Okara has cured my constipation!

Okara has cured my constipation!

I am an elderly patient with habitual constipation, and often take bowel orally and external medicine to defecate.

  But the effect is not great.

Moreover, the inside of the positive electrode is often formed into a plurality of dung stones, which is difficult to discharge. If you hold your breath for a bit, you will see black eyes.

Taking the golden flower directly made me very unbearable and concerned.

  In the past six months, the reason that I was able to defecate smoothly was the accidental addition of a soymilk machine at home.

At first, after drinking homemade soy milk for breakfast every day.

Discard the filtered bean dregs as garbage.

I heard my neighbor say that eating dregs can cure constipation.


I have a try-and-see attitude, and I want to try it for myself, after each breakfast, eat the bean dregs and soy milk together.

This trick really worked, and the next morning, it was easy to discharge soft stools.

Sometimes three times in two days.

This unexpected harvest not only made me say goodbye to constipation, but more importantly, I can avoid various diseases caused by difficulty in defecation in old age.

  It is recommended that constipation patients do not hinder a try and neither waste it.

Resolved constipation, why not kill two birds with one stone.