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Twenty-one things to do in college

Twenty-one things to do in college

Remember the girl from the developing world on campus?

Remember the fat chef in the cafeteria?

Remember when you left school?

We can forget a lot, but a lot we can’t forget.

.   At the fourth level, you may have scored 59 points for the first time, but you only got 50 points for the second time. By the third time, you have no confidence!

In fact, even if you pass successfully, it can’t represent anything.

Maybe you still dare not speak to foreigners, or you do n’t understand an English news report at all!

  Scholarships are certainly glorious, but getting them is not necessarily a good thing.

One of my brothers received a third-class scholarship and was forced to treat him.

After a meal, it cost 410 yuan, and the third-class scholarship was only 400 yuan!

Oh, dumb to eat Coptis chinensis, there is no way to tell.

Damn scholarship, don’t bother!

  The first time I kissed my girlfriend and hid in the cinema for the first time, I almost vomited because I was not used to the taste of her saliva.

  I said to her, “Let’s not kiss again in the future, shall we?

“She said,” Okay!

“Because she vomited before I wanted to vomit!

This is my first kiss, a romantic accident.

  Every boy ‘s memory of Valentine ‘s Day on Valentine ‘s Day is a real rose!

I really do n’t know, would those roses be better than the fish-flavored shredded pork in Sichuan Restaurant?

I remember on Valentine’s Day, I bought a bouquet of roses for my girlfriend for 50 yuan each, and her shoulder smile was so exaggerated.

In front of my classmates, they gave me a hug that made me feel a pain!

Valentine’s Day, a holiday devised by foreign devils to hurt people!

  When breaking up with love, she said, “I’m numb with you!

I replied, “Hope you find happiness!

“It didn’t take long for her to have a new boyfriend, a self-study candidate and a high-ranking child.

Later, I heard that she was dumped after being played with.

The last time I saw her was not long ago, she said, in fact, should not break up with me.

I smiled.

In retrospect, when she knew her, she lent me a copy of “Troubles of Young Witt”.

Looking at her back, I cried silently . Tencent QQ has no phone number and doesn’t worry, but it can’t without QQ number.

The coughing and snoring voices lingered around the beam for three days. Netizens spread all over the country, even as far as the other side of the earth, and communication changed from the real society to the virtual world.

Sadly, we never take the initiative to say to everyone around us: “Hello, can we talk?

“StarCraft If you don’t know StarCraft or if you’re a girl, otherwise it’s stupid.

The war of Terrans, Zerg and Protoss continued for four years at the university.

Everyone sleeps and forgets to eat online. Whenever power is cut off every night, someone always comforts and says, “Sleep, we will fight tomorrow!
“Tomorrow, will there be StarCraft?
  Computer When buying a computer, everyone has their own grand plans, learning programming, software and hardware, not playing games, making good use of the Internet!

In fact, the more people who swear poison, the more crazy they will be.

Look, which machine is not playing games, chatting on the Internet, or watching video discs?

Computer, the most time-consuming friend besides a girlfriend!

  Long holiday May 1 and National Day, two rare long holidays.

Walk, walk, walk, go where you want to go!

Xinjiang to the west, Shanghai to the east, Harbin to the north, Guangzhou to the south!

A brother came to Hangzhou and called by the West Lake. We said, “You are so happy!

He answered on the other side of the phone: “Behind happiness are countless silver corpses in the wild!

“Wait for the ball game, wait, finally wait for the Chinese team to qualify.

Milu, magical coach!

On the day of watching the game, everyone was sitting together, and their mood changed.

The day of watching the ball has passed, and what is left in my mind is a rare memory!

  When the canteen first arrived at school, I saw a large canteen, thinking that he would always find his love.

Later, I discovered that I can still swallow food with two steps around the rice bowl!

Barely got something to coax the belly, and after eating, two green worms and three stones were left on the dining table!

This is our life!

  Four years of cycling university, I bought five bikes, the longest was a year, the least was only half a day!

The thief who steals a car always has a clever way to make your sturdy car lock vulnerable!

An economist ‘s teacher imitated the supply-demand balance and said, “The reason why everyone can easily buy dirty cars is because thieves can easily get them.

The current bicycle market is basically in a state of supply and demand balance!

“It’s like you can’t buy a bike without it.

  Poverty had money when he was a freshman. There were some exceptions when he was a sophomore. He was too poor to be a junior.

In fact, the money has never been reduced, it has just been increased!

The girlfriend spends a sum, and the friend’s party is a sum.

You have to spend money on everything, so you have to be poor!

  The tutor remembered that when he went to tutoring for the first time, his heart sounded like a drum.

After working for the first time, my confidence increased. It turned out to be very easy.

I usually play as usual, and when I need a tutor, I wear a new one and look like a teacher.

In fact, in front of the students, they are like teachers, and when they return to school, the teacher sees him, so afraid!

  I went to work to copy a bill for a company, and I was busy all afternoon until my back was sore and my limbs were weak.

Then the supervisor told me, “Take it, this is your salary!

“When I took it cheerfully, I almost fainted, only a poor penny!

In the diary of that day, I wrote a sentence like this: Is it really for the poor penny fifty cents that I give?

No, what I want is the process of getting it, and the throbbing in the center of this process!

  During my junior summer vacation, I went to Shanghai for an internship, visited every day, and doubled every night!

Another student from the Agricultural University went to rural Hebei for an internship. They killed a sheep and entertained them for half a month, and it was over!

Back at school, the internship unit wrote and said, “These students are far from our requirements!

“We were suddenly awakened. For three years, we didn’t learn anything. People who wanted to go abroad were busy entrusting them. They went to New Oriental to take classes.
In their bags, there are always tapes and word books.
Is going abroad fashionable or a must?

  When I graduated from the postgraduate entrance examination, the busiest is the postgraduate graduate, who goes to school all night long and goes to the postgraduate entrance examination class every day.

Those who do not want to take the postgraduate entrance examination are busy with their work, and once they find it, they start to sleep every day.

In fact, there are some people who are more boring, that is, the people who are responsible for research.

No need to find a job, no test, so boring that I started playing a mouse catching game in the dormitory!

  There are a lot of job application copying job information, take off jeans and T-shirts, put on a suit awkwardly, and rush around at the job fair, hate the certificate in their hands is not enough, complain that father and mother are not people with a face and face.

Hey, life is about to begin.

From eye-level to low-level to sign as long as there is a unit to be signed, the morality of the mind has hit countless blows, and finally married myself!

There is only one feeling, so tired!

  It’s time to have a party. It’s a common thing to get drunk. It’s time to end your relationship. What’s the point of procrastination?

The purpose of getting together is only for the coming differences.

Are we separated? Will we meet?

  The school leaving the school posted a notice at the entrance of the building: graduates must leave the school on time before 6 o’clock on a certain day!

Scarlet big characters tore everyone’s hearts!

This is clearly my dear alma mater is walking us!

I remember the slogans that welcomed the freshmen when I entered the school, and now we are leaving the school!

Postgraduate entrance examination, post-graduate work, work abroad, study abroad.

Ten best-selling husbands in women’s eyes after the 1980s

Ten best-selling husbands in women’s eyes after the 1980s

The first place looks like the Pan Pan Finalist Index: ***** His appearance reminds you of Pan An or Song Yu, where he stood is already a scenery.

When he looks at you, his eyes are the brightest stars; when he smiles, the sun is not as bright and colorful as he is.

No matter where he is, he is the first thing people notice.

Mention him, everyone will become a thumb, forcefully called out a word: handsome!

Idol-level popularity index, discharge-like temptation, who said that only beautiful women love at first sight?

The handsome guy is also the object everyone dreams of.

If you can marry a man with a perfect shape like a model, then the dream of the girlhood can be restored to completion. What is it to be a woman husband?

  The second Wizard of the World Wizards Finalist Index: ***** points to the mountains and mountains, and his inspiring text is his specialty. No matter what he says, he will follow a large number of listeners; no matter what he writes, it will become the most noticed topic at the time.
At the party he was the center of the crowd. At home he was Bai Xiaosheng, Zhuge Liang, and Tang Bohu.

He is proficient in writing, writing, and writing good poems. He will praise you with the most charming words, will move you with the most passionate words, and will make you laugh with the most humorous words.

His thinking is three times faster than yours forever. He thought of it that you didn’t think of, and even of the US president didn’t think of it.

He has been known for 500 years, 500 years, and 500 years, and is a rare wizard in any field.

  The third successful person finalist index: ***** His career is absolutely successful, entering the rich list is just around the corner.

No matter what you want, he doesn’t hesitate to buy it immediately.

If you want a diamond ring, he will pick the biggest one for you. If you want a car, he will choose the latest one for you. If you want a house, he will choose the most luxurious one for you.I’ll write a check for you to discuss with the aerospace department . he can easily meet all your material requirements.

  The fourth romantic lover finalist index: ***** Falling in love with him will be the most romantic thing in your life.

I will give you the sunset in the attic or the kiss in the spring rain, the memories of riding a bicycle and the sweetness of sitting in a bar and listening to him singing a love song.

He can sit at your window and play the guitar on a snowy night, or he can give you 999 roses on Valentine’s Day, or suddenly pull up your hand at a boring party and say: Let’s go and watch the stars together!

  Fifth strong and strong finalist index: **** Healthy and lively men, all with strong muscles, not only feel good, in case of stomping, falling legs, you can let him go upstairs on his back.

He usually cleans and repairs electrical appliances. Needless to say, it’s all his responsibility. After vacation, you can play with him, climb mountains, travel, jog, have endless sports fun, and you can never worry about his physical condition.People with an incomparable sense of security.

His wide chest will be your most comfortable harbour, and you will feel full of energy and vitality with him.

  The sixth home man finalist index: **** Family will always be the first for him. You don’t have to worry that he will fooling around with colleagues after work. He must be back in the earliest car to clean up the house and cook.

He loves this little family just as he cares about his eyes, and he will never have a little bit of care.

If you give birth to a baby for him, he will feel that he is the happiest man in the world, and well organized all housework on himself.

There is only one thing in my heart: forever, I will always watch the sunrise and the moon with you on the balcony.

  The seventh-ranked polite finalist index: *** He lives with you respectfully, and presents gifts and diligent visits to the elderly during the holidays.

When doing housework, I like to subdivide with you. He should never be lazy when he should do it, and he should never intervene when he should do it.

You are ill, he is caring; when you lose your temper, he is humble and courteous.

At the age of 60, you will give him a bowl of rice and he will say “thank you”; at the age of 70, he will kiss your cheek and say goodbye before going out; at the age of 80, he will say good night to you before falling asleep on the rocking chair.
… He will always keep an insurmountable distance with you, telling you by action: distance produces beauty.

  The eighth sentimental man index: *** His clothes are bought in large department stores, and you are not allowed to shop in the wholesale clothing market; the coffee he drinks must be ground with coffee beans and cooked, and you are also prohibited from buyingTeabag tea; he is used to eating western food on the first floor of the World Trade Hotel, and forbids you to eat at the street stalls in the lively night market . everything in the home is as exquisite as he said (to you?

Furnishings: The lamp is glassy (wave?

) Simia crystal, the wall is imported environmentally friendly paint, the sofa is IKEA, the bedspread is exported, the hardcover coated paper magazine must be scattered on the coffee table, there must be no storytelling or humorous king . your friendsIt all depends on the sophistication of your life. You will often find some small decorations in your home that are worth thousands of dollars, and they are just right.

  The ninth place is about the morale finalist index: ** For you and all his friends, he is a representative of justice.

He could not resign for the sake of his friends, and he was full of classic chivalry.

Emphasis on commitment, light money, righteousness, don’t hesitate to help each other.

Your little bird walks beside him, watching him and his friends drink three boxes without getting drunk, watching him run for friends, watching him praised by others, and admiring and admiring him in his heart., And contentment and pride.

This is the real man who can entrust his life.
If he falls in love, he will thank God for his care, and once he falls in love with you, this life will not change.
  The tenth gentle and pleasant finalist index: ** He doesn’t care much about you, and you don’t need to care about him.

He is hungry, and you can eat shabu-shabu for him. He can also eat it very well. You can wear whatever he wears. It doesn’t matter how embarrassing. He doesn’t care what he gives him, as long as he has his own idea, no matter what.Whether it is watching the ball or playing the game, he is satisfied.

When he is playing, you can also do a lot of things you want to do, have enough time to write things, go online, watch TV, trick cats and dogs, maybe you do not talk to each other for many nights, but occasionally tired, lyingWhen he sleeps, he will still hold you like a child and say, “Wife, you are so nice. What can I do without you!”

  Every unmarried woman, without exception, will look forward to meeting a gentle, affectionate, understanding, generous, and dedicated man. Of course, it is best to have an economic foundation and be handsome.

I think this should be the standard of the so-called “needless man” in the minds of women.

Relentless may not be true heroes, how can lovers not husbands?

The assessment of men is nothing more than consideration of income, temperament, character and other aspects. If you are a woman and want to choose a man, are you optimistic about the ten reference standards mentioned above?

You can’t buy happiness, but you may inherit

You can’t buy happiness, but you may inherit

You can’t buy happiness, but it looks like you can at least inherit it, British and Australian researchers said on Thursday.

  A study of nearly 1,000 pairs of identical and non-identical twins found that genes control half of the personality traits that make these people happy, such as relationships, health and professional development, and other happiness factors.

  ”We found that about half of the differences in happiness were inherited,” said Bates, who is in the name of the University of Edinburgh’s leadership in this research.

“This is really strange.”

  Researchers asked volunteers-ranging in age from 25 to 75-a series of questions about their personality, what they were worried about, and how satisfied they were with their lives.

  Because identical twin fetuses share the same genes as fraternal twin fetuses, researchers can identify common genes that lead to certain personality traits and bias people toward happiness.

  Sociable, active, stable, hard-working and serious people are often happier, researchers report in the journal Psychological Science.

  ”This study shows that identical twins in a family have very similar personalities. In stark contrast, only half of the siblings have similar personalities,” Bates said. “It must be genetically related.”

  Bates said the findings are an important challenge for allegedly trying to better understand depression and what makes different people happy or unhappy.

  People who have inherited a positive personality actually have a spare “happiness” that they can use when they are in trouble.

  ”An important hint is that lively, outgoing, calm and reliable provides what we call an” emotional reserve “resource that can bring future happiness,” Bates said.

Life depresses celebrities seeking to vent vent swear words

Life depresses celebrities seeking to vent vent swear words

According to Hong Kong media reports, Jolin Tsai ‘s birthday on September 15 revealed that her wish was to become “Taiwan’s Lady Gaga”, but the burden of “idol” prevented her from trying boldly.

She admits that life is very depressing, and the way to vent is to swear against the wall.

  Jolin Tsai, who requires perfect personality, is always striving for breakthroughs in dance and music. She admits that she is envious of foreign singers to be able to show herself.不同,如果我再‘机车’(麻辣)一点,也不介意别人怎么骂我,就可以做到像她那样子了!After Cai Tianlin was a little boy, every move, whether on stage or in private, attracted media attention.

In this kind of life, she frankly frustrated, sometimes inevitably going crazy.

She said, “I hope the media will not shoot me or report me. Just listen to me sing and watch me dance.

“The way she relieved her pressure turned out to be quite” barbaric, “” I would go home and swear at the wall. ”

  The strong queen only conceded in front of love. Jolin Tsai admits: “I am finished when I touch love, and I am not strong at all in the other half. I am all kind of . pretending to be poor, of course, sometimes I really feel pitifulYes, haha!

“For Gossip boyfriend Peng Yuyan, Jolin Tsai generously praised the other party for making the girls happy, but what impressed me most was Wang Lihong.

“Jolin Tsai joined Warner Music last year with the goal of entering the international market.

According to reports, the album “Flower Butterfly” is selling well internally and is expected to enter the Japanese music scene.

However, Warner Music Taiwan has promised to deny it, and its agent Jiang Chengyi said: “I have not heard of this plan at present, and we will leave Jolin Tsai on vacation until the end of the year.

Jolin Tsai, who will be welcoming a three-month vacation, decided to leave a little more space for herself. She laughed: “Leave yourself a horse and enjoy life, it is only possible to be an idol by the age of 60.

Say goodbye to speckled faces crossing the watershed

Say goodbye to speckled faces crossing the “watershed”

Over the 30-year-old “watershed”, many people feel overwhelmed, and some beauty-loving people have some questions.
  Stage 1: 20-24 years old Keep the first line of defense against aging. How should 20-24 year olds maintain their skin properly?
Keeps skin from getting older.
First of all, the 20s is the best period of skin in a person’s life. At this time, the skin cells are very active and the metabolism is very strong. From the perspective of sensory analysis, the skin is very hydrated and smooth and elastic at this time.Best time for skin.
However, since the age of 20, pores have become larger and duller, so these problems must be solved.
  The first type of aging, the pores are becoming more and more arrogant. People who have been fighting acne since adolescence often become acne because of staying up late and stress.
Due to long-term repeated inflammation of the pores, damage to surrounding tissues, and loss of collagen, the elasticity of the epidermis deteriorates. The pores gradually change from the original “round” to a “teardrop type”. Not only are the pores obvious, they also look special.Slack.
Get out of the pores loose tragedy, so just do it!
  Care 1: Use the acidic skin care products first and then condense the skin care products. In order not to block the pores of the horny skin, you can use the skin care products containing acid to remove the old dead skin cells.
After exfoliating, remember to use astringent products such as alcohol, mint or tea tree, which can effectively reduce pores.
  Maintenance 2: You ca n’t save oil just for refreshing and moisturizing. After using oil-controlling products, remember to use moisturizing care products. Not only can achieve the effect of replenishing moisture to the skin, but also keep your skin in a healthy state.
  老化第二种、黑头粉刺真是难看  保养1:舒缓肌肤,刮去粉刺  如果你的粉刺是比较浅的那种,定期就能好好改善了,但如果你的粉刺是比较深的那种,建议你Use a squash stick to handle.
Wash your face with warm water first, and then apply it with a warm towel to let the pores open slightly.
Disinfect with tea tree oil with medicated alcohol cotton pads or cotton pads, then gently scrape your acne.
  保养2:有收敛效果的保养品  使用专门去黑头的产品,去完黑头后,将化妆棉蘸满毛孔收敛水,敷在鼻头部位,可以用手指稍稍按压,让毛孔收敛化妆水能够更好地penetration.
Put a small piece of plastic wrap on the cotton sheet so that the astringent water is not easily volatile. Placing another piece of cotton sheet soaked in hot water outside the plastic wrap helps the absorption of astringent water.
  阶段二:25岁 抗老的保养攻坚期  老化速度通常有一定的规律和过程,而且是一直在持续进行,从出生24岁左右,由于身体机能旺盛及代谢正常,在整体上看起来不会有Obvious symptoms of aging, generally 25 years of age are considered a watershed. Gradually aging gains advantages, hormone protection will decline, and the entire aging situation will change significantly. In addition, many internal and external factors will affect the change of aging speed.
  The first type of aging, the face becomes longer?
Decrees and double chins appear!
  The most proud “baby fat” in the past has finally disappeared, but compared to a 20-year-old college photo, you find that your face has become longer?
The key lies in the loss of collagen and the weakening of the elasticity of collagen fibers, causing the lines of the face to fall: the law lines become deeper, the sides of the mouth corners bulge like cotton with mouth, and there seems to be an extra piece of meat at the junction of the chin and neck.
Get out of the slump tragedy, that’s it!
  Maintenance 1: Lift up every morning and evening. Use the anti-aging essence in the morning and evening, and gently push the cheekbones from the sides of the nose along the lower edge of the cheekbones to the ears, firming the cheeks and slowing the law lines.
After that, you can smooth out the wrinkles between the foreheads, and use your middle fingertips to slide from the center of the eyebrows along the eyebrows to the temples to stop and smooth the skin between the foreheads.
  Care 2: Apply the cream, lift and massage the jaw tightly, and apply the cream between the measuring palms for about 10 seconds, letting it approach the temperature of the skin to increase the absorption rate.
Then use both hands and four fingers to lift upwards from the top of the chin until the earlobe stops.
  Maintenance 3: When you are particularly tired, apply a sheet mask to “pull skin”. When you are particularly tired, apply a whitening and anti-aging mask to quickly replenish your skin with energy.
After the application, it looks like “pulling skin”, and the skin is firm and delicate.
  The second kind of aging, the skin is dry and oily, and aging is the bane of ultraviolet rays. Ultraviolet rays in the sun are the super killer that causes skin dryness, oiliness, and aging. It is in fact accelerating the speed of skin aging!
Therefore, it is usually complete to include sun protection in the last procedure of maintenance.
  Maintenance: pay attention to sun protection. Perfect sun protection every day. If you often forget to rub sunscreen or don’t like the greasy feeling of sunscreen.
Then choose skin care products with sun protection factor to protect your face.
  老化第三种、“夜猫子”习惯不改 黑眼圈和细纹缠身  上学时就是“夜猫子”,工作后熬夜加班,“夜猫子”习惯不变,眼周肌肤却出现改变:黑眼圈和细纹,已经Be the focus of concealer.
Because of the irregular life schedule and poor circulation, the melanin is easily precipitated at present, and the skin is prone to dryness and fine lines after staying up late.
  Maintenance: Use Lifting Eye Cream Use Lifting Eye Cream to extend the coverage to the eye sockets and prevent fine lines.
Massage with eye cream to promote circulation around the eyes and lighten the pigment: Use your middle and ring fingers to wrap around the skin from the center of the eyebrow outwards, and then stop and press gently.
  阶段三:26-30岁 从容面对,抗老步步为营  25岁后逐渐地老化取得优势,荷尔蒙的保护会大大下降,整个老化情形会有更明显的变化,加上许多内外在因素都会影响到老化Changes in speed.
Human metabolism has begun to slow down, and the microcirculation is also relatively slow. At this time, we will find that the cuticle of the skin will become significantly thicker, and the skin will appear darker.In addition, we will find that in addition to wrinkles, the biggest problem causing Asian women is facial spots.

  The older one, proud of the thin white muscles, can’t hide the dullness and the spots. How did the sun turn back white? There is no problem with the skin from small to large, but in recent years, it has been found that spots appear.

As we get older, the UV damage that has accumulated around the cheekbones gradually emerges, and the skin becomes darker.

  Maintenance: Whitening + anti-aging synchronization now need to be whitening + anti-aging synchronization. Now in addition to the UV residence from the previous seed, collagen oxidation is also the main cause of dull complexion. To improve weight, whitening and anti-aging must be synchronized and reduced to form.Melanin and improve skin resistance.

  The second type of aging is not only sensitive to changing seasons, but also usually redness and tingling. Sensitivity only occurred during the changing seasons. Now as soon as you are busy and stressed, your skin will be out of condition: redness and peeling, stinging, and hard maintenance will not work

Poor work schedules or imbalanced diets result in decreased immunity, a change in the keratin barrier, weakened skin, and recurrence of sensitive symptoms.

  Maintenance: Switch to anti-allergic maintenance during unusual times to restore healthy skin condition. When sensitive warnings such as redness and tingling appear on the skin, you should replace the current maintenance products. Switch to anti-allergic maintenance during unusual times to condition the skin.

About 1?
After 2 weeks, after peeling, redness or healing disappears, the original maintenance steps will be resumed after the healthy skin condition is restored.

The benefits of qigong for the elderly are some -_1

What are the benefits of doing qigong for the elderly?

Older people can exercise through Qigong, so what are the benefits of doing qigong for the elderly?

We all know that Qigong is actually very difficult to do. The elderly doing qigong is actually just health care and can prevent diseases.

  The requirements for the idea of dynamism are not strict. As long as the trainer is proficient in the action routine, he immediately begins to pay attention to the coordination of breathing and movement, and slowly enters the calm state of consciousness, that is, the qigong is in a state of calm.

If some people have already studied or studied qigong theory before practicing, then the practice method of alternating dynamics and statics during practice can be combined with the practice of static work while practicing dynamism.

In this way, you can quickly grasp the essence of Qigong, adjust your mind, adjust your interest rate, and adjust your body at the same time to achieve good health care results.

  In addition to the health effects, the benefits of qigong for the elderly also have the effect of treating diseases.

If the patient chooses qigong as an adjuvant therapy, then different qigong should be chosen according to different diseases.

Such as gastric ulcer soup patients can practice internal health; tumor patients alternate step by step or Guo Linxin qigong, self-controlled qigong; high blood pressure, neurasthenia and pain patients replace relaxation.

Bedridden patients, optionally strong and strong, to cultivate vitality; the benefits of qigong for the elderly can also be beneficial to the recovery of neck and shoulder function in patients with neck and shoulder disease.

  I know what the benefits of qigong for the elderly are, because these beginners often do not have a deep understanding of the theory of qigong. If they are directly trained from static work, they will be biased if they are too meaningful.

Yan Dong teaches you how to make soup

Yan Dong teaches you how to make soup

In addition to choosing healthy ingredients, Yan Dong Xin Shi Bu also focuses on delicious food.

It is recommended to buy a variety of vegetables and have a hot pot soup for dinner.

  Five-color vegetables and fruits are recommended as follows: green (general green leafy vegetables), red (tomatoes, carrots, red peppers), yellow (yellow peppers, pumpkins, corn, pineapples), white (white vegetables, white radishes, yam, mushrooms,Bamboo shoots), black (kelp, laver, fungus).

The more color the vegetables have, the richer the nutrients.

  The soup head can also be very different. The traditional wonton soup chicken, seafood, etc. are changed to soy milk pot, milk pot, kimchi pot, tomato pot, curry pot, miso pot, etc.

If you have gout or kidney disease at home, drink half a bowl of soup.

Such a pot of “Vegetable and Fruit Shiquan Tonic Soup”, accompanied by a soy product seasoning and a bowl of rice, not only has low conversion, high nutritional value, but also adds a lot of warmth.

It’s better to act now, find a time, and make up for your family!

Infertility caused by the Hermitage, medicated diet to help!

Infertility caused by the Hermitage, medicated diet to help!

Infertility caused by kidney yang deficiency caused by Gong Han, the principle of treatment should be to warm the kidney yang, you can take Yougui pills, gold instead of Shenqi pills.

  The so-called palace cold, refers to female kidney yang deficiency.

Gong Han can cause infertility, but it does not mean that Gong Han must be infertile.

Many women with cold in the palace are mainly afraid of cold, sore waist, soft legs, long urination, nocturnal urination, apathy, and menstrual changes. They often have less menstrual flow, lighter color, or dysmenorrhea.pregnant.
From another perspective, the temperature of the uterus is low, which is not suitable for weight gain, and it is easy to abort even if pregnant.

Therefore, it is necessary for women to condition the uterine environment before preparing for pregnancy.

  Clinical medicine has found that there are many reasons for Gong Han.

It depends on people’s congenital constitution. However, most of the causes of Gong Han now are bad lifestyles, such as eating cold drinks, being greedy, turning the air conditioner temperature too low, or wearing navel clothes for beautiful, winter clothes.Weakness, etc., and the cold period of menstruation will affect the magnitude.

In addition, excessive fatigue or emotional changes can also hurt your body’s yang.

  In the traditional Chinese health regimen, women’s constitution is yin, so don’t be greedy.

Even in the hot summer, women should not eat too much cold drinks, cold fruits and other cold things. Foods taken out of the refrigerator should be placed and eaten again. It is best to eat some hot food before eating cold food.”.

Usually, you should eat more foods such as walnuts, dates and peanuts.

You can also take some Ejiao, antler gum and other blood after the menstrual period, and you can also take Angelica ginger mutton soup for conditioning.

Take Angelica 15?
20 grams, 2 mutton 2 and ginger 4?
5 slices, cooked, eat soup and eat meat.

  Infertility caused by kidney yang deficiency caused by Gong Han, the principle of treatment should be to warm the kidney yang, you can take Yougui pills, gold instead of Shenqi pills.

  Aiming at Gong Han’s women, traditional Chinese medicine gynecologists introduced several medicinal diet therapies: chicken boiled motherwort black chicken, motherwort 500g (in 4 portions, soaked and dried with wine, vinegar, ginger juice, chuanxiong juice).

Put the prepared motherwort into the chicken’s chest, boil it with broth, eat chicken lightly, or send it off with wine.

Chicken bones and medicine residues are roasted to the end, and 120 grams of angelica is added, 60g is cut off continuously, 18g of ginger is the end, and refined honey is a pill, 9g each.

Take 1 pill each morning, middle and night.

Indications for long infertility.

Saffron breeding eggs Take 1 egg, take a mouthful, and add saffron 1.

5g, stir well and serve. Serve on the second day of menstrual cramps. Eat 1 per day, even 9.

Continuous service 3?
4 menstrual cycles.

Indications of infertility due to Qi deficiency and stasis.

Angelica Polygala Liquor is all Angelica, Polygala each 150g, 1500g sweet wine.

Seal Angelica and Polygala with gauze, soak in wine, and seal.

It can be taken after 7 days, and slag removed for future use.

Drink warmly every night and drink as much as you want without interruption.

Run out of wine and make it according to law.

The function is to promote blood circulation, reconcile qi and blood.

For women with irregular menstruation or insufficient blood.

Summer infant food

Summer infant food

As summer approaches, the weather gets hotter and the temperature rises, the child will have a series of physiological reactions, such as lack of energy and loss of appetite.

At this time, if reasonable arrangements can be made in anticipation and proper cold drinks are given to children, it will not only relieve heat and quench thirst, but also help digestion and be good for health.

However, parents should pay attention to the following issues.

  Summer baby’s diet 4 major attention to watermelon summer heat should not eat hot summer, watermelon is a summer heat commonly used by children, but eating watermelon should also be careful to cause “worry”.

Because every year, children eat watermelon that is rich in hormones and highly toxic pesticides, causing food poisoning and symptoms of vomiting and diarrhea.

  Drinking a good drink should not drink too much. Drinking too much will dilute gastric juice, affect digestion, and stimulate the body, make the peristalsis hyperactive, change the time that food stays in the small intestine, and affect the child’s absorption of nutrients in food.

The gastrointestinal function of young children has not yet developed, and the mucosal blood vessels and related organs are not yet suitable for the stimulation of cold drinks. Therefore, do not drink more drinks, otherwise it will cause diarrhea, abdominal pain, sore throat and cough, and even induce tonsillitis.

If certain beverages contain a certain amount of caffeine, caffeine has an exciting effect on the central nervous system and is potentially harmful to the human body.

Because children’s tissues and organs are not yet fully developed, their resistance and detoxification functions are weak, which may cause harm, so children should not drink more drinks.

  Some vegetables should not eat more vegetables, which is good for children’s health, but some vegetables should not eat more, such as: spinach.

Spinach contains a large amount of oxalic acid. When oxalic acid meets calcium and zinc in the human body, it generates calcium oxalate and zinc oxalate, which are not easily absorbed and are excreted from the body.

Children need a lot of calcium and zinc for their growth and development. If they lack calcium and zinc in their bodies, they can cause bone and tooth dysplasia and affect their intellectual development.

  Drinking more water isn’t better. People can’t do without water, but drinking too much can be poisoned.

It is known that water accounts for about 65% to 70% of body weight and is relatively stable in the body.

The cell membrane of human cells is semi-permeable, and water can penetrate freely.

If you drink a lot of water, the blood and interstitial fluid will supplement the balanced release, the osmotic pressure will decrease, and the water will penetrate into the cells, causing the cells to swell and cause water poisoning.

Among them, the response of brain cells is accelerated. Once the brain cells are edema, the intracranial pressure will increase, resulting in dizziness, bloating, fingers, vomiting, fatigue, blurred vision, drowsiness, slowed breathing, slowed heart rate, and severe cases.Coma, convulsions and even life-threatening.

Therefore, in the hot summer, when children drink water, it is best to put some salt or add salty soda.

  Some foods suitable for babies to eat in summer because mung beans contain protein, calcium, iron, phosphorus, vitamins and so on.

In summer, you sweat a lot and the electrolyte balance in your baby is damaged. You can drink mung bean soup instead.

Mung beans also have a detoxifying effect.

However, babies with weak spleen and stomach cannot eat more.

Babies who are taking Chinese medicine are also advised not to eat.

  Adzuki bean has the functions of “regulation fluid, urinates, relieves swelling, eliminates diarrhea, and prevents vomiting.”

  Winter melon Winter melon is rich in nutrition.

It contains protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron and a variety of vitamins and essential trace elements.

It has good heat-relief and heat-relief effects, and can regulate the body’s metabolic balance.

Winter melon is cold, can nourish the stomach and promote fluid, and clear the stomach.

Eat more winter melon in summer, you can quench your thirst and relieve heat, diuretic, and even soup with skin, the effect will be better.

  Winter melon does not contain feces, and it is still a good weight loss food. Fat babies can eat more because winter melon can inhibit the conversion of sugars into feces, thereby preventing the accumulation of feces in the body.

  Shrimp skin Shrimp skin is not a shrimp skin, it is a dried small shrimp.

The calcium content is much higher than that of common animal and plant foods, and is a good source of calcium.

Shrimp skin can also be used as a baby’s usual snack, so that the baby can get calcium from it, but the salty shrimp skin cannot be directly fed to the baby, because the salt is too much, so the mother must choose the kind of salty shrimp skin, or use waterDilute the salty taste before giving it to your baby.

However, shrimp skin is high in cholesterol and should not be eaten more.

  Oatmeal Oatmeal is a rare and healthy food that has been regarded as a “functional food” in the United States. Linoleic acid, which is called in oats, is the most important essential fatty acid in the human body. It can replace the fiber and can promote gastrointestinal motility and help your babyPoop.

High-quality oatmeal contains protein, 8 essential amino acids, trace amounts, iron, zinc, etc. that your baby needs for growth and development.

The content of B vitamins in oats ranks first in various cereals.

However, although oats are rich in nutrition, you should not eat too much at one time, not more than 40 grams.Babies who are allergic to it should be careful to take it, and it should be added slowly from a small amount.

Oats can also be added to rice porridge for your baby.

Summer Bean Soup

Summer Bean Soup

Summer is here. If you can take homemade “Sandou Soup” often, it will be very helpful for everyone who suffers from severe summer.

  The three beans in the “three bean soup” refer to mung beans, red beans, and black soybeans, which are both medicines and food.

If black soybeans are not available, use barley kernels instead.

When the three beans are boiled together, it becomes “three bean soup”.

  Let us first understand the health functions of “Sandou” (including Coix Seed).

Let me talk about mung beans, which has a sweet and cold taste, and its effect is to clear away heat and relieve heat, and eliminate annoyance and thirst.

According to modern medical reports, mung beans contain starch, trace amounts of oil, protein, vitamins B1 and B2, nicotinic acid, and vitamin A, which are extremely nutritious.

  Adzuki beans, sweet and sour, have the functions of clearing away heat and water, dispersing blood and swelling, and can cure abdominal distension, beriberi, swelling and unfavorable urination. It has a detoxification and swelling effect on sores and swellings that often occur on the skin in summer.
Adzuki bean protein protein, traces, calcium carbonate, phosphorus, iron, riboflavin and other trace elements beneficial to the human body.

  Black soybeans have a sweet and cold taste and are slightly bitter. The effect is to detoxify, dissipate heat, and remove annoyance.

Black soybeans can cure colds, colds, fever, headaches in summer, and nasal congestion.

In addition to protein and enzymes, black soybeans also contain a large number of aunts. It combines food and medicine.

  ”Three beans” (including Coix kernel) have their own strengths.

However, our “same pot stew” has a better effect. It belongs to summer heat dissipation, thirst quenching, nourishing, and nourishing the best.

The preparation method is as follows: put the above flavors (each flavor is 10 grams) into the pot, add about 600 ml of water, boil over 200 ml with simmer, and wait for it to cool, you can take it with bean soup.

  ”Three bean soup” serves two functions, serving as both summer food and a summer heat remedy.

It is suitable for all people such as children, women, adults, etc. It is especially suitable for frail and sick people and the elderly.