Life depresses celebrities seeking to vent vent swear words

Life depresses celebrities seeking to vent vent swear words

According to Hong Kong media reports, Jolin Tsai ‘s birthday on September 15 revealed that her wish was to become “Taiwan’s Lady Gaga”, but the burden of “idol” prevented her from trying boldly.

She admits that life is very depressing, and the way to vent is to swear against the wall.

  Jolin Tsai, who requires perfect personality, is always striving for breakthroughs in dance and music. She admits that she is envious of foreign singers to be able to show herself.不同,如果我再‘机车’(麻辣)一点,也不介意别人怎么骂我,就可以做到像她那样子了!After Cai Tianlin was a little boy, every move, whether on stage or in private, attracted media attention.

In this kind of life, she frankly frustrated, sometimes inevitably going crazy.

She said, “I hope the media will not shoot me or report me. Just listen to me sing and watch me dance.

“The way she relieved her pressure turned out to be quite” barbaric, “” I would go home and swear at the wall. ”

  The strong queen only conceded in front of love. Jolin Tsai admits: “I am finished when I touch love, and I am not strong at all in the other half. I am all kind of . pretending to be poor, of course, sometimes I really feel pitifulYes, haha!

“For Gossip boyfriend Peng Yuyan, Jolin Tsai generously praised the other party for making the girls happy, but what impressed me most was Wang Lihong.

“Jolin Tsai joined Warner Music last year with the goal of entering the international market.

According to reports, the album “Flower Butterfly” is selling well internally and is expected to enter the Japanese music scene.

However, Warner Music Taiwan has promised to deny it, and its agent Jiang Chengyi said: “I have not heard of this plan at present, and we will leave Jolin Tsai on vacation until the end of the year.

Jolin Tsai, who will be welcoming a three-month vacation, decided to leave a little more space for herself. She laughed: “Leave yourself a horse and enjoy life, it is only possible to be an idol by the age of 60.

Infertility caused by the Hermitage, medicated diet to help!

Infertility caused by the Hermitage, medicated diet to help!

Infertility caused by kidney yang deficiency caused by Gong Han, the principle of treatment should be to warm the kidney yang, you can take Yougui pills, gold instead of Shenqi pills.

  The so-called palace cold, refers to female kidney yang deficiency.

Gong Han can cause infertility, but it does not mean that Gong Han must be infertile.

Many women with cold in the palace are mainly afraid of cold, sore waist, soft legs, long urination, nocturnal urination, apathy, and menstrual changes. They often have less menstrual flow, lighter color, or dysmenorrhea.pregnant.
From another perspective, the temperature of the uterus is low, which is not suitable for weight gain, and it is easy to abort even if pregnant.

Therefore, it is necessary for women to condition the uterine environment before preparing for pregnancy.

  Clinical medicine has found that there are many reasons for Gong Han.

It depends on people’s congenital constitution. However, most of the causes of Gong Han now are bad lifestyles, such as eating cold drinks, being greedy, turning the air conditioner temperature too low, or wearing navel clothes for beautiful, winter clothes.Weakness, etc., and the cold period of menstruation will affect the magnitude.

In addition, excessive fatigue or emotional changes can also hurt your body’s yang.

  In the traditional Chinese health regimen, women’s constitution is yin, so don’t be greedy.

Even in the hot summer, women should not eat too much cold drinks, cold fruits and other cold things. Foods taken out of the refrigerator should be placed and eaten again. It is best to eat some hot food before eating cold food.”.

Usually, you should eat more foods such as walnuts, dates and peanuts.

You can also take some Ejiao, antler gum and other blood after the menstrual period, and you can also take Angelica ginger mutton soup for conditioning.

Take Angelica 15?
20 grams, 2 mutton 2 and ginger 4?
5 slices, cooked, eat soup and eat meat.

  Infertility caused by kidney yang deficiency caused by Gong Han, the principle of treatment should be to warm the kidney yang, you can take Yougui pills, gold instead of Shenqi pills.

  Aiming at Gong Han’s women, traditional Chinese medicine gynecologists introduced several medicinal diet therapies: chicken boiled motherwort black chicken, motherwort 500g (in 4 portions, soaked and dried with wine, vinegar, ginger juice, chuanxiong juice).

Put the prepared motherwort into the chicken’s chest, boil it with broth, eat chicken lightly, or send it off with wine.

Chicken bones and medicine residues are roasted to the end, and 120 grams of angelica is added, 60g is cut off continuously, 18g of ginger is the end, and refined honey is a pill, 9g each.

Take 1 pill each morning, middle and night.

Indications for long infertility.

Saffron breeding eggs Take 1 egg, take a mouthful, and add saffron 1.

5g, stir well and serve. Serve on the second day of menstrual cramps. Eat 1 per day, even 9.

Continuous service 3?
4 menstrual cycles.

Indications of infertility due to Qi deficiency and stasis.

Angelica Polygala Liquor is all Angelica, Polygala each 150g, 1500g sweet wine.

Seal Angelica and Polygala with gauze, soak in wine, and seal.

It can be taken after 7 days, and slag removed for future use.

Drink warmly every night and drink as much as you want without interruption.

Run out of wine and make it according to law.

The function is to promote blood circulation, reconcile qi and blood.

For women with irregular menstruation or insufficient blood.

Okara has cured my constipation!

Okara has cured my constipation!

I am an elderly patient with habitual constipation, and often take bowel orally and external medicine to defecate.

  But the effect is not great.

Moreover, the inside of the positive electrode is often formed into a plurality of dung stones, which is difficult to discharge. If you hold your breath for a bit, you will see black eyes.

Taking the golden flower directly made me very unbearable and concerned.

  In the past six months, the reason that I was able to defecate smoothly was the accidental addition of a soymilk machine at home.

At first, after drinking homemade soy milk for breakfast every day.

Discard the filtered bean dregs as garbage.

I heard my neighbor say that eating dregs can cure constipation.


I have a try-and-see attitude, and I want to try it for myself, after each breakfast, eat the bean dregs and soy milk together.

This trick really worked, and the next morning, it was easy to discharge soft stools.

Sometimes three times in two days.

This unexpected harvest not only made me say goodbye to constipation, but more importantly, I can avoid various diseases caused by difficulty in defecation in old age.

  It is recommended that constipation patients do not hinder a try and neither waste it.

Resolved constipation, why not kill two birds with one stone.

The fitness effect is more obvious according to personality

The fitness effect is more obvious according to personality

No matter whether it is a man or a woman, it is impossible to maintain a good figure all the time. In addition to the daily diet, you must take the time to go to the gym to exercise. How can you spend the shortest time to achieve the desired effect?

That is fitness by character, know your personality, and then find out the corresponding fitness method.

  First, timid.

  Some people are timid by nature, shy and blush at every turn.

These people should participate more in swimming, ice skating, boxing, parallel bars, vaulting and other events.

  These projects require people to constantly overcome timidity, to overcome difficulties and overcome obstacles with bravery and fearlessness.

After a period of exercise, the courage will become bigger, and people will be calm and natural.

  Second, suspicious.

  Some people are suspicious, lack trust in civilians, and do things decisively.

These people can choose table tennis, tennis, badminton, high jump, long jump, fencing and other items.

  These projects require athletes to be calm-headed, quick-thinking, correct, and decisive. Engaging in these activities for a long time will help people get out of their doubtful thinking.

  Third, lonely.

  Some people are introverted, lonely, unkind, and not good at interacting with others. They are the most competitive.

These people should choose team sports such as football, basketball, volleyball and relay running, tug of war.

  Persist in participating in the exercise of these collective projects, can strengthen their own vitality and spirit of cooperation with others, and gradually change their personality.

  Fourth, nervous type.

  Some people exercise to improve their psychological quality and should participate in more competitive sports (sports food) projects, such as football, basketball, volleyball and other projects.

The expectations of these projects are changeable and intense. Only by calmly and calmly responding can we gain an advantage.

  If you can often be tested in such fierce occasions, you will not be too nervous and panic, which will bring benefits to work and study.