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Invisible magic of smooth skin pores


Invisible magic of smooth skin pores

Close your eyes and play these snapshots in your mind: bare skin without protection in the sun, dirty hands directly wipe off the sweat from the face, and squeeze a lot of pearl pox in the mirror . With these materials,Of course, pores can direct a “oily, blackheaded, slightly dirty” “triad” movie, until the entire face is completely invisible like orange peel, and the pores become coarse.

  Small, small, small!

The magic of invisible pores is in the bright and magical world. Of course, the pores may suddenly “bang” and disappear, and after enjoying some beauty.

There are some reasons for the pores and pores.

  For the double pore elixir: natural passing, gentle cleansing. Little method: ○ Wash your face three times a day. It may be the best way to keep your skin clean in summer. You can give your face a free breathing space at any time.

  ○ Locking the warm water strategy Cold water can indeed shrink pores, but it is best to use warm water for the pores in a pair. The most suitable water temperature is slightly higher than the temperature of the hands, and it will be washed clean without water loss.

  ○ Galling Makeup Remover is to remove makeup at a slower speed than before. Good makeup remover oil / milk can help you search for residual makeup dirt deep in the pores, and massage gently to make them loose in the elastic space of the skin,It slipped out on its own.

  ○ Let the soft sand grains tolerate the “sand storm”. The skin with large pores should be treated more gently. The round sand scrub contains emollients, and the thick keratin in the “dancing” will disappear.

  ○ Purely use the “membrane” method to deeply clean the facial skin with a mask, which can make the face smooth and soft.

Deep cleansing once a week can make the skin’s metabolic function more normal and control sebum secretion. As long as 5-10 minutes, the pores will shrink.

Belly dance twisted into the gym

Belly dance “twisted” into the gym

Belly dance has only been seen in dance movies before, and now many gyms also have a “belly dance” fitness method.
Wen Kexin is the founder of Chinese belly-sculpting belly dance. He once went to Turkey and Iraq to study belly dance.
On the basis of traditional belly dance, she incorporates elements of Chinese folk dance, and combines fitness, dance, and performance to form a new fitness method.
Chinese belly dance is achieved through the movement of lumbosacral, arm, wrist, leg, gluteal muscles and other parts to achieve the effect of bodybuilding and fitness.
  ”Chinese-style body-building belly dance” is also called slim waist dance, Wen Kexin said, “As the name suggests, the biggest feature of belly dance is the prominent movement of the waist and crotch, which consumes heat during twisting, and has a significant fat-reducing effect on waist and belly fat.
In addition, as a whole body dance, you can fully exercise your legs, hips, shoulders, neck, and arms, so as to relax your bones and strengthen your body’s flexibility.
Hou Liang, a Chinese-style body-building belly dance instructor, told reporters, “In addition to reducing waist fat and tightening the gluteal muscles, belly dance can also regulate the female endocrine system, promote pelvic blood circulation, and internally massage the abdominal uterine organs.Gynecological diseases such as dysmenorrhea and dysmenorrhea also have a certain effect.
As a fitness method, belly dance is not restricted by age and body shape. It is not as unattainable as ballet or as wild as disco. It has mastered the core action of “trembling” and dances freely with the music.It is the biggest difference between belly dance and other dances.
  360 ° horizontal circle 胯, 90 度 angle 胯, left and right 胯, front and rear “8” 胯, up and down “8” 胯 . These are the basic shaking movements of Chinese body-building belly dance.
The “trajectory” of the crotch of the crotch is different, but the essentials of the action are basically the same. They all relax the shoulders, lift their chests, keep their upper body upright, exert pressure on the crotch, and follow the motion of the crotch.Use the crotch as a “pen” to draw the front and back “8” characters, the upper and lower “8” characters, etc. on this plane.
  When dancing Chinese-style body-building belly dance, coach Hou Liang reminded students to pay attention: First, learn belly dance, even if you don’t have a strong rhythm or have a “swimming ring” on your stomach, there is nothing to be embarrassed about.
Keep your body open and not stiff, otherwise you will not only have no fitness effect, but will also hurt self-confidence.
  Second, belly dancing requires loose and comfortable pants, bare feet or socks for dance.
Before and after the class, you must follow the coach carefully for soothing exercises to prevent muscle strain.
Practice 30-60 minutes after eating.
It is not advisable to take a bath within 1 hour after the exercise, because the skin sweats a lot after exercise, pores expand, and hot and cold stimulation is harmful to the body.
  Third, women can adjust the amount of exercise and intensity during menstruation according to their physical conditions. Shaking movements during too aggressive movements should be avoided as much as possible.

Small prescriptions love the talking family

Small prescriptions love the “talking family”

Although these problems of the vocal cords do not seem to be serious, for professional speakers, a loud and clear voice is an important tool for them to make a living, how can they not be properly protected?
He Min said that the “speaking family” can start from various aspects of life and make their health assets “stop falling and rising.”
For example, the human throat is very sensitive to dry and cold air and dust, so you can use a scarf and mask to keep your throat warm when going out on a cold day.
In the diet, eating more fruits and vegetables can rejuvenate the throat, and spicy, fried, over-cooled and over-heated diets, and tobacco and alcohol can irritate the throat. The vocal cords are repeatedly congested and contracted to increase wear and tear. It is best not to eat more.
And the prevention of colds is also a powerful measure to prevent throat diseases, so you should usually strengthen physical exercise, strengthen your physique, and prevent colds.
“For the” talking people, “the lake and the park are the best places to exercise because the air here is low in dust and humid enough.
“Tang Dagang, the director of the department of traditional Chinese medicine of the hospital, pointed out that there are also some simple and cheap, good-quality voice-enhancing drugs, teas, and dietary treatments in the traditional Chinese medicine. The” speaking family “can refer to their own situation.
  Fat Sea Tea: 3 pieces of Fat Sea, moderate sugar.
First wash the fat sea with warm water, and then brew it with boiling sugar for 15 minutes with 1 dose daily for tea.
  Stewed green fruit with white radish: 250 grams of white radish, 5 green fruit.
Wash the white radish, slice it, break the green fruit, and cook in a bowl of water.
1 dose per day, even taking 10-15 doses, suitable for those with chronic pharyngitis and lung heat injury.
  Luo Han Guo drink: Luo Han Guo 9 grams, Asparagus 15 grams, persimmon cream 3 grams.
First wash the two separately, put them in a cup, and soak them in boiling water.
Once a day, drink tea on behalf of the frequency, suitable for those with chronic pharyngitis and kidney yin deficiency.
  Honey tea: take appropriate amount of tea, honey.
Pack the tea leaves in a small gauze bag, place them in a cup, soak the tea in boiling water, mix with honey after cooling, gargle and swallow with this solution every half an hour, and take it for 3 days after the effect.
  Pronunciation training can protect the vocal cords. In addition, the most important thing for a “talking family” is to learn “how to speak”, that is, to master the correct pronunciation method.
He Min said that he had consulted a female patient with vocal cord polyps, and the cause was actually caused by his daughter’s recent poor performance and patients often rebuked loudly. Therefore, whether or not a professional voice user should alwaysTry to avoid screaming and shouting, and reduce the time of continuous speaking, and there is a health rule of “little words to nourish qi” in Chinese medicine theory.
At the same time, occupations that speak to people in large areas, such as teachers and promoters, are especially good at using sound reinforcement equipment to reduce the burden on their vocal cords.
  He Min also said that “speakers” should rest quietly when they have a cold, and promptly seek medical attention if they have symptoms of acute laryngitis, so as not to become chronic.
Women during menstruation or pregnancy will have physiological changes in the vocal cords, delicate tissues, and it is difficult to recover after trauma. At this time, pay attention to sound rest.
In addition, the habit of clearing your throat should be changed.
Some people use this action to clear the sputum in the throat, some people make their voice clearer, and some people use it purely as a habitual action before speaking.Damage, so it is best to quit.
  So, is there a way to make louder sounds more easily?
The answer is yes.
  According to reports, vocal cosmetology is popular among people who want to improve their voices abroad, but at present in China, only pronunciation training for actors and singers can be used as a reference.
This training pays attention to the use of abdominal breathing sounds to find the appropriate resonance cavity, which is similar to the use of “Dan Tian Qi” to make a sound.
The abdominal breathing method refers to the breathing method in which the abdomen is pushed outwards during inhalation and retracted inward when exhaled. The reader can use the exhaled breath to make the vocal cords vibrate and sound. The key to this is to “open the throat”.
In simple terms, it is to remember the feeling when yawning or taking a breath down, to keep the mouth in this state, and then use the breath to make a sound.

Learn six tips for rejecting others

Learn six tips for rejecting others

Do you wish to say no at times?

Many people are forced to agree to every request, preferring to do their best, rather than refuse to help, even without time.

In fact, learning to euphemistically refuse can also win the respect of others around you.

  So why do we continue to promise?

This may be because we believe that refusing to show indifference or even selfishness, and we may be afraid to discourage others.

Also, it may be fear of being hated, criticized, and hurting friendship.

  Interestingly, the ability to reject is tied to confidence.

People who lack self-confidence and self-esteem are often upset about rejecting others and have the possibility that their needs are more important than their own.

  Perhaps there are bosses or former parents who surpass this trend.

Women, in particular, can easily fall into the “trap.”

The influence of childhood is key, and beliefs have been formed, such as “I can only be lovely if I obey and help others.”

If you feel that you have become a “please others”, your self-worth manifests itself more and more for others.

The vicious circle makes everyone around you want you to be with them anytime, anywhere to serve them.

  Will not refuse to make you tired, feel oppressed and irritable.

Don’t wait until your energy is spent before taking action.

  Rejection tips:?

Keep it simple.

If you want to refuse, be firm and direct.

Use alignment, such as: “Thank you for looking down on me, but it is not convenient now” or “Sorry, I can’t help”

Try using your body language expert No, don’t need to apologize too much.

Remember, you don’t need permission to refuse.


Give yourself some time.

Break the “yes” cycle, use the merge “I’ll come back to you” and consider your options.

Think about it at the time, and you will reject it with more confidence.


Consider a compromise.

Use this method if you want to agree to this request, but do so with a limited amount of time or capacity.

Avoid compromises if you really want to refuse.


Distinguish between rejection and intervention.

Remember that you are rejecting the request, not interfering with one person.

People usually understand that you have the right to refuse, just like they have the right to ask for help.


Don’t feel guilty for rejecting your child.

They are sometimes rejected to be important to them and make them more self-control.

This is contemptible in the adult world.

Rather than keep them from protesting, let them know who is responsible for setting boundaries.  ?

Be yourself.

Be clear and honest about what you really want.

Get to know yourself better and look for what you need in life.

Why don’t men ask for help

Why don’t men ask for help

Communication is essential in life. Communication is receiving more and more attention from society. Communication is also an art.

We hope that the “Art of Communication” column can give readers a little inspiration from a psychological perspective.

  You are about to leave the house, and your kittens and puppies are left unattended.

How to do?

Should I pay for it personally, or will I ask a friend for help?

If you ask for help, you will owe others a favor; if you pay for it, you will be afraid of others.

For this kind of thing, you really want to get help from your friends, but you are embarrassed to say it, in case you are rejected by your friends, how shameless?

Moreover, unless the friend reluctantly agrees, maybe he will prepare you to stay away in the future?

  In life, some women also have this experience: if they go out with their husband or boyfriend, if they get lost in an unfamiliar place, he does not like to ask for directions, but follows his feelings and judgment stubbornly.
If you persuade him to ask for directions, he will become angry and angry.

In fact, this is a very common phenomenon for men.

They don’t ask people for help easily, especially in the presence of the opposite sex, they want to show their opinions, and sometimes they leave a bad impression of “dead mind” and “arrogance”.

  Why are men not willing to ask for help?

This has something to do with their education from childhood.

Unlike girls, boys have been imbued with the concept of “independence and self-reliance” from an early age, asking them to take pride in “being a man” and educating them to keep girls and protect them.

It is not difficult to find that although the children are in conflict, the little boy who bullies others will be reprimanded by the teacher and parents, but other boys will think that he is strong, powerful, envious and afraid of him.

On the contrary, the boy who was bullied and only cried, but the boy who complained to the adult was ridiculed by his companion.

From little boy to big boy to becoming a man, men at every stage are constantly being reinforced with the concept that their own difficulties are carried by themselves, and good men do not easily ask for help.

So letting men ask for help, for them, it is necessary to cross the psychological barrier formed over many years.

  Men are reluctant to ask for help, because the deep self-esteem has made them replace the independent situation.

They are willing to achieve their goals through their own efforts, while exercising and improving themselves in the process.

In addition, men attach great importance to friendship. In their eyes, friendship is not a reminder code for asking for help.

Therefore, only when encountering difficulties that can’t be overcome independently, men will think of troublesome friends.

  Psychologists believe that asking for help is not a shameful thing, nor does it mean that the ability of the helper is insufficient. On the contrary, seeking help helps make more friends.

It’s not so difficult to ask a friend for help.

  Roberts, a professor of psychology at Arizona State University, suggests that in order to reduce this unwillingness to ask for help, when you encounter difficulties, you can prepare more solutions.

In this way, even if your friend really rejects you, you will not be too disappointed, and will not make your friend feel guilty.

Never let your friends feel guilty about rejecting you.

Many people mistakenly believe that if he is my friend, he should promise to help me.

As a result, even if your friend reluctantly agrees for the sake of face, your friendship has actually been hurt.

  ”Don’t fully expect your friend to promise you, because maybe he has his difficulties, and even if he is your best friend, he has no obligation to promise you every request.

“Thinking about this can alleviate the pressure of asking for help.

  ”A gentleman’s friendship is as light as water” does not mean that friends can help each other and have contacts. This is precisely an important way to maintain friendship and develop friendship.

Everyone has the psychology: When receiving the help of others, they will naturally have the desire to reward others.

Rewarding friends and giving them the opportunity to be helped and served can arouse the courage to ask friends for help.

 4 ways to easily remove spots in hot seasons

 4 ways to easily remove spots in hot seasons

How to spot in the hot summer?

What are the ways to remove spots?

This hot summer is coming, but when changing into cool summer clothes, this season is also the best time for freckle effect.

At this time, the sun is soft and the air is fresh, which can make the effect of freckle better.

But how to freckle?

The so-called spots are basically melanin on the skin.

Everyone has melanin in their bodies, so theoretically everyone can have spots.

The principle of freckle removal is to make melanin lighter. It’s that simple.

Here’s what you need to know about your spots!

  The easiest way to remove spots is to use sunscreen. Everyone often uses sunscreen, sunscreen lotion, suntan lotion, etc. When buying these products, you must first know what type of skin you are. The alternative method is to use test paper on your own.Press on the nose, and if there is bright oil on the test strip, it means that your skin is oily and you should add lotion.

If there is no oil on the test strip, the selected range penetrates, and you can choose emulsion, cream or oil.

If it’s a little oily and not that serious, you can choose a cream.

  The second kind is a blackening agent. Many people come back after traveling, and the whole person will turn black. At this time, you can use a 3% -5% hydrogen radical cream. After two weeks, you can restore the skin to its original appearance, but do not rely on itIt is a chemical drug that does not fundamentally solve the problem of the skin. It can only remove the pigment from the epidermis, but it cannot help the pigment in the dermis.

  The third type is systemic vitamin C infusion. Intravenous injection of 3-5 grams can make melanin from deep to shallow.

It usually takes 20-30 drops to work on melasma.

  The first is laser, photon rejuvenation.

At present, the most hype in the country should be considered photon skin rejuvenation. This combination of light hits the skin, can break up the pigment mass, and the body tissues absorb or excrete it.

Although this method is convenient, it should not be used repeatedly, because the summer sunshine is long, the climate is hot, and the skin needs time to repair. It is recommended to do it once a month.

At the same time, it is necessary to identify the instruments from the manufacturer. Only standard instruments can guarantee the effect after use.

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Yoga Asanas: Half Moon

Yoga Asanas: Half Moon

The starting action of the “Half Moon” is similar to the “Triangle” and “Side Angle”, so you can practice the “Half Moon” after the above two positions.

Its test of balance can be numerous. If you are not confident, remember not to force it, or use yoga bricks to help!

  Practice: 1 Complete the “triangular” step by step.

  2Right foot bends knees at an angle of 90 degrees to the ground.

  3 Turn your eyes to the ground about one foot in front of your right toe, then put your left hand down and place it on your left pelvis.

With your right hand, move away from the front focus and press the ground with your fingertips. The thumb of your hand is about a foot away from your toes.

Slightly lean your body forward to move your center of gravity towards your right foot and your left heel off the ground in preparation for lifting your left foot.

Stay for about 2 to 3 seconds and keep breathing.

  4 Inhale, open the chest, fracture the spine.

Exhale, step on your right foot slowly, and lift your left foot off the ground.

Use your right foot as a balance point.

The left pedal is straight and raised parallel to the ground, vertical and toes forward, the left pelvic bone and left shoulder are moved backward; on the contrary, the right pelvic bone and right shoulder are moved forward, so that the upper part and abdomen are forward, and the entire body becomesHorizontal state.

Finally, straighten your left hand upwards, forming a vertical line with the shoulder length and your right hand.

If the balance is well controlled, turn your head up and look at your left hand.

Breathe deeply and smoothly.

Hold this position for about 20 to 30 seconds, then return to step 1 in reverse order and repeat the steps with the other foot.

  Common mistakes: * Knee bend, so that you cannot balance your body.

  * Shoulder fracture did not open.

* No spine fracture.

  * The lifted foot is not stepped straight.

* Face, tibia and abdomen forward.

The crotch shrinks inward.

  Extreme adjustment: If you have difficulty reaching your hands on the ground, you can borrow a yoga brick and press it on the brick.

  Fractures: * Fractured spine, increase flexibility.

  * Eliminate aunts who have excessive waist, buttocks and thighs.

  * Relieves lower back pain.

  * Relieves sciatica.

  * Shrink shoulder fractures, improve bad posture of shoulder fractures.

* Improve blood circulation to both feet.

  * Improve focus.

  Note: * If you have headache, eye disease, diarrhea, varicose veins, insomnia, etc., please don’t do this posture for the time being.

  * People with high blood pressure, please do not turn your head up when you perform step 4.

Look forward.

Six fitness misunderstandings most hurt sports to sweat

Six fitness misunderstandings most hurt sports to sweat

Fitness is a very popular lifestyle. Nowadays, more and more people like to integrate fitness into their own lives. In this way, it can not only maintain long-term health, but also have a healthy body. It is very good., Of course, we should also pay attention to some of our own fitness methods.

The following introduces you to see what wrong methods you have in fitness. After understanding, it will make you better fitness. If you want to know, let’s take a look with Xiaobian!

  First, exercise while reading a book. If you are concentrating on reading a fashion magazine, it also means that you cannot follow the exercise you are doing at the same time. Experts say that reading is the worst thing to do during exercise.

  If you are going to exercise, you have to focus on your body.

If you need to do something else at the same time to make the exercise less boring, it is better to wear headphones to watch TV, it is not as focused as reading.

  Second, a lot of sweating from sports to sweating, causing people to feel that they have been fully exercised, but because of the large amount of sweating, the body’s water is insufficient, which harms health, and it will not have any effect!

  Some people exercise in a hot environment and think that it can reduce weight, but in fact they only dehydrate themselves.

Excessive sweating can also cause cramps and other sports injuries.

When exercising, make sure you have a bottle of water on hand to replenish moisture at any time.

  Third, riding a fixed bike or simply riding a fixed bike or running on a treadmill does not have the effect of strength training.

You can burn 100 calories for a mile walk, but in the same 20 minutes, you can burn 300 to 400 calories if you do weight-bearing exercise on the equipment.

Strength training can also help you strengthen your daily routine, such as the muscle groups you need to climb stairs or take heavy objects, and help you maintain muscle shape and delay muscle relaxation due to age.

  Fourth, bypass weightlifting exercises. Women are often afraid to practice weightlifting and look more like bodybuilders. In fact, don’t be afraid.

It’s a common misunderstanding for women to build large muscles because of weightlifting or strength exercises.

Unless you hit growth hormone at the same time, it will not happen, and doing weight lifting exercises will not make you a terrible monster.

  Fifth, exercise hungry. Hungry is a very bad habit. Your body needs enough energy to keep it running. Hungry cannot be replenished, which leads to loss of health. You can usually solve it by eating small foods.

  This is especially important during morning exercise, because after one night your stomach is empty and the transfer is exhausted.

You need to fuel it and let it restart.

  Sixth, when you go to the gym without pretending to know anything about cats and tigers, you pretend to understand everything, and everything will not bring you any benefit.

For the gym newcomers, one of the worst habits is to take a tour of the gym and try to do what people around them do.

There are usually coaches in the gym, so make good use of them.

If you really have questions and want to know the right form of exercise, don’t hesitate to ask them, you must know how to avoid sports injuries.

Similarly, when you are new to a fitness class, let the teacher know if you have any discomfort or concerns, and your body will benefit from it.

Some distance is the most beautiful

Some distance is the most beautiful

Who is the person who maximizes your time with you every day?

Not your relatives, nor your friends, but your colleagues.

He and you face to face in the office, side by side, working, eating, drinking, and entertaining.

  Colleagues have good relations, which is a good thing.

But earnestly, colleagues refused to be close.

A colleague is a colleague, not a friend. Making friends is a matter of loyalty. Loyal character is the most important. Once you choose me, I choose you. Trusting each other and being faithful to friendship is the responsibility of both parties.

Colleagues are different. Generally speaking, if it is not your own business and you do not want to smash your own rice, then you are unlikely to choose a colleague unless you work in the personnel department.

Therefore, you cannot have high expectations of your colleagues, otherwise it will be easy to get into trouble and be easily misunderstood.

The proper distance makes you and him look the most beautiful.

  Heterosexuality: It is the 21st century to refuse to be intimate. The working exchanges between the two sexes are very alternating. It can no longer be replaced by the old concept of men and women giving or receiving intimacy.

  Because it is the opposite sex, there are many differences of opinion on many things.

If you are an open-minded person in front of the opposite sex, you will find that you are much favored in the opposite sex.

Because most people don’t have a sense of interference with the opposite sex, and they like to help partners of the opposite sex, they regard this leader as a sign of achievement among colleagues.

  Birds of a feather flock together.

Being a colleague and a friend are people who share a common language and have a good opinion of each other.

If the opponent shoots Cupid’s arrow, it should be wisely resolved.

Never give each other acquiescence and encouragement.

  Adopting a generous, not frivolous attitude towards the opposite sex is a very important principle in working with the opposite sex.

This includes both behavioral and verbal aspects.

Doing things in the office with respect to the relationship of the opposite sex working partner will make some complicated things simpler.

Never treat the office’s heterosexual relationship into the kind of result expected by a similar “love relationship,” and don’t develop a closer relationship with one opposite sex than others.

  Correct Communication Principle Experts attribute the communication principle between colleagues to five points.

  Sincerity, deception, and false perfunctory are both frauds of colleague relations.

Sincerity will not be written in the elderly, but from the heart, disguised sincerity is more hateful than real deception.

  ”He who loves others always loves him; whoever respects him, always respects him” No one will accept us for no reason and like us.

What others like us is often based on the substitution that we like them and recognize their value.

  Creating an atmosphere of freedom requires others to interact with us in an atmosphere of equality and freedom.

  Safeguarding the self-esteem of others is simple.

But this does not mean meeting others everywhere in the relationship of colleagues.

  Make others feel that it is worthwhile to associate with you. In exchange, we are always exchanging something, either material, or emotional, or other.

But in it, you should pay attention not to be afraid of losses, don’t rush to gain and don’t pay too much.

Greetings can reflect people’s psychological characteristics

Greetings can reflect people’s psychological characteristics

Introduction: A person’s character can be ground in every bit of life.

Greeting is the most common thing in daily life. Today, I will take a look with everyone. Different ways of greeting will reveal a person’s personality.

  1. People who look directly at each other When they say hello, people who look directly at the other person are often aggressive in their interactions. They want to try to find out the truth and reality of the other person by greeting and secretly think about how to let the other person take the lead and let themselves overpowerother side.

At the same time, it also shows a sense of alertness and defense to others.

  When dealing with such people, you must pay attention to strategies. The first thing to do is to protect yourself and not easily expose your disadvantages, otherwise you will be looked down on by the other party; then, take the opportunity to take the next step.

  2. People who do n’t look at each other ‘s eyes do n’t look at each other ‘s eyes when they say hello, and move their eyes elsewhere. Such people are usually timid and afraid of seeing strangers, but this does not mean that they are arrogant, but theirInferiority complex is working.

They are not confident in their dealings with others and they are hesitant.

However, when a girl has a good opinion of a heterosexual person, she often deliberately looks at people in a wrong way. Even if she meets her face-to-face, she will take a look elsewhere.

In fact, they just put smoke bombs in the opposite way to remind each other that they have opened their hearts.

  3. People who step back deliberately say hello, people who will step back intentionally may think that this is a kind of politeness or modesty, but others will think they are deliberately rejecting people and intentionally distance them.

The phenomenon of consciously backing down may be because they have a sense of defense and vigilance, and are afraid of improving communication, fear; or want to express humility in this way of giving up space, so that communication can proceed smoothly and develop deeper.
  4. If you slap the policeman, if someone greets you, you will pat your stare without hesitation. This action just shows that he is not afraid of you and wants to show his advantage and let you notAct lightly, otherwise he will launch a powerful offensive and force the opponent’s mental state at a disadvantage.

Of course, this kind of action often appears among quite close friends.

  5. Someone who doesn’t say hello Some people never say hello to others. Even if a classmate or colleague comes over, they still don’t say hello, which shows that they have the importance of autism and are very self-righteous.

  They often struggle alone in work and study. Although they are diligent, the results are not as good as they are.

Another situation is that they are too excessive and keep thinking while walking. Once they meet an acquaintance, it is difficult to remember the name of the other person in a hurry, so they have to stare or keep their heads down and continue to hurry.

  6. Someone who sees the acquaintances by-passes. Some people see the acquaintances walking by-passes, just like Xiang Xiangru sees Lianpo, and runs away all the way.

There are three main possibilities for this situation: First, because of a guilty conscience, they must have done things that are sorry to the other party. The most common situation is that they do not pay their debts; second, the acquaintance makes them disgusted, and they really do not want to say hello, Even if passing by; the third is to have inferiority expectations, ashamed to see people.

  Warm reminder: modern society is a social society, “the old is dead, not social”, it is difficult to survive without contact, so we must learn to interact with people from the beginning.