Six endings after gender relations

Six endings after gender relations

What happens when two people have that relationship?

If you don’t know, I will give you one by one today, consider it before you decide to do it!

  The first case: always happy and happy life together, the two of them send out a violent love, and then you thicken me, love you for life, and lovers will become dependents, love and affection, deep rain and hazyO . The above situation is idealistic.

  The second case: The two love each other and the family opposes the two to love each other, but because of the family’s opposition or because of the malicious provocation of the love rival, the result is a great hiccup and the two are forced to break up.

  After breaking up, the woman found that she was pregnant, had a loyal love to the man, and had to give birth to give birth to the child, but she kept hiding the man. After a few years, the two met again and the man found that he was cheaper. Dad,Silently, two lines of tears hugged in the infinite beautiful sunset . This is the way of Taiwan’s 8 o’clock romance drama.

  The third case: one night love breaks up at dawn and breaks up. What is the relationship between the man and the woman? Just don’t have one. One night love breaks at dawn and breaks up.

  If it’s not a one-night love, then you will be hard-hearted, be a negative person, abandon the other party, cut the knife quickly, and the pain is worse than the short pain!

  The first case: beauty in hand, Jiangshan I have!

  Men find women surprisingly rich and wealthy.

Then the woman loved the man so much that she survived, and the non-man did not marry. The woman’s father saw the man’s talents, and then tried to disagree and marry his daughter to the man as his wife.

  If the man already has a wife, let his daughter and others serve as husband!

Also paid for helping the man to start a career!

So the man shouted: Beauty is at hand, Jiangshan I have . This is the way of the urban YY novels that are popular on the Internet now.

  Fifth case: Unintentionally finding his girlfriend is a master. The man suddenly found that his girlfriend was in karate 8th stage, 9th judo, 11th step of the dragon, 18th chapter of Jiuyin Zhenjing, and 100th.

The man himself is a useless little citizen, timid but kind-hearted and sometimes helping the old lady cross the road or something.

  As a result, his girlfriend was unintentionally found to be a master, and then the man took advantage of his characteristics of a small citizen.

  In the end, it can hold the beauty . This is the routine of Hong Kong’s nonsense film, especially represented by the Zhou Xingxing film . The sixth case: the woman is the man sent by the hostile forces who peeped at their family secrets.The sole heir to a family, who has been secret for many years, has a treasure map in his hand.

Then it was discovered that the woman was sent by those hostile forces who peeped at the secrets of her family.

After the two struggled, the woman abandoned the dark cast, and confronted the hostile forces with the man. Then they found a treasure after hunting. The location is close to the desert, or even the Daxue Mountain. Anyway, it is inaccessible to birds.local.

  The most surprising thing is that the moment when the treasure was opened, the villains also arrived (how did they find it without the treasure map?

) Then the two sides fought, and as a result, a scuffle, the sun and the moon were dull, and finally the woman blocked him with a knife or a shot in order to protect the man, and fell miserably in the man’s arms, before dyingHe hadn’t pulled out a pile of bloody bills, and a trembling voice said: This is my final party fee, and help me hand it over to the organization.

Then he was absolutely mad ., the man yelled the woman’s name three times in pain, then turned and fought with the bad guys. He was not a bad guy’s opponent at this moment, but at that moment, the mighty Dafa hit the bad guy’s body completely.

  In the end, the sea of blood was revengeful, but unfortunately the lover has passed away . this is a domestic movie . Of course, if you change the plot of a woman blocking a knife and a gun for a man, and a man blocking a gun for a woman, then the man dies and dies in the woman’s armsHere, then you can be sure that this director is a feminist, and also a sixth-generation director . No matter whether it is a man or a woman, he can’t die from death. No matter how many times he is fatally hit, he can shake from the ground and stand again.Get up affectionately and shout the name of your lover. The strong vitality can shyly kill the nine lives of cockroaches. This way . Needless to say, you must not use Zhang Yimou’s “Ambush in Ten Faces”!