Summer Bean Soup

Summer Bean Soup

Summer is here. If you can take homemade “Sandou Soup” often, it will be very helpful for everyone who suffers from severe summer.

  The three beans in the “three bean soup” refer to mung beans, red beans, and black soybeans, which are both medicines and food.

If black soybeans are not available, use barley kernels instead.

When the three beans are boiled together, it becomes “three bean soup”.

  Let us first understand the health functions of “Sandou” (including Coix Seed).

Let me talk about mung beans, which has a sweet and cold taste, and its effect is to clear away heat and relieve heat, and eliminate annoyance and thirst.

According to modern medical reports, mung beans contain starch, trace amounts of oil, protein, vitamins B1 and B2, nicotinic acid, and vitamin A, which are extremely nutritious.

  Adzuki beans, sweet and sour, have the functions of clearing away heat and water, dispersing blood and swelling, and can cure abdominal distension, beriberi, swelling and unfavorable urination. It has a detoxification and swelling effect on sores and swellings that often occur on the skin in summer.
Adzuki bean protein protein, traces, calcium carbonate, phosphorus, iron, riboflavin and other trace elements beneficial to the human body.

  Black soybeans have a sweet and cold taste and are slightly bitter. The effect is to detoxify, dissipate heat, and remove annoyance.

Black soybeans can cure colds, colds, fever, headaches in summer, and nasal congestion.

In addition to protein and enzymes, black soybeans also contain a large number of aunts. It combines food and medicine.

  ”Three beans” (including Coix kernel) have their own strengths.

However, our “same pot stew” has a better effect. It belongs to summer heat dissipation, thirst quenching, nourishing, and nourishing the best.

The preparation method is as follows: put the above flavors (each flavor is 10 grams) into the pot, add about 600 ml of water, boil over 200 ml with simmer, and wait for it to cool, you can take it with bean soup.

  ”Three bean soup” serves two functions, serving as both summer food and a summer heat remedy.

It is suitable for all people such as children, women, adults, etc. It is especially suitable for frail and sick people and the elderly.