Yan Dong teaches you how to make soup

Yan Dong teaches you how to make soup

In addition to choosing healthy ingredients, Yan Dong Xin Shi Bu also focuses on delicious food.

It is recommended to buy a variety of vegetables and have a hot pot soup for dinner.

  Five-color vegetables and fruits are recommended as follows: green (general green leafy vegetables), red (tomatoes, carrots, red peppers), yellow (yellow peppers, pumpkins, corn, pineapples), white (white vegetables, white radishes, yam, mushrooms,Bamboo shoots), black (kelp, laver, fungus).

The more color the vegetables have, the richer the nutrients.

  The soup head can also be very different. The traditional wonton soup chicken, seafood, etc. are changed to soy milk pot, milk pot, kimchi pot, tomato pot, curry pot, miso pot, etc.

If you have gout or kidney disease at home, drink half a bowl of soup.

Such a pot of “Vegetable and Fruit Shiquan Tonic Soup”, accompanied by a soy product seasoning and a bowl of rice, not only has low conversion, high nutritional value, but also adds a lot of warmth.

It’s better to act now, find a time, and make up for your family!