Promising tricks for making your baby fall in love with feeding bottles

Promising tricks for making your baby fall in love with feeding bottles

How to make your baby fall in love with the bottle and then proceed through the bottle?

For the transition from breastfeeding to bottle replacement, let’s give both parties a little more time to adapt!

  Many breastfeeding mothers will try to get their baby used to bottle replacement when they are facing the end of maternity leave, but the mothers did not expect that it will be so difficult for them to get used to the bottle.

  First, the mother must judge whether the baby does not like the authenticity of the bottle.

Squeeze breast milk in a bottle and feed it to your baby during pregnancy. If the baby accepts it, the baby may not like the taste of milk powder. You can change to a milk powder that is close to the taste of breast milk.

If the baby does not accept the new, it may not like the bottle.

  First of all, getting your baby to accept a bottle is a gradual process that requires gradual training.

Moms must not be in a hurry. They must be patient and persistent.

Studies have found that 24 hours is the longest time limit that a baby can stick to. If you pass this stage, some babies can quickly give up insisting on breast milk replacement.

At the same time, it is necessary to change the concept, not to let the baby like the bottle, or to make the baby need the bottle.

  Bottle drinking tips: 1. When training your baby to eat a bottle, be sure to choose when your baby is hungry.

  2. The best way to eat a baby bottle is when the baby is in a happy mood. Do not cry or get sick. It will cause all your efforts to change in vain. If you don’t, it will make your baby hate the baby bottle.

  3. Choose a day when someone is there to help, so that you will not be too hard and your baby will be better taken care of.

  4. The baby and mother have established a good understanding and trust in the long-term replacement of breast milk.

Baby bottles are suitable for the beginning of habituation. It is best for mothers or familiar people to feed them. Baby is easy to accept.

However, pay attention to changes in posture to remind your baby to change the way they eat.

  5. For babies who are sensitive to the difference between breast milk and pacifier, you can start feeding the baby with milk before going to bed. When the baby has a dim sleepiness, use a bottle instead.

After many attempts, the baby will eat the bottle.