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Nutritional value and characteristics of whole grains

Nutritional value and characteristics of whole grains

The grains we usually say are actually a “big family”: millet, corn, coarse rice, buckwheat, barley, oats, sweet potatoes, black beans, broad beans, red beans, mung beans, kidney beans, peas, etc.

  According to experts, the nutritional value of miscellaneous grains is higher than refined flour and rice.

Contains many nutritional ingredients for health, Yishou and anti-cancer substances, The color is milky white or pale yellow.

Divided into previous millet, waxy millet and mixed millet.

Its nutritional content is based on dry matter: about 10% of protein, 20?
39%, crude fiber 0.

18% and calcium, phosphorus, iron and other trace elements and vitamin B group millet are easily absorbed by the human body. Regular meals of millet can develop kidney qi, remove stomach heat, facilitate urination, especially suitable for maternal, young children and patients.

  Second, mung bean is a short-day, high-temperature crop that can be grown in most areas. Bright mung beans and green mung beans are classified according to their performance and use. Bright green mung has a green, shiny, sandy, and difficult to rot, but has a high bud rate, Most suitable for raw bean sprouts.

The surface of the green mung bean is matte, sandy, and easy to rot. It is suitable for various foods.

Main nutritional ingredients: 25% protein in dry matter?
32%, rough aunt 0.


3%, contains various amino acids, vitamins and iron, calcium, phosphorus and other minerals required by the human body. Iron content occupies the first place in grains, mung beans have high protein and low feces.

Chinese medicine believes that the taste is sweet and cold, and it has the functions of cooling and detoxifying, stopping diarrhea and diuresis, swelling and lowering qi, removing heat and nourishing and strengthening.

  Third, corn is one of the main edible miscellaneous grains. It is divided into four categories according to grain color and grain quality: yellow corn, white corn, waxy corn, and mixed corn.

Main nutritional ingredients: protein by substance


9% crude aunt, 2.


6%, crude fiber 1.


9%, contains calcium, phosphorus, iron, carotene and vitamins.

Its sexual Ganping, has hemostatic and antihypertensive and diuretic and choleretic effects.

  Cereals mainly contain vitamin E, which can damage brain cell metabolism and delay aging.

With the research of anti-cancer diet therapy, experts have found that grains generally contain anti-cancer substances, so eating more grains can strengthen your body and make you healthy.

The practice of Jianpi Xiaoji taro porridge

The practice of Jianpi Xiaoji taro porridge

Taro is both food and medicine.

Chinese medicine believes that taro is sweet, sweet, flat, has small poisons, enters the large intestine, stomach meridian, has detoxification, loosening, eliminates the power, and eats less can help digestion and treat indigestion.

After the year, the spleen and spleen are urgently needed. Taro helps: 50 grams of taro porridge, 100 grams of rice, and moderate sugar.

Select the taro and cut into small pieces. Wash the rice in the same pot, add water to cook the porridge, and season with sugar after cooking. Take 1 dose daily for 3?
5 days.

Can strengthen the spleen and stomach, digestion product, suitable for spleen and stomach deficiency, indigestion, infantile accumulation.

  Taro kelp porridge 50 grams taro, kelp, rice 100 grams each, seasonings.

Wash the kelp and cut it into pieces; choose the taro and cut it into small pieces; wash the rice, place the three together in the pot, add water to cook the porridge, and add salt when cooked, once a day for 7 days.1 course, 3 consecutive times?
5 courses.

It can strengthen spleen and eliminate product, and is suitable for adolescent goiter.

The fitness effect is more obvious according to personality

The fitness effect is more obvious according to personality

No matter whether it is a man or a woman, it is impossible to maintain a good figure all the time. In addition to the daily diet, you must take the time to go to the gym to exercise. How can you spend the shortest time to achieve the desired effect?

That is fitness by character, know your personality, and then find out the corresponding fitness method.

  First, timid.

  Some people are timid by nature, shy and blush at every turn.

These people should participate more in swimming, ice skating, boxing, parallel bars, vaulting and other events.

  These projects require people to constantly overcome timidity, to overcome difficulties and overcome obstacles with bravery and fearlessness.

After a period of exercise, the courage will become bigger, and people will be calm and natural.

  Second, suspicious.

  Some people are suspicious, lack trust in civilians, and do things decisively.

These people can choose table tennis, tennis, badminton, high jump, long jump, fencing and other items.

  These projects require athletes to be calm-headed, quick-thinking, correct, and decisive. Engaging in these activities for a long time will help people get out of their doubtful thinking.

  Third, lonely.

  Some people are introverted, lonely, unkind, and not good at interacting with others. They are the most competitive.

These people should choose team sports such as football, basketball, volleyball and relay running, tug of war.

  Persist in participating in the exercise of these collective projects, can strengthen their own vitality and spirit of cooperation with others, and gradually change their personality.

  Fourth, nervous type.

  Some people exercise to improve their psychological quality and should participate in more competitive sports (sports food) projects, such as football, basketball, volleyball and other projects.

The expectations of these projects are changeable and intense. Only by calmly and calmly responding can we gain an advantage.

  If you can often be tested in such fierce occasions, you will not be too nervous and panic, which will bring benefits to work and study.

Yoga Breast Enhancement Simple Seven Styles Let You Say Farewell to Flat Bust Bust Rising

Yoga Breast Enhancement Simple Seven Styles Let You Say Farewell to Flat Bust Bust Rising

Guide: Yoga Breast Enhancement Simple Seven Styles Let You Say Farewell to Flat Bust and Bust Rise Without Stopping You in Others’ Airfield?

Can you bear such words with you?

Presumably such words cannot be used by every female body. In fact, the appearance of this phenomenon can also be improved, which can make you change from a flat breast to a breast enhancement.

And such changes can be achieved for you by yoga.

The advantage of yoga breast enhancement method is that you can achieve a good breast enhancement effect through a few simple movements. When doing this movement, the range of the circle movement should be avoided. The larger the movement, the more the range of exercise.Helps to strengthen the chest, but also helps to thin arms.

  Step 1: Flex your hands to a 90-degree spread, raise your elbows to balance with your chest, and extend your palms.

  Step 2: Make a circle backwards with your elbows and repeat 10 times.

  Type 2: The set of elbow chest lifts can help raise the tibia and make the tibia line stronger.

Note that when pulling hands, you should try to touch the long shoulder position, this will be more effective.

  Step 1: The right elbow is bent. After inserting into the ear, the left hand is flexed on the shoulder and ankle.

Inhale, raise your right elbow as high as possible, and maintain the movement for 10 seconds.

  Step 2: Put your left elbow behind your ears and bend your right hand on your shoulders and ankles.

Inhale and try to raise your left elbow, repeating 10 times on each side.

  Style 3: Left and right This set of actions can make the shorts stronger, and also can worship the meat of the wrist.

Note that the palms should be pressed hard when pressed inward, and the elbows should be balanced with the chest when turned left and right.

  Step 1: Straight forward, palms of both hands closed, elbows raised to chest, inhale first.

  Step 2: Exhale slowly, keep your upper body still, squeeze your palms inward, move your hands to the left, stay for about 10 seconds, and return to the original position.

  Step 3: Inhale again, and then exhale. Try to move your hands to the right and stay for about 10 seconds.

The left and right sides are once, and the action is repeated 10 times.

  Type 4: This set of exercises to press the chest can make the up and down stronger. Pay attention to keep your hands straight and do not bend.

  Step 1: Straighten your hands, make a fist, raise your elbows to your chest, make a 90-degree angle to your chest, and inhale.

  Step 2: Exhale slowly, push your hands forward, try to use your chest as hard as possible, repeat the movement about 10 times.

  Type 5: This set of elbows together can improve the length and length, making the top firmer.

  Step 1: Open your hands, bend your elbows to 90 degrees, and inhale first.

  Step 2: Exhale slowly, push the elbows of your hands to the middle firmly until the elbows of both hands are completely fit, relax after staying for about 10 seconds, and repeat the action 10 times.

  Type 6: This set of free radical overlapping moves dark hair upwards and prevents dark sagging.

Note that your hands must be placed on your chest when performing actions. Too high or too low will affect the effect.

  Step 1: Inhale first, flex your hands and elbows, and place them on your chest.

  Step 2: Exhale slowly, extend your hands to the left and right, maintain the movement for about 10 seconds, and repeat 10 times.

  Type 7: The larger the range of the circular motion of the palm, the better. Use your hands to extend the circle as much as possible. You can feel the muscles in the upper and lower positions, and the chest effect is also ideal.

  Step 1: Keep your hands straight forward and don’t flex your arms.

  Step 2: With the shoulder and neck as the center point, draw a large circle forward with the palm first.

  Step 3: Then draw a large circle backwards and repeat the action 10 times.

Why do babies like to repeat? _1

Why do babies like to repeat

Case 1: Miao Miao is now 4 years and 8 months old. She always asks the same question. For example, she always asked: Mom was eighth or seventh, and fifteenth or tenth?
My mother told her that the eighth floor was higher than the seventh floor and the fifteenth floor was higher than the tenth floor. But after a while, she asked the same question again, and asked her more than a dozen times a day.
  Case 2: Xinyue has enjoyed reading since she was a child. Her mother bought a lot of books, but her favorite is so basic, she always reads it over and over, and repeatedly reads the content of the previous day.
Why doesn’t she like to read her new book?
  Case 3: Mao Mao is two years old this year. He must tell the story to his mother every night before going to bed. He likes to let his mother tell the same story every day. He always asks the same question. The mother answered it and asked the next day.
  In the process of contacting their children, parents will find that children especially like “repetition”, such as repeatedly asking parents to repeat the same story, playing a game they are already familiar with, and guessing riddles that already know the answer.
  At this time, even more patient parents can’t help complaining: “It’s boring to always repeat a story?
“Especially when you are in a bad mood or exhausted, you just want to get over it, skip a few plots, and deal with the past.
Unexpectedly, the child soon discovered and called, “Missing!
“It really makes you cry and laugh.
This “repetition” of children also includes playing toys and watching cartoons.
  Why do babies like to repeat?
  Babies like to repeat because that is the best way for them to learn.
Listening to the same content over and over again will help them remember this information and it will take longer and longer to remember.
Babies between 12 and 18 months need to repeat to learn and remember new things more than children 2 and a half years old.
All babies love repetition for the same reason, that is, they feel particularly happy after doing something.
  For example, once he learns to jigsaw a puzzle, he may just do it over and over again just to enjoy his new skills.
Repetition is the way he reminds himself of what he can do, and he can enjoy doing it again.
  Psychologists believe that like to do one thing repeatedly is a common psychological characteristic of young children and is vital to the development of children.
Although a child of this age can recognise and even detect and supplement missing points in the story, he cannot tell the story well, so he likes the “you tell him what you want” approach.
Young children have limited cognitive abilities, so new things can only be discovered continuously in the process of repetition. We believe that “uninteresting” repetitions are not simple repetitions for children, but have new feelings every time.And experience.
  Therefore, in the face of a child who likes “duplication”, on the one hand, parents should try to attract him with fresh things, and on the other hand, they should appropriately meet the child’s “repetition” needs.

Why do men have extramarital affairs-

Why do men have extramarital affairs?

Men know that extramarital affair is not right, it can destroy the relationship between husband and wife.

But why would a man “successively follow” and ignore the tragic case of extramarital affairs in life on TV looking for a junior and lover?

Let ‘s go with Xiaobian to understand why.

  Finding feelings Some men turn their lover into a better marriage partner, but some people have a relatively high proportion.

Behind the life-and-death love of extramarital affairs, there are many complicated emotional backgrounds. Such an affair leads to a high proportion of divorces.

  Sexual satisfaction This is the biggest “harvest” of men in extramarital affairs. Most extramarital affairs have the nature of sexual transactions.

Men with a normal sexual life take extramarital affairs as a surprise; men who are dissatisfied with their sexual life transfer and vent their sexuality through extramarital affairs.

  Many men are playing in the mood. The reason why they fall in love with her lover is because she is gentler, more beautiful and caring than her hair wife. They want to find better women.

What I look for in my lover is different from my wife’s temperament, style, style, and like my partner to have a sense of mystery and seductiveness, and because the wife has lived together for a long time, they are quite familiar with each other, there is no distance beauty, the lover is just satisfiedTheir psychological needs.

  People looking for youth usually think that only women care about their age, and they are keen to cover up the traces of time through makeup, clothing, beauty, and body.

In fact, men also care about whether they are still young, energetic and attractive, which is also a competitive capital for men.

  Finding an identity Usually only those men who have money can afford a lover. In the eyes of some people, the lover becomes a status, a symbol of the symbol, just like a villa, a famous car, a brand-name clothing. A beautiful lover seems to have a living advertisement for the identity man.

  To sum up, men will have extramarital affairs for these reasons, and wives should pay attention to protecting their marriage.

Therapeutic eye-catching recipes-tofu roasted lentils

Therapeutic eye-catching recipes-tofu roasted lentils

[原料]  豆腐1500克, 扁豆200克,精盐、味精、葱花、湿淀粉、姜末、香油、黄豆芽汤各适量.
  [制法]  1.Remove the old tendons from the lentils, wash, slice, put them in a boiling water pot, drain them, put them in cold water, and drain the water for later use; cut the tofu into small pieces.
Heat the sesame oil in the wok and fry the tofu cubes until golden brown on both sides.
Leave a small amount of base oil in the pot, add green onion and ginger savory, add soy bean sprout soup, refined salt, tofu cubes, and lentils slices and cook until taste, add MSG for a while, stir with wet starch, pour in sesame oil and serve.。  [特点]  豆腐白,扁豆绿,两色相衬,好颜色,味道也很清淡爽口。  [功效]  菜中豆腐益气和中,清热解毒,生津润燥,可补充老年妇女在衰老过程中含蛋白质的消耗,清热利目。  Lentils contain a variety of vitamins, which have an emollient and eye-catching effect.
  These two make this dish, which has the effects of emollient, eyesight, and delay aging.

Measure your personality

Measure your personality

Waiting for everyone is an experience everyone has experienced, especially those who live in a busy city, and it will inevitably take an hour or two for a party for friends.

There are thousands of flavors of people waiting, anxious, unwilling, happening, doubting, angry, helpless, not walking, not waiting . It is really full of taste, knowing it!

  Have you paid attention to your performance while waiting for someone, let’s take a look at which of the following is most like you when waiting for someone: A.

Constantly walking back and forth, rubbing hands B constantly.

Keep looking at the watch on your hand, standing still C.

Your coaxial line crosses your chest, impatient look D.

Gaze into the distance or nearby, insert your hand in your pocket and analyze the results: A.

Standard impatient!

You hate procrastination. Although you are energetic and aggressive, you often do wrong things because of hastyness and impatience. Because of this, you can hardly be the object of reassurance for parents and friends.

In your dealings with friends, although you are sincere but careless, you often do n’t know that you hurt your friends because of your outspokenness. Therefore, your friendship with others generally stays on the scale of general friendship, and it is difficult to communicate withBuild deep friendships with others.

Emotionally, you treat the other party frankly and sincerely, and the requirements for your lover are just obsessed with love and sincere.

If you are experiencing a love that is not true enough, you will definitely give up because you believe that long pain is worse than short pain.


Stricter than the law, you have good patience!

Responsible for your work and dedicated to your friends can be regarded as a true portrayal of your life. Because of this, you have good interpersonal relationships and often succeed in your career.

In your emotional life, what you want of your other half is to be generous and very generous.

Do you feel that your lover needs to keep their promises? The appearance is the same, and those who meet your requirements can still be found in real life, but you have to be strict in style and do dispatch at all times. It may make your lover unbearable!

It is recommended that you do not prevent yourself from becoming more chic and relaxed. You must know that those who surround love will be a little crazy!

Such love is perfect, isn’t it?


You are a person who sticks to what you have already seen and has a well-recognized strategy. You can often convince your partner while achieving your goals. Good interpersonal relationships can make you better in all aspects.

In the emotional life, you are a tough and flexible intelligent person who can calmly grasp your love. The other half of you is likely to be the one who likes everything to be yours!

The advice to you is: the outstanding thing in the work is the spirit of teamwork, so it is necessary to properly temper your temper at work, put down the shelf and get along with colleagues or classmates to make your popularity even stronger.


Being patient is your greatest strength.

You are gentle and considerate to family and friends.

Your biggest disadvantage is that sometimes you are too forgiving, the principle is not strong, and you are not insistent on your own views. Therefore, sometimes you will be a little weak.

It is also because of your personality that friends or classmates around you think you are bullying, which causes you to inexplicably suffer a lot.

You must know that blind tolerance is not a recipe for maintaining friendship and love. Occasionally, you will be timid and show your dissatisfaction, so that the other person will not be too brazen. Remember, blind tolerance will not win the respect of others.

Spring is moving!

Sexy abdominal muscles

Spring is moving!
Sexy abdominal muscles

In the season of “not losing weight and being sad”, in order to be able to “cool” to meet the summer, hurry up and prepare now!

Xiaobian thinks that in the past, always squatting to lose weight and lose weight, but there is no action!

More no focus!

This year, I will first attack from the key points!

Maybe like the abdomen.

Recently, in fact, if a woman has a little bit of abdominal muscles, it is also beautiful if it is looming.

So how do you get out of the sexy abdominal muscles at the waist?

  Unlike the male’s strong blocky abdominal muscles, the sexy female abdominal muscles should be the Sichuan word abdominal muscles, a little looming feeling, so in the exercise method, “increasing” muscles and “minus” are slightly indispensable.

Women maintain about 20% of body fat, coupled with two looming “vest lines”, but super sexy.

  How do women practice abdominal muscles?

  If the abdominal muscles that are harmful to the diet are covered by misfortune, would it be some kind of?

Without reasonable nutrition, muscles do not grow, but too much food and unreasonable diet structure can form excess meat.

If you work hard and continue to practice your abdominal muscles for more than a year and still can’t see them, you should adjust your diet.

  Frequency abdominal muscle exercise should be persistent, can not be suddenly stopped, if you can practice once a day or every other day, it will achieve results.

  It is good to do sit-ups every time. If you don’t have time, you can also choose 2 – 4 exercises that are most effective for you. Only three groups, 30-50 times each, each group should reach full force.Exhaustion, training time is 15 to 20 minutes.

  The weight ratio used in weight abdominal training, the length of the movement is only a little, and will make the waist thicker. Therefore, it is recommended that you use tension and control instead of weight, and use your mind instead of the external weight to stretch.Tightening and stimulating the abdominal muscles.

  When you continue to train your abdominal muscles, you should keep your abdominal muscles tense throughout the whole body. Do not let them be at the beginning or the end of the movement. Each group should be completely exhausted. Do not count the number of times.Keep doing it until you can no longer contract the abdominal muscles.

  Sit-ups lay flat on the ground, the calves rest on the vertical, then shrink the hips, creating an arc on the upper abdomen, as if to roll forward.

Do not stretch your head too far forward when doing the action, because it means that the back will leave the ground, so that the tail will begin to share the work that should have been carried out by the abdomen.

When descending, let it slowly return to the ground and never relax the abdominal muscles.

Many people like to hold their hands behind their heads when doing this exercise. The result is just pulling the head forward, not the whole body.

  When hanging and doing this movement, you should first avoid the swing, and tighten the body to control the speed of movement.

In order to stimulate the intercostal muscles, the knees are rotated left and right, which also exercises the abdominal oblique muscles.

The point of correct leg lifting is that the buttocks are slightly extended forward. It is of course comfortable if you simply lift your legs, but it only stimulates the top rather than the abdominal muscles.

The speed of movement varies from person to person, but it should be ensured that the legging process is slow to prevent rocking.

Remember, your goal is to practice your abs, not to lift your legs in any way you can.

If you find it difficult to fully straighten your legs to do this, bend your knees.

When the abdominal muscles become strong, gradually straighten your legs.

  Sitting posture and lifting the leg can better stimulate the lower part of the abdominal muscles.

Sitting on the edge of the side, the legs are going forward and down, and the body is tilted back 10 degrees, grabbing the edge of the stool to keep the body balanced.

Try not to bend, lift your legs up until the toes are parallel to your eyes, which will make your abdominal muscles more and more tired, and you can bend and bend until you are completely exhausted.

Two rules for parents to build a healthy baby

Two rules for parents to build a healthy baby

[Introduction]”I was looking forward to the birth of the child when he was not born. Now that the baby is two months old, I have started to worry about how to educate this ‘trick or treat’ and how to make him grow up healthier.

“Miss Li has the same confusion as most mothers.

Let’s take a look at the new parenting views of experts.

Rule 1: Breathe rhythmically. “Breathe is the first medium for a child to connect with the world.”

“Experts say that from the perspective of human growth and medicine, the baby’s breathing is distorted and irregular.

Many parents have this experience, waking up at midnight to see the baby, sometimes it seems like they have stopped breathing, and sometimes they become very rushed.

Inexperienced young parents are worried: “What happened to my baby?

“According to a 30,000 sample survey conducted by the National Children’s Sleep Medicine Research Collaboration Group in 8 cities, the total incidence of sleep disorders in children is about 27%, indicating that one in four children have varying degrees of sleep problems.

Experts point out that expected sleep not only helps children’s physical growth, but also benefits intellectual development.

Therefore, the first thing parents need to do is to create a rhythmic environment for their children.

Parents usually do things in a regular manner. A well-ordered home can make the baby feel the rhythm of the surroundings, and then slowly learn to adjust their breathing, which can affect emotions.

Rule two: Let your children do more sports. Xiao Qingqing is 4 years old this year. She goes to kindergarten in the afternoon and goes to the hobby class after dinner.

Learn piano on Monday and Wednesday, and draw on weekends.

This is the status quo of the lives of many families and children in Chinese cities. Parents at all costs want to let their children learn a lot.

Experts said: “Most children no longer have the right to dream.

“However, many parents at the scene expressed concern:” Nothing will happen, what will the child do in the future? ”

“In doing so, experts say that the child is not a” container “, not how much you want him to learn, he can really learn right away; nor is it a” puppet “, which allows him to do what he doesn’t do, think what he wants.

Children are like seeds, with their own growth rules and independent thinking.

As they grow, they will continue to learn to adapt in the course of training.

What parents can do is get their children to exercise more.

The little witch pointed out that every action that children make during exercise is enough to stimulate the cerebral cortex, and in repeated exercises, memorizing the feeling of muscles and sense of direction will help to cultivate the precision, sensitivity and coordination of their continuous movement.
It is important for their future learning and growth.