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Secret: 8 hours of sleep every night will die again

Secret: 8 hours of sleep every night will die again

Although research institutions have said that more evidence is needed to prove the causal relationship between mortality and sleep time, this certainly gives us a new reminder: how long do we need to sleep?

The general answer is 8 hours, which may be an extra estimate from 24 hours. Actually?

  ”Looking for the stars and the moon, I am finally looking forward to the Mid-Autumn Festival and the National Day Holiday!

Recently, many netizens in the forum have made such a voice, so longing for the holidays, is the long-awaited plan for going home, traveling or gathering?

No, it’s sleeping!

It is a state of “self-isolation” that is completely compensated by the severely lost sleep for more than ten hours.

This group of people is included in the “sleeping camel” in the Internet.

  Netizen “Volcanic Gas Field” posted: “I am an advertising company employee, the working day is really non-stop . For nearly a year, I have been sleeping about 6 hours a day.

“Just” wait for the long vacation that follows, and put yourself into a baby-like sleep state.

“Netizen” Floating in the End of the World “said in a post that his status was similar to” volcanic gas field “.

Netizens like “volcanic gas field” and “floating in the horizon” use “sleeping camel” to describe it very well.

On the Internet, the explanation of “sleeping camel” is: mainly refers to urban white-collar workers. The industries they work in vary widely, but generally have higher knowledge content, more complicated professional skills, higher income and other characteristics. Because of their work intensity,Life habits and other issues, lack of sleep night after night, in order to solve the lack of sleep, once the weekend, they resolutely unplugged the phone line, turned off the phone, and then carried out deep sleep for tens to twenty hours in a row, wasting this week’sSleep, sleep also prepares for throughput on “night shift” next week.

  On Weibo, “so sleepy” has also become a hot topic for bloggers to discuss.

Especially from 12 pm, “Insomnia”, “Stay up late”, and “Sleepy” often enter the top ten of the “1 hour topic list”.

  But is it really good to be a “sleeping camel”?

  Studies have found that people who sleep only 6 or 7 hours per day are much less likely to die than people who sleep more than 8 hours per day, or 4 hours per year.

Among them, those who slept 7 hours a day had the lowest death, and even those who slept only 5 hours had a lower coefficient than those who slept 8 hours a day.

  Experts believe that sleep supplementation on weekends or holidays is still more effective for young people, but in the long run, it will disrupt the body’s normal biological clock.

  Sleep is a systematic project. In fact, sleeping is not just lying on a pillow, covering your eyes with a quilt, and then opening your eyes to wake up. It is a complicated alternating process.

Why do we sometimes recover magically when we wake up, but sometimes we feel tired than before going to bed?

This is due to the difference in the depth and state of sleep.

  Researchers at the University of Chicago, after recording brain waves of thousands of volunteers during sleep, revealed the sleep cycle of the human body: during sleep, the human body first enters the slow wave sleep period, and then the fast eye movement sleep period,After that, it started again, and there were about 4-6 sleep cycles overnight.

  American studies have found that falling asleep after two in the morning can easily disrupt the physiological clock, have a serious impact on the body’s crystal metabolism, and easily increase risk.

Night Cats Night Cats Carefully Heart Protests How Long Do We Need to Sleep?

  Do you often “empty” your head or become drowsy during the day?

Is it always difficult to get up from bed on Monday morning?

If so, you must conclude: “I don’t get enough sleep!

“I believe we all know the harm caused by insufficient sleep: poor energy, slow response, memory loss, decreased immunity, or even premature aging of the body?


At present, the most common argument is that an adult should have 7 to 8 hours of sleep, but an experiment from the University of California in the United States has transformed a sensational practice: “Eight hours of sleep will make you die faster.

“The experiment, which lasted six years, was conducted jointly by the University of California, San Diego School of Pharmacy and the American Cancer Society.

They observed one million subjects between the ages of 30 and 102.

In this experiment, the age, medical history, and health status of the study subjects have been taken into account, and they are compared with subjects similar to their physical conditions.

  Studies have found that people who sleep only 6 or 7 hours per day are much less likely to die than people who sleep more than 8 hours per day, or 4 hours per year.

Among them, those who slept 7 hours a day had the lowest death, and even those who slept only 5 hours had a lower coefficient than those who slept 8 hours a day.

  Those who often wake up at night or wake up before getting enough rest, their sleep rhythms are very chaotic, and the EEG shows rapid, sharp rises and depressions at all stages. This is inIt is not seen in normal people’s sleep.

  Therefore, only after you have performed 4-5 deep sleeps adequately can the body’s physiological functions be fully repaired, the immune system can be strengthened, and energy can be fully replenished.

Prolonged sleep does not necessarily restore your lack of sleep. On the contrary, if you lie on the bed blindly, you do not get the expected sleep.This is harmful to the human body, and it can even change your life.

  Researchers explain that when your body wakes up and still lies on the bed, you change the time of exposure to sunlight, and your body temperature will become too low because your body is inactive for a long time, which will cause a large amount of melatonin-A human hormone that promotes sleep-this way, you will feel more tired and lethargic the next day.

This drowsiness also prevents you from going into deep sleep at night.

  This vicious cycle continues over and over, and as a result your sleep system is cut off.

The physiological rest period is disrupted, the body does not get enough energy, and your immunity is reduced.

  Too much sleep and too much food are the same. Those who sleep more are not because they need sleep, but because they do not take good care of their own sleep system, which leads to the shrinking of this system.Work efficiently.

When they feel deprived of energy during the day, they often think, “I sleep too little. I need more sleep.

“Rather than asking yourself,” Is my sleep quality not good enough? ”

How can we improve it?

“In fact, for those who wake up naturally after only 6 or 7 hours of sleep, don’t lie down for 8 hours if you wake up. As long as you feel awake and feel good, you can get up and rest assured.

For those who feel that they lack enough sleep for a long time, maybe you should be strict with yourself, adjust the alarm clock, and control the sleep time and cycle regularly.

Too much sleep and overeating are the same reason. Fully eaten is probably the healthiest.

Therefore, even if you feel sleepy after you reach the point, you should convince yourself to stop lying on the bed.

In addition to regular sleep time, avoid caffeine and alcohol, daily advice such as regular exercise, in order to improve sleep, we can also see the National Sleep Association’s tips: Follow the sun rises and falls: as far as possible in the sunGet up when you are up, or light a bright light when you get up.

The bright light will adjust the circadian body clock to its best condition.

If you spend an hour in the morning light every day, you will feel energetic, and it will be easier to fall asleep at night.

  Don’t stare in bed: if you can’t sleep while lying down, don’t dry yourself in bed.

Get up and do relaxation at other places, read newspapers, music and even watch TV until you feel tired, just to avoid making yourself too excited.

The anxiety of lying in bed often makes it harder for you to sleep well.

  Adjust the room: Adjust the room to a comfortable state. A room that is too hot or too cold will make your body nervous and make it harder to fall asleep.

  The above points pointed out that sleep rhythm is the most important, and too much or too little sleep will die quickly, so in addition to the length of sleep time, have you noticed sleep habits?

Poor sleep habits will make you sleep older!

  10 bad habits that make you sleep older and older are the best and most natural skincare products for women. However, if you have the following bad habits, how you sleep will only get older and older!


Sleeping with makeup Some MMs always prefer not to remove makeup before going to bed.

Cosmetic residues on the skin are injected into the pores, causing sweat gland secretion disorders, which not only easily cause acne, but also damage the skin for a long time, leading to faster aging.


Sleep storage The human body cannot store sleep. Sleeping for a few more hours in order to stay up late will not help the human body much.

In fact, the human body only needs a certain quality of sleep. Not only can you sleep more if you sleep more, it is also not good for your health.


Wearing a bra to sleep is protective of breast cancer, but it can induce disease before going to bed.

Especially stimulate breast tumors.

According to research by relevant experts, girls who wear bras for more than 17 hours a day are 20 times more likely to develop breast tumors than those who wear bras or do not wear bras for a short time.

This is because breast cancer is under pressure for a long time, lymphatic return is blocked, and harmful substances are retained in the breast.


The main way the brain eliminates fatigue is to sleep on time.

If you do not sleep on time for a long time, you will lead to insufficient sleep or poor quality, which will only accelerate the decline of brain cells, and smart people will become confused.


Sleeping with ornaments Some women do not have the habit of removing and removing ornaments while sleeping, which is very dangerous.

First, some ornaments are metallic, and they will cause chronic absorption and accumulation of poisoning (such as aluminum poisoning) unconsciously due to abrasion of the skin for a long time.Long-term accumulation can lead to adverse consequences. Third, sleeping with accessories can hinder the circulation of the machine body, which is unfavorable to metabolism. This is also the reason that the local skin with accessories is easy to age.
Slightly drunk sleep causes changes in lifestyle. Nowadays, young women are rich in nightlife, especially some professional women’s entertainment is reduced, and they often fall asleep with drunkenness.

According to medical research, suffocation is likely to occur after drinking and falling asleep before bedtime, usually about twice a night, about 10 minutes each time.

For a long time, people are susceptible to diseases such as hypertension and hypertension.


Anger before bedtime Anger before bedtime inevitably leads to rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath, and thoughts that make it difficult to fall asleep.


Before going to bed, eat too much before going to bed. The gastrointestinal tract has to accelerate digestion. The stomach full of food will continue to stimulate the brain.

There is an excitement in the brain, and people cannot sleep peacefully, implying that Chinese medicine says that “when the stomach is out of harmony, you are restless.”


Tea before bedtime Tea leaves contain substances such as caffeine, which can stimulate the central nervous system and make people excited.

Drinking tea before bed, especially strong tea, makes it harder for people to fall asleep.


Pillow is too high From a physiological point of view, the pillow should be 8-12 cm.

If the pillow is too low, it may easily cause “falling pillow”, or due to too much blood injected into the brain, causing the brain to swell the next day, and the eyelids swell; if the pillow is too high, it will affect the unobstructed airway, easy to snoring, and prolonged high pillows may cause complicationsDiscomfort or hump.

Want to get rabies vaccine without being bitten by a dog?

Want to get rabies vaccine without being bitten by a dog?

Pet owners, children need to be “immunized before exposure” Too many citizens call the Guangzhou Centers for Disease Control to ask: Can I get rabies vaccine without being bitten by a dog?

In this case, the staff of the center replied that even if they were not bitten by dogs, some key people in close contact with pets needed to be vaccinated against rabies. The act of transplanting rabies vaccine before it was injured by animals was called”Pre-exposure immunity.”

  According to the report (reporter Tu Duanyu), rabies exposure refers to being scratched, bitten, licked or damaged skin or mucous membrane by rabies, suspected rabies or rabies host animal.

The implantation procedure of “pre-exposure immunization” is: according to the recommendation of the World Health Organization: one injection every 0, 7, and 28 days; one injection after one year, and one injection every three years thereafter.

However, if exposed, it must be strengthened in a timely manner.

  According to reports, the advantages of “pre-exposure immunization” are: it can more effectively protect occupational groups at high risk of exposure, those who may not be aware of the exposure or those who do not have the conditions to perform post-exposure treatment in a timely manner; once exposed, only need to strengthen the injection2 shots, do not need to inject passive immune preparations at the same time (immunization after exposure, antibody production in the body takes about 2 weeks, if passive immunization preparations are not applied at the same time, for individuals with short incubation period, there is a risk of disease); strengthen antibody levels after exposureSafer protection is provided for severe bites who have not been immunized promptly after exposure or patients with short incubation periods.

  Doctor reminds: pet owners, young children place “pre-exposure immunization” key population What is the “pre-exposure immunization” key object?

According to experts, there are three main categories: 1.

Subjects with continued exposure must be implanted, such as rabies diagnostics, research and producers, and laboratory staff; 2.

Implantation of subjects with constant exposure, such as nurses, medical workers, pet owners, animal managers, travellers; 3.

Children who have access to animals.

15-year-old children are at higher risk of being bitten by ordinary people. They are small enough to scare off animals, are unconscious of danger and difficult to escape from attacks. Their height makes the head and face particularly vulnerable, resulting in a high incidence.

And rabies in children develops faster than adults.

Especially in areas with high incidence of rabies, if there is an adequate supply of vaccines, “pre-exposure immunization” of children should be strongly advocated.

Teach you to read the holy om of yoga

Teach you to read the holy om of yoga

In the world of yoga, there is a saying about the beginning of the universe: before ancient times, there were some subtle, buzzing sounds on the planet. These sounds came from the sound waves of the frequency of the energy of the object. Later, these sounds were likeLike a snowball, the more it accumulates, the more energy it has, so many things, including living things, are born (or created).

  Believe it or not, but from the perspective of modern science, everything does emit various sound waves, but most of them are not received by human ears.

These sound waves were collected, compressed, and arranged with many scientific instruments, and it was found that they came from a very simple and primitive sound.

  Yes, that’s the OM (someone wrote it as AUM).

  This OM is not just a simple rhythm. In the yoga world, it is not only symbolized, but also a symbol that represents the entire yoga world.

This is like when we think of Tai Chi, we think of the black and white color, black in white and white in black.

  From this voice, we extend a symbol and give it a supreme meaning. Many yogis already believe that OM is the most powerful and soothing one of all “Singing” (Mantra).
Therefore, when we are upset and irritable, or if we are unable to meditate by sitting still, chanting the story of OM in our heart or mouth and singing this OM word can bother us away and help us enter the state of meditation.

  Usually singing OM can not only lead us to a higher level of the soul. Scientists have also found that including all the datura (chanting) inside the OM have the effect of slowing down the breathing and following the heartbeat smoothly and moderately.

Therefore singing it is considered necessary for both the body and the mind.

  How does OM’s singing work sing?

At our best, OM actually has three syllables, namely A, U, and M.

The best of A is Ah; the best of U is oh, M’s voice is Mmm’s closing accent, and the final sound is summarized in a quiet, worry-free, serene mindset.

  If these three sounds are contrasted to our mental state, they each represent different stages: A refers to the conscious stage, and we are still connected to the outside world; U refers to someone entering the dream stage, at which time we dream with our inner world., Thought and memory, etc .; M represents the stage of dreamlessness, but also represents entering a higher level.

No wonder, this wonderful A-U-M .

Can soothe the mind.

  A good way for in-body massage. The scale of this A-U-M can be high or low. You can send out different scales of OM according to your mood at the time.

Or you can sing O-M.

以我的经验来说,吟唱出这个O-M(或A-U-M)的声波,很明确地感觉到自己身体的振动,这种振动仿佛把体内的能量激发出来,当自己身、心状况好,情绪也稳定When I took a deep breath and sang A — U — M —, I was not only full of vitality, but also had a strong resonance with the body, and it lasted a long time.

But when the spirit is poor or the mood is chaotic, this OM is not only weak but also energyless.

  In addition, if you are more careful, you will find that singing OM is a wonderful sonic therapy.

Because its resonance cavity can be on the forehead, it can be on the throat, you can also re-inject it in Dantian. Its vibration mode will vary depending on the location. Its vibration can directly massage the nearby Charkra (chakras, yoga from near the perineumThere are seven chakras all the way to the head, just like the acupuncture point that the Chinese say, it is where a lot of energy is gathered. The simple voice of singing has the effect of body massage, which is really incredible.

  Note: Mantra is a song sung by ancient Indians for thousands of years.

Some sing praises to heaven, gods, and some are purely to soothe the rhythm of the heart.

Yoga people think that singing a lot can make people relax, slow down their heartbeat, and let their thoughts clear.

The seven big ones that you can enjoy at bedtime are delicious.

The seven big ones that you can enjoy at bedtime are delicious.

Every night I want to eat and stay up late, but the food I eat before going to bed can be carefully selected, otherwise everyone will know the terrible consequences.

However, just choosing the right day and night food will not affect your body, but it will also improve your relaxation before sleep and improve your sleep quality.

For everyone to collect the professional dietitian’s 9 big bedtime food recommendations, let you eat well late at night, not afraid of gaining weight!

  1, potato potato arithmetic is the most nutritious natural slimming food, contains no traces and glucose, the conversion is also very low (only 21% of the weight of rice), and is rich in very rich soft molecular weight, can bring veryHigh satiety (satisfaction is 3 times that of an equal volume of white bread, 6 times that of equal weight rice).

  Eating some potatoes before going to bed will not cause you to gain weight, and it will make you sleep more sweet, because the potato is rich in alkaline compounds, which can remove the acidic compounds in your body that prevent tryptophan from hypnosis.

Of course, it is best not to fry.

  2, organic tomatoes If you can’t control your mouth, and can eat too much, then tomatoes are simply the savior of your night.

  Tomatoes are rich in sedimentary fibers (which help probiotics in the body) and pectin, which can cause your stomach to stimulate the brain’s satiety center, while also taking away the built-in acidic metabolic waste to help you sleep.The first stage of detoxification is completed in the process.

  Moreover, the unique lycopene in tomatoes has a powerful antioxidant function that can fight off excess oxygen free radicals and help the skin resist aging.

When lycopene and citric acid work together, it can help you lose weight, because citric acid can promote slight burning, and lycopene can inhibit micro-cells.

  Especially when staying up late, you may want to eat more tomatoes, because the plant pine nutrients contained in tomatoes are similar to human pineal voxels, which can effectively relieve fatigue.

  3, probiotic yogurt should not think that eating dairy products before going to bed will gain weight!

Yogurt is rich in probiotics, which can inhibit trace accumulation, promote micro-decomposition, and unexpected slimming effect, especially to help clear the lower body aunt.

Moreover, probiotics can also regulate the balance of intestinal flora, eliminate spoilage bacteria, promote the discharge of toxins, enhance immunity in the body, and exert the effect of detoxification and beauty.

Nutrition experts recommend that you buy yogurt with high quality and high quality probiotics. Some of the only Mengniu Guanyi milks with a large amount of BB-12 bifidobacteria in China are good choices.

  4, oatmeal oatmeal and potato, can help you remove the acidic substances that affect sleep, more relax nerves, have a soft sleep.

First, oatmeal can improve the release of an insulin in your body that helps tryptophan reach the brain and transform it into a complex amine, telling the brain that it is time to sleep.

In fact, oatmeal will release glucose evenly during your sleep, maintain blood sugar balance, and prevent you from having a nightmare while sleeping, because the study found that nearly 40% of nightmares are caused by hypoglycemia.

  5, black bread white bread is not healthy enough, whole wheat bread tastes bad, then try black bread.

Black bread is degraded with wheat gluten. Even if you are picky about food, you will not like its taste and taste. It is also rich in anti-inflammatory factors and substitute fibers, which can also remove the acid substances that affect sleep.Conducive to the growth of probiotics in the intermediates.

Make a simple slice sandwich of black bread and cucumber slices, healthy and delicious.

  6, soy bean mud soy bean mud is actually the remaining bean dregs after the soy milk, this is a good food that can not be wasted, there are multiple functions of sleeping, slimming, detoxification.

  It is rich in phytoestrogens like soy milk, which makes you feel relaxed. It is also rich in oligosaccharides, which can promote the growth of internal probiotics, reduce trace and metabolic metabolism, reduce the deposition of acidic waste in the body, and help metabolic detoxification.There are also rich mineral calcium, soy protein and soybean fiber, which are also catalysts for body fat burning.

You can eat the bean dregs, or you can add the almonds, raisins and other dried fruits and mix them directly. You can also add some cucumbers and mix them together.

  7, energy fruit and vegetable juice Sometimes you feel hungry is not really hungry, but the performance of water shortage in the body.

At this time, drink a cup of energy fruit and vegetable juice can not only add water, relieve fatigue, but also slowly release fructose, relax nerves and promote sleep.

  Apples, carrots, spinach, celery, and corn kernels are all good materials for making energy juices. Cut them into small pieces, add some milk, honey, a small amount of ice, and then use a juice machine to break them.

5 strokes to remove lip lines and moisturize full lips_1

5 strokes to remove lip lines and moisturize lips

One of the sexy strengths created by a woman is full and beautiful lips. Full and beautiful lips make people feel tempted after seeing it. They are tempted to step forward to kiss!

However, what affects the lip beauty is the lip pattern.

Today, Xiaobian will help you to make your lips plump and plump within a week.

  Yes, lip lines are the biggest sign of aging lips. Except for some people who are born with deep lip lines, others are caused by bad habits in the day after tomorrow. I want to eliminate annoying lip lines and reproduce touching cherry lipsLook at the five best tips below!

  There are secret tricks to fight radiation: Honey coated honey has a strong moisturizing and rejuvenating effect, which is very suitable for moisturizing and protecting the lips.

When the lips feel dry, apply honey lightly on the lips and leave it on for 20 minutes.

  The second trick: apply olive oil before going to bed, the moisturizing effect is good, but pay attention to the absorption and playback, about 20 minutes, go to sleep, or it will get on the pillow.

  The third trick: lip prosody keeps the lips “ah” sound for 5 seconds; keep the “hey” sound for 5 seconds to relax; then keep the “o” sound for 5 seconds; finally, keep “one” and “house”Each tone is 5 seconds, repeat the above action for 5 minutes.

  The fourth trick: pinch the upper lip with your thumb and forefinger on the lip. Hold your forefinger and press your thumb gently; then hold your lower lip with your index and thumb.lower lip.

Then, massage the upper and lower lip rhythmically in the opposite direction of the above method, and repeat it several times, so as to reduce the lateral wrinkles of the lips.

  If your lips are already slightly wrinkled, use your two fingers to rub from the center of your lips to the corners of your lips, causing your skin to feel stretched.

First upper lip, then lower lip, double the effect several times.

  Fifth trick: Drink plenty of water for targeted daily diets, especially those who have been working in air-conditioned rooms for a long time. Pay more attention to not drinking when you are thirsty.wonderful.

Also eat more fruits and vegetables, and absorb the right amount of vitamins (such as vb, va, ve, vc, etc.).

Where do you want to go in 2008?

Where do you want to go in 2008?

Year-end summary, performance evaluation; or dissatisfaction with your own performance, or looking for some development space.

The change of personnel makes this transition period in March more competitive. The number of vacancies in the workplace has increased and the number of job-hopping has increased. Everyone has the best opportunity to realize the relocation of the workplace as soon as possible.

  Of course, changing jobs does not mean that we can welcome new students in the workplace. Such an attempt requires careful consideration.

According to a survey, about 60% of workplace people “take off” and found that reality and expectations are very different, so there is a psychological gap, and even led to the loss of goals and positioning on the career path.

  Changing jobs is a challenge and a risk.

How to better avoid the risk of job-hopping and smoothly advance in the new round of talent market?

  First of all, have a correct and comprehensive assessment of yourself.

Job hopping must be targeted and planned.

In fact, before doing anything, it is undoubtedly a good analysis of yourself.

Personality type, skill expertise, value orientation to define a career direction suitable for their own development, and even a new review and planning of career, these need to be calm and think carefully.

Especially for those who already have a certain job experience, they need to re-integrate resources, focus on core competitiveness, set accurate goals, and accumulate energy for “jump.”

  After making a decision, we must seize the time to prepare actively.

Forewarned is forearmed, without prejudging the waste.

The first step in a successful job change is based on a thorough understanding of the talent market.

Paying attention to the talent market is just like paying attention to the stock market. Different changes in positions in the market in different periods are very important to guide your professional behavior.

On major recruitment websites such as a certain network, there will be analysis and statistics of the local talent market, pay attention to the trend of the local “talent market”, and take stock of their own resources in conjunction with the job market to better grasp the industry’s foothold.

After a comprehensive inspection of the “talent market”, to determine whether the industry is on the rise, and to determine whether the selected company is growing smoothly, you can predict how big your development space will be in the future, and it is also conducive to the largest scale of talent transfer costs.

  On the basis of a thorough understanding of the “talent market,” finding the right time to switch jobs is the next necessary step for successful take-off.

The peak of job-hopping after the holiday usually lasts from February to April. Grasp the initial wave of job-hopping. Have enough time to understand the new company, new position, new boss. In case of a gap between the environment and expectations after the job change, there is a chance to chooseTo minimize risk.

If the delay in starting the jump drops to the end of the peak of the job-hopping, the workplace has gradually been clamoring for gold. Although it seems that there are many positions at this time, the range of options for you is already very

  Therefore, it is more appropriate to choose in early February. In order to take off smoothly, preparations need to be formally carried out 1-2 months in advance.

Beginning at the end of December, the next two months will be the time when professionals need to vigorously collect recruitment information and focus on various recruitment sites.

Use this preparation time, carefully study the timing of job changes in the industry, pay attention to the local “talent market” trend, predict the demand for industry positions, grasp the job that can best match your own needs and skills, make full use of the network, friends, etcVarious ways to make the best preparations for taking off after the festival.

Yoga diet two to two

Yoga diet two to two

Yoga has entered the lives of more and more people, but did you know?

Pay attention to good eating habits when practicing yoga!

  It is necessary to chew slow-swallow yoga to know the dangers of gobbling, and to remind the harm of slow-swallowing.

The question now is how slow should the rate of eating be.

The speed of chewing depends on the type of food.

Eating bananas is always faster than apples, and eating meat is slower than vegetables. In general, there is only one principle: you must chew more than 12 times for a bite of food, and you must chew the food and swallow it.

There are many benefits to chewing slowly and swallowing. People who develop this kind of diet, although the amount of food they eat is not large, can absorb nutrients and energy more fully than those who gobble up their stomachs; enough saliva can be goodIt is mixed with food to help the stomach digest digestive nutrition.

In this way, a person can effectively control too much food, avoid obesity caused by indigestion and long-term food excess, maintain the health of the body, and make full use of the energy that food brings to us.

  To drink plenty of water Yogis drink more than 10-15 cups of water every day, but never drink water or beverages during meals, even thirst should drink water for half an hour after meals, as observed by yogis,Some water disorders can be cured without drinking water during meals.

Drinking a lot of water can clean up the toxins produced in the body in one day, keep the body’s water balance and prevent premature aging, and the balance of water in the body makes us more energetic.

However, many people cannot drink enough water every day. Some people are used to drinking fruit juice, milk and other beverages. As a result, various diseases and physical disorders are caused.

When they started getting enough water every day, most of the disease was brought under control.

The large amount of water makes the body not excessively satisfying, and the fat in food is slightly reduced from the body.

  Do not eat for two hours before going to bed. Many people have the bad habit of lying down and resting after eating. This problem is particularly obvious when eating at night, which is very harmful to the body.

Eat for a few hours before bedtime, food can be fully digested in the body, the burden on the stomach is reduced, and it helps to sleep and rest well.

Most patients with gastrointestinal disorders have the habit of eating at night, and as a result, the abdominal muscles are excessively strained. When the person is already asleep, the stomach and intestines are still sleeping, so that they do not get a good rest and cause gastrointestinal damage. The digestive function is in a long-term disorder.status.

If this bad habit is thought of, the suffering of the patient will be eliminated.

  Don’t overuse seasonings. Don’t add excess salt, chili, pepper or other plant spices and processed spice spices to your food at first.

This is not to say that the seasoning is harmful, we are only opposed to excessive flavoring and seasoning.

These things cause the taste of food to be too strong. They satisfy our appetite in a short time. In the long run, it has caused great damage to my sense organs, and we have gradually become unable to enjoy the delicate changes in nature.At the same time, accustomed to strong stimuli, our digestive system is overly stressed, secreting more substances to neutralize these strong stimuli of the uncomfortable body.

4 types of gynecological examinations to Ai Ai say no

4 types of gynecological examinations to Ai Ai say no

Core tips: Women need to keep their lower body clean during gynecological examinations, so sex is prohibited before the examination.

What tests do you need to temporarily stop sex?

  1. Reproductive tract arthritis Among married women, 50% -60% have different levels of vaginitis and cervicitis.

In order to determine the type of vaginitis, the doctor needs to check the vaginal discharge. It is best to ban sex in the first 3 days.

After the treatment is over, it should be reviewed after the next menstrual period is clean, and the vaginal discharge is negative before sexual life can be resumed.

  2. Cervical cancer Cervical cytology is the main method for screening cervical cancer and cervical cancer.

At present, cervical cell biopsy technology has been implemented in places where conditions permit. This method is easy to replace, non-invasive and accurate, and is an important method for early detection of cervical cancer.

After colposcopy, a biopsy pathology is often performed. After the biopsy is taken, it is necessary to ban sex for 4 weeks to avoid infection.

  3, infertility to do tubal fluid or lipiodol contrast agent to understand whether the patient’s fallopian tube is unobstructed.

This test should be performed 3-7 days after menstruation is clean, and intercourse should be banned 3 days before surgery to prevent bacteria from infecting the pelvic cavity along the vagina.

  4. Within two weeks after family planning is released, sex should be prohibited for one month after tubal ligation.

  Regarding the precautions before gynecological examination, it is necessary to focus on that before and after gynecological surgery, in order to avoid infection, sex life should be banned for 37 days before surgery. According to the type and scope of surgery, sex can be banned for 1-2 months.

Romantic exclusive lover blandly belongs to lover

Romantic exclusive lover blandly belongs to lover

For men, the lover is the flavoring agent in their bland emotional life, and the lover needs to be surrounded by materiality and romance.

Lover is a long stream of water after experiencing dullness, which sometimes makes them hate but can be with each other for a lifetime.

  Men’s emotional attitudes towards lover and lover are different.

A lover needs physical care and a romantic love, and a lover is always someone who can help you with some trivial things that occasionally bore you but cannot be separated.

  Crossing a romantic relationship that belongs to the lover’s excessive romance predestined that this woman is not suitable for marriage.

Although romance can be said to be an indispensable element in love, marriage can never be the stage for romance, at least for most people.

Romance can be said to be the protagonist in love, but in marriage, it cannot be too heavy.

Romantic marriage is like a cherry blossom, and the splendid time is short.

Marriage is based on love, but marriage must face reality and face life. With too much romance, you cannot go far on this thorny road.

  The second way is that the loyalty belongs to the wife’s lover. The mood is the most important. Therefore, if the mood is compromised, the lover will not tell.

Women may always listen to good words, but men have to learn to listen to loyalty, because in this marriage process, the wife who will speak the loyalty will look at you like a mirror, so that you are constantly revisingForward.

The one who will walk with you is the one who really makes you hate sometimes.

  Path Three Feathers and Wifes are women whose advanced addicted to feathers and skins is terrible, but also reliable.

At least to explain, she will manage the trivialities of your life.

For ordinary people, there is a constant presence in life, and a man is not born with that kind of person. If a man is addicted to it, he will be very painful.

Therefore, Huili’s wife is very precious.

However, then again, this trivial woman is not suitable for lover, so it will inevitably lack mood in marriage.

Therefore, it is necessary for the wives to learn the emotions like the lovers, and to master the skills to control them.

  The fourth way of luxury is the lover’s instinct to be a lover, of course, can not be too shabby.

There is no Platonic love, and Platonic lovers are rare.

Therefore, in a general sense, lovers need material conservation.

Because, to maintain the relationship between lovers, some objective material support is necessary.

It is also difficult for a person without a luxurious complexion to play the role of a good lover.

Therefore, those who adore luxury cannot be their wives, they can only be lover.

This is the essence of why many women simply do not marry and are professional lover.

Because they can’t overcome this luxurious complex in themselves.

Your baby’s possible response to complementary foods

Your baby’s possible response to complementary foods

As a new mom and dad, isn’t it a bit of a feeling of helplessness in the face of a dazzling array of food?

Does the baby adapt to complementary foods?

Let’s take a look at the following countermeasures!

     First, some babies do not like to eat vegetables such as onions, cabbages, radishes, etc. Because these vegetables have a special smell, they are unwilling to accept them.

  Solution: You can add a little water when cooking to dilute the special smell.

If the baby really does not like to eat, parents do not have to force it. After all, there are many types of vegetables, and there are always babies who like to eat.

  Second, when eating vegetables for the first time, the mother may find vegetables that are not fully digested in the baby’s stool.

Don’t worry, as long as your baby is not having diarrhea or mucus in the stool, this is normal.

  Solution: Feed your baby vegetables, and increase the amount a little.

Cut the vegetables as thin as possible so that your baby can digest and absorb them.

  Third, some babies will feel itchy and uncomfortable after eating eggs. The skin around the face and ears will become red and secretions may appear. This may be an egg allergy.

  Reason: Boil the eggs for at least 20 minutes. Remove the protein immediately, mash the egg yolks, and mix the egg yolks in your baby’s cereal or vegetables to see if it can alleviate your baby’s allergic symptoms.

Generally, yolks of 5-6 months can be fed with yolk. For families with a history of allergies, the yolk can be fed to the baby for a few months, but other complementary foods such as meat and liver must be added to supplement the iron.

  Fourth, potatoes are more likely to nauseate or offend babies than other foods.

  Solution: Cook the potatoes, mash them into mashed potatoes, add the right amount of milk to dilute, start feeding the baby only a small amount of mashed potatoes, and then gradually increase the amount.

Dairy food is the main food for babies, but it can be supplemented with food in time by increasing the need for the baby to grow up.

The baby’s digestive tract is weak. If you do not add an excessive amount of complementary food according to the child’s age and actual needs, or continue to eat when the baby is sick, it will cause infant indigestion and vomiting.

Therefore, you must be very careful when adding complementary foods, and you should not force them arbitrarily.

  Remove supplementary foods and add some common mistakes. The main points for adding complementary foods. According to the baby’s digestion and nutritional needs, adding supplementary foods should gradually increase the variety.

Try one and wait for 3-4 days or a week before the baby adapts before adding another.

Amount from small to large, from light to thick.

If the weather is too hot, babies are prone to indigestion. You can temporarily add new foods and add them gradually when the weather is slightly cooler.

After each new food is added, pay close attention to its digestion. If gastric dysfunction, vomiting, abnormal stool or other conditions are found, feeding supplementary food should be suspended.

When the gastrointestinal function returns to normal, start with the acute small feeding.

In case of illness in children, stop all kinds of complementary foods (except for fruit juice) and wait for recovery after recovery.

  The above are general issues to be aware of when adding complementary foods.

However, there are large differences among babies, and you need to be flexible in the types and quantities of supplementary foods. Can you make four major mistakes in milk in the 8 areas that you were most concerned about before pregnancy?

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  Why does my baby lose weight after adding complementary foods?

  The reason for weight loss can be found from the following aspects: children can add complementary food after four full months, but when adding complementary food, do not reduce the milk volume too much too quickly.

At the beginning of the addition, you must continue to maintain the milk volume of 800-900cc. At this time, the amount of supplementary food is supplemented. Milk should be mainly because the absorption of milk protein nutrients is relatively high, which is beneficial to the growth and development of children.

If you give your child food supplements, such as porridge, rice cereal, etc., the child will become fat, but not strong.   The number of complementary foods is not too appropriate. The nutrients in it do not meet the needs of children’s growth and development. For example, iron deficiency and zinc deficiency can cause anemia and poor appetite for children.

  After six months, the child’s resistance from the mother’s body is reduced, and the formation of autoantibodies is not much, so the resistance is poor and it is easy to get sick.

Care should be taken to protect cod liver oil and calcium powder after the full moon. The indoor environment should be circulated to reduce the density of bacteria. Appropriate outdoor activities will enable the respiratory tract to adapt to external changes.

  In the cooking of complementary foods, it must be suitable for children’s digestion. Beginning to eat porridge must be rotten porridge. If you can’t see the rice grains, children can easily digest.

It is only seven months before the child can eat soft rice. If he eats indigestible prematurely, absorption and less discharge will result in insufficient nutrition for the child and make the child lose weight.