[Can papaya seeds be eaten directly]_How to eat_How to eat

[Can papaya seeds be eaten directly]_How to eat_How to eat

Such things as papaya seeds cannot be eaten directly. We need to process the papaya seeds to eat them, which is why we directly remove the papaya seeds when we eat the papaya.

The taste of papaya seeds is not good, and it is easy to get stuck in the throat, so it must be removed, but after processing, the papaya seeds are edible, but the processing methods are more complicated, everyone can learn how to make papaya seeds.

Can papaya seeds be eaten? In fact, the general papaya seeds don’t taste good, and they are not recommended.

1. For papaya seeds, it will not feel good if eaten raw directly, but it is good to cook with other things, for example, you can put it in the ingredients of beef and the like. Papaya seeds can improve male and female hormones.The substance can reduce the effects of pigmentation and acne.

2. Papaya seeds are also edible, but the taste is a little bitter and unacceptable.

Papaya seeds are not only edible, but also can be added with trace elements such as zinc, which have many effects and effects on the body.

Papaya seeds have many uses. They can be used as medicine. The papaya enzymes in papaya seeds can soften fresh meat, stir-fry and supplement the trace elements zinc for the human body. The nutritional extracts of papaya seeds can also be used for skin care and beauty.

3. Papaya seeds are the same as papaya meat. You can chew them directly, but the amount of papaya is particular.

You can only eat one or two papaya seeds in the first day, and you can eat 1 more in the second week.

25 ml, you can eat 2 in the third week.

5 ml.

By analogy, the amount of food gradually expanded.

How to eat papaya seeds can be eaten or not, but can be used as a filling.

1. Now it’s summer, many delicious fruits have matured, papaya is rich in nutrition, sweet in taste, and has the effect of nourishing the lungs and stomach.

Folk rumors can be breast enhancement, which girls like.

2, but unless someone is eating papaya, they will not hesitate to throw away the black papaya seeds, because it is serious and not delicious.

I have tried it myself, the taste is really average, and there is a touch of bitterness.

However, the solid wood melon seeds soaked in water does not have any effect, under normal circumstances is not papaya seeds, but if you want to eat it is fine, it is not harmful.

3. It can also be fried and eaten. Papaya seeds are rich in zinc, which is good for children’s nervous system development.

You can also deepen the extraction of papaya seeds to make beauty skin care products.

4. Papaya is a melon with good medicine and food. Chinese medicine believes that papaya is sweet and flat, and has spleen, stomach, lactation, digestion, and deworming effects. It can be used for spleen and stomach weakness, loss of appetite, indigestion, and stagnant diet., Postpartum milk loss, diarrhea, abdominal pain, repellent roundworm, roundworm and other causes.

Benefits of eating papaya1. Papaya can also prevent many diseases, such as high blood pressure, nephritis, constipation, stomach problems, etc., because papaya is rich in carotene, calcium salts, proteases, lemonase, etc., so eating papaya often is enough for the bodyGood, but it can prevent many diseases, but remember that people with allergies must pay attention to eating papaya.

2. Papaya also has the function of helping digestion. For example, eating papaya for ten minutes after eating can help us to eliminate toxins in the body as soon as possible. Female friends who eat papaya often have good skin because papaya can promote metabolism.To help dissolve the aging cuticle and sebum accumulated in the pores, make our skin more beautiful and translucent.

3. Enhance the human body’s resistance. Papaya contains very many kinds of protein, traces, vitamins, and amino acids necessary for the human body. It can supplement a variety of nutrients for the human body and enhance the individual’s ability to resist disease.

Nutritional supplements.

4. Papaya has the effect of strengthening the spleen and digesting food. The papain in papaya can improve the digestion and absorption of food, and the effect of strengthening the spleen and digesting food is very good.

[How do the noodles with oil splashed noodles]_How to noodles_How to noodles

娌规臣闈㈡槸涓€绉嶅彈澶т紬娆㈣繋鐨勭編椋燂紝瀹冪殑鍛抽亾姣旇緝椴滅編锛岃€屼笖鍋氳捣鏉ヤ篃姣旇緝绠€渚匡紝骞朵笖杩樿兘褰撲富椋熼鐢紝浣嗘槸鍋氭补娉奸潰鍗村瓨鍦ㄥ緢澶氱殑璁茬┒锛屽畠閲岄潰鐨勯潰骞朵笉鏄钩甯搁偅绉嶆櫘閫氱殑楦¤泲闈紝鑰屼笖閭g姣旇緝绮椾竴鐐圭殑姘撮潰锛岄潰璁茬┒鍔查亾锛屼絾鏄緢澶氫汉閮戒笉鐭ラ亾娌规臣闈㈢殑闈㈡€庝箞鍜岋紝閭d箞娌规臣闈㈢殑闈㈡€庝箞鍜屽憿锛熸补娉奸潰鏄檿瑗夸紶缁熺殑鐗硅壊闈㈤涔嬩竴锛屽張鍙负鎵潰銆佹嫿闈€佹娀闈€佹、鏉¢潰銆侀妫嶉潰绛夛紝璧锋簮浜庡懆浠o紝骞朵互鍜搁槼娌规臣闈㈡渶涓鸿憲鍚嶏紝鏈夐矞棣欏懗銆侀吀杈e懗銆侀杈e懗銆傛补娉奸潰鏄竴绉嶅緢鏅€氱殑闈㈤鍒朵綔鏂规硶锛屽皢鎵嬪伐鍒朵綔鐨勯潰鏉″湪寮€姘翠腑鐓啛鍚庢崬鍦ㄧ閲岋紝灏嗚懕鑺辩銆佽姳妞掔矇銆佺洂绛夐厤鏂欏拰鍘氬帤涓€灞傜殑杈 闱  綴 繴 Bi 鹪 湪 闱  笂 As a result of this, you can’t do it, you can’t do it, you can’t do it, you can’t do it, you can’t do it, you can’t do it.悗璋冨叆閫傞噺閰辨补銆侀閱嬪嵆鍙€備篃鍙彟澶栧姞鍏ヨ厞姹佽倝銆佽タ绾㈡熆楦¤泲绛夋惌閰嶉鐢ㄣ€?.闈㈢矇閲岃鍔犻€傞噺椋熺洂锛岃繖鏍疯兘澶熸彁楂橀潰鐨勭瓔搴︺€傜敤姘存妸闈㈡悈鎴愰洩鐗囩姸锛屽啀鎶婇潰鎻夋垚鍏夋粦鐨勯潰鍥€傛弶闈㈡椂锛岃澶氭弶鍑犻亶銆傛弶濂藉悗锛岃鐩栦繚椴滆啘锛岄ェ闈?0鍒嗛挓宸﹀彸銆傛椂闂撮暱鐐规晥鏋滄洿濂姐€?.鎶婃补鑿滄嫨娲楀共鍑€銆傝眴鑺芥礂鍑€锛屽幓鐨€傝懕鍒囪姳锛岃挏鎹f垚钂滄偿銆?.鎶婄敓鎶姐€佸懗绮俱€佺洂銆侀唻鏀惧湪纰楅噷锛岃皟鎴愯皟鍛虫眮锛屽鐢ㄣ€?.鎶婇啋濂界殑闈㈢敤鎿€闈㈡潠鎿€骞筹紝鍦ㄩ潰鐗囩殑涓棿鐢ㄦ搥闈㈡潠杞у嚭涓€閬撳嵃锛屽皢闈㈡寜鐓у墠闈㈣涧鐨勫嵃鍎挎挄寮€锛屽彇涓€鏉★紝鍙屾墜鎹忎綇涓よ竟锛岃竟鎶昏竟鍦ㄦ鏉夸笂鎽旀墦锛屾參鎱㈠皢闈㈢墖鎶诲紑鎶婚暱銆?.Click on the button and click on the button, click on the button, click on the button, click on the button, click on the button, click on the button, click on the button, click on the button, click on the button, and click on the button.搴曘€?.Upset, effective, upset, upset, down, up, down, up, down, up, down, down

Northbound funds holding a high percentage of stock lists

Northbound funds holding a high percentage of stock lists

Securities Times obtained 1973 shares of Northbound capital holders, with a total shareholding of 496.

4.5 billion shares, holding a stock market value of 9351.

3.3 billion yuan.

Based on the proportion of shareholdings, 18 Northbound funds held more than 10% of the total share capital, and 25 held more than 10% of outstanding shares.

  Under the interconnection mechanism, northbound funds have become important players in the A-share market.

The Securities Times stock market big data new media “Data Bao” statistics show that as of May 30, 1973 shares were held by Northbound funds, with a total shareholding of 496.

4.5 billion shares, holding a total stock 杭州夜生活网 market value of 9351.

3.3 billion US dollars, ranking the previous trading day, holding the stock market value decreased by 54.

3.4 billion.

In view of different industries, the top five industries with the largest stock market value are food and beverage, household appliances, non-bank finance, banking, pharmaceutical and biological, and the stock market value is 1904.

4.1 billion, 1006.

7.6 billion, 933.

7.4 billion, 839.

6.1 billion, 823.

9.2 billion yuan.

  In terms of individual stocks, there are 18 Northbound funds holding more than 10% of the total equity. Founder Securities (right protection) has the highest percentage of total shares, and Northbound funds recently held the stock.

2.4 billion shares, accounting for 17 of the total equity.

30%, China Test detects that the proportion of Han’s laser shares in the total equity is 17 respectively.

08%, 16.

16% is second and third.

  Northbound capital holdings account for the total equity ratio grade code Short-Shenzhen Stock Connect, Shanghai Stock Connect holdings (100 million shares) to total equity ratio (%) holding value (trillion) 601901 Founder Securities 14.



40300012 Huatest detection 2.



02002008 Han’s Laser 1.



64600009 Shanghai Airport 3.



98000333 Midea Group 9.



84300203 Concentrating Technology 0.

31600887 Yili shares 7.



86601888 China International Travel Service 2.



74600276 Hengrui Medicine 5.



81600201 Biological Shares 1.



57600885 Hongfa shares 0.



47600066 Yutong Bus 2.



67000418 Little Swan A0.



89600660 Fuyao glass 2.



18002353 Jerry shares 0.



29000651 Gree Electric 6.



90600298 Angel Yeast 0.



85600690 Qingdao Haier 6.



03300347 Tiger Medical 0.


20600585 Conch Cement 3.


01 In terms of the proportion of shares held in circulation, Shanghai Airport has the highest proportion of Northbound funds, and the proportion of shares held in circulation is 27.

61%; China Test, Han’s Laser, Founder Securities, etc. have the highest shareholding ratios, and their shareholding ratios are 18 respectively.

84%, 17.

36%, 17.


  Among the stocks in which Northbound Capital holds over 10% of the outstanding shares, there are 3 small and medium-sized boards, 3 GEM boards, and 19 Shenzhen and Shanghai main boards.

In terms of industry, the high proportion of individual stocks is mainly concentrated in the pharmaceutical and biological, household appliances, and electronics industries. There are 4, 4, and 2 stocks on the list.

(Data treasure) Northbound funds’ shareholdings in tradable shares ranking code is referred to as Shenzhen Stock Connect, Shanghai Stock Connect’s shareholdings (100 million shares) in tradable shares ratio (%) holding value (10,000 yuan) 600009 Shanghai Airport.



98300012 Hua test detection 2.



02002008 Han’s Laser 1.



64601901 Founder Securities 14.



40002727 Yixintang 0.



25000710 Berry Gene 0.



52002353 Jerry shares 0.



29000333 Midea Group 9.



84603816 Gu family home 0.



89600258 First Brigade Hotel 0.


97603737 three trees 0.


25300347 Tiger Medical 0.



20603515 Op lighting 0.



68300203 Concentrating Technology 0.



31600887 Yili shares 7.



86601888 China International Travel Service 2.



74600276 Hengrui Medicine 5.



81600201 Biological Shares 1.



57600885 Hongfa shares 0.



47000418 Little Swan A0.



89600066 Yutong Bus 2.



67600660 Fuyao 无锡桑拿网 glass 2.



18000651 Gree Electric 6.



90600298 Angel Yeast 0.

85600690 Qingdao Haier 6.




[Can pregnant women eat flail?

]_Pregnancy_Can you eat

[Can pregnant women eat flail?
]_Pregnancy_Can you eat

Lotus root is a kind of food that people often eat in life. This kind of food is widely cultivated in China, especially in Hubei, where the annual lotus root crops are very high. Lotus root has different names in different places.This is a very nutritious ingredient, some lotus root protein, protein and carrots and carotene, etc., can women during pregnancy eat lotus root?

Can pregnant women eat lotus root?

Pregnant women can eat lotus root.

Lotus root protein and starch, these are the nutritional elements that pregnant mothers must accept every day during pregnancy, so pregnant women can eat lotus root.

Eating fresh pupae raw can also effectively treat morning sickness symptoms.

The benefits of lotus root for pregnant women: 1. Cooked savory sweetness and warmth, can strengthen the spleen and appetizers, nourish the blood and replenish the heart, so the main internal organs supplement the five internal organs.

Eating fresh scallion raw can clear away heat and annoyance, quench thirst and vomit, if squeezing the fresh scallion to extract juice, its effect is even greater.

Try to drink some fresh coriander juice during morning sickness during pregnancy.

2, lotus root is rich in iron, calcium and other trace elements, plant protein, vitamins and starch content is also very rich, there are obvious tonic blood, and enhance the role of human immunity.

Therefore, Chinese medicine called it: “The main supplement is to nourish the gods and strengthen the energy”.

Pregnant women eat coriander powder, which can provide nutritional absorption of themselves and vitamins, improve pregnant women’s immunity, and the baby can develop better.

3, lotus root also has laxative and diarrhea, spleen appetizer effect.

Lotus root contains mucus protein and supplementary fiber, which can be combined with bile salts in the human body, cholesterol and triglycerides in food, and converted into excretion in feces, thereby reducing the absorption of lipids.

Pregnant women eating lotus root can effectively prevent constipation during pregnancy.

4, lotus root emits a unique fragrance, also contains a higher quality, has a certain spleen and diarrhea effect, appetizing Jianzhong, good for poor appetite, loss of appetite to restore health.

The use of lotus root powder in pregnant women can increase appetite, promote digestion, and ensure the absorption of pregnant women’s own energy and nutrition.

The practice of pregnant women eating lotus root is slightly sweet and crisp. It can be eaten raw or cooked, and has a high medicinal value. Its roots, leaves, flowers and fruits are all valuables.

Ingredients for ginger juice tincture: 藕 1 section, appropriate amount of salt, appropriate amount of vinegar, appropriate amount of ginger, appropriate amount of raw soy sauce, appropriate amount of fuel, appropriate amount of vegetable oil, appropriate amount of sesame oil, and appropriate amount of sugar.

Practices: 1. Wash and peel the coriander, slice, peel the ginger, and cut into pieces.

2. Add vinegar, raw soy sauce, oyster sauce, sugar, sesame oil into the bowl, and prepare the juice for later use.

3, add water to the pot and boil, blanch the boil, remove into the bowl.

4, add ground ginger, fine salt and mix well, remove and cool for 2 minutes.

5. Refill the pan, then pour on the right juice to serve.

China Sports Industry (600158) Annual Report Review: Three-dimensional layout advantage highlights the absolute leader of sports platform companies

China Sports Industry (600158) Annual Report Review: Three-dimensional layout advantage highlights the absolute leader of sports platform companies

Event: The company achieved an operating income of approximately 14 in 2018.

500 million US dollars, an annual increase of 33%; net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies is 8391 million, an annual increase of 44%; net profit after deduction is 82.12 million yuan, an increase of 46%; realized income of 0.

0994 yuan, an increase of 44 in ten years.


Key points of investment: The development of the sports platform business model to promote the growth of the company’s performance. The report on the growth of the alternative main business of the Chinese sports industry is obvious. The highlight is that the sports business achieves revenue5.

60 ppm, an increase of 30 in ten years.

57%; gross margin is 28.

84%, basically stable for one year.

From the perspective of performance, the company’s “sports + multiple industry resources” business model has begun to release performance, and the pulling effect produced by the sports industry has gradually emerged. It has shifted from relatively independent types of sports services to cross-domain and cross-industry.The transformation of platform-based services, through the construction of service platforms, has obvious effects on business linkage and resource integration.

Sports business: The strength of the event matrix has increased significantly, and the company’s eye-catching report on the performance of the brokerage business has resulted in the rapid growth of the sports business, which is mainly due to the increase in revenues from the two major business of event management, operations and brokerage, in which the event business revenue has increased by 48.

12%. Brokerage business revenues increase by 82 per year.

72%, very eye-catching performance.

In terms of event business, the company added the Guangzhou Marathon in 18 years and became the operator of the three top marathons in North Malaysia, Wuma and Guangma. At the same time, it also won the Beijing Half Marathon. “Circle China, Qinling Mountains, Quanzhou Bay, Panzhihua”Four road cycling races, as well as cooperative projects such as sailing, aviation, smart sports, and national fitness, have greatly increased the IP competition and overall strength of the company’s events.

We believe that the Chinese sports industry has become the largest sports event operating company in China with operating capacity and potential for expansion, and the continued development of core business will continue to increase the company’s operating scale and estimated level.

The company’s sports brokerage business mainly provides market development agency services for national sports teams such as the General Administration of Sport Training Bureau, the National Diving Team, the synchronized swimming team, the short track speed skating team, the Winter Center and other national teams, such as Wu Dajing, Liu Guoliang, Ye Shiwen, etc.By the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, the company’s sports brokerage business will also continue to develop capabilities.

In terms of internationalization, the company is the absolute leader in the realization of the “Belt and Road” in the sports industry, providing business extension and international interfaces for the company’s sports industry chain.

The report summarizes that the company has implemented sports technical assistance projects for athletes such as Bolivia, Madagascar, Jamaica, Uruguay, and Tonga, organizing competitions, and performing large-scale celebrations. The team has successfully implemented the gymnastics performance techniques for the opening and closing ceremonies of the South American Games.Assistance projects, traditional technical cooperation projects for stadiums such as Sierra Leone, Niger, Uganda; also completed 5 sports research courses in cooperation with the Ministry of Commerce, and undertook the recruitment of sports services trade section of the first China Import Expo.

In addition, the company’s major highlights in 19 years are the market development of the 7th World Military Games and the franchise retail business of the 2022 Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympic Franchise Plan.

We believe that the company’s current resource advantages in the industry have continued to emerge, and the development of traffic for national fitness, Olympic Day and other activities has begun. Its upstream event resources and downstream sports space content and operations can form a significant synergy effect, so these resourcesThe huge commercial value will be gradually released, making the company the most comprehensive sports industry operation platform in the country, and at the same time, the performance can continue to grow.

The sports lottery business reorganization was greatly underestimated by the market for 18 years. The company started major asset reorganization work. It is planned to inject the supplementary lottery company under the State Sports General Administration and merge the relevant equity of the certification company into the body.

The main business of Sports Lottery Technology Co., Ltd. and China Sports Lottery Printing Co., Ltd. belongs to the upstream sector of sports lottery services. The main business of China National Sports Certification Corporation and Huaan Certification Corporation belongs to sports standardization services and certification testing related industries.China Sports Lottery Technology is the core system technology developer and operator of domestic sports lottery. The domestic competition barriers and operating advantages are very obvious.

If the reorganization is successful, the company will fully cover the upstream R & D operations-equipment-printed copies of sports lottery and become the 杭州桑拿网 absolute leader in the sports lottery industry.

We believe that the company’s existing strength and development potential in the sports lottery business are seriously underestimated by the market, and investors are advised to remain highly concerned.

Investment rating and profit forecast We believe that the company’s three-dimensional layout of the sports industry and business platform management model have a clear thinking. When internal business resources are integrated and integrated, it is used in sports event operations, sports brokerage, sports complex development and operation, and sports lottery business.The absolute advantages in this area are obvious. At the same time, the advantages of resources have begun to be released continuously. The flow effects covering users can be organically combined with information 重庆耍耍网 technology, big data and other scientific and technological means, and the operating status has continued to improve. It is an absolute platform leading company in the domestic sports industry.

Looking forward to 2019, the company’s biggest point is that the commercial value of the sports event matrix will continue to be released. At the same time, the sports lottery business is expected to gain stronger competition and business capabilities through asset reorganization, and the sports foreign aid business will continue to contribute performance; thus the company willThe potential energy of the spatial layout will be demonstrated in the medium and long term.

Therefore, the company’s overall business has great potential for development and its ability to achieve sustained growth. We give the company an “overweight” investment rating. Regardless of the replacement passed by the company’s restructuring, the company’s EPS for 2019-2021 is expected to be 0.

14, 0.

20 and 0.

26 yuan / share, it is recommended that investors continue to pay attention.

Risks remind the policy risks of the sports industry, the company’s business development is not up to expectations, major changes have taken place in the business, and the real estate industry continues to be sluggish.

Tianmu Lake (603136): Cost and efficiency increase drive return to mothers

Tianmu Lake (603136): Cost and efficiency increase drive return to mothers

Introduction to this report: Due to the weather factors in the first quarter, the revenue in the first half of the year rose slightly, but the further improvement in management efficiency drove the return to motherhood.

The company’s incremental projects are steadily advancing and actively seeking outward expansion.

Investment Highlights: The performance is in line with expectations, and the holdings are increased.

Maintain 2019/20/21 EPS1.



46 yuan, the company is a private attraction, high efficiency and external expectations, but taking into account macro factors and the potential price cuts across the country, the industry will be given a 20xPE estimate in 2020 and the target price will be reduced to 25.

8 yuan.

Brief description of results: 2019H1 achieved operating income2.

200 million / + 0.

27%,南京桑拿网 realized net profit attributable to mother 5371.

40,000 yuan / + 9.

56%, deducted non-net profit of 51.69 million / + 14.


The influence of factors such as the weather in the first quarter dragged down revenue slightly, and efficiency led to the same increase in profit.

①The revenue of the hot spring company is +1.

6%, net profit -25.

5%; Travel agency revenue 2.

89%, net profit +1.

87%; Zhuhai revenue was -0.

1%, net profit +5.

5%; ropeway revenue + 142%, net profit + 318%; ② under the circumstances of a slight increase in revenue, the non-net profit attributable to mothers was increased by 14.

8%, mainly reducing costs and increasing efficiency at the expense end, of which operating costs also decreased by 4.

17%, mainly due to reduced depreciation and reduced maintenance costs, and sales expenses also decreased by 0.

75%, and realized interest income on financial expenses, while reducing overall operating costs by 6 at the same time.


The cash flow performance was stable, and the progress of incremental projects accelerated.

① Cash flow performed well and operating cash flow inflows.

US $ 5.4 billion was matched with revenue, cash flow from operating activities increased, and pay for major categories of employees increased by 25%. As a result, net operating cash flow decreased by 20%.

46%; ② The ending balance of the Yuxi Hot Spring Phase II Zhuxigu project under construction has been increased from 12.15 million to 33.22 million, indicating that the progress is accelerating; Nanshan Zhuhai Ropeway Project continues to advance, and is currently in the stage of design prevention and disposal; ③In the future, the company will invest abroad based on the direction of professional development and actively seek out extension directions and projects.

Risk warning: weather affects passenger flow; uncertainty of project construction progress; impact of lifting the ban in the future.

Shentong Express (002468): Volume increase, price reduction, profitability infringement and cracking

Shentong Express (002468): Volume increase, price reduction, profitability infringement and cracking

Event: The company released the third quarter report of 2019, and the company achieved operating income of 156 in the first three quarters.

5.6 billion, an annual increase of 41.

01%, achieving net profit attributable to mother 11.

06 ‰, a decrease of 31 per year.

35%, net profit after deducting non-attribution is 10.

49 trillion, a decrease of 16 a year.


Revenue maintained a high growth and profit decreased significantly.

Because the company sold Shenzhen Fengchao Technology Co., Ltd.’s equity in the third quarter of last year to generate a large amount of investment income, resulting in changes in net profit attributable to mothers in the third quarter.

In the single quarter, the company achieved operating income of 57 in the third quarter.

85 ppm, an increase of 29 in ten years.

67%, net profit after deduction of non-return to mother is 2.

670,000 yuan, an average of 38 in ten years.


Against the impact of industry price wars, the company’s average single ticket revenue in the third quarter was 2.

80 yuan, an average of 13 for ten years.

13%, ring-on-epoxy 8.

30%, the industry has the highest price drop.

At the same time, the company built a new transshipment center and directly operated the center around the average daily processing capacity of 35 million units, which caused the company’s operating costs to increase by 40 per year in the third quarter.

37% squeezed profit growth.

Affected by this, the third quarter gross profit margin was 8.

94%, compared with the previous two quarters13.

03% / 14.

66% is very obvious.

In exchange for price, business volume growth leads the industry.

Stimulated by low prices, the company’s business volume increased significantly, and the completed business volume in July, August, and September was 6, respectively.

3.5 billion votes / 6.

7.5 billion votes / 7.

2.5 billion votes, with a 10-year growth of 52.

15% / 55.

53% / 50.

73%, the third quarter business volume growth led the industry, the first three quarters business volume accounted for 11 of the industry size.

49%, an increase of 1 over the same period last year.


In September, the company’s average daily order volume was about 24 million 杭州桑拿 orders.

Continue to consolidate and speed up the construction progress of the transfer center.

The company’s existing fixed assets are 27.

76 ppm, an increase of 88 in ten years.33% in the third quarter was 7 projects.

640,000 yuan, an increase of 2 from the first half of the report.

1 billion yuan, the company continued to increase the construction of transshipment centers and direct transformation.

Investment suggestion: The industry’s fierce price wars will reduce competitive profits, while the company’s transshipment center construction and business volume increase will take time, and it will still bear acceptable cost pressure in the short term.

The company’s EPS for 2019/2020/2021 is expected to be 1.



77 yuan, PE is 18x, 15x, 12x, downgraded to “overweight” level.

Risk warning: 上海夜网论坛 The growth rate of e-commerce is rapidly expanding, the price war is intensifying, and the cost is increasing significantly.

Small prescriptions love the talking family

Small prescriptions love the “talking family”

Although these problems of the vocal cords do not seem to be serious, for professional speakers, a loud and clear voice is an important tool for them to make a living, how can they not be properly protected?
He Min said that the “speaking family” can start from various aspects of life and make their health assets “stop falling and rising.”
For example, the human throat is very sensitive to dry and cold air and dust, so you can use a scarf and mask to keep your throat warm when going out on a cold day.
In the diet, eating more fruits and vegetables can rejuvenate the throat, and spicy, fried, over-cooled and over-heated diets, and tobacco and alcohol can irritate the throat. The vocal cords are repeatedly congested and contracted to increase wear and tear. It is best not to eat more.
And the prevention of colds is also a powerful measure to prevent throat diseases, so you should usually strengthen physical exercise, strengthen your physique, and prevent colds.
“For the” talking people, “the lake and the park are the best places to exercise because the air here is low in dust and humid enough.
“Tang Dagang, the director of the department of traditional Chinese medicine of the hospital, pointed out that there are also some simple and cheap, good-quality voice-enhancing drugs, teas, and dietary treatments in the traditional Chinese medicine. The” speaking family “can refer to their own situation.
  Fat Sea Tea: 3 pieces of Fat Sea, moderate sugar.
First wash the fat sea with warm water, and then brew it with boiling sugar for 15 minutes with 1 dose daily for tea.
  Stewed green fruit with white radish: 250 grams of white radish, 5 green fruit.
Wash the white radish, slice it, break the green fruit, and cook in a bowl of water.
1 dose per day, even taking 10-15 doses, suitable for those with chronic pharyngitis and lung heat injury.
  Luo Han Guo drink: Luo Han Guo 9 grams, Asparagus 15 grams, persimmon cream 3 grams.
First wash the two separately, put them in a cup, and soak them in boiling water.
Once a day, drink tea on behalf of the frequency, suitable for those with chronic pharyngitis and kidney yin deficiency.
  Honey tea: take appropriate amount of tea, honey.
Pack the tea leaves in a small gauze bag, place them in a cup, soak the tea in boiling water, mix with honey after cooling, gargle and swallow with this solution every half an hour, and take it for 3 days after the effect.
  Pronunciation training can protect the vocal cords. In addition, the most important thing for a “talking family” is to learn “how to speak”, that is, to master the correct pronunciation method.
He Min said that he had consulted a female patient with vocal cord polyps, and the cause was actually caused by his daughter’s recent poor performance and patients often rebuked loudly. Therefore, whether or not a professional voice user should alwaysTry to avoid screaming and shouting, and reduce the time of continuous speaking, and there is a health rule of “little words to nourish qi” in Chinese medicine theory.
At the same time, occupations that speak to people in large areas, such as teachers and promoters, are especially good at using sound reinforcement equipment to reduce the burden on their vocal cords.
  He Min also said that “speakers” should rest quietly when they have a cold, and promptly seek medical attention if they have symptoms of acute laryngitis, so as not to become chronic.
Women during menstruation or pregnancy will have physiological changes in the vocal cords, delicate tissues, and it is difficult to recover after trauma. At this time, pay attention to sound rest.
In addition, the habit of clearing your throat should be changed.
Some people use this action to clear the sputum in the throat, some people make their voice clearer, and some people use it purely as a habitual action before speaking.Damage, so it is best to quit.
  So, is there a way to make louder sounds more easily?
The answer is yes.
  According to reports, vocal cosmetology is popular among people who want to improve their voices abroad, but at present in China, only pronunciation training for actors and singers can be used as a reference.
This training pays attention to the use of abdominal breathing sounds to find the appropriate resonance cavity, which is similar to the use of “Dan Tian Qi” to make a sound.
The abdominal breathing method refers to the breathing method in which the abdomen is pushed outwards during inhalation and retracted inward when exhaled. The reader can use the exhaled breath to make the vocal cords vibrate and sound. The key to this is to “open the throat”.
In simple terms, it is to remember the feeling when yawning or taking a breath down, to keep the mouth in this state, and then use the breath to make a sound.

How to keep health in summer? Don’t do these things.

How to keep health in summer? Don’t do these things.

How to maintain health in summer?
The arrival of Lixia indicates that it is about to enter the hot summer. We all know that it is very important to maintain health in summer. How to maintain health in the summer?
The following mistakes in health care can be done, you should pay attention.
  Lixia health misunderstanding
Drinking more beer can solve the heat. On a hot day, drinking a beer is no better.
However, although beer is very difficult to covet.
If you drink more, it will not only make us feel the coolness, but will cause us to have a fever and increase the thirst and sweating.
The sooner the morning exercise, the better. Many people think that the sooner the summer morning exercise, the better.
In fact, before dawn or when the sky is bright, the air is not fresh, which is not conducive to fitness.
According to experts, before 6 o’clock in the summer, the pollutants in the air are the least likely to spread, which is the peak of pollution.
In addition, before sunrise, there was not much fresh oxygen around the green plants because there was no photosynthesis.
Too much practice in the morning is easy to catch a cold, causing joint pain, stomach pain and other diseases.
Therefore, the morning exercise time in summer should not be earlier than 6 o’clock.
Air conditioners should be kept at a constant temperature Many people are used to setting the temperature at a certain value when using air conditioners in summer.
In fact, constantly adjusting the temperature of the living room can make people’s physiological body temperature regulation mechanism often in a “tension state”, thereby improving people’s ability to adapt and protect themselves, so as not to suffer from colds or other room diseases.
Of course, when the air conditioner is used for adjustment, the temperature change range should be controlled between 3 degrees Celsius and 5 degrees Celsius; after half a month, the amplitude can be gradually increased to 6 degrees Celsius to 10 degrees Celsius.
Do not change the temperature too suddenly, and adjust it to 1 degree Celsius to 2 degrees Celsius per adjustment.
The deeper the color of the sunglasses, the more the eye can be protected. Most people have a wrong idea that the deeper the lens of the sunglasses, the more protected the eyes.
In fact, on the contrary, the darker the color of the lens, the more the lens will be damaged.
and so.
We recommend that the lenses of sunglasses be preferably grey or green.
  What should I do to prepare for summer health? Are you ready for the arrival of Lixia?
Everyone knows that summer is the season with the highest temperature in the year. The metabolism of the human body is very strong. Many people often have general malaise, loss of appetite, easy to get angry and depression in the hot summer.
How to deal with hot summer days?
  First, the thought should be quiet. Summer is hot and hot, people are prone to sultry and sleepy irritability.
Therefore, we must first calm down our thoughts, and be refreshed and calm.
  Second, the diet should be light. The summer diet should be light, soft, easy to digest, eat less high-fat and spicy and spicy.
A light diet can clear heat, prevent heat, sweat, rehydration, and increase appetite.
The lack of fresh vegetables and fruits can not only meet the required nutrients, but also prevent heat stroke.
The staple food is rare, such as mung bean porridge, lotus porridge, lotus leaf porridge and so on.
You can drink some refreshing drinks, such as sour plum soup, chrysanthemum tea, etc.
However, cold drinks should be moderate, and you should not be biased towards cold and cold products, otherwise you will hurt your body and damage your body.
In addition, eating some vinegar can not only stimulate the appetite, but also inhibit and kill the bacteria and prevent gastrointestinal diseases.
  Third, the house should be cool. In the morning and evening, the windows should be opened to allow the room to be ventilated.
At noon, the outdoor temperature is too high, so it is recommended to close the doors and windows, pull up the curtains, and block the hot air outside.Initially it helps to keep the room cool and will help us sleep more comfortably.

  Fourth, you should be able to travel far and wide in the summer.

In the morning, the first light of the dawn, the three breaths fresh, can go to the lush gardens to walk and exercise, spit the new.

In the evening, when the sun goes down, you can stroll along the river, the lakeside, the cool breeze that causes your heart to calm down and eliminate the fatigue of the day.

The most complete guide to pectoral muscle training

The most complete guide to pectoral muscle training


The development of the upper chest is not enough, and there is a significant difference from the lower and middle chest1.

Inclined bar, dumbbell bench press.

Why is it not obvious that someone has practiced for a long time?

Explain that action needs to be improved.

the first.

Pay attention to the essentials of action.

Get rid of the habit of doing bridge referrals.

Otherwise, a flat bench press will be used.

The part of the exercise is free.

Down Brown.


If the full-range action is not effective, consider half-range action, while focusing on the upper edge, and increase the weight appropriately.

Ask your partner to protect or help.


If the barbell does not work well, you can use dumbbells.

There is a little trick: don’t take a straight line when lowering the dumbbells, you can slightly roll your wrists to make the route slightly: C: shape, which can create a component in the tangent direction and add it to the upper bra.

The point is that attention must be focused above the upper rib cage.

And imagine the muscles bursting.

Congestion is good to enhance training effect.


Upright barbell presses, without belts, are performed with a load of 6-8 times per group.

Because the body naturally leans back.

Therefore, it has a strong stimulation effect on the upper chest.

Can quickly “overwhelm” the revealed clavicle.


Bench press.

Due to differences in body structure and softness.

If the effect of the sloping bench press is small, you may wish to use the bench press to develop the upper chest.

The main points of action are: re-align the bar when lowering the barbell, pay attention to focus on the upper steps, and then place a wooden block under the lying board to make it a small inclination of 5-10 degrees.

To help straighten black hair.


Forward leaning push-ups.

Raise your feet so that your body leans forward about 10 degrees, up to a maximum of 15 degrees, otherwise the focus of the force will turn to the shoulders.

You can ask your companion to add a barbell to the top.

  Second, the improvement of the chest muscle seam is not obvious. Professional masters ‘chest muscle seam is like a line, that is, narrow and deep. In order to deepen the chest seam, the muscles near the chest groove must be raised. The key is to fully squeeze the chest muscles so that the two-way chest musclesFully approached in each movement, bulging.

Straight arm instruments clip the chest.The straight arm performs better than the conventional flexed arm movement.

Sit on a bench and straighten your arms.

The fist eyes are forward and the forearm is against the arm shield.

In this way, the two can be crossed in front of the chest, and the amplitude is naturally larger than the flexed arm movement.

Stick to free radicals for 1-2 seconds, peaking contraction.

To try to squeeze the pectoral muscle near the middle seam and force it: “stand up”.

The cross of the tensioner * stands under the frame of the tensioner, and the two-handed grips are used to clamp the chest, fully intersecting the * blocks, instead of touching each other.

You can have one left arm on top, one right arm on top, or a pair of alternate up and down, 8-12 for each group.

Narrow grip bench press.

The load can be used to practice, but the amplitude deviation has advantages and disadvantages. It needs to be combined with other methods to obtain good results.

  Although the dumbbell bird also has a certain effect on the chest seam, once the body balance is over again, the tension on the chest muscle stretching will become smaller, so the chest seam training should be based on equipment with pulleys.