The four major problems of the elderly teeth and prevention methods

The four major problems of the elderly teeth and prevention methods

People often say that people have their old teeth first, so many old people do not take their teeth seriously.

But the goal set by the WHO for the elderly is: By the age of 80, at least 20 teeth must be kept.

In fact, it is not difficult to achieve this goal, as long as you learn the correct way to protect your teeth.

September 20th, 2008 is the 20th “National Love Tooth Day” with the theme of “Focus on oral health among the elderly.”

  The goal set by the World Health Organization in 2001 on dental care for the elderly: At the age of 80, at least 20 teeth can be chewed normally.

But every year, in June this year, the third national oral health epidemiological survey released by the Ministry of Health showed that the prevalence of dental caries was as high as 98 among the 65-74 year olds.

4%, periodontal health rate 14.

1%; 86 with missing teeth.

1%, the average number of remaining teeth is 20.

97 pieces.

  This, experts say, the gums shrink, the roots exposed is the most important oral problem in the elderly.

Dental caries are seriously ill.

The incidence of caries is mainly caused by bacteria, and the elderly are exposed to too much roots, which leads to an increase in the incidence of root caries.

In addition, the residual root crown is the most serious manifestation of rickets in the elderly.

Dental defect and wear.

The first permanent teeth erupted when they were 6 years old. If the beads were not lost at the age of 80, they were used for 74 years.

After such a long time, and some people brush their teeth incorrectly, even if the teeth are hard, it will inevitably have defects and wear.

  Therefore, to protect the teeth, first of all, the method of brushing teeth should be standardized: use a soft-bristled toothbrush; insist on brushing teeth every morning and evening; use fluoride toothpaste; rinse mouth after meal; use toothpick floss.

Periodontal disease worsens.

Although periodontal disease is not a “patent” for middle-aged and elderly people, its incidence is more serious than other age groups.

For example, some people have never washed their teeth since birth. As time accumulates, the calculus accumulates more and the chance of developing periodontal disease becomes higher and higher.

The incidence of oral cancer has increased.

Experts remind that oral cancer is more common in the elderly. If there are sharp roots, residual crown and bad prosthesis repeatedly bite the wound, the tongue or mouth ulcer can not wait for several months, and should go to the hospital for examination.

  In addition to the above problems, wedge-shaped defects, oral mucosal diseases, etc. also affect the oral health of the elderly.

Experts suggest that in order to reach the goals set by the World Health Organization as soon as possible, at least: 1.

Stick to the correct brushing habits.


Go to the hospital every six months to one year, especially if there is bleeding gums, hot and cold pain or toothache when chewing, you should go to the doctor immediately.


The less the teeth, the more you need to cherish.

When too many middle-aged and elderly people have a few teeth left, they want to pull their teeth out of the dentures.

  In fact, try to retain natural teeth to avoid the absorption of alveolar bone, and also improve the stability and chewing function of the denture.

  In addition, from the perspective of Chinese medicine, proper “caries” and “speaking tongue” are good methods for oral health care.

“Caries” means “fighting” between the upper and lower teeth, once every morning and evening, 15 times each time; “handing the tongue” means turning the tongue back and forth in the mouth to promote saliva secretion, which has a certain effect on preventing mucosal dry mouth.
In terms of diet, middle-aged and elderly people should eat less sweets and soft food.

Celery, scallions, fried pork

Celery, scallions, fried pork

Ingredients: 300 grams of celery, 30 grams of medlar, 3 fresh lily, 200 grams of fresh pork.

  Practice: 1.

Remove the old lily and pedicle from the fresh lily, remove it and wash it; celery remove the old ribs and wash it into a piece; simmer with water, drain and set aside; lean pork cut into pieces for use.


Put the celery in boiling water and add it to the ice water.

Drain and use.


Heat the wok, add the oil, heat to 50% heat, add celery and stir fry quickly, then add the lily to stir fry, add the scallions and fry several times, and serve on the plate.


Add a small amount of oil, fry the pork slices, pour in the vegetables that have been prepared, stir-fry several times, until the lily is slightly transparent, add salt, chicken can be.

  Efficacy: heat, nourishing yin, moistening dryness, phlegm and dampness.

  First, different regions adapt to the northeast region: the northeast region is located in the northernmost part of the area, which belongs to the region with the highest latitude. This region has a short summer time and relatively relative winter time, which can increase the cockroach to 35 grams.

  Northwest China: The climate is dry, windy and sandy, and the sunshine is redundant, which can increase the number of fresh lily to 4.

  Central region: The climate is highly mild and there is too much sunshine to increase the celery to 350 grams.

  Southeastern region: The climate is humid and the rainfall is abundant, which can increase the cockroach to 35 grams.

  Southwest: It is rainy, the climate is hot and humid, and you can eat spicy, sour and spicy taste, which can reduce the celery to 250 grams.

  Second, different physiques due to body selection, qi deficiency, qi deficiency, muscle weakness, physical weakness, shortness of breath, lazy words, easy to sweat, not cold and heat.

This formula is increased to 35 grams.

  Blood deficiency constitution: People with blood deficiency are pale, dry skin, insomnia and dreams, dry stools, and unfavorable urination.

The amount of hydrazine in this formula was increased to 35 grams.

  Yin deficiency constitution: people with yin deficiency are thin and afraid of heat, hands and feet are hot, temperament is irritating, insomnia and dreams.

This formula has been increased to 4 capsules.

  Yang deficiency constitution: the population of yang deficiency is not thirsty, the shape is cold and warm, the limbs are not warm, and the hair is easy to fall.

The amount of hydrazine in this formula was increased to 35 grams.
  Third, different ages tonic young people: adolescents are in the stage of growth and development, gas is strong, adequate fluid, eclipse twice.

  Middle-aged: Celery increased to 350 grams.

  Older people: The body’s metabolism and excretion function are reduced, and the amount can be reduced by half.

Learn to sweat spontaneously in hot weather

Learn to sweat spontaneously in hot weather

Experts pointed out that don’t be afraid of high temperature days, don’t “kick” your sweat.

  The water is deep in the south and hot in the north.

The slimy sweat on the body is even more unpleasant.

In order to stop “it”, too many people are used to “incubating air conditioners”, from driving to entering the office, and then driving back home from the office, the cool air-conditioning environment is like a shadow, gradually forming an “air conditioning dependence”, there will be almost no colon throughout the summer.Sweat opportunities.

Some fashionable men and women who need to go out to prevent the sweat under the arm from getting wet, will continue to apply a large area of antiperspirant and other products to reduce sweating.

  Experts pointed out that the sweat gland is the “natural air conditioner” of the human body. Sweating can regulate body temperature, and it can moisturize the skin and discharge part of the metabolic waste. If you deliberately control sweating, it will cause an important detoxification pipeline and aggravate liver and kidney detoxification.The burden.

In the summer, sweat can’t come out, the heat can’t be released, and heat stroke is very easy to occur.

  Sports experts also suggest that there is more “sweat” in the summer.

This has long been agreed abroad.

Researchers at Oklahoma State University in the United States believe that sweating therapy can effectively improve mental health.

Even studies have shown that the body’s tolerance to heat is related to the amount of heat stress protein in cells in the body.

People who often exercise, the heat stress protein synthesis in the body is significantly increased, the tolerance to heat is enhanced, and it can resist the invasion of high temperature heat waves.

  Pang Xiaowen, chief physician of the Department of Dermatology, the general manager of the body sweating gland, said that the sweat glands are divided into small sweat glands and apocrine glands.

Sweat is a liquid secretion secreted by the small sweat glands of the human body. It also contains certain solidified substances, including a certain concentration of sodium chloride, which is the reason why the sweat is salty.

Lack of sodium chloride, may form hyponatremia, hypochloremia and low sodium hypochloremia, people will feel tired and weak, sleepy chest tightness or lethargy.

So balancing the amount of sweat is important.

  For ordinary people, how to balance sweating does not have to worry, just leave it to the small sweat gland to complete.

There are 2 million to 5 million small sweat glands on the human body, but the distribution is not uniform, and the number of palms and hands is relatively large.

  The small sweat gland shoulders the heavy responsibility of the body to distribute and transform.

When the outside temperature rises to a certain temperature, the “natural air conditioner” of the sweat gland starts to start, and a lot of heat energy is taken out by sweating to regulate the body temperature.

  The small sweat glands can also discharge waste, amino acids and products after nitrogen metabolism, thereby eliminating the burden of “garbage” of liver and kidney.

“One of the past treatments for patients with renal insufficiency was sweating therapy.

The small sweat gland can also regulate the lipid membrane of the skin. This film has a certain moisturizing and protective effect on the body. If it is damaged, the skin may be infected by bacteria and dust.

  What is the effect of the apocrine glands emitting odors to attract the opposite sex, and the transitional degradation is relatively unfamiliar to the apocrine glands?

In fact, for human beings, in the constant evolution, it is a degraded object, and its physiological role is minimal.

However, for other mammals, the apocrine gland is quite powerful, and its ability to scent as a sexual organ to attract the opposite sex is still working.

  It is no wonder that its location is limited, mainly in the vulva, under the arm, anal circumference and nipple areola.

After adolescence, people begin to secrete a small amount, including some minerals, and smelly substances.

It is rarely secreted after the elderly.

Among them, body odor is the product of odorous substances in the apocrine glands.

Body odor has a certain hereditary nature. Some people are developed because of the apocrine glands, and the amount is large, secreting and breeding, while some apocrine glands are not developed, but the secretion function is strong.

Especially when the gland function is normal in summer, or after eating spicy and spicy dishes.

So the body odorist tries to eat less spicy food.

  Less sweating people sweat less / often stop sweating “accelerated aging” Khan love 26-year-old white-collar Luo from Guangdong, from the middle school she used to use antiperspirant products.

In her opinion, sweating wet clothes is very indecent.

After many years in Beijing, she still insisted on the habit of “painting before going out”.

Recently, Beijing continues to be hot, and she often needs to go out, she feels weak, dizziness and other symptoms of heatstroke. She believes that “it should be the reason why there is no umbrella under the scorching sun. I think the antiperspirant can produce such a powerful effect.

Chen Zhigang, a lecturer at the Beijing Science and Fitness Experts Lecturer, pointed out that antiperspirants are only suitable for ordinary people for occasional use.Higher than the middle-aged and the elderly, the “sweat” of young people will be more serious. This is related to the development of sweat glands and strong metabolic ability when young, so from the normal physiological point of view, it should be discharged in time.

  Further, if the antiperspirant is used for a long time, the body’s constant temperature can never be maintained, and the toxic metabolic waste cannot be discharged from the sweat, which will cause a great burden on the liver and kidney.

Because the human body metabolizes a large amount of garbage every day, it is mainly discharged through the respiratory, liver and kidney and sweat glands.

Among them, the respiratory discharge is relatively fixed, the discharge of liver and kidney is relatively flexible, and the tolerance is strong, but it will be overwhelmed by long-term high-load operation.

  In addition, long-term use of antiperspirant products, the resistance to high temperatures will be reduced.

The internal environment itself has a degree of adaptability to external changes, but its long-term antiperspirant has a reduced tolerance.

Heatstroke itself indicates that its adaptability has begun to decline. Therefore, there is no umbrella at high temperatures. Some people have no problem, and some people have heatstroke.

  In terms of Ms. Luo’s own changes, the middle school period is at the peak of women’s growth, and there is no obvious problem with antiperspirant. After the age of 28, the body itself begins to decline.

Especially after the age of 32, there may be obvious manifestations, a variety of manifestations of decreased visceral function, decreased consumption, metabolic disorders, increased or poor urination times, waist acid, dark skin, no luster.

Therefore, the impact is not a single change, even the decline of the overall ability of the body, especially after the transformation of middle-aged, the ability to adapt is more obvious, and even the physiological cycle may change. Some women are more obvious after 42 years old, and some are more advanced in menopause.

  The sweaty people are sweating and they are sweating. It is also annoying. It is really annoying for Mr. Chen in the summer. In the summer, it’s really hard for Mr. Chen to climb the mountain with friends, only to climb to 1/3, and the friends are still full.His clothes are soaked and tired.

It is always exercise, and it is often sweaty when eating. The temperature of the air conditioner is very low. I still feel that it is not hot. The sweat is still out of disobedience. Simply put the towel on my neck and listen to it at any time.

  Professor Zhang Guojun from Xiyuan Hospital of China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences explained that people drink water often and sweat.

However, some people mentioned that Mr. Chen mentioned above, under normal circumstances, such as eating and drinking, or on several floors, most people will not feel sweaty, but he is already sweaty, which is possibleIt is “self-sweat.”

  From the perspective of Chinese medicine, this is the performance of qi deficiency, in which fat people are seen by the system of deficiency.

People who are “self-sweat” often sweat “unable to stop”, especially those with stomach qi deficiency, and are more prone to sweat.

It will be manifested as Shenpi fatigue, loss of appetite and so on.

Zhang Guozhen suggested that for those with qi deficiency, it is necessary to gradually increase the amount of exercise and improve the physical quality; it should pay attention to regulating diet and eating more spleen food, such as yam, jujube, lotus seeds and so on.

The three foods that should not be eaten in the morning

The three foods that should not be eaten in the morning

The three types of food that white-collar workers should not eat in the morning.

Avoid drinking a lot of cold drinks: too much temperature difference will strongly stimulate the annealing road, resulting in sudden shrinkage.


Avoid eating bananas on an empty stomach: In addition to the potassium that helps sleep, bananas also contain a lot of magnesium. If eaten on an empty stomach, the amount of magnesium in the blood suddenly rises, and magnesium is one of the sensitive elements that affect heart function.


Avoid eating pineapple on an empty stomach: pineapple contains strong enzymes. Eating on an empty stomach can hurt the stomach. Its nutrients must be better absorbed after eating.

  Tip: Don’t drink vinegar or garlic on an empty stomach in the morning.

Drinking vinegar on an empty stomach can lead to excessive stomach acid and stomach damage; and allicin causes gastric mucosa, irritation caused by the intestinal wall, causing stomach cramps.

 Knowing the taboos of early morning diet, you should act immediately to find a suitable stomach plan for you. Here are a few recommended for you to choose: Qingchen Yangwei Decoction: 50 grams of red dates, 20 silkworm cocoons with silkworm cocoons, right amountWhite sugar.

  Practice: 1.

Wash the washed red dates into the pot with the silkworm cocoons and add 800 grams of water.


After boiling, use a small fire and slowly fry for 15 minutes.


Filter the juice into a large bowl and add sugar to taste.

  Efficacy: The soup is sweet and delicious, nourishing the stomach and strengthening the spleen, and moistening the lungs and fluid.

Daily weight loss tips

Daily weight loss tips


You can stand still and don’t sit. You can walk without standing for a long time. It will cause the microcirculation of the lower body to be slow and reduce the metabolism of the human body, resulting in excess moisture and metabolism in the lower part of the waist, especially the buttocks.Waste can not be excreted normally. At the same time, sedentary humeral organs are squeezed, and visceral adults tend to accumulate in the waist and abdomen. Therefore, sedentary people are usually damaged by pear-shaped body, abdominal obesity, sagging breasts, and thighs.Hoarding, seriously affecting the beauty.

  In this case, you can stand up and do the work, you can not let the body sit in a relatively tight state, let the light actively participate in metabolism, but also effectively accelerate the blood circulation of the legs and promote the discharge of toxins.

In addition, during commuting, you can take the bus and subway transportation tools on foot. Walking fast is a very good aerobic exercise. You can exercise your muscles to consume your aunt and strengthen your heart and lung function, no matter whether you are healthy or not.Positive and beneficial.


If you are hungry, be calm. Don’t grab anything that is bad for your mouth. You must overcome it, for example, if you are hungry.

If you are hungry, you can eat it, but it doesn’t mean you can grab a lot of things.

Do not eat instant noodles, greasy noodles and sauces will not bring any benefits to the body; biscuits do not eat, no nutrients will enter the sugar that should not be; potato chips do not eat, fried food will only help you increaseScorpion.


Don’t picky eaters Nutritionists believe that comprehensive nutrition is the material basis for human health and one of the tips for losing weight, because the body believes that it is best replenished, thus accelerating metabolism.

Please note here that “comprehensive” refers to naturally occurring foods.

Residual carbohydrates needed by the human body, including whole wheat products, fruits, dairy products, starchy vegetables; protein main starch beans, meat, fish, poultry and eggs; and healthy unsaturated fruits derived from nuts, olive oil, etc.


When doing deep breathing tests, doctors often let us exhale and inhale. This lack of depth and skillful breathing will not help the slimming.

How to judge whether our breathing style is good for slimming?

She said, “Put one hand in the chest and the other hand in the abdomen. If you move your hands in the chest instead of excessively during normal breathing, then your breathing will only give the body three points of the required

If the body contains insufficient oxygen, then the sputum can not be completely decomposed, and the result of staying in the body is to gain weight.

“There is a simple and easy way to quickly grasp the correct breathing, lying on the ground and putting a book in the abdomen.”

When inhaling, the book should go up; when exhaling, the book should go down.

This process is slow, very slow and steady.

  In this way, the individual is paired with breathing exercises specifically for weight loss.

First, inhale the air from the nasal cavity at a time, comfortable, hold your breath four times, and then exhale the gas from the mouth twice.

If you breathe in 4 times from the nasal cavity, you can hold your breath 16 times (4×4) and call it out 8 times (4×2).

Both the suction and the call must reach the “limit” amount, that is, the suction can not be sucked again, and the call cannot be called again.

It is recommended to practice ten groups at a time, twice a day.


The first thing after getting up – move up. At that time, the needle points to 6 o’clock in the morning, your first reaction is definitely not with your abdominal muscles.

However, the five-minute high-intensity activity in the morning definitely helps your waist to be two inches smaller.

Exercise accelerates metabolism and makes it full throughout the day.


Make full use of piecemeal time White-collar workers in high-efficiency fat burning offices often do not have time to exercise. In fact, as long as they make full use of the bit by bit in daily life, they can effectively burn their aunts and achieve the goal of losing weight.

It is recommended to wash your face and brush your teeth in the morning and evening. You can lift your toes and let the heels move up and down. 50 times for a group, it is good to lose excess meat on the legs and buttocks.

When taking a bath, you may want to move your neck, twist your waist, lift your legs, and burn a lot of things.

Stair climbing is an excellent way to lose weight. At the same time, climbing stairs consumes 4 times more than walking and 2 times more than playing table tennis.

Climb the stairs for 5 minutes a day and burn nearly 418.

7 coke content.

When you are aiming at the bus or subway, try to stand up and do some hand movements. For example, when holding the “pull ring”, you can hold it tightly and sometimes relax, which can make the wrist thinner.

When sitting in the seat, you can do some foot exercises. The feet of some two feet are alternately replaced by 8 seconds, and each foot is made 3 times.
Then separate your legs and slowly close your knees and squeeze each other for 8 seconds at the tandem.
This fundamental action can be alternated.

Cooking soup, waiting for the most boring at the side of the stove, take the opportunity to do some exercise for lower limbs to lose weight.

Hold the stove with both hands and straighten the leg backwards. Try to speed up and raise it up.

10 to 15 times per leg, which can reduce the excess meat in the back of the thigh and the buttocks.


Reasonable intake of sugary drinks is hidden in many beverages, including milk, soy milk, fruit juice, honey, etc. It has lactose, fructose, sucrose, and glucose in different forms.

We need to know that sugar is not equal to lipids, or sugar that is absorbed into the body does not necessarily turn into lipids.

In fact, the sugar absorbed into the body will first be consumed as an energy source to maintain the body’s life activities, which is often not enough, and then need to mobilize protein and a small amount (from lipid foods mainly) to provide energy.

Only a large amount of excess sugar will cause the surplus and turn into misfortune.

Therefore, you should try to drink low-sugar drinks, such as black tea is better than cola, green tea is better than black tea, light to boiled water is best.

  The absorption process of sugar itself stimulates the body to increase the internal body’s metabolic rate (increased body temperature during eating) and maintains it continuously, while the increased consumption consumes the possible sugar content.

Then drink a small mouth, drink slowly, prolong the process of sugar absorption, and make the accelerated metabolic period of the corresponding body temperature increase, and consume more energy without knowing it.

In addition, try to drink before meals, the sugar in the drink quickly enters the blood, causing nerve reflex regulation, reducing eating and sugar absorption.

Soymilk and it to drink together, very helpful for women’s health

Soymilk and it to drink together, very helpful for women’s health

Soymilk is rich in flavonoids, weak estrogen, which can regulate female endocrine, and can also inhibit the absorption of pregnant women, accelerate the decomposition of pregnant women, and help women lose weight and maintain health.

Banana contains a lot of cellulose, which can relieve constipation, and is rich in active enzymes, which can promote metabolism in the body and have a significant weight loss effect.

The weight loss recipe recommended today is the soy milk and banana.

Drink 1 cup of soy milk banana milkshake before meals, adhere to 1 month, can make the bowel movement more smooth, discharge black stinking stool, eliminate the big belly, can also solve the constipation problem, have a good weight loss health effect.

Principle of weight loss: Soymilk is a low-content food with a strong satiety effect. Drinking a cup before meals can reduce the intake of other foods.

Soybeans contain high-grade protein, weak estrogen and other substances, in the process of digestion and absorption, can inhibit the absorption of traces and sugars, promote slight consumption, and have a very good weight loss.

Banana contains a large amount of precipitated fiber, which can make the body become drier, collect garbage in the stomach, make it condense into pieces, better replace the body and improve constipation.

The serotonin in the banana can eliminate the obesity, has a very good satiety effect, suppresses appetite, and has obvious weight loss effect.

Soymilk Banana Milkshake: The method of making is very simple. Take 1 banana, peel it and cut it into cubes, then add 150ml hot soy milk (no sugar).

Soymilk banana milkshake contains a lot of cellulose, which can promote gastrointestinal movement, discharge stool and solve constipation problems. At the same time, iron ions in banana and weak estrogen in soybean milk can nourish and nourish blood, reduce pigmentation and improve color.Have a good cosmetic effect.

It contains a lot of potassium ions, which can control the blood pressure, help to improve the symptoms of high blood sugar and high blood pressure, and help the body to maintain health.

Note: 1, when picking bananas, it is best to choose bananas on the banana skin.

The more black spots on the banana peel, the more transparent the banana is, the better the immune activity of the banana is, and the effect of improving the gastrointestinal movement is more obvious. 2. The best choice of soymilk is to choose the freshly ground soy milk, not to add sugar, so the skill is reduced.The intake of sugar is also beneficial to the better effect of soy milk and banana, and the weight loss effect will be better.

The weight loss recipe introduced today is the soy milk banana milkshake.

After getting up every morning, drink 1 cup, which can saturate, meet the body’s morning shift needs, and help to discharge black stinking and solve constipation problems.

This persists for 1 month, can also eliminate abdominal abnormalities, reduce the big belly, so that our weight loss, help us to lose weight and health.

In addition, what other weight loss methods do you know?

After taking a bath, rub your ears carefully to get otitis externa

After taking a bath, rub your ears carefully to get otitis externa

If you have too much deafness, you should pick it up.

However, the external auditory canal skin of our body is relatively thin, and the kidney membrane is tightly connected, the subcutaneous tissue is small, and the blood circulation is poor.

However, if the ear is not properly applied, it is most likely to cause edema in the external auditory canal injury, causing ear pain, and severe hearing loss.

  Many people like to rub their ears after bathing, think that they are clean and comfortable, and rub their ears after bathing, and be careful with otitis externa.

  What is deafness?

There is some harm in the ear that makes the ear canal itchy.

Therefore, if you have too many deafness, you should pick it up.

However, the external auditory canal skin of our body is relatively thin, and the kidney membrane is tightly connected, the subcutaneous tissue is small, and the blood circulation is poor.

If the ear is pulled out improperly, it is most likely to cause infection of the external auditory canal and cause swelling, causing ear pain. In severe cases, hearing loss may occur.

Pulling out the ears and ears causes the stratum corneum of the external auditory canal to swell, and several hair follicles are good for bacterial growth, causing the ear canal to be itchy and flowing yellow water.

The long-term chronic congestion of the external auditory canal skin is also easy to stimulate the secretion of the parotid gland, and the deafness will be more.

Frequently rubbing the ears easily stimulates the proliferation of squamous cells or basal cells of the skin, and induces papillary tumors of the external auditory canal. At the same time, it is easy to bring mold into the external auditory canal, making the ear canal itching.

If mold grows on the tympanic membrane, hearing loss and tinnitus can occur.

  Otitis externa is mainly caused by external factors to form otitis externa can be divided into two categories, one is localized otitis externa, also known as external auditory canal.

The other type is diffuse inflammation of the external auditory canal skin, also known as diffuse otitis externa.

  Diffuse otitis externa is caused by Gram-negative bacteria such as Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa or Proteus vulgaris, Staphylococcus aureus, or rarely fungi.

The external auditory canal is often caused by Staphylococcus aureus.

Some people (such as allergic reactions, psoriasis, eczema or seborrheic dermatitis) are particularly susceptible to otitis externa.

  The infection of the external auditory canal can be limited (bloated) or involve the entire external auditory canal (diffuse otitis externa).

More common in the summer swimming season, and often referred to as the swimmer’s ear.

  Predisposing factors include: influent or various irritants, such as hair sprays or hair dye solutions, entering the external auditory canal and causing ear damage due to the removal of the clean ear canal.

Through the desquamation of the epithelium, the movement of the epithelium is extended by the outer surface of the tympanic membrane to transport the desquamation, and the external auditory canal is cleaned by itself. The patient manually cleans the external auditory canal (smear) with a cotton swab, thereby disturbing the self-cleaning mechanism.

Since the direction of the pleats is opposite to the direction of the epithelial desquamation activity, the debris can be pushed into the ear canal to gather the debris.

Desquamation and sputum absorb the water entering the external auditory canal, causing the skin to soak, creating conditions for the invasion of pathogenic bacteria.

  Prevention of otitis externa should quit bad habits.
Controlling otitis externa is mainly to control infection, improve ear dryness, and should quit ear habits in normal life.

Digging the ear not only damages the skin and causes infection, but also often stimulates the skin to grow “external ear canal papilloma”, causing frequent bleeding in the ear canal and even affecting hearing.

In order to prevent sewage from entering the ear.

Before shampooing, you can use a special rubber stopper or a clean cotton ball to apply grease to the external auditory canal.

It is necessary to remove the external auditory canal or foreign body in time.

Finally, care should be taken to keep your ears dry and avoid injuries.

Good old man is kind of good

Good old man is kind of good

“Good old people” may be nesting of personality, because they are always responsive to others, even if they do not catch or suffer, they will not refuse.

However, on September 7th, the British “Daily Mail” published a document saying that such a person who does not know how to refuse may have a heart attack. A psychologist in the United States named it “friendly disease.”

  There is a typical case: a woman’s relatives and friends love to ask her for help. A prostitute calls her every day, complaining to her husband in tears, and it is hours.

The other friend of the woman also asked her for help when she had problems. She never knew how to refuse others.

Privately, the woman said that she was already physically exhausted. One time, a colleague confided to her, she let go of her own affairs and comfort her colleagues.

“I really wanted her to shut up or get out, but I don’t know how to open it.

“Therefore, the American psychologist Les Babanell believes that there is nothing wrong with being friendly, but it is normal to know how to refuse when you have insufficient ability or create it yourself.

People who have difficulty saying “no” to others are not worthy of praise because their kindness masks a range of psychological and spiritual problems.

  In Barbane’s book “Uncovering Friendly Masks,” it is pointed out that the pathological state of such people is called “caretaker personality disorder” or “friendly disease.”

Barbane said that these people may have natural personality problems, such as inferiority or loneliness; they may also encounter bad family education, such as strict tutoring, and they dare not talk or defend when they are young.

The five major dietary contraindications for kidney cancer

The five major dietary contraindications for kidney cancer

The key to the estimated nutrition of patients with kidney cancer is balance.

The key to balance is the balance of food quantity; the quantity of species; each type of food reaches a certain amount; the same kind of food often changes the pattern; the balance of drinking water, diet and exercise.

For patients, in addition to proactive treatment, healthy and reasonable eating habits are especially important.

Today, I will introduce the five dietary taboos and dietary principles of kidney cancer.

The five major dietary contraindications for kidney cancer (1) do not promote drinking: kidney cancer patients are best not to drink alcohol, if drinking alcohol, no more than one cup a day (equivalent to 250 ml of beer, 100 ml of red wine or 25 ml of white wine).

(2) Restricting red meat: including the replacement of pig, cow and mutton, try to eat less processed meat products such as red sausage, canned food (also containing preservatives), etc., should be placed 90 grams per day, preferablyFish and poultry replace red meat.

(3) Try to avoid sugary drinks: limit the intake of high energy density foods, especially high sugar foods, or low fiber, high sorghum processed foods such as hamburgers, French fries and so on.

(4) Eat less barbecue food: grilled fish, barbecue should avoid burning charred.

Fish, meat and barbecue that are grilled directly on the fire can only be eaten occasionally.

It is best to cook, steam, and stir-fry.

(5) Limit the intake of salt: especially for patients with renal dysfunction with renal insufficiency, no more than 5 grams per day.

Pickles, kimchi, mustard, salty bread, fritters, seaweed, rapeseed, spinach, fennel, celery, day lily, radish, etc. should be eaten less.

Because these foods contain a high amount of sodium per 100 grams.

These foods eat more, which is equal to the increase in salt.

Dietary principles of patients with kidney cancer 1, kidney cancer patients do not eat mold, scorch food and unclean water, eat hot food, salted food, do not drink alcohol, smoke.

Do not eclipse, do not eat the same food repeatedly, need to cooperate with a healthy and comprehensive diet.

2, eat more foods that have decomposition of carcinogens such as carrots, peas, lyche, pumpkin, bean sprouts, asparagus, etc., as well as foods that enhance the body’s anti-cancer effects such as mushrooms, mushrooms, alfalfa, coix seed, barley,Soy beans and so on.

3, for patients who have finished microscopic hematuria should drink plenty of water.

Micron eat more apples, white sugar, black sesame seeds, fungus and other fire-fighting foods.

4, when it comes to scientific diet, it is contraindicated for normal people, and for patients with postoperative renal cancer, it should be more food-free food.

Mainly should avoid spicy food, fried, crab, garlic, raw onions, parsley, dog meat, wine, beef, lamb, coffee, spiced and all hair.

5, protein intake is good for the health of the human body, but for patients after kidney cancer surgery, it should be eaten in moderation.

Such as milk, squid, adult intake of about 60g per day, and high biological protein.

Patients with non-diabetic kidney cancer should increase the amount of carbohydrate implants to ensure sufficient energy and eliminate negative balance.

Tips: In the process of treating kidney cancer, family members should carefully care for patients, provide a healthy eating environment, cultivate reasonable living habits, and establish confidence in patients to overcome the disease of kidney cancer.

At the same time, understand the prevention and treatment of kidney cancer, and prepare for it.

Chongqing has discovered 146 “hot springs+”

roads in hot spring mines to help transform tourism

Chongqing has discovered 146 “hot springs+” roads in hot spring mines to help transform tourism

From October 15th to 17th, China’s first International Symposium on Hot Springs and Climate Health Tourism will be ranked in Beibei, Chongqing.

The Air Force, through its unique hot spring geothermal advantage, is known as the “World Spa Capital” by the World Health Organization’s NGO, the World Association of Hot Springs and Climate Health.

How to polish this gold signboard?

According to the news from the Municipal Tourism Commission, Chongqing has explored the “hot springs+” road and vigorously implemented quality improvement projects to truly turn resources into assets and let the city’s hot spring tourism industry gradually move toward development.

The reporter learned from the Municipal Tourism Commission that at present, there are 146 hot spring mines in Chongqing, and the amount of water that can be collected is about 5.

600 million cubic meters / year, from the copper beam to the Dazu Longshui Lake in the west, east to Wushan, northeastern Daba Mountain and southeastern Wujiang River Basin, geothermal water is distributed in a strip.

Among them, only the hot spring sunrise in Beibei District has reached 22,000 cubic meters.

“The space for the improvement of the city’s hot spring industry is very huge.

Qin Dingbo, deputy director of the Municipal Tourism Commission, deeply felt that in order to truly end this “golden rice bowl”, the Chongqing Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government worked hard to raise and guide the whole process, so that the traditional hot springs gradually began to “transform and upgrade”, and some old hot springs began to revitalize.

During the interview, Qin Dingbo tried to closely follow the “Chongqing “World Spa Capital” brand promotion implementation plan issued by the Chongqing Tourism Economic Development Leading Group Office.

“The hot spring tourism project in the Three Gorges Reservoir Area of the Yangtze River can be divided into the industrial development fund of the Three Gorges Reservoir Area and the support funds for post-immigration support according to regulations.

“Qin Dingbo said that in the document just released on February 8 this year, there are many guiding ideologies and safeguard measures to promote the development of the city’s hot spring industry.

According to this overall plan, Beibei District is developing its own special promotion plan.

“At present, there are already 10 hot spring enterprises in the area of Shili Hot Springs.

“Liao Pandao, deputy director of the Beibei District Hot Springs Management Committee,” the agglomeration effect of the hot spring brand in this area is becoming increasingly prominent.

In addition, with an investment of 40 billion yuan, the international hot spring tourism town built by Evergrande has started land remediation work.

“The planned area is 5 square kilometers. The first phase is expected to be completed next year.

“There is a “Phoenix coming to build a nest”, so that Liao Pan is full of hope for the future.

北碚区旅发委相关负责人说,为了实现了与旅游的深度融合,北碚区还在“温泉+旅游”上巧做文章,完善交通走廊只是冰山一角,“我们最终要逐步构建起‘快旅慢游’的业态体系。”When we prevent and arrange tourism land, the hot spring project can be ‘prioritized according to law’ to ensure land security.

“Qin Dingbo said that the relevant tax and fee concessions can also bring too much confidence to the enterprises that have settled in the business.” Hot spring tourism development and operation enterprises and consulting service enterprises that meet the relevant preferential policies and conditions can enjoy the encouraged industrial enterprises located in the western region according to law.The corporate income tax offer is levied at a rate of 15%.

The quota wave also said that by 2020, Chongqing will strive to achieve 50 million person-times of hot spring tourists, and the comprehensive income of hot spring tourism will exceed 70 billion yuan.

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