Five Principles of Edible Animal Food

Meat is the main food of people.
There are more than 100 species of poultry, livestock and fish.
Its main ingredient is protein. Because animal protein is rich in essential amino acids, it is more complementary to staple foods and promotes human health.
In lean meat, protein is about 20%, among which pork, beef, chicken, rabbit meat and other nutritive values are higher; meat fat content is 5% to 50%, which is an important source of heat.
In addition to the liver, meat is generally lacking in carbohydrates.
Meat is a good source of vitamin B and niacin.
The broth usually contains a small amount of animal glue, a small amount of meat protein and vitamin B family. Because of its special aroma and umami taste, it can stimulate the secretion of gastric juice and promote digestion. Therefore, many people have a special liking for broth.
  A variety of eggs are good foods that people can easily obtain.
Egg proteins have a variety of essential amino acids that are easily utilized by the human body.
At the same time, an egg contains 30 mg of calcium and 1.
5 mg of iron is a good supplement for pregnant women and children; there are also a considerable amount of vitamin A, thiamine, niacin and riboflavin in egg yolk, which are indispensable for human growth and health.
  Edible animal foods follow the “six principles”
More poultry and less animals: According to statistics, pork accounts for 85% of meat in our country’s residents, and poultry and fish account for 15%.
Experts believe that such a ratio of meat to food is extremely unreasonable.
The effects of meat and poultry meat on human health are quite different.
Analysis shows that the chemical structure of goose duck fat is closer to olive oil, not only harmless to the heart, but may have a certain protective effect.
Therefore, it is reasonable to reduce the proportion of pork in meat to 60% and the increase in poultry and fish to more than 30%.
More fish and less meat: Pork has a high content of saturated fatty acids, and excessive intake can lead to high blood lipids.
The fish has a low fat content and a high protein content, which is more than twice that of pork.
The linoleic acid content beneficial to the human body is also much higher than that of pork.
Fish has a high protein content and is easy to digest. Eating fish can also prevent hyperlipidemia to a certain extent.
The combination of animal protein and vegetable protein can improve each other’s physiological value, called protein complementation.
If pork and poultry are compatible, since they are all animal-complete proteins, their complementary effects are small and they cannot improve protein utilization.
The combination of pork and soy products or vegetables can make up for the lack of methionine in the beans and less lysine, tryptophan and methionine in the vegetables.
Vegetables are rich in vitamins and mineral salts. Vitamins promote protein metabolism, while mineral salts neutralize the acidic products produced during meat metabolism to maintain the body’s normal acid-base balance.
Eat vegetables first, then eat meat: When eating, the restaurant likes to put the vegetables in the end. In fact, the best order is to eat: soup → vegetables → rice → meat → fruit (eat after half an hour).
More bones and less meat: For animal foods, don’t just stare at the meat.
Take pork bone as an example, its protein, calcium, iron and energy are better than pork.
What is especially rare is that these nutrients are easily absorbed by the body and are suitable for the elderly who have different degrees of appetite and digestive function.
More stewed and less fried: In terms of cooking methods of pork, in the various ways of steaming, frying, stewing, etc., the best way to be suitable for middle-aged and elderly people is to stew.
First of all, the stew is tender and soft, and the chewing function of the middle-aged and the elderly is mostly degraded, so it is more suitable.
Second, stewing can eliminate some of the drawbacks of pork.
Experiments have shown that for a long time of stewing, the oil is reduced by 30% to 50%, the unsaturated fatty acid is increased, the cholesterol content is lowered, and the taste is good.

Do five things long life before going to bed

Do five things long life before going to bed


Drinking a cup of honey and milk in the ancient folks spread such a sentence: “Chaochao salt soup, honey honey.

“It means drinking salt water and drinking honey sugar in the evening.”

According to research by foreign medical experts, milk contains L-tryptophan, which promotes sleep. Drinking milk with honey for 1 hour before going to bed can help sleep.

Honey helps maintain blood sugar balance throughout the night, thus avoiding early waking, especially for older people who are often insomnia.


The ancient doctors of the comb head can find the gap between the acupuncture points on the head. Through combing, they can massage, stimulate, calm the liver, extinguish the wind, open the sputum, and relieve the pain and eyesight.

In the morning and evening, use two fingers to comb the scalp redness and fever, which can clear the blood flow to the head, improve brain thinking and memory, promote hair root nutrition, reduce hair loss, eliminate brain fatigue, and fall asleep.


Washing (揉) foot folks 曰: “hot feet before going to bed, to take sleeping pills”, “washing feet before going to bed, winning the tonic”, “raising trees to protect the roots, raising people’s feet”, and so on.

Foreign medical scientists call their feet “the second heart of the human body” and “the pump of the heart”, which highly praises the health effects of the feet.

Chinese medicine believes that more than 60 acupoints on the feet are closely related to the internal organs.

If you can wash your feet with warm water (40 °C – 50 °C) before going to bed every day, massage your feet and toes, you can promote the operation of blood and blood, so that the yin and yang can restore the balance.

For the elderly, it is more effective for rickets and fitness.


Take a walk for 10-20 minutes with a calm, proper blood circulation to the body surface, and the skin can be “live” after falling asleep.

Experts reminded that after lying down, they don’t read books and newspapers, regardless of the problem, so that the brain’s activities are reduced and they go to sleep faster.


Brushing your face and brushing your teeth before going to bed is more important than morning. In addition to clearing your mouth and helping to protect your teeth, it is also helpful for you to fall asleep.

Experts suggest that after watching TV, wash your face and wipe your body to protect your skin and make your sleep comfortable and relaxing.